45 Humorous Photos of Animals That Might Cause Confusion

By Ragini A

Animals, right? There are beautiful creatures and species that we haven’t yet discovered, but we can be sure they will be magnificent. But, just as we humans can be caught in a ridiculous mishap, so can animals! You’ve probably seen some videos online of animals being absolute dorks, what with cats trying to fly, dogs chasing their own tails, and rabbits leaving their droppings – ahem – everywhere. Fortunately, if you’re looking for a quick laugh, the above is just the beginning of a landmine of comedic animals. Their timing and impact might land slightly better than your favorite stand-up comic’s punch line, and if you giggle, we dare you to send these to your friends. Here are 45 animals that made our day by doing things, well, that they don’t usually do! 

Dogs are the Light of Our Lives

Look at this beautiful dog sticking his head out from a hole in the gate! What do you think he’s looking at? A bone, a butterfly? Maybe another dog taking a stroll across the road? Or, is this cutie waiting for his friend to come back home from a long day at the office? 

Reddit u/WeirdCup

Whatever it is, we need someone waiting for us by the gate just like this snowball waits. Look at his eyes! If we had his attention, we might just cry. we can imagine seeing him sniff around on the street, and spending the next hour trying to capture his love. 

What Can I Say? He’s a Poser!

This terrific softie sure knows his angles, huh? We’re officially announcing that this dog is the best model in the entire world, and if you disagree, someone might fight you! Look at the paws! The floppy ears! Should we call him “His Highness”? 

Reddit u/accountdisabled

Whoever is lucky enough to wake up and see this dog fluffing around their house in the morning needs to thank the universe for the blessing that is their life. Just imagine having a dog that’s more photogenic than Mona Lisa! 

This is Just TRAGIC!

Imagine what it must feel like to be Tom Cruise watching the head being removed from the hyper-realistic wax statue of him displayed for the public eye. He still knows it’s a wax statue. Do you think this duck knows the fallen duck he is staring at is fake? 

Reddit u/lewisyext

Maybe he’s deciding whether or not to cremate the duck. Or is he staring because he’s suspicious? Or perhaps he is thinking that he might be next? Oh, no! Send this cutie some hugs, quick, and make sure he knows he’s safe. 

The Protector is Here

Scared of the danger that looms over the streets you frequent? Don’t be, because this ninja cat is always around to save the day! No, for real, do you think this cat has a black belt or any form of ninja training?

Reddit u/HighSpeedDoggo

If looks could kill, this cat would be the ultimate security head. We would never dare disobey her, or cross her path at all if we could help it. Would you? We’re shaking in our boots just thinking about it. Don’t mess with this one! 


We know what happens when an animal sees itself in the reflection of a mirror or a large water body, but what about when they see themselves in other pieces of nature? Do they still recognize themselves? Take a look!

Reddit u/Piscator_Gabe

Yup, this cutie found his doppelganger in a wooden panel, and he posed with it proudly. They look like a pair of identical twins preparing for the millions of compliments they’re going to get for the photo their mother adores!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Oh, that’s a blinding light indeed! Are those torches? Headlights? Safety devices on the road? Glitter? NO! These are cats living their superhero laser eye technology dream! Jokes aside, there are more than 10 cats in this photograph and each has a funky eye reflection!

Reddit u/3lazar

Has the city they’re from ever thought to hire these stunning beauties as night lamps and save on electricity? Would you walk past this group of cats comfortably, or would you think they’re plotting against you? Yeah, we don’t know how we feel either.

It’s Time

It’s the perfect time of day for a chilled-out party of two! We dare you to look at this cutie in the eyes and say no to a laid back music session with the plants waving through the wind. If you refuse, we declare you heartless. 

Reddit u/Supersmokio

He looks like he really enjoys his plants. We wonder if he takes care of them too, or just sees them as good hide and seek spots. We would give anything to see this precious goofy smile erupt in front of us. 

Back OFF!

Everyone, back off now! This kitty is having a terrible day, and has about had it with our silliness. The desperation with which some space is being demanded needs to be respected. Come on, give the cat his requested space, people!

