A Look At The Times People Were Perfectly Able To Capture Once-In-A-Lifetime Moments

By Anthony K

More often than not, we have all witnessed or seen some incredible and intriguing phenomena or extraordinary things happen in our lives. Some are so eye-catching that they leave us bewildered, making us ask ourselves, “Did that just happen? Or maybe it was just a dream!” Some things happen so fast that we do not have the time to take out our cameras to capture the event. However, a handful of people were lucky enough to actually record these incredible moments. Others are talented enough to come up with beautiful sculptures or stunning art pieces that are one of a kind. This is why we’ve compiled a list of 45 of the most incredible things nature and human talent have to offer!

A Repair Job To Rememeber

Sometimes, walls are destroyed by either us or natural forces. We have to decide is the damage is beyond repair or salvageable. Imagine running into your gate with your car. What do you do? Will you demolish it or try to fix the hole you just created?

Photo credits: mattjh / Reddit

The people who decided to repair this wall wanted to explore their creative side, so they fixed it with Legos instead of original bricks that match. We think they did a spectacular job to the point that it looks absolutely outstanding. This is not something you see every day.

The Perfect Snowball To Ever Exist

Irrespective of the extremely low temperatures when it snows, it’s one of the best times to get outside ad have some fun. You have the opportunity to go ice skating, build a snowman, and even have a snowball fight with your friends!

Photo credits: Kosbalr / Reddit

But what are the odds that someone is about to make a perfect sphere of snow? Almost zero, right? But this person managed to create a beautiful round ball of snow! Next time, why don’t you try this and see if you make a perfect sphere yourself.

Ice Like Glass

We rarely find a slab of ice that is perfectly clear. Typically, it looks like it has a foggy white cast. Think about the ice cubes that come out of your freezer. What are the odds that you would be lucky enough to ice as clear as day?

Photo credits: Uknown User / Reddit

One of the most remarkable things happened to this gentleman. He came across ice that was so clear it looked like glass. As we all know, this is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime chance, and it’s totally worth capturing for future memories.

Unreal Snowfall

The aerial view from a plane is something that you can’t explain. You have to experience it for yourself. The landscape appears like it’s a different world. We get chills even thinking about it, let alone looking at this next photo!

Photo credits:u/syncpop / Reddit

Look at a picture of rural Iowa after a heavy snowfall covered the land. The landscape looks insane. You would think that it’s just a plateau of snow or even a painting. It’s not the typical sight you normally experience from the sky!

Bottle With A Rose-Shaped Bottom

Selecting the right products and designs for your brand can significantly impact its success. The wrong design may fail to connect with your customers. However, picking the right one will have customers running back for more. And it sure looks like this bottle will do the trick!

Photo credits: flyingscottsman010 / Reddit

This company designed a bottle with a rose-shaped base— are you wondering how it stands upright on the shelves? Believe it or not, it was made so perfect that its shape doesn’t affect its balance. You only see the shape when you turn the bottle upside down.

Snow That Looks Like Fabric

You were probably wondering how one can fold snow? Well, it’s practically impossible! It turns out that this person didn’t have to do anything to witness this phenomenon with their own two eyes! It looks like nature did it for them.

Photo credits: SirRealist / Reddit

When the snow melts, it mostly disintegrates into chunks and evaporates eventually. When it’s snowing, almost everything is covered with snow, as you may know. Luckily the owner of this car witnessed the snow melting from his vehicle, forming a fabric-like fold. Nature is beautiful!

Shadow Snow

When it snows, everything becomes a winter wonderland. And when it starts to melt, the snow can form into unbelievable patterns that don’t even look real. We just saw folded snow, but this pattern completely takes our breath away.

Photo credits: -GameOver- / Reddit

This person took this picture after all the snow had melted. However, it didn’t melt under the shadows of this tree, making it form a really cool pattern on the grass. One thing we have learned so far is that nature is amazing!

Strawberry Flower

We like to think that presentation is critical in almost every aspect of life. Imagine making an absolutely delicious meal, but you serve it haphazardly? People might not want to try it at all. That’s why chefs take time to plan their plate presentation before serving a meal.

Photo Credits: urnofthesentry / Reddit

The master chef sure did take his time making the strawberries on this dessert look like a beautiful and perfect flower. This is mastery at its best, from cutting the strawberries to making the exquisite pattern. It takes a lot of talent to pull this off.

