40 Unpleasant Vivipary Situations People Encountered In Their Produce

By Israel O

You can travel to the moon and back, and you still won’t find anything as creepy and disturbing as finding vivipary in your fruit and vegetables. Some things are considered sacred and pure and one of life’s greatest pleasures: fresh tomatoes, crisp apples, and sweet oranges. Imagine how scary it’ll be to cut these fruits open only to find them sprouting and taking on a new life form within its contents. Vivipary in fruits may not be as dangerous as they look, but it still doesn’t make it easier to comprehend or eat. Even though fruit is still consumable despite the vivipary, we would rather chuck it back where it came from. Honestly, unless it’s the last fruit on earth, no one should have to pass one through their teeth. Here are a few disturbing vivipary situations some people have encountered in their fruits!

Pumpkin seeds goes Berserk

Seeing as this person is helping himself to a pumpkin, you probably assume that Halloween can’t be far away. Even though this wasn’t what he expected when he opened up his pumpkin, in the spirit of Halloween, he’ll probably laugh it off. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Proclomacia

A pumpkin is said to have about 500 seeds which can also be eaten according to a book titles Pumpkin it Up by Elisha Cross. The only problem is that the seeds are already sprouting, so he might have to reconsider unless he’s a jungle boy.

Apple Worm

We can’t believe we’re glad this is vivipary because we could have sworn that it looked like this guy discovered a worm in his apple at first glance. We might never eat an apple again if it was really a worm. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/ryotto

And there goes our childhood habit of just rinsing and eating apples. There is no way anyone would still bite into an apple for the rest of their lives after witnessing something like this. This has to count as a traumatic experience.

Vivipary in the Pomegranate

This vivipary was easy to spot as it was the only odd color amongst a bunch of very red pomegranates. Thankfully, it was just one vivipary. Otherwise, it would have been annoying to do away with this many pomegranate seeds. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/Sangeetaamkhanna

Pomegranates literally mean “apple with many seeds.” They belong to the berry family and are classified as superfruits. Interestingly, just one pomegranate is said to be capable of having over 100 seeds. With this many seeds, at least one had to germinate.

Strawberry Sprouting Strawberries 

Strawberries are one of the first fruits to ripen during spring, and while that is a major advantage for strawberry lovers, it’s not the case for this man. Perhaps the strawberry ripened so fast it decided to grow another one. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/ashleyb17

The average strawberry is said to have at least 200 seeds. Now, that is a lot of seeds—no wonder the seeds are growing within the strawberry. But come on, this much vivipary can’t be a coincidence. Maybe this was intentional.

Tangerine Sowing Seeds

What a shocker this must have been to this guy who cut this open. For sure, he expected to see a seed in his tangerine, but not a sprouting one. He must be doubting the others he ate before seeing this one. 

Photo courtesy of Imgur/Morgeous

We can understand his frustration. He didn’t ask to grow to start growing fruit. All he wanted was a quiet afternoon snacking on some tangerines. He had to take a picture so he could show the fruit seller. Let’s hope he can trade it.

Tree-Growing Tomatoes

This is an alarming and scary sight. We bet the owner vomited. It’s not every day you witness a tomato growing trees. At this point, we can only hope the owner of this tomato threw it out when he discovered vivipary in it. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/420BlazeitBushDid911

Imagine trying to make dinner late in the night, and you discover your last tomato at home looks like this. We highly recommend that you pass on it. The thought of slicing this tomato as an ingredient for a meal is just gross.

The Forgotten Tomatoes

We don’t know where this person got these tomatoes, but they look like they have been sitting in the fruit and veggie bowl forever. It is now rotten, and at the same time, trying to germinate another tomato. Talk about double irritation. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Bommli

We feel for the owner of this tomato, but we’re forced to say he got what he deserved. It’s common knowledge to store tomatoes in the fridge. You can’t just buy them on your 20th birthday and use them when you turn 21.

You reap what you Sow

The saying is, “You reap what you sow,” but we never thought we’d find someone who would literally reap what he sowed until this man came along. He sowed strawberries, and instead of reaping ripe strawberries, he’s reaping another unripe strawberry.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/AmoosingCows

What a sad life. He must have been eagerly waiting to eat fresh strawberries. Now he has to wait for this new set of precious berries to ripen. At least he’ll get to eat more strawberries than he signed up for.

Sunflower in a Sunflower 

This might be the only plant with vivipary that doesn’t look irritating. Just like its name, sunflowers are as bright and cheery as the sun. If there were a “most beautiful flower contest,” sunflowers would undoubtedly win the contest. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/mrdamcgowan

Sunflowers are said to be happy flowers. It’s hard to look at them and not be happy. Even vivipary in this sunflower couldn’t stop it from looking beautiful. It’s almost like the vivipary made it even more unique and gorgeous. 

