What You Need to Know About Today’s Machine Learning Technology

By Jackie B

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence can sometimes be mistaken as the same, but this is not entirely true. Machine learning is just a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is also not a new invention, as it dates back to the 1950s. Arthur L. Samuel is credited to have made the first machine learning application that played chess.

How Does Machine Learning Work?

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Machine learning is the process of teaching a computer how to make accurate predictions when fed massive amounts of data.  For example, to teach a machine learning software to accurately differentiate an apple from orange in a photo, it needs to process massive amounts of photos labelled as apple and orange.

The difference between traditional computer software and machine-learning is that traditional software requires humans to code instructions for the computer to recognize apples from oranges while machine learning systems learn the difference by itself with minimal instructions from humans.

What is Machine Learning Used for?

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Machine learning systems are used everywhere it is one of the major pillars that supports the modern internet. Examples of machine learning systems are:

Machine Learning is all around us and on the internet. It will keep evolving and will help us achieve technological advancements quickly and efficiently.