Unfortunate And Cool At The Same Time

People go on and on about heartbreaks, but do they know how painful it is to break a phone? Have you ever seen a broken phone and were left wondering how that happened in the first place? Sometimes, it can look extremely ridiculous.

Photo Credits: @calirv22 / Twitter

This phone looks like it’s been “knocking itself out” doing a few rounds of backflips. Have you ever seen a screen completely detached from the phone and still working? Well, here is your chance to have a look. This is absolutely mind-blowing.

Picture-Perfect Handwriting

One of the skills we master as we grow up is handwriting. More often than not, people think that this is a very easy skill to learn. However, some ten-year-olds out there have better handwriting than some CEOs, like the one who wrote this letter.

Photo credits: Annaopolis / imgur

The individual sent Reddit their photo of their normal handwriting that they use on a day-to-day basis and their cursive font style. If this is not the neatest and most well-written handwriting you’ve ever seen, then we want to look at someone who does it better!

One Tidy Chef

Kitchens are always a place of action in any restaurant. Oil may spill, you may get backed up with orders, and the workers are always on the move. But, when you have a great lead chef, you can guarantee things will run smoothly.

Photo credits: YellowB / Reddit

With all the madness going on, this restaurant managed to maintain the tidiest bundle of receipt orders you will probably ever see. Managing the chaos and remaining organized is definitely this chef’s specialty. Now, we want to see what he can cook!

Growing In Patterns

Nature can be very intriguing. Sometimes, you may see plants growing up a wall and wonder how that’s even possible. The shapes and formations of some trees and flowers can leave you wondering if the plants have a plan of their own!

Photo credits: krydddda123 / Imgur

This tree’s roots decided to follow the pattern of the pathway. It literally became one with the tiles. This just proves that nothing can stop nature from doing what it wants. In this case, the path did not hinder the tree’s growth.

Reflections In Still Water

Still water will reflect whatever is in its vicinity. It’s rare to come across a motionless body of water that isn’t reflecting something in its surroundings. It’s sometimes hard to capture perfect reflections because the more water movement there is, the more the reflections wiggle.

Image credits: Jason hagani / 500px.com

However, the water here at this moment was perfectly still. The reflection was simply perfect when the photographer took the picture. You would almost have a hard time telling what is the reflection and what is the real thing, especially if you flip the photo upside down.


Photography needs a lot of skill more often than not, timing is everything. We’re sure you’ve seen pictures that were awe-inspiring, making you say to yourself, “Oh my, this is stunning!” And, as you are probably well aware, pets are the hardest things to take pictures of.

Photo credits: 12catslady / Instagram

The owner of these cats must be one of the luckiest pet owners ever. They managed to take a normal picture of their cats eating and happened to capture them standing in a formation that used their coats to achieve an ombre pattern. How beautiful!

Twined Together

Architecture in itself is a form of art. To become an architect, one has to have a good eye for design and be a talented artist. No client will give you work if you are basic. And we can all agree that some structures on this planet are so magical, it’s hard to believe humans built them!

Photo credits: u/SuperCub / reddit

This spiral staircase was designed to wrap around perfectly. They help resolve congested foot traffic when the area is busy. The professionals behind this must have some really out-of-this-world skills. It looks like a work of art more than a staircase.

Creating Order In Chaos

Baby playing parks are the most chaotic places you might ever step foot in. It is normally very loud with children screaming all over the place. It would be very hard to organize anything with kids playing all over the place.

Photo credits: AndresFonts / Imgur

Imagine a group of participants separating these balls according to their color and having time to take a picture before a random kid jumped straight into the ball pit. This is a different kind of amazing. We’re still left wondering whether the ball pit was really in a kid’s area.

Going With The Flow

By now, everyone knows what snakes are like. They usually move with their belly forming S-like shapes. What’s intriguing about these creatures is that they move amazingly fast despite them not having legs. This snake decided to move along in sync with the crevices of this pathway.

Photo credits: I.imgur.com

The person who had the chance to witness this must have been very brave to take the picture. You only see something like this once in a blue moon, right? Would you capture this crazy moment if you had the chance, or would you flee?

An Inviting Produce Section

What is the first thing you look for when you go grocery shopping? A well-organized veggie section and clear prices would make everyone’s work easier. Have you ever gone to a store and started asking where something specific is? That can be annoying.

