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Who Knew We Could Buy All That From A Vending Machine

Vending machines make life very convenient because you can buy whatever you need whenever you need it — as long as it’s available in the machine. It doesn’t matter if it’s the dead of night or just as the sun is coming up; vending machines are always open for business. We’ve come far from the first coin-operated vending machine in the 1800s, found only in London and stocked with postcards. Nowadays, it seems like there is a vending machine on every corner selling all sorts of stuff.

While you may be familiar with what you can find in the vending machines in your neighborhood, that might not be true elsewhere in the world. If you ever wondered what other countries sell in their coin-operated machines, you’re in luck. We are here to satisfy your curiosity; from fish to cupcakes, here are all the weird and wonderful things found in vending machines all over the world.

#1 Salmon ATM — Singapore

We’re not so sure why they call this an ATM because it implies that you must have deposited something in order to be able to withdraw your goods. We’re quite sure that people in Singapore don’t go to the bank to deposit their salmon, but we love the idea nonetheless.

Image courtesy of beatboxpoems/Reddit

How cool would it be to have a vending machine like this in your neighborhood? Whenever you have a craving for salmon, whether it’s 11 am or 3 am, you can just rush down, get yourself some salmon, and start cooking it up.

#2 Freshly baked pizza — Croatia

Pizza is one of the best things to have ever come out of Italy. Millions, if not billions of people, are thankful for it and can’t live without this fast-food favorite. Sometimes we have pizza cravings and nothing else will satisfy our hunger. But what if the pizzeria is closed?

Image courtesy of comptonasskim/Reddit

If this is a common issue in your life, perhaps you should move to where this guy lives. This pizza vending machine in Croatia is amazing. It lets you choose the topping and bakes the pizza fresh, no matter the hour.

#3 Driverless KFC mini-truck — China

Nowadays, more and more companies are embracing machines and robots to help them sell their products. Why hire a salesman when transactions can be completed without a human? Apparently the KFC in China is very advanced compared to branches in other countries.

Image courtesy of shanghaineko/Twitter

Over there, they have driverless roving vehicles that go around and sell their delicious chicken to hungry pedestrians. If you’re having hunger pangs but can’t go to the fast-food chain, you can just order from this thing when it comes around. Neat, huh?

#4 Flower bouquets — Seoul

One of the worst things that can happen to someone is forgetting anniversaries, birthdays, and other important dates. We all know just how sensitive significant others can be about those sorts of things. Forgetting such dates can prove fatal to a man’s or woman’s health.

Image courtesy of snoof123/Reddit

Fret not because if you only remember it’s your anniversary on your way home, you can always stop at this flower bouquet vending machine. If you’re in Seoul, South Korea, that is. Seriously, this is a lifesaver. They have plenty of different arrangements to choose from, too.

#5 Fresh vegetables — the Netherlands

One frustration when cooking in the early hours of the morning, not that many people do it, is most of the stores are closed, so you have to wait until opening time to get all the ingredients you need. This vending machine solves that problem.

Image courtesy of rutgersmit/Reddit

This vegetable vending machine in the Netherlands is an early-morning omelet saver. Wouldn’t it be neat to just go down your block and buy the veggies you need for whatever recipe you have in mind at any time of the day or night?

#6 Books — Romania

If you think only foods and drinks can be sold through vending machines, you have clearly been living under a rock for decades. Today, practically anything can be bought from vending machines. As long as they can fit through the slot…

Image courtesy of thelostdutchman/Reddit

This unusual vending machine in Romania is loaded with books. We don’t know where it’s placed, but having one of these at a bus terminal would be perfect! Plenty of people read on the ride to/from work, but not all remember to actually grab a book.

#7 This takes the cake!

They say stressed spelled backward is desserts, and we can’t argue with that logic. Every time life becomes too overwhelming, or we feel let down and sad, we all reach for sweets. Under acute stress, our brains need 12% more energy, leading people to seek out sugary snacks.

Image courtesy of casualmatch/Reddit

For many, that means digging into some cake. This vending machine proves that you can have your cake and eat it too. Carlo’s Bakery is already famous since it’s owned and run by the Cake Boss himself, Buddy Valastro. The lines may be long at the bakery, but this vending machine seems pretty accessible.

#8 Laundry detergent — Prague

Unnecessary plastic and paper packaging is wreaking havoc on the planet. Just go to your nearest grocery, and you’ll see toothpaste, vegetables, rice, chips, and of course, plasticware, all wrapped in plastic. But that’s not the only way to sell products…

Image courtesy of starlightexpress3005/Reddit

We are all behind this idea of a laundry detergent vending machine in Prague that uses refillable containers. Isn’t this a great idea? This is something that other brands and stores should install. The world will be a better place with more vending machines like this.