Reddit u/Danielofmany

The cat looks like he’s intervening in a fight between two siblings, and thinks he’s always right. For heaven’s sake, listen to him. He’s wise! Or he’s just plotting to get rid of one of the two humans. Either way, we’re giggling over here.

Simba Who?

If you’re a fan of the 1994 Disney movie The Lion King, this image is for you. Simba and Mufasa, who now? We only know this beloved cat and the several humans who bow down to her. Behold, the new queen of the jungle!

Reddit u/usernot_found

Where do we apply for this job? Is this a cult? A new religion? Sign us up! If this is what the leader of this cult looks like, we’re in. Looking like an experienced leader, this cat appears content and satisfied. 

What do you mean?

“Hello. Yes, this is her. Oh, hi! I’m so excited for our walk later tonight. What do you mean you need to cancel the date – I mean the stroll. Oh, do I sound disappointed? No, no, not at all. I’m very busy.”

Reddit u/wiggy1324

If our significant others cancelled on our date nights, we would be sad, too. But if this adorable pupper is in the same boat as us, we’re in for a cute and snuggly night of comforting each other and making new friends!

Madagascar Live Action

Who needs to rewatch the entire second Madagascar movie just to get to the scene where Moto Moto walks out of the pond and flirts around if this picture exists? We are completely satisfied with seeing mating rituals in real life without voice overdubs.

Reddit u/UwUwU_potato

What might have been a private moment between these rounded beauties reminds us of all the clingy dates we got to skip because of the lockdown. It’s be great staying home! We’ll get our chance to take a bite soon. 

Super Motors

What kind of game is this? We imagine this would feel like driving in Mario Kart, but instead of your car, you’re attempting to drive one of the mushrooms, and then it attacks you. We have so many questions about this!

Reddit u/Gegenuebertragung

How does the frog control the fish, if at all? Did the fish agree to be treated as a vehicle? Are they friends? Or is the frog treating the back of the fish as a rollercoaster ride? We may never know.

Museum Time!

Some of our favorite coincidences are when life imitates art. If this cat isn’t the perfect model in your eyes, we beg to disagree. If this cat asked us to pay it to be able to take a peek at it, we would. 

Reddit u/Mark-Tom

It’s as though the cat is thinking, “can a price really be attached to art? How? How can these two legged beings try to decipher my worth? Why is this human taking a photo of me? Am I famous yet?”


Is it a pineapple? Most likely; it is, after all, a prickly fruit to hold and touch. But – oh! It moves, almost as though it is breathing! Why is it shivering? Is it cold? Did you just say it’s a hedgehog?

Reddit u/ogar04

All we want to know is how the hedgehog got there, that’s all. It seems to be having a good time, and who are we to spoil that for him? That’s right, no one. You want to be a pineapple, Mr. Hedgehog, be the best darn pineapple you can be. 


Don’t get the tiger wrong. It’s obvious she loves the piglets, but they’re not hers. She seems pretty conscious of this interspecies adoption anyway, so we advise against staring. What’s important is that she’s trying her best.

Reddit u/Deadmemories8683

Even the piglets are trying to merge in, and they’re showing their love by wearing her clothes. Love truly knows no bounds, especially the bond between a mother and child, regardless of whether they’re related by blood or not. 

Post Worthy

If this dog had an Instagram account where he regularly posted selfies like these, we would totally follow him! Wouldn’t you? He has such class and style. Look at his his tail peeking out from his shorts! This is just too cute!

Reddit u/Solomon_Gunn

His human friends must be so proud of his posture and photogenic looks. He could walk into a job interview and smash it, don’t you think? We would definitely fill our Instagram with photos of him if he were ours!

Are they Siblings?

We’re so confused, because if this was in a movie, it would be an interesting “relationship development” drama between the love interests. The first image is giving very lady-and-the-tramp vibes, and the second image escalates really quickly.