Photo credits: Troyster143 / Reddit

Looking at the organization in this vegetables and fruits section, we would also feel like we had to take a moment and snap a picture. Honestly, this is one of the most organized grocery stores you will ever see.

It All Fits Perfectly

When was the last time you organized your drawers to perfection? Some people are particular about how they like organizing their personal belongings from clothes, books, spices, and even kitchenware. Being orderly means discipline, and it also means your day-to-day life will be easier.

Photo credits: PicklesTheKitten / Imgur

This person managed to organize their tea perfectly without compromising any boxes and using literally every inch in the drawer. This is absolute perfection! No space left for any lingering tea bags. It’s honestly inspiring and makes us want to start organizing.

A Rainbow-Filled Room

Whenever people talk about a rainbow, what comes to mind is rain and sunshine forming a beautiful rainbow across the sky. The truth is there are so many ways to create your own natural rainbow. So if you love rainbows, the end justifies the means, right?

Photo credits: Christianhbk/ Reddit

The glass pattern on the window of this room makes it form a beautiful rainbow that fills the entire room. This room will leave you feeling like you have entered unknown territory. But hey, It’s never too late to recreate this! You need a big window that will reflect the light!

Ideal Organization

Sometimes, organizing things takes skill and a lot of planning. You may even find someone doing a little math just before they try to fit things together. Let’s be real; organization is not for everyone. Sure, you can be organized, but there is usually a better way to do things!

Photo credits: u/xchrisxsays / Reddit

Look at this truck and how perfectly the owner organized the boxes in the back. Honestly, would you be able to organize them to fit so perfectly? It seems some people have a lifetime of experience in this kind of thing when we see pictures like this.

A Great Baking Opportunity

Almost every celebration, whether it be a birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, or just any occasion, it always ends with cake as the dessert that’s shared among the people that are with you. Some people come up with brilliant ways to make it easy to share a cake.

Photo credits: Thozzt / Reddit

Are you already drooling? This peacock cake with baby cupcakes as the tail is the most creative thing we have ever seen! There is no cutting in involved because each person can just grab a cupcake for themselves! We’re genuinely blown away.

It’s Almost Unsettling

Some sites are soothing to gaze at. Camping, hiking, or living near a forest can be quite peaceful. The beautiful nature, silence, and clean air make us want to enjoy a weekend getaway in the woods, far away from the city.

Photo credits: @vaultsentinel / twitter

However, this is a bit unsettling. It is not every day you get to see a set of so many full-grown trees forming perfect rows from one end to the other. These trees look so perfectly arranged they could leave you wondering, “Is there something else going on in those woods?”

A Leaf To Match A Hand

Do you believe in coincidence or fate? Some things that happen in life catch us off guard. What are the odds you could find your doppelganger today? And how amazing would that be? This is not about a doppelganger, though. It’s even better.

Photo credits: admiralwan / Reddit

Is your mind blown? How does a leaf perfectly fit into the creases of someone’s hand? This is one of the most phenomenal things you will see. After stumbling upon this leaf, this person thought to align it with the pattern on their palm.

Tomatoes On A Gradient

We all are familiar with tomatoes. Like any other vegetable or fruit, tomatoes also have a growth process that transitions from flower to eventually what we pick and use in our kitchens. Most of you might have no idea what a tomato plant looks like.

Photo credits: lwatt / Reddit

Here is a picture of tomatoes growing on a stalk. What’s easy to notice is how the tomatoes grow in a sequence. You see small green unripe tomatoes at the bottom, but as you go up the stalk, they begin to get bigger and riper, and the top ones look ready to pick.

Lined Up To Match

When laying down flooring, the most important aspect is to ensure the floor is uniform and looks even. However, this can be hard when the owner wants a floor with different patterns. Some professionals are so good at what they do that this is no problem for them.

Photo credits: WhyteRebel / Reddit

The person who laid these tiles has keen attention to detail. They had to lay down a section of wood floor as well, and the end result is so satisfying to look at because they both flow perfectly into each other. That’s why we pay for skill over experience.

Tower Of Coins

You can create art through many different forms and mediums. Some people paint and draw, while others create iconic pieces of art that no words could describe. What is for sure is any form of art will leave you in awe!

