40 UFO Sightings That Convince Us We Are Not Alone In This Universe

By Israel O

Since the beginning of time, many humans have accepted the cold hard truth that they are not alone in this universe. There are so many complexities we cannot fully comprehend and many mysteries left unsolved. One of them is UFOs, Unidentified Flying Objects. Basically, these are mysterious objects or ships that people claim travel from space and are said to be carrying aliens and other species from different galaxies. Humans are fragile creatures who are scared of the unknown. This is why the world has spared no effort in unraveling the mystery behind aliens and the many underlying secrets of Space. However, there have been so many sightings of UFOs, and at this point, it cannot be denied that we are truly alone. We have compiled a list of 45 strangest UFO and alien sightings people have encountered. 

Space Mutation

Mark and Scott Kelly are twin brothers who spent almost their entire together. They were both former captains of the U.S Navy, and they both became astronauts. However, something extraordinary happened to Scott, causing a change in his DNA. 

Image courtesy of antcabel/Instagram

NASA conducted an experiment that involved monitoring the twins’ DNA. Meanwhile, Scott was in space while Mark was here on earth. Upon Scott’s arrival, the result showed that his DNA had changed by 7%. NASA, to this day, has no explanation for this occurrence, but it’s a possibility he came in contact with a UFO.

Unknown Object in Space

Back In 2004, rumors about an unknown object discovered in space was making their rounds in Russia. This happened after a news website called Pravda.ru had an interview with an onboard astronaut named Vladimir Kovalyonok, who witnessed the incident. 

Image courtesy of ufounion/Instagram

Vladimir claimed to have seen something strange in a porthole while he was working at the Salyut Orbital Station. “The object was the size of a finger,” he said. He would have gotten a picture if not for a sudden UFO explosion.

Spaceship Collector

In 1971, in California, two teenage girls claimed to have seen a gigantic ship with “great enormous arms on the side that slowly swiveled around” while they were meeting up late at night. According to them, this was another alien ship sighting. 

Image courtesy of ufosecrecy/Instagram

The girls were under the impression the ship was “collecting” something because it kept flying over one home after the other. Despite their detailed narration, no one believed them. “Experts” said it wasn’t a ship but a weather balloon.

Some Kind of UFO?

The story of the iconic Musa Manarov began in 1978 when he was selected as a cosmonaut. Despite waiting nine years before making his mark, Manarov, together with Vladimir Titov, became the first man to spend an entire year in space. 

Image courtesy of NBC News

During Manarov’s second mission in space, while he was filming the docking of a spaceship. He somehow caught an unknown object, but no one knew what it was. He later said, “It might have been a specific kind of UFO” in a book titled Conspiracies and Solar Secrets.

Leftover Flares or Phoenix lights?

In Arizona in 1997, one of the most controversial UFO sightings occurred. There were multiple reports from people that a V-shaped object appeared in the sky with very bright lights. Some said its color was white. Others said it was red. 

Image courtesy of Film Daily

Most people were sure it wasn’t an airplane because it made no sound whatsoever. Even the Luke Air Force Base admitted to receiving multiple calls about the incident. However, after many years, the government debunked all rumors saying they were just leftover flares.

Snakes in Space

Dr. Story Musgrave was a brilliant astronaut who is touted as the highest qualified man to enter space. This is because he had an astonishing 6 academic degrees. He followed that with six space appearances, a feat that only a few other astronauts have matched. 

Image courtesy of iFiber One

However, in 1994, Dr. Musgrave caused a few waves of panic as he claimed in an interview that he had seen “snakes that were six, seven, eight feet long during his missions in space.” He also said other creatures were living in space. 

Blinding Lights

In 1969 in Colorado, a member of the Air Force reported that his room suddenly went dark before he saw a bright flash of light. The weird part is, the next day, his colleagues freaked at the sight of him.

Image courtesy of express.co.uk

The rapid growth of his hair had stunned them as his normal short hair suddenly grew by two inches overnight. He later speculated that he might have been abducted by aiens and taken to a place where time moves faster than it does on earth.

The Terrified Cows

In 1975, two men reportedly claimed to have seen a flying object bearing massive and bright white lights that were revolving around it. They were on their way back from a fishing trip when they saw the mysterious incident happening near a farmhouse.

Image courtesy of eso39333/Instagram

They drew closer to investigate but found nothing other than cows mooing and running around terrified. There was an electric fence keeping them at bay in the farmhouse, but even that could not stop a herd of terrified cows.

Strange Green Light

In 1963, the U.S sent a shuttle led by astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper Jr. into space. This happened six years before the completion of the American dream and the famous moon landing from the iconic astronaut Neil Armstrong. 

