What the World will Look like if all the Ice Melted?

By Divya

It has been known that the global sea levels are on the rise at a rapid rate, courtesy of global warming. Regardless of what you think of climate change, the rapidly melting glaciers and ice is a sign that humankind will suffer if no action is taken. Experts have said that the days will get hotter. Also, large scale weather variations will alter seasonal rainfall, which will make the land infertile, where it was once fertile. It is an dire issue and needs to be addressed. 

The consequence is so severe that cities and lands established near the coastal regions worldwide could disappear into the ocean. What’s worse is that the many impacts of climate change are already irreversible, and the sea levels could see a rise of 90 centimeters or more every year in the coming decades. 

A story covered by National Geographic shows how each continent will suffer if all the ice on land has melted and drained into the oceans. 


All of Bangladesh would flood, so would much of coastal India. The land inhabited by the Chinese will also drop under the sea. 


The Adriatic Sea will reclaim Venice, and London will become a memory if this catastrophic scenario occurs. Most of Denmark will be gone, and the Netherlands will disappear underwater. 


Australia won’t lose much because it is predominantly a desert. But all its narrow coastal strips will be lost, which are currently densely populated with residents. The continent would also gain an inland sea. 


Africa will lose less due to the ultimate seal-level destruction. But due to increasing heat and warm temperatures will make the continent uninhabitable. 

South America

Most of Paraguay, coastal Uruguay, and Buenos Aires would be wiped out by the Atlantic inlets. Central America, the Caribbean coast, and the mountainous stretches would survive the catastrophe. 

North America 

The San Francisco hill would become a cluster of small islands, and most of Florida, along with the Gulf Coast, would vanish. 

It sounds terrible, but it will soon become a reality if proper measures are not taken.