These Objects Were Annoyingly Placed In The Wrong Way

By Karen F

What would you do if you saw a sofa not properly aligned with the wall and the rug? You would have to make sure that it is perfectly laid out. We’ve been in this place before, and you might have had these experiences at least once before. A painting that is hanging on the wall but the angles are all wrong needs to be sorted out, or maybe that ceiling fan we want to rip off of the ceiling because it isn’t fixed right at the center of the room. Here we have collected quite a few (okay not a few….a whole bucket load) of things that would trigger anyone’s OCD. You’re bound to find something that irks you. Even if you’re convinced you don’t have any OCD — you might just discover that you do.

Who Would Notice?

At times, we’re trying to make something and when we’re almost done, one small, nagging mistake shows up and we just say to ourselves that we’re done with what we set out to do, and what’s more, nobody is going to bother looking at it anyway.

Image courtesy of mildlyinfuriating/reddit

This box of pencils is a perfect example of a printing machine messing things up, and whoever was supposed to be in charge of packaging having decided not to replace the incorrectly labeled pencil with a new one. You had one job!

The Absentminded Delivery Guy

We have to say that those who are in the business of deliveries are some of the most committed professionals you will ever come across. They will wait patiently for you to answer the door and will even make sure that everything is in order.

Image courtesy of

This case, however, is a little odd. Whoever delivered the box was either too lazy, or just had a lot on his mind, to ensure that the box wouldn’t block the door. Now, if the person wants to receive their package, they might risk ruining the contents of the box. This guy is getting coals for Christmas.

The Loo Mix-up

Have you ever been in a situation where you ended up visiting/using the wrong-gendered restroom? Not only would you have a mortified look, you’d also feel as if you’ve violated some law just because you were in a rush and weren’t able to see things clearly for a moment.

Image courtesy of Imgur/clandistic

This person has created quite a puzzle for hapless restroom hopefuls by making the labeling look as if it accepts all genders, which is clearly not the case. How misleading! We’d trust the label on the door to be more reliable than the sign on top. What would you do in this situation?

Ruining Good Chocolate

Is this a joke, or is it someone being a plain disgusting human being who just enjoys making people writhe in pain? How did this person (or animal) gnaw through the middle while avoiding the sides? We’re confused on so many levels.

Image courtesy of

Some people are just too cold-hearted to be saved. We love and have always loved Kit Kats and what has been done to them is absolutely unforgivable. It’s an atrocity. Whoever you are, we hope you never get to eat any chocolate again!

Waltzing In The Wrong Neighborhood

If you were in a gang, you’d probably never consider taking a stroll through another’s gang’s hood right? It looks out of place and can even result in you being beaten to a pulp before you wake up in the ER and realize that you have no memory of what happened.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/You Had One Job

Now, look at this poor bottle of Pepsi, literally stuck between a whole squad of Coca Colas, knowing that its time is coming to an end. We hope and pray that this bottle was able to get help from outside.

The Amazing Cake That Was Sliced Wrong

It isn’t just drivers who have trouble driving or parking within lines. Even if the space intended to be used has been clearly marked out, some people are just incapable of observing things in general, which is why they end up doing stuff like this.

Image courtesy of

This fella was given a chance to eat this delicious cake that looks like a work of art. Granted, slicing a piece of cake perfectly isn’t very easy, but come on. This monster with the knife should not be allowed in the same room as this poor, defenseless dessert.

The Scary Runner

When dressing mannequins, salesmen and saleswomen have to ensure that everything is in order so that people are enticed into buying whatever the mannequin is wearing. However, it would appear that the owners of this store have a different approach to sales.

Image courtesy of Imgur/woodenshoeliketoknow

If you look at the mannequin closely, it appears that he is running like a runner should, but there is one thing that might scare other runners if it were a real life situation. Something about seeing a leg twisted the wrong way just doesn’t convince us to make this purchase.

The Heavily-Guarded Wi-Fi Password

We all know how important it is to keep our passwords protected, right? The way hackers have evolved and become ever more sophisticated over these past few years, no one can imagine the terrible havoc they might wreak on our privacy.

