What Smart Business Competition Could Look Like With China

By Shane R

Image Credit: Pexels

As president-elect Joe Biden looks to enter the White House in January, besides the pandemic, his team is working on recommendations for how the U.S. can have a business advantage against China. By enhancing innovation and focusing on national security, a new report compiled by the University of California – San Diego believes that the U.S. can supersede the People’s Republic of China.

Some of the focus points include biotechnology, AI technology, fundamental research, 5G digital communications, and more. By bolstering United States’ investments and bringing in a talent pool of workers from across the globe, risk management will be a priority, so threats and overall costs can be minimized. In the U.S. committee’s eyes, they believe this is the best way to combat China directly.

The competition will be fierce, but the United States of America should look to innovate in space as well. By having real leadership that matters, the United States can get back to being a perennial power in business. Now, China will have something to say about this and have the best opportunity in the world to scale up and fight the U.S. as being the top dog of business in the world.

Image Credit: Pexels

Hopefully, the United States of America will look to minimize restrictions on trading with all countries. The more countries the U.S. can be trade partners with, the best chance of ultimate success they will have. The pandemic has been hard, but the U.S. looks like it will continue to grow economically and blast past 30,000 points at the DOW.