Photo credits: Snid/pikabu.ru

This magnificent tower is purely made of coins. You can find this display in Russia, and you can tell the creator behind this took their precious time coming up with the idea. Imagine toppling over such a masterpiece? We don’t want to!

Fall At Its Finest

Temperatures drop as the seasons change, and days become shorter. Because trees receive less direct sunshine, the chlorophyll in their leaves degrades. The absence of chlorophyll displays yellow and orange pigments that were previously masked during the summer.

Photo credits: harveyt968 / Reddit

We are correct to say that the person who took this picture was one of the luckiest people in the world. They managed to witness this beautiful tree turn from its usual green color to yellow and finally to orange. Well, we just found out why we say “perfect timing!”

Literal Taillights

It is our duty to protect animals, and people do it in different ways. Some build cages, some take them in their homes, and others work in rescue centers. Or, how often have you seen an animal crossing sign while driving?

Photo credits: CrotalusHorridus / Reddit

These policemen had a hilarious way of making sure their horses were safe and noticeable. They literally gave them literal taillights. Let’s be honest; this is absolutely creative. Can you imagine a black horse at night? You wouldn’t be able to see it. But with the taillights, you won’t miss it!

Layers On Layers

Do you sometimes get bored when you’re at work? We just found a perfect activity for you to enjoy if this is the case. If you get caught, that’s on you, though! But seriously, how cool does this little art project look? You don’t have to be an artist to master this.

Photo credits: NoLongerThatGuy / imgur

These people had so much time on their hands that they stacked the sticky notes into each other perfectly without having to pluck any pieces out. The results are magical, with the purple fading into the yellow and vice versa! You should definitely try these during your free time.

Square Cloud

How often do you look up at the sky to watch the clouds and admire how beautiful the universe is? People have the assumption that clouds are round and fluffy and look like cotton balls. It just so happens, though, that that’s not the case.

Photo credits: Musicforthedeaf / Reddit

This photo proves that your life has been a lie! Jokes asides, looking down from a plane offers us a different perspective of things. Someone captured the clouds in a perfect shape that looked like a square with defined straight lines. This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime thing!

X-Ray Flowers

We wouldn’t say that we are absolutely surprised about someone thinking of putting flowers under an X-ray. Some people live to study flowers and better understand the ecosystem and how different plants react under certain conditions. But we never thought it would look like this!

Photo credits: daisy_cutter_/ Reddit

The person that took this photo wanted to show us how beautiful a flower looks under an X-ray. This is super thoughtful since most of us would never think of doing something like that. It looks like a work of art, even though it’s simply an X-ray photo.

A Deconstructed Rainbow

Some things are unbelievably possible! What scenarios do you think are hard to imagine? We have one! Think about a gazelle chilling with a lion. It seems unreal, but this actually happened. What about a deconstructed rainbow? Well, here is some photo proof!

Photo credits: Skiboy53 / Reddit

The light from inside was reflecting off the window, and the chair split it into straight patterns that reflected like a split-up rainbow on the table. How often would you be to experience this, let alone capture it? It all comes down to timing.

Pencil-Made Pencil Holder

Creativity comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes. If you are faced with a problem, you normally come up with the most practical solution that resonates with you, right? However, if one needs to organize their stationary, it seems like a normal pencil holder does not cut it for everyone.

Photo credits: Nmrunner / Reddit

The person who made this pencil holder might have been so tired of losing his pencils they came up with a pencil holder made of pencils – the most brilliant move ever! What’s even smarter is that they can take a pencil out without it losing its overall shape!

With The Intention In Mind

Most people want to design for the architects, engineers, and contractors out there. Imagine how fulfilling it would be to be able to appreciate a design before the construction even begins. However, some designs truly speak for themselves.

Photo credits: © Yandex Maps

This is a double helix-shaped design of the Bioorganic Chemistry Institute in Russia. The design almost looks like it is shaped like a DNA strand. It’s now obvious that the building was designed with its actual purpose in mind. How brilliant.

From A Storybook

Ever wondered where the Teletubbies used to live and how beautiful it was? We finally found their location. Seriously, though, some sceneries will leave you feeling like it’s something unreal that you can only see in fairy tale movies.

Photo credits: Laperwa.com / Pinterest

Someone was lucky enough to experience the most magnificent view of a field full of flowers of varying colors. They were lucky enough to experience a rainbow shining down on the amazing view to top it all off. What a storybook moment!

