35 Delightfully Chaotic Wikipedia Edits

By Liezel L

We can all agree that, no matter what other people (aka teachers) say, Wikipedia is still a pretty great tool for research. It contains tons of information on any topic out there, it has plenty of references, and it’s a great starting point for any topic you’re researching — for work or fun. Of course, you should always take whatever information you find there with a grain of salt because anyone can write and edit anything on the site. In fact, some people actually do it for fun. And there’s a Twitter page dedicated to finding these little easter eggs and collecting the absurd edits for everyone to enjoy. Note, however, that what these people have done is a form of vandalism. While we don’t encourage it if you’re going to attempt it, though, do it the way they did — harmlessly and with fun.

The Meaning Of Life

In the old times, and even today, people often wonder what the meaning of life is. Surely something as complex as existence would hold some kind of divine purpose that no mortal would ever come to fully understand. As it seems, though, someone has cracked the code and put it on Wikipedia.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

To be fair, everything they wrote on the page is correct. To put it simply, that is what life is — the absence of death. If you really want to dig into the meaning of it, though, go ahead and gear up for the headaches. A lot of us are content with this simple answer.

To Be Fair

Wiki is basically a global encyclopedia of everything that exists in the world, but we think we can all agree that there are some things so commonly known that nobody needs the assistance of Wiki to actually find out what it is. Take this, for instance:

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

They’re somewhat right, but how about toddlers? Or dogs? They might not even know what a grape is. But then again, dogs and toddlers can’t read, nor would they freaking go to Wiki, so maybe the editor wins this one.

It’s Not A Fun Time

There are people who are so attuned to art that they can write pages and pages about a single painting or drawing. And then there are people who are the complete opposite. It’s not that they don’t appreciate art; it’s just that they can’t talk about it extensively. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

This person’s caption feels like the description of someone who’s not really trying much to impress anyone with their art knowledge. But that doesn’t mean they’re wrong. Just look at the picture. That guy does seem like he’s not having a good time. Yikes.

“I Wanna Be Like You”

Remember King Louie in the Disney classic The Jungle Book? If you didn’t know, that regal ape is an orangutan. They’re good at using tools, hence Louie’s desire for “man’s red fire.” And, according to this editor, they’re also good at Dungeons and Dragons.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

He’s got that wild but brooding look of a wise man who knows many things but can’t share them, lest the universe become unbalanced. He just needs a staff and voila, you’ve got the party’s wizard ready to take on the Beholder.

Ooooh, Scary Fish

Most of us can’t imagine fish as being something scary. After all, many of them end up on our plates, so what’s there to be scared of? Then again, this fish identifies itself as scary, and who are we to say otherwise?

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

If we are to believe what this fish says, we should consider it a threat. If it’s scary enough to scare humans and not just its natural prey, that has got to count for something, right? That “arghhghg” already seems like it can get a grown man trembling!

Worst Feeling Ever

If you’ve never experienced going to bed and suddenly getting one of your nostrils clogged for absolutely no good reason, then you’re one lucky human being. It’s the absolute worst thing, and it can make you want to murder someone.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Now, someone has given it a name, and we couldn’t agree with it more. That freaking clog just sticks to the nose like gum and will torture you as you desperately try to grab some sleep, so yes, it does feel like you’re dying.

The Fry That Exists In Another Dimension

We all know what a good french fry looks like, right? It’s supposed to be golden brown, ideally with a bit of spice or salt, and not wet with condensation. This fry meets those requirements, yet it looks so weird!

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

It’s one of those images that we never needed to see. All we needed in our lives was our very own picture of the perfect fry in all its crispy goodness. Why do they need a 3D model of a fry when you can take a picture of a real, appetizing one?

The Glory Of Nature Stuns Again

There are just those moments in life when you have to calm your mind, relax your body, and just appreciate the beauty of the world around you. We all have those moments and as it seems, this cow has them, too.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

We can’t blame it, either. Nature does take hold of you and can grab your attention like no other. It hypnotizes you and makes you think about the mark you’ve made on this world and what makes you feel grateful or regretful. Hopefully, this cow isn’t thinking of something sad.

These Chairs Have Fooled Many

Ah, the classic plastic patio chair. We don’t give them much thought, but they are reliable seats that are perfect for any gathering. They are light enough for even kids to carry but strong enough to support an adult’s body.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Yet no matter how much we trust them, there will always be the fear in the back of our minds that it will spontaneously crack and give way. They seem to have a knack for breaking at the worst times. They humble us unlike any other object out there.

When Ratatouille Becomes A Villain

Have you ever wondered what would have happened if Remy in Ratatouille was actually more interested in wrecking Alfredo’s kitchen and career? We don’t want to think about it too much, but we guess it would have looked something like this.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Just look at that little critter summoning all his power and that of his brethren for his evil plans. Oh, he knows he has the winning hand alright and he’s basking in all that glory. We’re glad we didn’t get this version in the film.