Image courtesy of

But this guy took things a little too far when he setup his WiFi password in a way that no one would ever be able to guess it. Talk about someone who doesn’t like to share. Just imagine him hosting friends for a Mary Poppins movie night and all the while smirking to himself.

Because Equally Sized Portions Suck

So this person went to a food joint and asked the lady to cut his sandwich in three portions. Usually when you make such a request, you’d expect the portions to be cut somewhat equally. This, unfortunately, was nowhere near what he expected.

Image courtesy of mildlyinfuriating/Reddit

The server was either in a bad mood, or had too m any orders to work on, or maybe (and that’s a just maybe), wanted to divide the portions for something only she would be able to comprehend. Whatever the case, this looks like a frustrating bite of food.

Color Ordering Ruined

Puppies are insanely cute and we just cannot help ourselves every time we see these little creatures. From their itsy bitsy paws to tiny barks to the way they romp about, you just can’t help but fall in love with them. Seriously, how adorable is this picture?

Image courtesy of Reddit/LaLongueCarabine

Here, you can see puppies busy eating and lined up perfectly. It was all going smoothly, until you realize that two of the pups are disrupting the pattern. But hey, we don’t have the heart to make them move just for the sake of our OCD.

The Stove That Ruined Everything

For many people, cooking is a hobby. Making what they love to eat brings a lot of comfort, and seeing people enjoying what you made is indeed very satisfying. But what if the very equipment you use ends up driving you crazy?

pinterest/OCD ALERT

However, when your cooktop’s design is all wrong, you wonder if quality assurance is actually a thing. This is not only frustrating, it could well be dangerous. Time to call the insurance company! Clearly someone was slacking at work while this bit was being manufactured.

Almost The Perfect Floor

People are enthusiastic enough about floors that there is an Instagram account dedicated to different kinds the world over. Thanks to this account, we can now confirm that polished floors are so satisfying to see. But if you look at this floor, you must just explode.

Image courtesy of Reddit/qungfu

If you look closely, you’ll see that a very small part of the floor is just slightly off. It’s a small error, and yet, it’s effective enough to ruin the whole design for us and whoever owns it. What’s the point of getting everything perfectly aligned and then missing one vital piece? Sheesh!

The Window Seat That Never Was

We’ve all been through times when we’re sitting on a plane and see that the window is literally right in between our seat and the seat in front of us. That is totally fine. Sometimes we’re feeling like a window seat kind of flight and other days we prefer the aisle seat to get to the bathroom easier.

Image courtesy of Reddit/youseeingthissh*t

But how about this little guy? His expressions clearly show that he’s pretty surprised to see that his seat doesn’t have any bit of the window next to it. While there is a lot of leg space, it’s going to be one of the dullest flights imaginable.

Bad Packaging Again

Did you ever have these as a kid? For the uninitiated, these are toys that can grow into amazing animals when they’re put in water. This particular mistake on the packaging, however, kinda ruins the whole purpose if you ask us.

Image courtesy: Reddit/trapbuilder2

While the manufacturer has labeled where the color palettes go, he failed to place the contents there. And kudos to the QA team as well for ignoring this completely. Hopefully this item was returned to the original manufacturer and the buyer was given a refund.

An Animal In The House

Being married means that you must furst be open to keep on learning a lot of different things about the person that you’re living with. Even if you’ve been going out for many years, living together is a completely different experience.

Image courtesy of Reddit/mildlyinfuriating

This guy, for instance, found out that his wife is very messy. It’s as if every single edible packaging has been opened by a raccoon that snuck into the house in the middle of the night. It’s the sort of habit that’s going to require some counseling down the line

The Product That Doesn’t Do What It’s Supposed To Do

Growing up, we were told to use pencils so that we always have the option of erasing our errors on the go. We even did crossword puzzles and sudoku in pencil so we could answer the questions confidently and without the stress of making a mistake.

Image courtesy of Reddit/kayakoo

Having a pencil means making a mistake on your test isn’t permanent. So what monstrosity is this? Why was this particular eraser designed to ruin things? We’re sure that the test examiner must be having a tough time looking at the answers.

A Clash Of Two Worlds

Has it ever happened to you that you did something amazing, only to realize that it looked amazing in your head but turned out to be as impractical as using a white crayon on a white painting? Behold this design flaw.