#9 Skittles customization with a vending machine

Have you ever heard of people or celebrities not liking a particular Skittles or M&Ms color? Well, you can refer them or their assistant to this place because, with this vending machine, you can customize your skittles bag to your specific taste.

Image courtesy of Ninibugs/Reddit

If you don’t like the yellow ones, don’t select them. It’s that simple. There are going to be fewer complaints and fewer disappointments if they put this vending machine all over the world. We’d certainly love to have this where we live.

#10 Seeds — Greece

Feel like growing something in the middle of the night but don’t have the right seeds at home? Worry not; this vending machine is coming to rescue you and indulge your green thumb urges when you spontaneously get them. You can choose from a wide array of seeds as well.

Image courtesy of xfreemem/Reddit

They have flowers, they have herbs, and they have veggies too. But there is only one problem with this vending machine; it’s located in the airport. Perhaps tourists ate something unique in Greece and want to grow it at home? Or do they want to scatter seeds from the airplane?

#11 Bananas — Tokyo

One of the most common things people reach for in the mornings when they don’t have the time for a proper breakfast is a banana. This is because bananas have plenty of health benefits. They contain potassium, plenty of fiber, and antioxidants.

Image courtesy of shunyaoflaherty/Reddit

If you’re hurrying to get to work, you can always stop by this Dole banana vending machine in Tokyo, Japan. There’s a trash can to the right solely for the banana peels and the plastic wrappers. Very thoughtful addition, right?

#12 Coconuts — northern China

What’s a person to do if he’s craving for a fresh coconut, but he’s not in the tropics? What if he’s somewhere cold, like northern China? This vending machine aims to solve that problem. Now, you can have coconut juice whenever you want.

Image courtesy of josieinchina/Instagram

And we’re not even talking about coconut juice in a carton that’s full of preservatives. We are talking about coconut juice in real coconuts. And no, you don’t have to whack them open. There’s already a hole drilled into them.

#13 Cheese — the Netherlands

The Netherlands is a place that likes their cheese very much. The Dutch can’t live without their cheeses, and to prove that point, they can claim Gouda and Edam as their own creations. Where in the world would we be without these delectable dairy products?

Image courtesy of vanderZwan/Reddit

The Dutch have upped their game and have even started producing these cheese vending machines. You may see this the next time you visit the Netherlands so that you can still get your cheese fix even when the shops are closed.

#14 Salads — Evanston, Illinois

With this fresh salad vending machine, there are no more excuses not to eat healthily. You can’t say you didn’t have time to go to the grocery, and you also can’t say that you were too lazy to pack a good lunch. You can have it at just the press of a button.

Image courtesy of the.lactation.dietitian/Instagram

This is very convenient, and we should have more of these instead of vending machines full of candies and chips. Now you can eat healthy even when you’re in a hurry. These salads look delicious, and there’s quite a selection. We’d love to try this.

#15 Cupcakes — Chicago, Illinois

Ah, cupcakes, another type of sweet we reach for because they are everywhere. Whenever we feel sad, we feel like sweets such as cupcakes to make everything feel a little better. If you’re celebrating something, a cupcake is also a nice thing to reach for.

Image courtesy of InRetrospeckt/Reddit

We’re quite sure that this cupcake machine in Chicago is a hit with patrons. Who wouldn’t want to fall in line and get some cupcakes from them? Cupcakes are the perfect size, and they are not that big, so as long as you don’t overindulge, you will be okay with your sugar quota.

#16 Meat — Osage, Iowa

We are all for moderation, and this includes moderation when it comes to eating processed meats. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you have to know how much to eat and when to eat it. But we figure that this vending machine is going to make resisting challenging. 

Image courtesy of Senguier/Reddit

Look at all the selections of bacon, salami, hams, steaks, hotdogs, meat sticks, and all sorts of delightful things. You get fresh, smoked meat 24/7 in this small town in Iowa. You will need to show the utmost amount of willpower when you pass by this machine.

#17 Umbrellas — London

London has always had the reputation of being a dreary and rainy city. If you live in London, you know that one of the necessities of daily life is an umbrella, regardless of your gender or if the sun is currently shining or not. Always having an umbrella with you will do you good.

Image courtesy of Alioph/Reddit

You don’t have to be surprised unpleasantly with getting wet on your way home or on your way to meet a date. So, this vending machine for umbrellas is a godsend for places like London. Do you know any other rainy city that can benefit from such a vending machine?