Pure Love

People often look to humans to find their soulmates, but that isn’t always the case. Sometimes, your perfect match doesn’t walk on two legs, or even four. Just look at these two; so different, and yet there is clearly love between them.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Even if there’s a barrier keeping them apart, they don’t fail to show their love to each other. There’s nothing that will get in their way. And isn’t that what true love is? So yes, that Wiki photo description is 100% accurate.

The Complicated Cat Language

We are not sure if it’s because of their bizarre feline behavior or their general weirdness, but this is exactly how we think cats would sound if they spoke in our language. This Wiki writer just got it so right.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Imagine it; with a little bit of scratchy, kind of crazy, voice, and it’d be perfect. Especially for this cat who looks like they’re about to bite off the hand holding the cheeseburger. That kind of voice makes them seem a lot more entertaining than menacing.

A Capybara Knows Politics

There are so few animals in the animal kingdom that can make as many friends as the capybara can. They seem to have a knack for negotiating some kind of deal with animals that would normally hunt them down. They are the perfect, peaceful creatures.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

But you can’t be friends with everyone all the time. Even a capybara is bound to slip up, and while attempting to appease a potential predator, things can go south quickly. At least the one in the picture seems to have come to an agreement with the gator…for now.

Using That Brain Power

By now, we’re sure you’ve seen the meme of big brain vs. galaxy brain. If you haven’t, we recommend that you take a moment to do so because it’s hilarious. Spoiler alert: the image in this picture is part of the meme. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Although, we don’t remember ESP being part of it. Sure, it takes intelligence to share pictures of fruit with other humans, but dang, if you could do it with just the power of your mind, that’d be a galaxy-brain moment.

Tim The Savior

We can’t say that we know everything about everything because that’s just impossible. That’s why, if you’re not an expert in a field, you can find a Tim. You can rely on Tim to be there just when you need him, ready to provide the knowledge that’s just out of your reach.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Tim is like that person in a department who can do almost every task for every person and they’re always the one people rely on to get things right when things start to go wrong. Tim is the real savior.

White Stallion

Have you ever seen the goodest of steeds out there? If not, now you have. Here, we present you the best horse boy out there with his big warm jacket that he’s proudly trotting around. Isn’t he majestic? Wait. Something doesn’t feel right here…

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Is it just us, or is that an Italian greyhound trotting along in the snow? He sure looks cozy in that warm winter gear, but he’s not fooling us. Oh, those booties may leave horse-shaped footprints, but we know a pupper when we see one.

The Innocent Suspect

We don’t know what this fish ever did to the person who edited the description for its picture but what we know for sure is that they’re blaming an innocent creature for mistakes they had no hand (or fin) in. Just look at it and try telling us it can do great evil. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

It’s just swimming in the ocean, probably minding its own business, and then it gets blamed for everything. Now does that seem right? We didn’t think so, either. But well, if you do look closely at its eyes, it does have a little terrifying glimmer, so who knows?

70% Water

Over the years, scientific research has concluded that human bodies are comprised of 70% water. But that does not mean that you have liters of water sloshing around. The water is in your blood, your organs, and everywhere in between.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

This image reminds us more of Lilo’s “badness level” in Lilo and Stitch. Is the implication here that if you’re dehydrated, the water only goes to your waist? All jokes aside, this might not be a bad way to show how much space your organs take up.

Favorite Numbers

Back when we were kids, one of our playmates might have asked what our favorite number was. As adults, no one really asks. Yeah, some people have lucky numbers, but no one really cares about it. This person must’ve been frustrated by others’ lack of interest.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

They made a page just to list their favorite numbers. And, were it not for the WikiOoc Twitter page, no one would know their favorite numbers. Well, maybe the mods that delete vandalism pages would have seen it, but that’s about it.

This User…

Before we get started with this one, a bit of information is required. So, on Wikipedia and Fandom, users can add “user templates” to their profiles. Usually, these indicate likes, dislikes, accomplishments, etc. These user templates, though, seem a bit off…

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Some explanations are required for these. Unlike most user templates that give a brief description to answer any generic questions, these bring about some unusual circumstances that we’re dying to ask more about. Still, they got the job done because now we’re curious if anything important happened on July 2nd, 2005.

The Face of Victory

Has anyone else seen a bird looking more victorious than this one? We sure haven’t. Judging by that smile on its face, it looks like this gamer bird has just won big time against its opponent and will be collecting its rewards soon. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

We wonder what could have been at stake to make this little gamer so satisfied with himself. Was it a tasty bird treat? Cheeseburgers for a year? Freedom? Or simply the satisfaction that the human is humiliated and utterly embarrassed?

Someone’s Halloween List

Usually, when we write “Halloween lists,” it’s about what candies to buy, what costumes to get, or what props we need to bring a little spooky atmosphere into the house. This person’s list seems like all the things you’d want to avoid.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

To be fair, these are also the kinds of things a lot of people would enjoy during the spooky season, especially in haunted houses. Maybe this person was compiling a list of references for just that purpose. If so, we’ll stay away from that house, thanks.

Bros Before Woes

The relationship between the clown fish and the sea anemone is one of the most beautiful symbiotic relationships in nature and we think this caption is the perfect way to encapsulate all of it. It is just so spot on.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Bros before woes all right! If you’re ever looking for friends, seek out people who you can have a healthy relationship with; such as the relationship between these two. If you do find them, keep them close because they’re a rare find in this world.