Image courtesy of

This architect had a high opinion of his drawer-making skills, but in reality, his skills were not practically sound. Now, this kitchen owner is cursed with having to open the oven door every time he wants to do the mundane task of slipping something into that drawer.

Why Create So Much?

A smart way of organizing your frying pans is by simply drawing them on the board. That way, you know precisely which one goes where when you’re done using them. It gives us great pleasure too, seeing everything placed to perfection.

Image courtesy of

This person however, ruined all their hard work by making sure that the multitude of pans are not placed in their designated area. We must resist the urge to get it right! Maybe they were worn out after cooking so much and couldn’t be bothered to get everything in place.

The Delivery Guy Who Locks People

We don’t know what’s more annoying about this particular photo. Is it the fact that the delivery guy simply delivered this product and left it outside? Is it the fact that the packaging has been opened a little? We’re guessing it’s neither.

Image courtesy of Twitter/@hitstreak

Clearly this Amazon delivery guy decided to make sure that the product wouldn’t fall and decided to secure it right underneath the lock. We hope the person inside is friendly with the neighbors in their building; otherwise, this is an embarrassing reason to call the fire department.

The Disappointing End

One of the greatest little feelings of accomplishment and a sense of pride is when you sharpen a pencil and it looks super sleek. But hey, what about those pencils that just look horrid no matter how much effort you spent sharpening them around the edges?

Image courtesy of

These two for instance, no matter what you do, look as pointless as arguing with a sheep. Imagine someone badly needing a pencil to write down something crucial. They get ahold of these two and can’t do anything much with them other than break them in two.

Weird Tile Job

It’s fairly certain you’ve bumped into places where tiles are not fitted in the right way. Sometimes the problem is the dimensions, sometimes it is the fact that they’re not aligned properly, and sometimes, they start to chip off from the edges.

Image courtesy of Imgur/FitzChevalric

This one beats every flaw though, because the person laying it all out decided to be a designer rather than just focusing on doing what he was told. The end result is a square-shaped Pacman — not to mention one heck of an OCD trigger.

The Odd One Out

It was all going well until we saw that there was just one person who was doing a completely wrong dance move. The audience didn’t notice at first, but when it was pointed out, the whole routine was ruined for everyone.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/You Had One Job

Now, look at these mustard bottles. They’re placed so perfectly, except for one that decided to be different. Whoever did this is an agent of chaos and should be taught a lesson. Can someone tell us if the culprit was caught?

The Blip

Sometimes if you place the wrong tile, no one will notice as long as the colors aren’t too different. But then there are some people who are so bad at doing their job that they leave obvious signs of incompetence.

Image courtesy of

This person, for instance, thought that leaving a small red dot surrounded by yellow squares would be ignored. Just look how insanely frustrating this is. We’re not entirely sure why the person who laid out these tiles would make such a mistake. Or was it intentional?

Way Down We Go

Sometimes people make such infuriating mistakes that all we want to do is box their ears in to serve as a reminder of their ineptitude. Is there any reason why this person decided to place the 2 upside down? We’re flabbergasted.

Image courtesy of

This engineer was given a very basic job of getting the elevator buttons right, and still managed to botch something so basic. Not sure what other issues this elevator has, but it’s fair to assume that people are not going to dare use this elevator.

Another Act of Ineptitude

Condiment dispensers are very nifty tools for us. They help us avoid using bottles where we’re basically using every ounce of our energy to make the ketchup or the mustard come out and add to the flavor of the food we’re eating.

Image courtesy of

But look closely. Something has gone terribly awry with these condiments. Good thing the stems were made of glass so we could see what comes out of the machines! Imagine not paying close enough attention and smothering your burger with the wrong thing. Ruined!

A Shower For Short People

When you’re tall, it’s a fair bet that getting all the girls will be that much easier. But what if you’re a giant? You’ll start to wonder if your romantic successes are worth all the annoyance that comes with dealing with building flaws.

Image courtesy of

This gent has to bow quite a bit every time he’s passing under a low-lying ceiling, or in this case, just trying to take a shower. Look at the expression on this poor chap’s face! It’s hard up there at the top.