#18 A vending machine for hygiene products and medicine

Imagine being in pain at night, but you have nowhere to go to because no pharmacy’s still open at that hour? We certainly wouldn’t want to be in that position. So, a vending machine for hygiene products and medicine is an excellent idea.

Image courtesy of CommandLionInterface/Reddit

Now you don’t have to wait for the pharmacies to open to get some relief. This vending machine is open 24/7, and you can pretty much buy the few important things you might need in case of emergencies. It would be even better if feminine products can be had for free.

#19 Need some socks?

Missing or dirty socks may not qualify as an emergency for most people but it would be a great thing if you can just get a fresh new pair immediately when needed. What if there was an affair you need to attend shortly and have no time to go to the department store?

Image courtesy of VinnyTheMobster/Reddit

The only catch with this vending machine is that it doesn’t sell plain socks. After all, the slogan says that life is too short for boring socks. You might have to attend that formal affair wearing socks with loud colors, or covered in cartoon characters.

#20 Your cats are gonna love this — Japan

No, this vending machine doesn’t dispense real live cats for you to take home and adopt. It sells cat hats. Yup, you heard that right. After all, your beloved kittens also get cold during winter, and they shouldn’t be left without any protection.

Image courtesy of examinexistence/Reddit

From this vending machine, you can get all sorts of hats in different designs and colors. Getting one for your cat will not only keep them warm, but it will also make them look more stylish, don’t you think? Just look at that kitten modeling the hat.

#21 Egg-spress vending machine — the Netherlands

Need some eggs? No need to go to the supermarket or the grocery; you can get this from this vending machine in the Netherlands. if you haven’t been to the country, you might be surprised to see a few differences from what you are used to back home.

Image courtesy of thatredgirl19/Reddit

Eggs in Europe are not refrigerated because they are not washed before being sold. This allows the eggs to retain their natural protective layer. Meanwhile, in the US, eggs are refrigerated because they have been washed and cleaned before being put on the shelves.

#22 Fancy doing some needlework? — Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

When you are feeling a bit bored or have run out of shows and movies to watch, you might find yourself wanting a new hobby or trying to learn a new skill, such as needlework. Everyone deserves to rest easy knowing that whenever they might need an emergency ball of yarn, there is always somewhere they can go to.

Image courtesy of madamegazelle/sReddit

These yarns, crochet hooks, and other sorts of needlework material vending machine is a lifesaver. You need not worry about running out of materials in the middle of the night. You don’t need to wait until morning to get all the crafting supplies you need.

#23 Walking vending machine — Japan

Too lazy to go to the vending machine? Don’t worry because the machine can come to you if you’re in Japan. Japan never ceases to amaze people. Especially when it comes to futuristic technology, it’s truly a country unlike any other.

Image courtesy of Reddit

See those amazed and amused faces of the Japanese students? They could very well be us. Who wouldn’t be surprised to see a Coca-Cola vending machine walking around the streets? Is that machine going to be one of our robot overlords?

#24 Now, this is a candy vending machine we can support

Too much candy, just like anything that’s enjoyed in excess amounts is bad. This is why parents should always watch over their children and ensure they don’t get their hands on too many sweets. But, this is a vending machine we can totally get behind.

Image courtesy of Pezandchucks/Reddit

First off, we don’t think it’s geared towards children but rather towards competitive adults who might just want to buy the candy just to see if they could get it out of the machine. This is a clever idea because you get to play foosball at the same time.

#25 Legos — Orlando, Florida

Every parent knows just how challenging it can be to travel with little children. They have boundless energy, they easily get bored, they can be demanding, and they can oftentimes throw tantrums if they don’t get what they want when they want it.

Image courtesy of TRHess/Reddit

Lego’s bright idea of putting their vending machine in an airport in Orlando made a lot of parents happy. At least, they have something to entertain their children with should they start becoming restless while waiting for their flights.

#26 Solder And Resistors — Japan

We can understand the need for vending machines kitted out with different kinds of food and medicine because they are essential. But circuitry materials? Well, this is the first time we have heard or in this case seen such a thing. We’re not saying that it isn’t important, though.

Image cpurtesy of 9999monkeys/Reddit

But we just don’t see people going crazy not being able to get their hands on circuitry materials at two o’clock in the morning. Or does that frequently happen in Japan because that’s where this vending machine is located? Hmm, the Japanese certainly have their quirks.

#27 Doggie care vending machine

Anyone who’s ever been a pet parent knows that they need a lot of things. They need doggie treats, food, grooming materials, and toys. If you’re on the road and have forgotten to bring one of your dog’s necessities, you’re going to be in trouble.

