Those Microbes Living on our Tongues

By Taimoor T

These tiny microscopic organisms are everywhere and reside in our mouths. According to a new study, there is a certain kind of microbes that prefer inhabiting our tongues, far away from their cousins.

Microbes might be getting a bad rep these days because of what coronavirus is doing to the planet.

Helping us stay healthy

The research involved fluorescent tags to identify specific species of bacteria – some that produce nutrients and some that ward off the evil guys.

So basically, those microbes living on our tongues are quite a tightly-knit group, clustered together and giving the appearances of a microscopic rainbow formation located close to the epithelial tissue.

Don’t freak out – they are the good guys

DNA sequencing has already shed tons of light on what kind of microbes reside in the human body, this is the first time scientists have come across a whole community of these organisms taking refuge on our tongues.

This is definitely groundbreaking research and something that might freak out a few of us. But hey, there is no reason for that!

These tiny microbes might be “invading” our space but in all honesty, are just trying to do their part in ensuring that we stay healthy and that we are able to eat healthy stuff the moment we gobble down a regular burger from a stall.