Reddit u/Wiildman8

Regardless, who are we to judge? Join us in wishing them a fun and safe time together, and a nutty year ahead! If only they told us where they live, we could deliver a cute housewarming gift. We wish we could keep tabs on these two!

I Dare You

This cat doesn’t look too pleased with how the day is going. Frankly, we wouldn’t want to mess around with this one if we could avoid it. This cat could easily play a role in Kung Fu Panda as a villain. 

Reddit u/seven_critical_blows

If this isn’t the photograph that displays a combination o patience and frustration, we don’t know what is. It’s like the cat is challenging the human to keep their hands on her, even though it is obviously super annoying to her. 

Hike Time

We’re so confused – is it that this adorable dog can’t get enough of hiking, or is he so lazy and tired that he would rather pretend to take a walk? Sure, this could be just a coincidence, but are things ever really just coincidences?

Reddit u/maln0ir

We think he’s missing his friend the bear, and that he can’t “bear’ sitting at home anymore. Friends are very important to keep around, and it looks like this guy is trying to use his dreams as a way to hang out. What do you think? 


Is this what the future will look like? A cat wearing an Iron Man suit, protecting our lives while flexing her calf muscles? We can imagine it, that’s true. It would also make a great film. But there’s something else here. 

Reddit u/SucukluKurabiye

It’s like she’s asking her audience, “do you even squat, bro?” while staring at humans like us who haven’t been to the gym in over a year, or two. She’s certainly having a better time than other cats, we’re sure. 

Where am I?

Is it really just a simple glass bowl being held up slightly higher than our eye level? We would like to believe this cat is the leader of another planet, one that almost looks like Saturn cut in half horizontally. 

Reddit u/surfnbrd

The cat doesn’t look too comfortable, does it? But we all know, wherever cats fit, they sit. Not to mention, these are the kind of naps that go hard and deep. The cat will wake up free of exhaustion and refreshed.


This dog is angry, and rightfully so! He’s tired of everyone calling him a cute boy or a good boy, and he’s tired of his stomach being scratched, even if it calms him down! He’s ready to show us just how tough he is.

Reddit u/TheFuschiaIsNow

He’s channeling that inner Godzilla in him, breathing in the same dusty air as the fire-breathing monstrosity that is this huge lizard. He knows what he needs to do and no one and nothing can stop him, not even a treat. 

Excuse me, good sir?

Oh, man! This frog may look inconspicuous as you cross him on the pond, but he’s plotting something for sure. Is this a bribe? Or is this a genuine payment? A dropped bill found by the frog that he is in pursuit of ensuring its safe return?

Reddit u/lewisyext

The frog seems smart. He will figure out whatever he needs to do with the money in his webbed hands. We know he will do the right thing, and hopefully the legal thing! But we won’t jump to any conclusions just yet!

Ugh, Fine

This makes us sad only because it feels like a situation we’ve all been a part of. “Hi Aunty Ruby. Yes, thank you for the birthday wishes! Yeah, we received the cake you made. We didn’t like it, but I’m being forced to talk to you, and thank you.’

Reddit u/CamTheChest

Come on now, we’ve all been forced to talk to a relative we didn’t want to in the moment, getting the phone handed to us adamantly, and ultimately getting it pressed against our ear forcefully. Hopefully this pup wasn’t forced to stay on too long.


Nah, you don’t get it. This is the Computer Activation Technology found in one out of a million desktop personal computers. Think of this as the golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. We’d be lucky to find it!

Reddit u/misterskeletor

If you haven’t heard a smooth purring from the inside of your desktop modem, you are not a lucky or chosen one. But if you want, go ahead and check it before it’s too late. Maybe your C.A.T is just shy. 


This little kitty looks like he just wants to play, but isn’t receiving the attention he deserves. Those large gleaming eyes and his sunken body in the pan looks like he either wants a cookie, or wants to be made into one. 

Reddit u/pepak1

Regardless, he is adorable, and deserves all the love and even more attention. We wonder what the humans around him are so busy doing that he looks this desolate. Give this beautiful and sad cat some milk and cookies, please! 

LeBron or Michael?