Image courtesy of homeskilet92/Reddit

But if you have one of these vending machines located close to you, you’ll feel relieved. You can get dog food, treats, and other things. We’re quite sure that any pet parent will look at this machine as something totally useful and as something they would like to see on every block.

#28 Games are a necessity — Torrance, California

We’re surprised this picture wasn’t taken in Japan because they particularly love their games, and they have a penchant for some of the most unusual vending machines on Earth. This vending machine doesn’t contain food or drinks. We don’t recommend consuming anything you buy from it.

Image courtesy of FlySupaFly/Reddit

It is packed with Game Boy games. Fancy playing a game which you have never tried before in the unholy hours of the morning? Don’t worry; you can always get it from this vending machine. Now, there’s no reason to miss any game.

#29 Jackets in a can? — LaGuardia Airport, New York

Traveling to cold countries requires packing proper clothes if you don’t want to get sick with hypothermia or you don’t want to get frostbitten. If you want to enjoy your vacation and be able to spend time outdoors, you have to be dressed properly.

Image courtesy of r2-alu/Reddit

For those who forgot to pack appropriate clothes for the cold weather or those who forgot to bring enough warm jackets, you can always stop by this Uniqlo vending machine and get yourself a coat in a can. And, of course, an airport is the perfect place for this!

#30 Soccer/Football — South Africa

We know that people in South Africa love soccer so much, like most countries in the world but we didn’t know that they liked it this much that they found the need to install a vending machine that sells balls of different designs and types.

Image courtesy of thecoachtaylor/Reddit

If you’re bored, you can just get yourself some balls to go in different colors to match your kit. You can certainly kill time by playing soccer, whether alone or with friends. We’re curious to know if other soccer or football-crazy countries also have this type of vending machine.

#31 Smart IT Department

Those who work in IT can attest just how annoying it can be to have people ask you for things now and then. You’re busy working on a computer and here comes a colleague who needs a new mouse or a new speaker perhaps.

Image courtesy of buckeyespud/Reddit

The precious time of IT personnel can easily be freed up to be used on more important things rather than dispensing computer software to staff with the help of this vending machine. Computer parts get charged to the correct department. More companies should have this.

#32 Milk — Salisbury, UK

Would you rather have a fresh bottle of milk or a carton of milk that’s been sitting on the supermarket shelf for more than 2 days? We’re pretty sure most people would choose the former because it tastes a lot better.

Image courtesy of undercookedbroccoli/Reddit

This vending machine is in Salisbury in the UK, and it dispenses freshly filled milk in glass bottles at a local dairy farm, which is an excellent idea. It will certainly satisfy your late-night fresh milk cravings. We also think that there is a way to recycle that glass bottle, so it’s a win-win.

#33 Light your way in the graveyard — Norway

This is another first for us. Let us know if this is common where you live, but we have never seen this before, a candle vending machine placed in a graveyard. This is a clever idea because those who are visiting their deceased loved ones need not worry should they forget to bring candles with them from home.

Image courtesy of mathia53/Reddit

This could also be a perfect excuse to leave the candles at home too. Cemetery shops may not be open all the time, and you don’t certainly want to visit your dead Aunt without lighting a candle for her. She might just follow you home.

#34 Something everyone can relish — Middleton, Wisconsin

Ah mustard, think of how boring our sandwiches and hotdogs would be without it. The spice has a long and spicy history, unbeknownst to most people. Believe it or not, broccoli is the mustard’s distant cousin, and there are at least four different types of mustard.

Image courtesy of sterereo/Reddit

Whatever your mustard craving is, this vending machine has got you covered no matter what time of day or night it may be. You can get all of your mustard needs from here. What would be even better? If they could put this next to a sausage or hotdog vending machine.

#35 Something fishy here

Fishing is relaxing, and people often go fishing if they want to get away from the stress. Some people though, might find it very boring, after all, you need to spend a long time waiting, but for others, time spent doing nothing is exactly what they may need.

Image courtesy of stewundies/Reddit

Some fishermen go fishing go out before dawn, and they need a place where they can get fish bait; however, shops are often still closed at this time of the morning. Fortunately, there is a vending machine for live fishing bait. We’ve certainly come a long way.

#36 Please like me

Now, this is a vending machine that makes us feel quite sad. How have we come to this point? Do we have to spend money to get people to “like” us? This vending machine is located in Russia, and instead of selling goods, it sells services.