Punishable by Isolation

When you design a garden, you imagine a happy place that is soothing and relaxing, a place where you can reflect and think about life from a different perspective. However, if there’s an oddity in the garden, then good luck not being distracted from your meditation.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/You Had One Job

This garden looks amazing, but the gardener is an evil person for sure for forcing that poor, lonely bush to go and ‘stand’ in a corner. That is just wrong! Also this garden is incredibly aesthetic; it’s just that tiny corner that bothers us so much. Couldn’t he exert just a little more effort?

Dispensers For Everyone

When they say go crazy, they don’t mean buying one thing in multiples. This person was given the instructions to buy a few dispensers for a washroom with three sinks. One or even two dispensers would suffice for this wash area — but instead, this happened.

Image courtesy of

Is this the architect’s way of letting people know that they absolutely positively must dry their hands before leaving? At the bare minimum, you could hope that this bountiful quantity of hand dryers will help cut back on excessive paper towel usage.

Perfection Cannot Be Consistent

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, it is just not easy to get everything done perfectly. For instance, you might press your shirt right, but there would be one bit that is a little crumpled, and if you fixed that, another part would be crumpled.

Image courtesy of

This is the dilemma which is perfectly explained in this picture. Should the car owner go for the perfect gallon or the perfect price? Eventually, this person thought about saving 0.01 but was at least able to enjoy exactly 10 gallons of fuel.

To-Do Or Not-To-Do

For those of us who are not organized and have the sort of life that is all over the place, a to-do list would play a big role in making us a wee bit organized. So buying a notebook wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Image courtesy of Reddit/frillan

But don’t ever think about buying this book if you have great attention to detail. Maybe this diary should be kept as a Not-To-Do list? Everything about this page is incredibly aligned at first glance. But what on Earth happened to that dot?

Circling A Check Box

Now, we do know that those boxes are used for answering different queries, right? But did you know that there are people who just can’t seem to understand this? They’re made to be ticked, not encircled. Is that truly so hard to grasp?

Image courtesy of

Okay, so it’s a fair bet that she was too excited to color the box, and it’s even a little bit cute. But if it is really a habit, it needs to be nipped in the bud. We’re very happy for her and just want to make sure that she never circles a box ever again!

The Careless One

So we don’t always mind if people are using our stuff, but what irks most of us is when they don’t properly return things to where they belong. Personally, we don’t like people to return our shirts smelling like they’ve been in a bar fight, right?

Image courtesy of Imgur/LukeCreed

Similarly, if you give someone a strip of some medication, it wouldn’t be wrong for you to expect them to use the tablets in an orderly fashion, right? So what exactly is this person doing? Some folks just love to watch the world burn.

A Neighborhood Of Bad Parking Jobs

We all have to deal with people parking their cars like toddlers. Sometimes we just want to literally drag those cars to the right spot but hey, people can be idiotic, and there’s not so much we can do to change that.

Image courtesy of Reddit/mildlyinfuriating

Now here you see a whole neighborhood where people live and park their cars without understanding the concept of staying within the lines. So basically there was some person who did this and then it became part of the culture of this area.

You Missed A Spot

This goof is not necessarily an error of great obviousness, but it is an error nonetheless, a mistake that should have never been made in the first place. The mistake here is hard to find, but we’ll give you a clue: it’s one of the numbers.

Image courtesy of Reddit/mildlyinfuriating

This guy was doing his job well and almost made this particular track worthy of an Olympics event. And we say almost, because if you look at the track a little closer, you’ll see something that the Olympics inspection committee isn’t going to miss.

The Journey Ends Here

Sometimes, mistakes can turn into great demonstrations of symbolism. This one is definitely a job well done — that is, if you want to let someone know that everything between you is over, or that this is where your paths separate.

Image courtesy of Pinterest/You Had One Job

This guy had one job, but something must have happened that made him add a new, spur of the moment sense of design to a sidewalk. Yes, there is a pole right in the middle of it, but there were definitely other ways to solve this problem.

Because Being With Family Was Never An Option

The more we look at this picture, the more antagonized it makes us. Here you see two halves of a jar of candy sprinkles. Who knew something so innocent and banal could end up being so frustrating to see? Go figure.