We bet this pair can beat and of the basketball legends, from Michael Jordan to LeBron James. What would you name their team? We like Forest Antlers. Whatever name they happen to pick, we know everyone will fawn over these two.

Reddit u/camthechest

But to be serious, and fair, this doesn’t look too comfortable to begin with. If you ever come across an animal that is stuck, especially because of something man-made, please try to help them out of it. They will thank you!

Good Time

This dog might be just a few steps away from being labelled as having a slight drinking problem, but we can tell that he’s here for just a good time, not a long time. Call your friends because we’ve got a party animal with us! 

Reddit u/rs599

Fair warning, glasses left unsupervised can be a huge risk factor near animals, and we’re so glad this is a toy. If recreating this scene, please only do so with a sturdy and big plastic cup that cannot be torn or chewed through by your pet. 


Does this cat remind you of the cartoon comic that was popular when you were younger, Garfield? While the younger generations would compliment this cat by calling him a ‘snacc,’ only true Garfield fans know that this cat radiates prime energy. 

Reddit u/Dylan2911

It’s fairly obvious that not a care in this world, quite the snarky attitude, and a lazy morning inspire this cat and his human’s adventures in the kitchen. We must say, though, he seems to have impeccable taste in herbs. 


Personally, we don’t like horror movies much here. But if you’ve seen a bunch, or even seen posters for scary movies online, or on the streets, you know that these photographs aren’t going to lead to anything fun or light. 

Paranormal Cativity: 10 Scary Stories of Paranormal Pets – Meowingtons

What do you think this cat seeks? Revenge? Food? Or just a desire to haunt? We really don’t want to find out, so if you ever do, don’t tell us, thanks! We will be keeping the lights on in our house. No candles, please.


There are a couple things going on in this photograph that we wish we could get more information on. Does the cat on the right think the cup acts as a corset for his neck? What is the other cat thinking? We may never know. 

Reddit u/victor26v

Please keep in mind that while cats might be known to be comfortable in close and cramped spaces like these, if you see animals stuck in a situation like this, please gently help them out. We assume the photographer did just that moments after they finished laughing at this site.

Secret Meeting

When you were younger, did you have any imaginary friends? Or perhaps you had a small group of friends inside your head, who you thought no one knew about? We just have to say, gently, it’s likely that everyone around you knew. 

Reddit u/cosmickeys

Yup, this bird is facing just that, making friends with its own reflection. Perhaps it is – sorry – they are discussing the weather and how bad it is for flying. Or, maybe they’re ranting about the stock market. Who knows what birds are really up to?

Pick a Side

Think fast: what do you see first, Dobby from Harry Potter, or a doggy? This HP fan has obviously converted his dog into a fanatic, to the point of no return. Even his ears fit the role! This is so precious.

Reddit u/Lino_Alba

Get this cutie a sock as soon as possible so that he can yell, “Master has given Dobby a sock! Dobby is freeee.” On the other hand, knowing how dogs can be, what do you think, will the doggo really leave his human and go away? 

Photoshoot Time

This fox knows his good angles, and he knows that that golden hour sunlight is hitting all the right spots in his eyes, catching the gold flecks on his fur and his nose, and capturing a gentle and warm portrait. 

Reddit u/Johnoss

You know that friend of yours who wants to see the photo you have taken of them as soon as you’ve pressed the shutter? Yup, this fox is that friend of yours, eager to see how the photographer sees him. 

The Chosen One

This cat is the only one on earth with legitimate proof that it is a child of the Lord, and we will tolerate no slander against this declaration. He might be the cutest deity we get, and we feel bad for those of you allergic to cats. 

Reddit u/tediant

Unfortunately, this cannot be helped. This is a clear religious indication that this cat deserves to be heard, and will be our guiding light. Stop your whining and get with the times. And get our new leader some catnip and treats, pronto!

Full Belly

‘Oh wait, let me pose before you click– dang it, Gerald, I just asked you to wait! I do not want to flash you, and I definitely don’t want you to use flash. It doesn’t work well for my jawline!’