Beloved Trucks

Sometimes, when people talk about trucks, the way they describe them can get a bit overwhelming. We get it that they’re passionate about them, but we’d prefer if they’d talk about them in a way we common folk can understand.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Though these descriptions are dumbed-down, we’re not sure they help much. We didn’t know that trucks were “bred.” Either this is some bizarre automobile lingo, or an internet troll wanted to mess with us and pretend that trucks are birthed in the wild.

Describe Your Popcorn

We all know popcorn, right? We know how to describe it to someone who might have never eaten one before but really, there is only so much you can say about the food item. That’s why we completely vibe with the person describing this. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

They may have been struggling with adjectives to describe the popcorn, but they sure weren’t short on creativity. That has got to count for something, right? Besides, we love the new word they invented to describe their snack. Let’s make “sgrunch” happen.

Special Mr. Signs

Putting the term “Mr.” in front of something gives it some kind of authority, and it’s not uncommon to see people using that prefix if they want to give something more importance. And maybe that was what this person was doing as well. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

It’s hard to figure out why exactly they chose such signs for this figure, or what it’s supposed to be a page for. We need a proper explanation for this one, or we’ll just assume the person who entered this on Wiki loves those triangles, squares, and…nos. 

The Irony

Most writers or active social media users would know that, when you’re writing something for the internet, you also have to match the picture with your text. Otherwise, it just won’t make sense very much. Take this text/picture combo, for example.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

We’re torn between feeling a disconnect between the text and the image or feeling threatened by the Beanie Babies. At least the editor didn’t use Furbys. That would surely give us nightmares! Then again, that red bear seems pretty threatening…

This Baby

There are so many possible explanations for this one, but the closest we can come up with is that they’re referring to the sun baby in the sky in Teletubbies. The baby does look a lot like it, and we have no doubt it picked up people from the sky.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Teletubbies was quite a terrifying show, though, with those 6-foot-tall things dancing around and the image of a face in the sun. We wonder why we didn’t realize that as kids. That could’ve given people some serious nightmares. And maybe it did; we’ll never know.

A True Fan

The X-Files had a long run and was a big touchstone in cultural history. Even people who haven’t seen the series know the opening theme song, and possibly the famous taglines: every x has its file, and let’s file this under x. Wait…what?

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

The truth is out there, but you won’t find it in a random Wiki edit. Throughout the series’ nine seasons (barring the reboot), we doubt that anyone uttered those phrases. Maybe this editor was mistaking the series for a spoof show.

Neil And His Epic Remix

Who knew rats also have a knack for music? We certainly didn’t. And guess what? They also go through different phases, as human musicians do. Just take a look at this adorable rat and his little piano set. He looks like he’s rocking out to his newest remix. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

And yet, did no one notice that disappointed glint in Neil’s eyes? It looks like he probably asked Santa for a drum set but got that mini piano set instead. At least he still made the most of it, right?

There Is No Right Or Wrong Answer

The Rorschach test mainly deals with interpreting inkblots on paper. The purpose is for psychologists to get a glimpse into how the patient perceives the world by using randomized pictures. There is no wrong answer because there is no right one.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

So we guess this person is right in a way. Sure, we may not all be able to see what they see, but that’s okay. They have their own perception, and we have our own. We got to say, though, what they see is a lot of fun.

Get The Chair Right

On Wiki, most images need a proper caption describing what the picture represents. The combination of picture and caption is vital as it helps people understand the concept being described more. However, sometimes, some images just suck the creativity out of people tasked to describe them. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

How many things can you exactly say about a chair stacked together or a rotten chair left out somewhere in the wilderness? Plus, it’s very obvious from the images themselves that there’s really no need for words to describe it. Other than for compliance and consistency, we guess.

A New Species

It’s always fun to discover what other species are sharing this beautiful planet with us, be it a past or present companion. Now, it seems that someone has discovered a new species and has decided to share it on Wiki.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

We know very little about it except for its name. We wonder why they chose that name for the creature, though. It doesn’t seem to fit, does it? Plus, it doesn’t roll off the mouth as easily as wildcat or mouse cat or something like that.

The Messiest Profile Ever

When filling in forms, be it for a dating profile or medical report, we opt for telling the truth. It’s always in our best interest to be honest, and there’s really no point in lying. However, this person seems to think the opposite.

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

We don’t even know what in the world they’re even trying to give a profile of. By the picture, it’s the fish but when you read the descriptions, your mind will start to spin trying to understand it. Is it a movie? An obituary?

Floating Thoughts Maybe?

The nearest thing we could compare this entry on Wiki is the kind of thoughts that just float through your head at random intervals in your life that don’t really make sense. But they still float through your head nevertheless. 

Source: WikiOoc/Twitter

Maybe whoever put this entry here was a fan of Eminem and was wondering what if the rapper had his very own dark ambient music album like those ambient study sounds on YouTube. If that’s the case, it’s actually not too bad a thought.