Image courtesy of Imgur/Zewzur

An intruder somehow managed to make it deep into enemy lines, a lone blue sprinkle sitting pretty, surrounded by the red sprinkles. We’re fairly certain this is the candy world’s version of a teenager gone rebellious just to spite his parents.

Trees Before Design

When you travel around big, futuristic metropolitan areas in Europe, you’ll notice that just about every single element around you has been constructed in such a way that almost nothing is haphazard, and everything has been designated its own precise space.

Image courtesy of

But what do we have here? A bunch of trees that decided to grow on their own terms, and so instead of doing that tree placement thing that is very common nowadays, builders set up grates around the trees. So who’s to blame?

Not How Solar Lights Work

Using renewable energy has become quite a trend nowadays and people spend a lot of money to generate electricity through unconventional means. But what if you had great intentions, but didn’t quite grasp the concept of how solar panels actually work?

Image courtesy of

This guy here has been complaining about how much of a waste these panels had been without realizing that it was ditching science class and missing a few key points was what resulted in him placing these solar panels concealed by a canopy of trees.

Something’s Fishy

For all intents and purposes, this bit of wall art had high potential. It’s bound to give the room a vivid splash of color, and it could even be educational for kids, who will want to look up what each of these beautiful tropical fish species are called.

Image courtesy of

Every interpretation of a particular work of art varies from person to person. But look at this intelligent life form who has completely ruined the order of this painting just because he didn’t want to get the job done the right way. We feel compelled to just take charge and rearrange it properly!

Find Your Floor

If you happen to live or work in a building that has more stories than your hourly pay, chances are that you often have to wait for a while for the elevator — not to mention to look carefully at what number you’re going to push.

Image courtesy of Reddit/2_shovels

This elevator’s creator seems to have been utterly depraved. He has given people a lot of trouble by jumbling up the floors, and means getting to your floor after a hard day at the office is going to require far more concentration than you’ll have.

Pie In The Sky

Pumpkin pie, and indeed, anything pumpkin-flavored, is one of those things that we eagerly wait for every year. It’s easily one of the best things to look forward to in the autumn. But even this wholesome dessert is not safe from butchery.

Image courtesy of Reddit/SrirachaFlash

It’s clear that this particular person needs to be taught a lesson of cutting a slice the right way. Granted that some people don’t like crust, there are other ways to avoid eating it, right? Way to put a damper on the Thanksgiving meal.

A Different Type Of Sprinkles

Perhaps the best part of baking a cake at home (except for eating it, of course!) is to wait for it to cool down a bit and then dressing it with sprinkles. The pantry is where we keep all this stuff, but what if you ended up buying something without looking?

Image courtesy of

If you closely look at the packaging, you’d see that the sticker used for the bottle has a background of onions and red chilis – clearly something you wouldn’t use on a cake. But it’s weird because the contents look like sprinkles? We’re questioning everything and it’s making us paranoid.

Sewer Covers

Alright, the cat is officially out of the bag. We’re here to trigger your OCD, so we will continue showing some of these instances. Now this one is going to leave you hammered just because of how it has been set out.

Image courtesy of Reddit/tom_beale

The two panels are different and share a bit of each other. We are not sure exactly what happened that made the electricians think that they can do something like this without even thinking about the trauma it would cause those who use this path on a daily basis.

A Small Rip

So there are times when the packaging is right, the order is perfect and the labeling is right. And then someone goes ahead and with one small move manages to mess it all up for the rest of us poor souls.

Image courtesy of

All you wanted was to open a carton of cream and congrats, you ended up screwing it all up royally. Well, it happens to all of us, even though it doesn’t really do our OCD issues any favors. We’re pretty sure the person who experienced this had to have cringed just as we are.

Go Face The Wall

Have you ever been that bad student who created such a ruckus or annoyed your teacher so much that you were asked to go sit in a corner facing the wall? It is never a good thing, but hey, you did deserve it, so make your peace with it.

Image courtesy of

This room is full of people who have a great place to sit, but there is one chair nobody dares us: the empty one that is facing the pillar. What is even worse is the fact that there is no leg space whatsoever. This is definitely the work of someone who doesn’t like setting things the right way.

The Weird Popsicle

In the hot summer months, we love to get our hands on anything that would cool down our sweaty and muggy selves, if only for a brief moment. It’s not necessarily the best way to fight heat, but at least for a while we can feel a splash of relief.

