What are Global Temperatures and How do They Affect us?

By Jhene A

Global temperatures have been on the rise since humanity entered the Industrial Age but the impact cannot be bigger than it is today.

The planet has been warming in the past several decades and a lot of this boils down to the basic human need (urge or stupidity perhaps?) to seek progress for the sake of progress while not giving a second thought to how the planet is being put through so many tests.

Sustainable Development

Sustainable development, a concept that talks about the progress that is respectful towards the sanctity of the environment has been discussed a lot when it comes to regulating global temperatures. Sadly though, all the international conferences and all the agreements and protocols haven’t made much of a difference.

The likes of the United States and China, in particular, have been employing unsustainable practices that have further added more points to the rising temperatures around the globe. CO2 emissions were at an all-time high before the COVID-19 situation stopped most industries.

Sinking States and Conflict

As a result of rising temperatures, we have experienced numerous weather changes while seal levels have started rising at an alarming rate. There is an issue with the Maldives since the island nation is expected to sink in the next three decades if temperatures keep rising.

Similarly, global temperatures regulate how people live so a change in temperatures is going to create many conflicting situations due to the resulting lack of resources.