Perfectly Preserved

All we know about prehistoric times is what we read in history books and what we are taught in school. The beautiful thing about it is that it’s easy to believe in extinct animals since their fossils have been preserved.

Photo credits: Now Science / Imgur

Someone took a photo of a fossilized dinosaur’s skin, and it looks perfectly preserved; you would think it was skinned recently. Some people are very lucky to see and take pictures of such extinct creatures and artifacts from history in real life.

A Spot Made For Them

Ever wondered why some people say, “as curious as a cat?” These cute creatures do a lot of weird and funny things. Sometimes, they can even get stuck in the strangest places you would have never thought possible. However, cats are brilliant.

Photo credits: Epicnessity / Imgur

This cat managed to find a perfect spot to chill. This part of the wall was demolished as though it was meant for a resting place for the cat. Or is it just a coincidence? Look at the perfectly shaped hole ever with an ear-like design to cater to the cat’s ears.

The perfect breakfast

Breakfast is the most crucial meal of the day, and we all like having it in different ways. Some just like a cup of coffee, some like sausage and eggs, others like cereals and milk, and some people enjoy pancakes with lots of syrup.

Photo credits: Epicnessity / Imgur

This chef managed to prepare a pancake stack tower for breakfast. We are truly in awe of it! The fact that they vary in size and are stacked from biggest to smallest from the bottom up is incredibly amazing and yet so hard to pull off.

Very Organized Tic-Tacs

If you have an undying sweet tooth, you know that Tic-Tacs (especially the orange ones) are one of the most popular “mints” and they have been around forever. They are available in different flavors and colors to cater to everyone’s preferences.

Photo credits: Unknown user / Imgur

For obvious reasons, this box of Tic-Tacs is nothing like your usual box. These came neatly arranged instead of being packed in a haphazard manner like they usually are. We truly wonder if they came like this or if this person did it themselves.

The Lucky Flake

Winter can sometimes come with a lot of mishaps, like storms that may knock out communication, heat, and pipes. However, heavy snowfall is normally very beautiful, and if you are lucky, you might get to see a perfect snowflake.

Photo credits: AboveTheSkies / Reddit

This person was blessed to find a perfect crystallized snowflake that fell straight inside their car. We rarely get a chance to see such a phenomenal outcome. Some of you might even think that this isn’t real. But this person claims it was so beautiful to witness.

Nail Art Or Resilience?

When it comes to building and creating simple but extraordinary things, one needs a lot of patience. Can you imagine balancing nails on top of other nails? How much toppling over and patience would you need to endure before you succeed?

Photo credits: Dating-a-finn / Reddit

The person managed to balance 13 other nails perfectly on top of one single nail. How much skill would this take? Are you wondering how this is possible, too? Well, a beautifully built nail tower stack. Everyone would love to see one with their own eyes!

Movie Theater Carpeting In And Apartment Building

Some professionals outdo themselves sometimes, which is an admirable thing because that means they care. Sometimes, your clients don’t need an explanation for why you do the work in the way that you do. The work may just speak for itself.

Photo credits: LondonCollector / Reddit

Lovers of horror movies would definitely be dying to visit this movie theater. They made sure that all the carpets were totally matching with the one from The Shining. When you go here, it’s like you are walking the aisle in an actual horror movie.

An Incredible Sunrise

Nothing feels better than going for a walk and getting to capture a perfect sunset or a sunrise. What makes it even more fun and incredibly special is when the surroundings are naturally beautiful and serene.

Photo credits: Cryptodesign / Reddit

As the saying goes, ‘the early bird catches the worm.” Someone was fortunate enough to observe something too gorgeous to pass up taking a picture. As the sun rose higher in the sky, it shed a warm glow over some tulips blooming in the field below.

Under the label: Hidden sloth

Sometimes, we buy drinks and canned products with fun facts or information about the brand on the label. When was the last time you tried to pluck a label off? If you haven’t yet, make sure you try it. You would be surprised what you find under it.

Photo credits:WorstNameEver242/ Reddit

There’s a tea company that has a hidden sloth under their label. It actually has a hilarious message as the cute, hand-drawn sloth thanks you for freeing it from the stickiness. Such a brilliant idea! We would definitely buy this tea again!