Image courtesy of

This poor guy ordered a popsicle only to find out that he was one of those rare people who opened the wrapper to find that the popsicle and the stick were one and the same. Not only is this sight impractical; it’s downright heartbreaking!

The Worst Creation Known To Man

Why in tarnation would anyone want to invent something as useless and infuriating as clamshell packages? This type of packaging is just impractical in every way, and yet manufacturers persist with their incessant usage. We wish we could stop struggling, but then you went and did this.

Image courtesy of

Is this just meant to be a cruel joke? Why would you create a solution for opening a clamshell package, and then wrap the clamshell in what it was destined to vanquish? Maybe they should have marketed this in easy-to-open packaging and they’d get more customers.

Bad Manufacturing

Usually when toys are made, the basic idea is to create a plate of a print before mass production begins. Those that aren’t printed in order, get chucked out. You might say it’s a bit wasteful, but observe this failed product.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Redkore_

This ball managed to survive the culling and found its way to a shop where it was eventually bought by someone who wasn’t as observant as the person who took this picture. The printing is not in line with the spot where it had to be pressed. Perhaps the machine malfunctioned?

We Don’t Fit

So this truck driving company prides itself on its ability to fit in everywhere as part of their ad slogan. And it was doing great, delivering things on time and making sure customer needs are met. And then, this happened.

Image courtesy of Reddit/SonicMcQueen

This driver slammed the company’s reputation to the ground after trying to go underneath a bridge on top of which was clearly mentioned that vehicles over the height of 15’3″ won’t be able to pass. Yet he persisted, and see where it got him and the company he works for.

The Best Part That Was Gone

When delivering cake, people usually ensure that the box is tall enough so as to avoid smushing and ruining the topping. Of course, nobody is going to enjoy a cake whose topping has been taken off right? This picture is shameful and it would certainly ruin our day to receive a ruined cake.

Image courtesy of

This person received a yummy cheesecake that had loads of chocolate whipped cream swirled gloriously on top. Sadly though, the box was not good enough, and took away the delights that were supposed to add to the beauty of this cake.

Bargain For The Ages

When businesses aren’t doing well, they initiate a shopping spree under the guise of discount. Sometimes, these discounts are just one more way to play tricks with our minds. Most of us are too gullible to notice it and end up buying a lot of stuff that we probably never needed.

Image courtesy of

This store manager, however, is as classy as they come. He ended up giving a $0.1 discount on a unit of iced tea. Wow, our lives are never going to be the same again! Thank you for truly making a difference we can feel in our wallets!

A Hotel With A Missing Room

Imagine how creepy it would be to stay in a hotel room that isn’t listed but is still there. There are some hotels around the world that have rooms nobody uses due to some scary stuff that happened there in the past.

Image courtesy of Reddit/AngeryDoggo666

Anyway, room number 317 in this hotel hasn’t been listed but the person in this picture is supposed to stay the night in that room. We just hope they had a rather uneventful night for the sake of their sanity.

The Wrong Garbage Can

People are really into improving their relationship with the environment these days, so they are always looking to categorize bins according to usage. That’s all great, and it means we are dependent on properly labeled trash cans so we know what to do.

Image courtesy of Reddit/koutelitis

This bin is multipurpose and has sections for waste, recyclables and compost. Sadly though, it isn’t one of the most well thought-out garbage cans you might come across. Looks like this won’t exactly be helping with our planet’s waste problem.

Wrong Foot

It is not easy to get dressed up early in the morning. You are groggily bumbling all over the house and the stuff that is in plain sight is more often than not the most difficult to find. But what if you find a pair of slippers that is labeled horribly wrong?

Image courtesy of

Here’s the story of a slipper that wasn’t sure which was left and which was right. Maybe it identified as a left-handed right slipper? It became the proverbial butt of all jokes before it found its way towards Matt Riddle, who wore it once before throwing it to the crowd.

Identification Problems

We’re living in a world where we cannot call anything for what it is because the moment we speak our mind, everyone will be chasing us, brandishing their pitchforks and consigning us to a trial by fire that would put the town of Salem to shame.