Image courtesy of jakobamster/Reddit

What services, you may ask? It sells Instagram and other social media platform “likes”. People are so focused on social media, and sometimes their self-confidence is highly dependent on the number of people liking their pictures. Wow! We have nothing further to say.

#37 People still use film cameras?

Although digital has become the norm, there are still purists who choose to take pictures using cameras requiring spools of film. Shooting pictures using film cameras is difficult because there is no way to make alterations to the pictures using Photoshop and other software.

Image courtesy of mayonnaisexd_/Reddit

This place has many film camera enthusiasts judging from this vending machine that sells an array of camera spools and films There are plenty of choices but we are wondering if there are still plenty of places that develop film?

#38 No need to be bored while waiting for your flight

Do you ever get bored waiting for your flight when you are alone? We feel you. Especially if you happen to be very early and the airport you’re in isn’t that happening. We’d like to give thanks to whoever invented this vending machine in a train station.

Image courtesy of jonnyking20/Reddit

It prints out short stories instead of selling products. You can pass the time reading a variety of stories instead of staring at the ceiling or wondering what other people are doing on their phones. Who knows, you might learn a new word or two.

#39 Life is full of surprises

This is something we’d like to use if our day isn’t going well. Waiting to know what surprise soda you got will surely put a smile on your face unless you get a flavor that you dislike. However, judging from the soda can label, this seems to be an old vending machine.

Image courtesy of Korbett89/Reddit

But, we’d like to see a vending machine similar to this with newer brands of soda. This will surely be a hit in the neighborhood, but we should always remember to drink pop in moderation. Too much soda is not good for one’s health.

#40 How would you like freshly-squeezed oranges in the morning?

It’s always better to drink freshly-squeezed oranges instead of buying boxed juices in the supermarket. Boxed juices have higher sugar content and less fiber. So, if you have the time, always opt for something fresh. This is a machine that people could benefit from.

Image courtesy of PalNigManBro/Reddit

These vending machines are common in the Netherlands and Germany, and you can buy your juice from here and watch as the machine squeezes fresh oranges. We have also seen this machine throughout Singapore, and people are lining up for it.

#41 Baguette any time of the day

If there’s one thing France is known for, it’s crusty French baguettes. The crusty bread is long in shape with rounded edges and makes good Bruschetta and French toast. Lucky are those who live in places where there are bakeries open 24 hours a day.

Image courtesy of SuperDidier/Reddit

For those who don’t have bakeries that are open around the clock, this vending machine will be very helpful. These vending machines can be seen all over Europe, and we think that other places could use this too. Who wouldn’t want fresh bread on demand?

#42 A vending machine for cassette tapes

We’re having a difficult time believing that this picture was taken in recent years. Why? Because we doubt anybody still uses cassette and or video tape players these days. Everything is digital nowadays, and people have their music on their phones, and steaming services are the new norm.

Image courtesy of AngPisa/Reddit

We don’t know anyone who has bought a DVD recently, let alone a video tape or cassette. It’s such a hassle to use nowadays. If you want to replay a song, you’d have to rewind the tape first. We doubt people born in the 2000s would even be able to recognize cassette tapes and players.

#43 Picks and strings from this vending machine

We admire people who know how to play at least a single instrument. It takes dedication and time to learn to play an instrument well. It also involves money because unless you know someone, you have to pay a music teacher for many hours of lessons.

Image courtesy of tasty_rogue/Reddit

Those who play guitars would love this vending machine because it sells strings, as well as picks. It’s located outside the guitar store, so even if the guitar store is closed, you won’t have to worry about being able to buy replacement strings as needed.

#44 Cue the thong song — Australia

Thongs are a necessity on islands, beaches, and other tropical places. This Cotton On vending machine in Australia sells thongs of different designs and sizes and comes in all sorts of colors. If you happen to be going somewhere tropical and have forgotten your thongs, you can get a pair from here.

Image courteys of relax_its_sarcasm/Reddit

Other people might think of something entirely different when the word thong is mentioned. Well, we think that there’s probably a separate vending machine for that kind of thong but its’ something that’s gonna serve you well in tropical places too.

#45 Ikea spare part vending machine — the Netherlands

Ikea is a place that’s known all over the world for its cheap furniture because you have to do the assembly yourself. Founded by a teenager in the 1940s, Ikea didn’t begin offering furniture until 1948 and the first physical store until the late 1950s.

Image courtesy of incoghebrew/Reddit

This vending machine can be found outside an Ikea shop, and it sells spare parts- which is wonderful in case you are missing some and can’t assemble your furniture properly. They used to give these things out for free, so we’re unsure if you need to pay extra for them at this machine or not.