Image courtesy of the.ufo.office/Instagram

What stood out in this mission was a rather strange occurrence. Cooper claimed to have seen an object in space emitting green lights towards his ship. Till today, no one knows what the object was and what the green light meant.

They’re Watching Us

It was during the famous Apollo mission in 1969 after Neil Armstrong took his legendary stroll on the moon. NASA had reportedly lost transmission with Armstrong for 2 minutes, where he sent a secret message saying, “They’re on the moon watching us.” 

Image courtesy of ufounion/Instagram

If any other astronaut had said this, then we might have reasons to doubt. However, when the first man to walk on the moon says, “They’re on the moon watching us,” you get the feeling he’s telling the truth.

Mountain Bound 

Here is another sighting of a silver triangular-shaped object in the sky, only this time a resident saw it in Wenatchee, Washington, who later turned out to be a former U.S soldier with very high clearance. 

Image courtesy of ufosecrecy/Instagram

His identity was confirmed by NUFORC, and that made his statement credible. He claimed to have seen the object flying towards Burch Mountain, looking like it was going to crash. Strangely, instead of crashing into the mountain, the object disappeared.

The Strange Knock

On the 15th of October 2003, Yang Liwei became the first Chinese astronaut to travel to space. He became the 33rd man in the world to achieve the feat, which came five years after his selection as a prospective astronaut. 

Image courtesy of WBTV

However, during an interview by the BBC in 2016, Yang said he heard “someone knocking the body of his spaceship and he checked outside but found no one.” What makes this so mysterious is there is no sound in space, only silence.

Space Beam

Sometime in Pittsburgh, there was a report made by three friends who claimed to have seen a bright light sweeping across the road while they were driving. They thought it was a chopper, but when they looked up, they saw nothing. 

Image courtesy of the.ufo.office/Instagram

“There was no hint of any craft or body emitting the beam, even when it faced away from us,” they said. Their radio also went static before coming back to life, playing these words “Further evidence that there is life on Mars.”

Antenna Cover or UFO?

It’s not every day you see an astronaut who also happens to be a Navy SEAL. However, Christopher Cassidy is one of the very few. Cassidy had his first space mission in 2009 before going for a second in 2013.

Image courtesy of ufosecrecy/Instagram

During his second mission, Cassidy claimed to have seen an unidentified object floating past the station portholes. However, in August 2013, those claims were debunked by NASA, who called it an antenna cover. Whether it’s truly an antenna or a UFO, no one knows.

The Alien Elk Child

In one of the forests of Washington, three hikers claimed to have seen a disc-shaped flying object beaming from an elk. It attempted to light up and capture the entire herd of elk but ended up taking only one before disappearing into the sky. 

Image courtesy of Daily Express

After a month, the director of NUFORC, Peter Davenport, was shown a pregnant elk found near the forest. No one would know for sure if it was the abducted elk. However, if it is, then we have to wonder if it was pregnant before or after the abduction.

The Orange Space Station

Captain Samantha Cristoforetti was the first Italian woman to journey into space. Interestingly, she was also an Italian Air Force pilot and engineer. She holds numerous space records, including the longest uninterrupted spaceflight by a European astronaut. 

Image courtesy of The Confessionals

Samantha, via her blog, claimed the color of her space station turned orange during her 2014 mission in space. This was hard to believe as the color of her ship was gray. It was later revealed the sun was the reason for Samantha’s misconception.

The Visitation

Sometime in 1982 in Leicester, an English man reportedly claimed to have seen an alien while he was sleeping at night. He said he woke up to a soft light in his bedroom but later discovered it was coming from the alien’s face.  

Image courtesy of express.co.uk

He described it as a four-foot-tall, bald, grey creature with a bulb-like head and wide open black eyes. He repeatedly pinched himself to wake up if it was a dream before having to wake his wife, whose presence chased off the alien. 

Space Bacteria

There are already many theories on earth that aliens are living among us. Like that fear isn’t enough, Russian Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov added fuel to the fire by claiming there were space bacterias that followed his spaceship back to earth. 

Image courtesy of pawanrai77/Instagram

This caused an uproar in the world of space travel, and even NASA never commented. Anton told TASS in an interview in 2017 that bacteria found on the spaceship was of alien origin. However, Russia said the bacteria wasn’t harmful.

The Red Night Lights

In Olympia, Washington, 1991, a young man with his girlfriend reportedly saw what they thought to be a bright star at first but later transformed into a sphere of 20 light points. The sphere rotated rapidly before merging back into a single light. 

Image courtesy of The Mirror

The single light later turned red before it split again, only this time, it split into five red lights. They also flashed in sync before flying away in a single file. The couple had videotaped the incident, but it kept showing blank.

Alien Ship?