Baby Sprouting Grapefruit 

Finally, vivipary that we can eat without thinking so much about it. Yes, the seeds have started to germinate, but it is still at its early stages. Plus, its taste would still be the same, and you won’t feel traumatized. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Overweightduck

Unlike seeing a fully grown vivipary, this one looks a lot more controllable. Of course, it’ll still raise questions when you see a seed with a worm-like sprout, but you can just throw it away and enjoy the rest of your grapefruit.

Premature Lemon Baby

Just like how pregnancy has its stages which also affect the size of the baby, it would seem the same also applies to plants. The only difference is, this is a vivipary situation, and it is unwanted by anyone who cuts into it. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/downgardenpath

Once again, we have another reason always to slice open our fruits before we consume them. Imagine if this person had just sliced the lemon and started squeezing it on their food without even looking. They wouldn’t have discovered the little one-month-old vivipary baby growing on the inside.

Butternut Squash Sprouting Butternut Squash 

Naturally, butternut squash is a very nutritious vegetable that has many benefits for the body, including good eyesight, low blood pressure, weight loss, and an efficient digestive system. But, we’re not sure those advantages apply to one with this much vivipary. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/freddurst13

For a butternut squash whose seeds are already germinating, replanting it is your best option. Of course, you can still eat it, but it won’t be as sweet as a normal butter squash. The sugar has been used by the seeds and will probably end up tasting bitter.

Apple growing Apples

There are more than 7500 varieties of apples in the world. If you stay committed to eating one per day, it will take you 20 years to try one of each kind. Out of all those apples, this man happened to find the one with vivipary.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/mattman91

We can only wonder what’s going through this man’s head right now. All he wanted to do was eat some apples for dessert, but now he’s wondering if he should eat it or go and plant it. What a dilemma!

The Alien Mango 

We’re calling it alien mango because that’s what it looks like. People don’t often cut open unripe mangoes, and even if they did, it’s rare to see another mango growing inside it. Unless you’re a determined farmer, you should throw this away. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/dontworryimnotacop

After fervently waiting for the mango season to come, he cut one open, and all he got from it was a vivipary mango. He must have been gutted. No one would blame him if he went back for his money.

The Avocado of Avocados

There are many weird things about this image, from the way he sliced the avocado to the avocado growing inside an avocado. Is that really an avocado growing? If so, why does it look like rolled-up spaghetti?

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Coldsunnymorning

Whatever love this man had for avocado is surely gone after this. The poor guy heard somewhere that avocados have the potential to alleviate cancer, so he decided to buy one. Now, the only alleviation he needs is how to get his money back.

The Sprouting Grapefruit

For a fruit once touted as “The forbidden fruit” back in the 1700s, grapefruit is a fruit with plenty of nutritional benefits, from decreasing the risk of cancer to boosting the immune system. That’s why even with vivipary, it still looks yummy. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Rpark888

Grapefruit consists of 92% water. Not many fruits have that much water in them, except for watermelon. Perhaps that’s why this seed was able to sprout. With that much water, it doesn’t matter if there’s a drought or not. The seeds will grow.

The Butternut Squash with a BUTT

We may have noticed the Butternut squash having a butt before we even saw the vivipary growing on it. While having a butternut squash with a butt is exciting, the owner is probably worried about when he’ll get to eat his big ol’ squash. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/littlexlittlefarm

Normally, it should take 110 to 120 days for a Butternut squash fruit to mature, but this one looks like it has been out there for almost a year. That would explain why its seeds are already sprouting out of its butt. 

The Vivipary Eggplant 

Eggplants may look like vegetables, but they’re not really vegetables. They’re actually classified as berries. They are botanically related to tomatoes, but unlike tomatoes, eating too many eggplants can harm the body. This is because it has a high level of nicotine.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/gardeningaustralia

Eggplants may contain nicotine, but it’ll only harm the body if it’s taken in large amounts. Everything we’ve just said applies to normal eggplants. As for a vivipary eggplant, we’re not exactly sure how it works since people naturally don’t consume them.

Indian Corn

In case you thought this was rotten corn, you can do away with those thoughts now. Some call it Flint corn, others call it Indian corn and those multiple colors you see on its body are its kernels. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/agricpedia.id

The Indian corn is one of the oldest varieties of corn with over 10,000 years of history. Both humans and livestock consume it. While livestock wouldn’t mind eating vivipary corn, the same cannot be said for us humans.

Growing Lemon seeds

It looks like this guy here already took some bites from these lemons before discovering its seeds are already sprouting. Seeing vivipary in your fruit for the first time can be scary. You get the feeling that you’ve been poisoned. 

Photo courtesy of Imgur/queott

Out of fear that he would die, he quickly ran to his phone, took a picture, and shared it on Twitter. Luckily, his friends came through for him and informed him that it’s quite natural if you eat fruits often.

