World’s Richest Person On First Crew Flight To Space

By Peter C

57-year-old Jeff Bezos, who, according to Forbes, is the richest person in the world, traveled to space on his maiden flight, which was with a crew from Blue Origin. He also became the first individual in the world to visit space on his own accord with his personal rocket.

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The Amazon founder, who stated he had dreamed of space-traveling since he was five years old, announced his intention of going to space, adding that his best friend and brother, Mark, had to accompany him on the trip.

He selected the July 20 date to mark the 52nd anniversary since the maiden moon landing by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong of Apollo 11. Bezos and his team will travel in Blue Origin’s capsule, which is approximately 10 times bigger than most spacecraft.

In an Instagram post, Bezos stated that the relationship people have with the planet can be changed if the Earth is seen from space and that it is a big deal for him.

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Interestingly, the SpaceX of fellow billionaire Elon Musk plans a first private flight to space later in September.

Bezos has a stake in Amazon, which is currently valued at $164 billion, making him the wealthiest individual to travel to space by a wide margin. According to reports,  Bezos flight is expected to officially launch the space tourism business of the company even though they are yet to commence the sale of seats to the public.