Ed Barton was a police officer in Illinois who claimed to have seen a gigantic triangular-shaped object with lights on each end flying as high as 1,500 feet. Nearby, residents also witnessed the occurrence and made the same claim. 

Image courtesy of ufounion/Instagram

This prompted an investigation, but strangely, the nearby Air Force Base claimed their radar had been off when the incident occurred. It was later revealed that government agents had asked the local police to curtail statements of witnesses from the press.

The East Coast Video

In 2017, a video of what seemed to be a strange encounter between the FAA 18 Super Hornet and a UFO surfaced. The UFO was seen along the east coast by a Raytheon Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared (ATFLIR) pod.

Image courtesy of ilbaracucco.com

The UFO had a striking resemblance to the one seen in San Diego in 2004. It had the same white color, oval shape, 45 feet long, and it was without wings. It was tracked down to the Atlantic ocean before flying away.

The Flying Saucer

In May of 1967, a man named Stefan Michalak reportedly claimed to have seen two flying saucers near Falcon Lake. One of the saucers was floating just 45 meters away from him before emitting a beam of light that reportedly knocked him out. 

Image courtesy of thatsclassified.com

Michalak claimed he became ill the following weeks after his encounter with the saucer and that a picture of his chest eight months after the incident showed burn marks in a pattern of dots. That is very strange and uncanny.

The Orange Glowing Plane

In the same year when the sighting at Falcon Lake occurred, there was another sighting, but this time it was in Shag Harbor, Nova Scotia. The night skies were reportedly glowing with four lights flashing on and off before going down the harbor. 

Image courtesy of Devol Live

Witnesses claim they saw a large orange glowing object sinking into the sea. Despite a rescue effort from divers and the RMCP, they found nothing. To this day, an annual festival is held in Shag Harbor to commemorate the incident.

The Perfect Circle

In 1989, reports were coming from the Sante-Marie-de- Monnoir in the middle of the night that a loud noise, similar to that of an electric generator, was heard across the sky. A lot of people couldn’t sleep after the incident. 

Image courtesy of arlo_orions/Instagram

Witnesses also claimed they saw a white-blue light shining outside their windows. The strange part is, two days after the incident, one of the witnesses found a perfect circle of about 20 diameters outside their house. No one knows who or what drew it.

Betty and Barney Hill

On a starry night in Hampshire, two people by the name of Betty and Barney Hill were driving on an empty road when they noticed a bright light following them. And just like that, their night came to an end. 

Image courtesy of ufo_life_/Instagram

They woke up the next morning and found their clothes dirty and ripped. Their wristwatches had stopped working, and they couldn’t remember anything about that night. They later recalled being violated by aliens during their sessions with a psychiatrist.

The Tic-Tac Object 

In 2004, in San Diego, former U.S Navy Commander Dave Fravor and Lieutenant Commander Alex Dietrich claimed they saw something they couldn’t explain. They said it was a churning patch of white water on the ocean’s surface and a Tic-Tac-looking object. 

Image courtesy of contact.nc/Instagram

In an interview, Commander Dave said, “The object was just kind of moving above the white water area. It was unidentified, and that’s why it was so unsettling to us.” Lt. Alex added, “I felt the vulnerability of not having anything to defend ourselves.”

Rendlesham Forest

Known as the “Britain’s Roswell,” the incident at Rendlesham forest is one of the most popular UFO sightings in history. It was later rumored to be a prank on the U.S soldiers by the British military, but people still believe in its truth. 

Image courtesy of the.ufo.office/Instagram

The witnesses involved in this incident are U.S soldiers who reportedly claimed to have seen a glowing object with colored lights. They also found strange hieroglyphics written on the body of the supposed alien ship. However, the truth is still controversial.

The Saucer Shaped UFO

In November 2006, Flight 446 of the O’Hare International Airport was getting ready to fly to North Carolina and Chicago when the strangest thing happened. A dark grey metallic object was reportedly seen floating over airport gate C-17. 

Image courtesy of Astronomy Tech

The saucer-shaped UFO was spotted by a total number of 12 United Airlines employees. They claimed it hovered around for about 5 minutes before flying up in the sky. The FAA later called it a weather phenomenon and stopped all investigations.

The Missing Time

In 1966, Robert Mathews, an Airman, went through what is known as Missing Time. Robert was on his way to report for duty when he saw strange lights appearing in the area where he was waiting to get picked up. 

Image courtesy of lcsun-news.com

Afraid, Robert called the base twice but was told the bus already arrived to pick him up and couldn’t find him. One hour is the time difference between both calls that Mathews made, and it is called “Missing Time,” a familiar term in alien abduction cases.

Space Music

Unlike the typical space music that is a sub-genre of new-age music, this one is much different. It started during the Apollo 10 mission when astronauts went for a test run in what would be their first mission to the moon. 