Sprouting Potatoes in Bulk

This person kept a bag of unripe potatoes on his shelf and locked it away like he was stashing cash. After a year and a half, he finally realized he had some potatoes he stored sometime ago. Well, he found this!

Photo courtesy of Reddit/weirdpanorama

He found a bunch of unripe potatoes giving birth to more unripe potatoes. Guess no one ever told him not to put unripe fruit in places without much air circulation. Now he has to take them back to replant or just abandon them.

The Hidden Vivipary 

Vivipary grows with seeds, and depending on the size of their growth, they can be minimal. Unless you’re very conscious of what you eat, you might not be able to see it until it’s too late and in your mouth already. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/machupichu412

After feeling a weird sour taste in his mouth, this man literally had to drag this vivipary out of his tangerine. It really killed his appetite, and he had to throw it all away because he couldn’t forget the sour taste.

Sprouting Bell Pepper

Yet another vivipary situation in a pepper. This pepper looked fresh and was well sliced by its owner. For someone who would cut the pepper in such a neat manner, you just know she’s throwing this vivipary bell pepper away.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/isu_hort

We can’t blame her, though. No one wants to cook for their kids, knowing something like this is part of the ingredients. No matter how much respect you have for food, it’s unwise to eat vivipary food.

Eating the Vivipary Apple

The world is filled with different kinds of people. While some people may find it unhealthy and irritating to eat a vivipary fruit, some people do not mind at all. This man here is a perfect example of the latter. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/brandon98513

Although we find it overbearing to eat a vivipary fruit, it’s not illegal to eat one. Plus, some people believe some of its nutrients are still present in the fruit even though its seeds are sprouting. So eat if you can manage to keep it down. 

Unexpected Lemon Vivipary 

We might be overthinking it, but this seems too good to be true. The precision, not to mention the sprouting seeds, is still intact from the angle at which the lemon was sliced open.  Almost like he knew what he’d find. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/everydayidiealittle

While our investigation skills are top-notch, there is no way this person could have known for sure the seeds of his lemon would have sprouted. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t know the actual size of the vivipary.

Tiny Apple Vivipary 

A Vivipary is what is regardless of its size. But, it won’t be an easy task to get rid of this apple as it looks really tasty. This man has a tough decision to make. Eat it or leave it. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/elhuertodenane

It looks like he’ll plant it, seeing as he took a picture of the apple in front of his little farmhouse. He’s probably a dedicated farmer who has seen one too many viviparity. He relishes experimenting with them by replanting.

Papaya Seeds Sprouting

Also known as Pawpaw, papaya is a very popular fruit. It is famous for its sweet taste and plenty of nutritional benefits. It’s no wonder this man here wanted to have it. Such a shame the seeds were already sprouting. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/Pasdesnousse

Even something as beautiful as papaya can look disgusting when its seeds are germinating. It’s up to him, though. He can choose to root out the seeds and still eat them or just accept his fate and get another one. 

Spaghetti Squash Sprouting

Another fruit squash joins our list of vivipary fruits, and this time it’s spaghetti squash. The spaghetti squash is mostly used as a substitute for pasta and noodles due to its low-calorie feature. Even the sprouting seeds look like spaghetti. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/nutrapothica

The spaghetti squash is indeed nutritious, but it’s not meant for everyone. It can cause serious allergies like itching and swelling if you’re allergic to winter vegetables. For fruit with allergies already, eating it in its vivipary state is not advisable.

Groundnuts growing Groundnuts

What a sad end to what would have been very sweet groundnuts. The seeds within them were already sprouting, and that’s why it’s abandoned on the floor. The farmer probably decided there’s no use replanting them since he can’t guarantee the outcome. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/kumaraguru_asokan

Groundnuts have been every farmer’s favorite ever since two groundnut farmers went on to become past presidents of the U.S. It must have been heartbreaking for this farmer to throw his precious life-changing groundnuts away.

Bell Pepper giving Birth to Bell Pepper

The word “Vivipary” means “Live Birth” in Latin, and just like its name, this Bell pepper seems to be giving birth to another bell pepper. In case you were wondering why the germinating bell pepper is green, that is because it’s unripe. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/xFlyingpengulnx

Red Bell Peppers are sweeter than green ones, so if by any luck you’re able to consume a vivipary bell pepper, don’t expect it to be as sweet. Plus, Red Bell peppers contain more Vitamin C than green ones.

Vivipary Red Corn 

Here is another example of why vivipary in fruits can be very disgusting and unpleasant to the eyes. This might look like a berry, but it’s actually corn with red kernels. Although, we admit the red is very bright for corn. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/abecedary

The Red Corn isa lovelyt type of corn, and its full sweetness is brought out when it is cooked. But this person will have to think twice about cooking this particular red corn, especially with the seeds already sprouting.