Reddit u/30xv

Whether this is a pose or a coincidence, the photograph is making us drool. What a time to be alive, a beautiful kitten and a mouth watering dish captured together for us to shower our love on. We are loving this!


Times are tough, and frankly, no amount of support can ever be enough. Thankfully for this lucky young man, his cat knows this well. He sees his human working hard, and decides a chair cannot possibly provide enough back support. 

Reddit u/thunderbirdsetup

This cat knows what needs to be done for support, both physical and emotional. This cat is perhaps the best life coach you will ever see, so drop whatever it is you’re doing, and pay your respects to this cat. 


No, this cat isn’t selfish. If she has worked hard for the coins in her claws, then she has a right to look angrily at anyone who eyes her money. We’re sure she’ll share with the humans she loves, but that list may not include you. 

Reddit u/RolandRoleja

That’s totally fine; you will find someone else who would want to share their money with you. For now, send out those job applications and get that bread! You can bet this cat will be sitting in luxury all the while.


This beluga whale doesn’t seem too pleased with this bride’s choice and taste in men, and honestly, we might agree. The look of disapproval and disappointment goes by unnoticed by the happy bride, but we hope the groom knows what he is up against. 

Reddit u/senthe

We wish the couple the very best, but we don’t know about the whale’s intentions. We hope it is able to look back at the memories of this ceremony and wish them love and health. But we sure would like to hear what’s on its mind.

Safe Shell

You don’t understand this, but we can make up some context in order to wrap our heads around it. This tortoise was sensing too much of a distance in his communication, and he could feel the wall acting as a barrier. That’s the only possible reason for this renovation! 

Reddit u/oknp…

The only barrier animals like the tortoise like is the barrier of green lettuce against the bottom of its bowl, not man-made buildings and walls that come in the way of their slow and gentle strolls. We support this demolition, and advocate for free movement. 


Who wants to pay hundreds of dollars to go see a live concert when this cat is a one-cat band and gives a great show, live, for free! Can’t you just hear the meows travelling far and wide, soothing your ears with their gentle shrill? 

Reddit u/vitreor

Ariana Grande who? We only know Catyline Meow. Isn’t her stage name just absolutely dazzling? The requirement to be let into her show is to never stop clapping from the beginning until she trots offstage for a bowl of well-earned wet food.


If you hadn’t made the connection already, sea lions and otters are distant relatives. Or they might be – we’re not scientists! But have you ever seen someone looking like yourself, but still looking quite different at the same time?

Reddit u/wennregen

We imagine it feels like meeting yourself from another dimension and place of time. Wouldn’t that be really mind-bending? What would you do if you saw someone looking exactly like you? We don’t like to think too hard about it, either…


Make this cat a movie star, because only stunt doubles in Hollywood can possibly pull off this stunt so elegantly! We can see her changing the landscape of action cinema, can’t you? We would wait in line to see anything she’s in!

Reddit u/frenzy3

Watch out, because she’s probably out there balancing her tiny paws on your window sill, a place that you don’t think has enough space for anything bigger than bugs. She doesn’t care – she knows how to walk her walk. 

Cooling Off

There is a horse as big as the pool inside the pool. We repeat: THERE IS A HORSE INSIDE THE POOL. Oh, it doesn’t seem to be an emergency for anyone apart from the dog, who actually just looks like he’s waiting his turn.

Reddit u/derrickguthrie75

Imagine walking to the community pool – or even better, your own private pool – and your wade into the water is interrupted as the majestic beast that is this horse climbs out of the deep end. Are you still going in? 

Not Your Muse

Oh no, this cat is either really sleepy and lazy, or is too cool to care. We want to believe it’s the latter; look at that cool gaze. Must be such a chill vibe to have around you when you’re low and burnt out. 

Reddit u/maln0ir

We bet this cat’s taste in music is a bop that sets the mood to a lazy Sunday afternoon, waking up to bed in breakfast and gentle sunlight streaming into the room through the curtains. He also clearly has a great sense of humor.