Woman Finds A Beautiful Flower Mantis That Looks Like A Walking Flower

By Stephen M

The beauty of nature is unimaginable. If you’ve taken the time to study nature, from trees to animals, you would be amazed at how beautiful things are. This could also be said of insects like flies, ants, bugs, worms, and many others. While some look scary and can easily freak us out, others are charming and adorable, such as the one Margaret Neville encountered in her garden in South Africa.

Photo credit: waterfallretreat

Margaret found a beautiful Flower Mantis during one of her usual routines in her garden. According to her, the find was something like no other, and she couldn’t help herself but announce it to friends who love gardening and beautiful things.

The Find

It was one of Margaret’s usual routines in her garden in Nkutu Valley, KwaZulu Natal, in South Africa, when she noticed the insect in her lavender. It had a spiral on the back and looked like a flower. She couldn’t resist but to check it out, and wow, it looked adorable and unlike something she had ever seen.

Photo credit: waterfallretreat

In an interview, Margaret expressed her big surprise at seeing the insect. “I was amazed at first sight. She has spent the entire month of September living on my lavender. She is still there now,” she indicated. Now named Miss Frilly Pants, the flower mantis is doing well. Many South Africans keep flower mantis as pets due to their lovely nature.

Margaret shared images of her new friend on social media, and they have since gone viral as the Waterfall Retreat & Environmental Centre uploaded a video of it.

Characteristics of a Flower Mantis

Photo credit: waterfallretreat

The flower-like coloration and behavior of Flower Mantises disguise them as flowers is a form of protective mechanism and helps them to lure prey. They hide in flowers and monitor their prey getting closer to them. Then boom, they strike and make a meal out of the prey.