What and Why is Artificial Intelligence Important

By Jackie B

Artificial intelligence or AI for short is one of the subjects of Computer Science. It can be found all around us and is an integral part of our lives. The main focus of Artificial Intelligence is to build machines such as robots and computers that will enhance our daily tasks. AI systems can do a wide variety of tasks such as decision-making, visual perception, translating languages, speech recognition, etc. 

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While Artificial Intelligence is not a new development, it has been around since the 1950s. Its popularity has surged in recent years due to advancements in computing power and the vast amount of data we produce each year in these modern times. There are numerous types of artificial intelligence out there, but the most popular one is machine learning. Instead of humans programming a computer what to think, machine learning computers can mimic the human brain, analyzing and processing vast amounts of data and learning from their mistakes.

Reasons Why Artificial Intelligence is Important

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Artificial Intelligence and advancements in its fields are important because they can and will benefit our everyday lives and the human race as a whole. These will influence multiple industries such as the healthcare industry, the business industry, and the entertainment industry. Here are some more reasons why artificial intelligence is important.


In conclusion, artificial intelligence is essential to our daily modern lives, and it will continue to evolve more and more benefiting all of us in the process.