Image courtesy of

These pumpkins are inside a carton of watermelons because they simply identify as them, and hey, it’s a free world out there. But still, it is confusing why anyone would do this because we’re sure there’s a correctly labeled carton lying somewhere around the corner.

A Sprinkler For More Than One Use

Sprinklers are very important when it comes to ensuring that grass is properly watered without us having to think twice about it. Sometimes they don’t cover all the spots that need watering but we have a spot that will surely be covered.

Image courtesy of

This particular sprinkler is placed right underneath a bench, so it is only a matter of time before it soaks someone’s freshly pressed pants. But hey, maybe it could also make for a great bidet, given the fact that sprinklers release quite a jet of water.

Bad Doggo

Puppies have this habit of munching on anything they can get ahold of. This is why we have the gift of indestructible dog toys. Unfortunately though, it is not easy to train your puppy from biting everything, so we also have no-chew deterrents in stores.

Image courtesy of Reddit/lolvally

This puppy, however, lives in a different dimension where the science behind this spray bottle’s solution simply doesn’t apply. He chewed the life out of a bottle that was supposed to help stop biting, chewing, licking and scratching. This dog owner needs to keep things on a higher shelf from now on.

The Best Two Words Ever

There are many businesses out there today that can help you design objects customized for someone you truly love. They have some amazing design ideas and can really help you stop living the single life. Especially when it’s valentines, tons of stores are stocked with affirmations of love and declarations of affection.

Image courtesy of Reddit/_smoofie_

However, this particular pillow cover is never going to get you the person of your dreams. It would seem that if you didn’t have a message you wanted written, you had to warn the designer not to use the original template. Saying “sample text” isn’t exactly a reassuring thing to say to your loved one.

The Secure Door For A Burglary

These days, you can have a door set up for your place where no one can enter if they don’t know the password. These doors are a little expensive, but if you have some really valuable things at home, it’s worth the investment.

Image courtesy of Reddit/jasontaken

However, this person threw away their hard-earned money on a security door that is designed in such a way that if a burglar wanted to, he could very easily scale those slats like a ladder, get in, swipe your valuables to his heart’s content, and leave.

The False Step

Has it ever happened to you that you are lost in your thoughts and climbing down the stairs, and then end up nearly falling flat on your face because you thought that there was another step and there was none? Yup, we’ve been there, too.

Image courtesy of

Now, look at this particular design. This is purely designed to give people the illusion that they have another step to climb down, or up. And once that happens, they all get the same weird yet funny dizzy feeling. We’re sure that if we were drunk we’d assume that there was another step. Looks like a safety hazard!

Scary Doctor

Sometimes design ideas need to be well thought-out because if there’s even a slight difference, it would look unprofessional and hilarious. Pasting stickers on buses is a great tactic for advertisement, but not everyone knows how to exploit this marketing gimmick.

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This hapless advertiser, for instance, decided that the model’s likeness would be large enough that her eyes would end up around the bus windows without realizing that once the windows get opened, she would look like a character from Frankenstein.

The Mug With Ears

For us coffee lovers, it is important for us to have a good set of cups at our beck and call. We spend a lot of money on coffee and mugs, so yeah, every time there’s a unique cup out there, we need to buy it.

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This guy loves his superheroes and got a nice-looking cup. Regrettably for him, however, this is the most impractical cup we have ever seen. Just look at the design here. You are more likely to have your eyes pierced by this than having a cup of coffee in peace.

The Lonesome Blind

Looking at this picture really makes us want to tear out our hair and scream at the poor job the architect did here. So were they looking to build a wall with a small window, or were they trying to have a wall with only a small space to look outside?

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This room is all wall and has a tiny space for a blind, and look at how the owner wanted to make sure that the space is utilized properly by installing one single solitary blind. Seems practical in case you want some fresh air, but not too much.

Pointless Locker

Whether in a gym or in high school, a locker is supposed to guard your stuff and keep it there when you don’t need it. However, it would appear that there were some builders of said lockers who simply did not understand the concept of their purpose at all.

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This one, for instance, is not good enough to be a locker and should be chucked out. Look at how unhelpful it is when it comes to fitting in a bag. We’re sure that the person using this locker did try his best to cram it in, only to realize that the locker would not budge.