Watermelon back from the Dead

This one is new. In fact, it’s strange. We’ve never heard of a fruit peel germinating another fruit until now. Maybe it’s a prank, or maybe this person took it from another plant and inserted it into the watermelon peel. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/ilikebeepboops

For plants to grow, seeds are what’s needed, not a peel. Seeing this on the farm is like a miracle, but a farmer who doesn’t believe in miracles would probably throw away his tools and make a run for it.

Rotten Vivipary Apple

By the looks of it, someone was in the middle of eating this apple before discovering the vivipary growing inside. The apple is clearly rotten, and this person probably needs to see a therapist after this experience. You can’t eat a rotten vivipary apple and come out ok. 

Photo courtesy of Twitter/EdvrdMunch

Let’s just hope the rot came from leaving the apple open for too long after discovering the vivipary. Otherwise, our guy here is probably in a toilet vomiting profusely. We don’t know the exact details but medical attention is surely needed.

Vivipary in the Orange

This person has to pick his battles. It’s one thing to peel a not-so-fresh orange, and it’s another to discover its seeds are already sprouting. This must be one of the most annoying weekends for this man, trying to be healthy and all. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/aristonorganic

No wonder he threw a fit and went to share a picture on Twitter. Even though he was told that it’s a common occurrence, he still wasn’t having any of it. He returned the oranges and made sure he got a refund.

Unripe Mango Sprouting

The first point to note about this mango is that its color is still green, which means it is not fully mature. The weird part is, naturally, most viviparity occurs when its parent plant is extremely mature, not immature.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/selkiedreams

An unripe mango sprouting is quite rare. If the mango were yellow, that would mean it’s already mature. It would have made sense for the seeds to start germinating again. Now he has no choice but to replant the mango.

Tree-Growing Tomatoes

This is an alarming and scary sight. We bet the owner vomited. It’s not every day you witness a tomato growing trees. At this point, we can only hope the owner of this tomato threw it out when he discovered vivipary in it. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/420BlazeitBushDid911

Imagine trying to make dinner late in the night, and you discover your last tomato at home looks like this. We highly recommend that you pass on it. The thought of slicing this tomato as an ingredient for a meal is just gross.

Overgrown Corn

Farming is a benevolent art and a very noble job. It is as old as the world, and it requires patience and complete attention. When a farmer simply sows seeds and doesn’t check on them regularly, it’s only normal he reaps vivipary fruits. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/Ifsisweetcorn

This farmer here has probably forgotten he even sowed corn when he found corn whose seeds were already sprouting and rotting at the same time. Vivipary can happen to any plant, but a farmer who checks his precious plants often would notice on time.

Vivipary in the Strawberry 

You know that feeling of having a bunch of your favorite fruit with your friends, and it’s down to the last one, and you happen to pick it up only to see it’s already sprouting seeds. There’s nothing more annoying.

Photo courtesy of Reddit/Javonetor

As sweet as it is, as desperate as you are in that moment to satisfy your cravings, you just have to drop it and let it go. This is because the irritating feeling of eating a vivipary strawberry curbs your cravings.

Vivipary PawPaw is Served

Whoever served these vivipary pawpaws for dessert must have been drinking. Why would anyone ever serve a customer without checking the contents inside? The man and his wife were left wondering if the Pawpaw was for them or their dog. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/rewveganna

After a while, they saw that it wasn’t a joke and it was their fruit. They had to take a picture to show their friends how hilarious it was. They later stood up and left without paying a dime.

Vivipary in the Tomatoes

A cook in a restaurant discovered this nasty-looking vivipary. It’s a good thing she sliced it open. Otherwise, she would not have noticed. A lot of people would have eaten vivipary dishes without knowing a thing. 

Photo courtesy of Reddit/LiquifiedBakedgood

When cooking with ingredients like tomatoes, vegetables, onions, and other plants, you should slice them so you can check for viviparity like this. You won’t see it often, but once in every 100 tomatoes, yours could be the unlucky one.

Mango growing Mango

Mango trees are said to be capable of growing up to 100 feet. That explains why this sprouting vivipary mango is so long. Plus, mango trees can bear fruits even after 300 years. Whoever owns this mango simply needs to replant it. 

Photo courtesy of Instagram/avanthibotanytalks

Mangoes are one of the world’s most popular fruits, with India having a special bond with the fruit as it is said to symbolize love. However, we’re pretty sure they meant the riped mango and not a vivipary mango. 

Sprouted Mango Seed

Here we have another example of vivipary associated with the infamous mango. However, you can see it in the seed this time, and this person might think they found gold. Do you know how much time it takes to sprout a mango seed?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/aldebaran_farm

To sprout a mango seed, one must be very careful. It needs to be moist and in a closed bag wrapped in a paper towel. However, this person already has one. All they need to do is plant this baby in the ground and watch their tree grow!