Image courtesy of Yahoo News Singapore

Astronauts were reportedly testing their various equipment at the time when they surprisingly heard a strange whistling in their headphones. No one had any idea why it happened and what it meant. It was later described as Space Music.

The UFO Army 

Seeing one UFO is hard and scary enough, but seeing an entire fleet of UFOs? That is just terrifying. Gordon Cooper, who was a pilot, an engineer, and an Astronaut, claimed to have seen an entire fleet of UFOs.

Image courtesy of Fox News 40

According to Cooper, he first saw them during his tenure at the Air Force. Then in 1963, ten years after his first encounter, he had another similar situation. Only this time, he claimed the UFOs flew towards him rapidly.

The Lizard Man

A psychotherapist named Barbara Lamb once claimed to have seen a man of reptilian heritage in her house. She described him as tall, with deep yellow eyes and a much friendly attitude compared to reptilian animals like snakes and lizards. 

Image courtesy of The Sun

Miss Lamb also claimed to have touched its hand before it vanished into thin air. No one knows for sure if she’s telling the truth, but being a psychotherapist, we can at least rule out the possibility of insanity.

The End of the World

In September of 1994, there were multiple reports of UFO sightings near a school in Zimbabwe. This incident left many children terrified and unable to go to school. They claimed to have seen beings with big heads, no nose, and no mouth.

Image courtesy of Get Reading

One little girl who was a witness said, ” I think it’s about something that’s going to happen. They were telling us the world is going to end.” She also said the beings never said a word. They talked with their eyes.

Lights in New Jersey Turnpike 

On the 14th of July, 2001, in New Jersey, motorists driving on the road had to make a stop to look at the sky in what they claimed to be a strange yellow and orange light in a V-shaped formation. 

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

It happened just 15 minutes past midnight at the Arthur Kill Waterway between Staten Island, New York, and Carteret, New Jersey. Even Lt. Daniel Tarrant of the Carteret Police department was a witness to this strange incident, claiming to have also seen the same lights.

The Melbourne Incident

In 1966, Australia experienced the largest mass UFO sighting in its history. The incident happened in Westall School, with over 300 students and staff reportedly bearing witness to multiple UFOs flying in the sky before they landed in a field.

Image courtesy of Runcorn and Wildness World

Despite many witnesses, reports claimed the headmaster of the school and some strange men in black suits told the students not to say anything to anyone about the incident. Even the teachers were threatened with losing their jobs.

The Second Coming

On the 8th of January, 2008, dozens of residents in Stephenville claimed to have seen a white light above Highway 67. According to them, it first lined up in a single horizontal arc before changing to a parallel arrangement. 

Image courtesy of Watford Observer

Residents who still remember the Phoenix Lights sightings in 1997 claim this was a look-alike incident. However, the U.S Air Force later claimed what they saw was an F-16 flying in the Bronwood operating areas. But no one believed them.

The Sketch

In 1977, a group of students from the Broad Haven Primary School reportedly claimed to have seen a saucer-shaped UFO near their playground. However, their teachers were skeptical about what they had seen until they gave undeniable evidence in multiple drawings. 

Image courtesy of mscott5903/Instagram

To get to the bottom of the issue, the teachers had separated all the students and asked them to draw what they saw in their playground. Strangely, all of the students drew the same thing, which was a flying saucer. 

The Shining Moon

In 1963, Alan Lavern Bean was selected as an astronaut by NASA. He would go on to become the 4th person to walk on the moon. He wasn’t just an astronaut. He was also a naval officer and an aviator. 

Image courtesy of travelchannel.com

In the later years of his career, Bean claimed he saw something shiny on the moon. He said it looked like “shoe leather.” The problem is, space is known to be an endless region filled with darkness. So what did he see?

Men In Black

In 1947, one of the strangest things would happen to Harold Dahl, who was out with his son and his dog when he witnessed six strange aircrafts. There are reports this incident is the inspiration behind the hit movie Men in Black. 

Image courtesy of Liverpool Echo

One of the aircrafts fell 1,500 feet into the water, and its metal debris hurt Dahl’s son and killed his dog. Dahl told his supervisor Fred Crisman the whole story but was warned by men in black suits to drop the case.

Flight 1628

In 2001, John Callahan, former FAA official, reportedly told a conference of top officials about the UFO encounter of Japan’s Flight 1628 in 1986. The Flight was en route to Paris from Tokyo when its crew members saw multiple UFOs. 

Image courtesy of Image courtesy of the.ufo.office/Instagram

According to reports from the flight crew members, they were surrounded by the UFOs. They also claimed the UFO was four times the size of their plane. Out of fear, they had to make an emergency landing in Anchorage, Alaska.