World Problems Caused By The Advent Of Technology

By Toby Tunwase

Technology represents some of the greatest innovations of humanity. In many ways, it is an expression of our growth as a civilized society. Think about the discovery of bread in relation to this idea. Similarly, the advent of technology has solved many problems for society, from health and food crises to general employment. Yet, the popular opinion is that every solution technology present always creates two more problems to take care of. Moreover, these problems are pretty interrelated since human interaction is almost always a variable. So, what issues have our interactions with technology caused in the world? Technology has caused some mishaps in our evolution and we are here to highlight a few of them.

Photo by Ella de Kross/Unsplash

Creation of deadly objects

Guns, artillery, bioweapons, and cyberattacks are means in which people or nations threaten and harass one another. While one may choose to view them as defense mechanisms, it swings both ways. These scientific advancements have caused wars and lots of destruction in our world.

Environmental Pollution

Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen/Unsplash

Most of the equipment that we manufacture causes some kind of damage to the environment. This is because the equipment either causes air pollution by emitting smoke toxic gases, or they contribute to the mass of existing waste. Even though these machines serve relevant domestic purposes, they cause severe damage to our environment. There is also the fact that some of the resources used to produce this technology is non-renewable.

Low attention span & poor social skills

One of the common causes of poor attention span and social skills is overdependence on the internet and smart phones. Since everyone can access almost anything on the internet, the need for physical interaction is waning. As a result, people are losing interpersonal relations, which affects negotiations and communication in our overall societal structure.