Concept Unclear

When we talk about something having an ergonomic design, we mean something that is both accessible and practical at the same time. But this term cannot be applied to the way some of the things around us are installed. Take, for example, this perplexing loo.

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This restroom for instance, is among the worst design ideas we’ve seen. Look at how close the sink is to the toilet and the way in which they’re connected. Anything that falls outside the sink is going to land right in the center of the toilet. It’s only a matter of time before you need to buy a new toothbrush.

Turn It Down

At times, it is better to turn down the volume of the music playing in the background while you’re working. While background noise can help improve focus, too much of it can become a serious distraction, especially if you’re in crunch time.

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This keyboard though, is making a mockery of things with the way it has been designed. If somebody wanted to turn the volume down, they might be in for a shock. Looks like easy listening just isn’t going to be an option.

Stairway To….A Pillar

The concept of stairs is very simple. They are a consistent pathway that help lead the user from point A to point B, usually either up or down. The idea isn’t exactly rocket science, so the design doesn’t have to be too much of a head-scratcher.

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This architect seems to have either been thinking on a different wavelength or is just too lazy to find a way around a complex situation. Look at how he decided to rip the stair through a pillar, bannister and all. Or was it the pillar that came after the stairway?

Think Green, Please

To make sure that our health is tip-top shape, we need to add more fruits to our daily diets. That is why many people have started spending more money on fruit. But who on Earth thought of this way to sell just one piece of fruit?

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We don’t know why this store thought it would be a great idea to have a plastic box assigned to each mango. It is clearly pointless, unnecessary, and something that Mother Nature does not approve at all. Two thumbs way down!

Stay Fit

Staying in shape is insanely important if you want to live a long and productive life, for your loved ones just as much as for yourself. While we may not like the effort, it is something that would be good for us in the long run. But it is equally important to use Grammarly.

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However, if you want to let people know that you care about staying in shape, it would be nice to do a spell check before adding a sticker to the wall. Come on, this concept is so simple: the dumbbell icon goes instead of the ‘i’, not in addition to it!

The Zig Zag Path

Taking a stroll through your neighborhood is great. It can help you relax, think with more clarity, enjoy your surroundings, and appreciate things that you usually take for granted. However, there are some paths that are too complicated for you to enjoy them mindlessly.

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Here we have a maddeningly winding path that will keep you occupied so much that you won’t be able to observe what’s around you. Clearly this is the work of a genius who wants people to maximize their walking skills — not to mention their coordination.

Shadow Won’t Change The Color

You have to wonder what the process behind creating this frustrating flub was. Wouldn’t that white stripe be painted across the sidewalk after all the bricks were put in place? It appears as though someone’s been monkeying around with the proper order of things.

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To make matters worse, try and imagine those two lonesome white-painted bricks that aren’t in line with the rest. They don’t exactly fit into the pattern if you switch them up. It seems as though this was the work of a mad genius prankster.

Spanish Onions

We all make mistakes, right? Some of those can be forgiven, but the others can be neither forgiven nor forgotten. And when your messing up affects not just one but two languages, you know you’ve truly ruined the day for a whole slew of people.

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The little tilde on top of the ‘n’ is crucial to understanding how to properly pronounce the word, changing it from ‘n’ to a ‘nyuh’ sound. Naturally, it belong over those spicy peppers, and not, say, an English word that already has that same sound built into it. Woops.

Not Really Hiring

These days, it seems like finding work is getting tougher and tougher. So we just grab a hold of whatever work it is that helps pay the bills. To make matters worse, one position is essentially a competition between a whole battalion of hopefuls, so we’re sure that most of the employers don’t even bother reading every single CV.

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These guys are definitely going places with the way they’ve set the poster right on top of a bin – insinuating that most of the applications will go right down there, straight into the trash. It’s a waste of time for sure!

A Very Bad Ceiling Finish

If you have never been in the business of constructing or designing homes, we would suggest you to outsource a project of this nature if it comes your way. It may look easy from afar, but making a perfect house isn’t easy at all.

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Clearly this isn’t a work of art by M.C. Escher and we hope the contractor was given a serious tongue-lashing by the home owner. We’d be upset by this terrible work, and we’re sure that people who have OCD will feel the same.

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