This AI Helps Convert Your Thoughts Into Text

By Peter C

The craziest technology we have seen thus far is speaking and allowing the AI technology of your phone to convert your spoken words into text. But what can you say about a technology that helps convert your thoughts into text? This might seem impossible, but a careful check of the technology behind this idea explains it all. A system is created to give a visual interpretation of your brain’s signals as you form a mental image of yourself writing.

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The system is designed to interpret up to 90 characters in a minute, making it a more advanced system compared to earlier creations. For instance, a similar technology, an eye-tracking system, has been described as time-consuming and one that requires a level of attention. That simply shows the eye-tracking system cannot be effective for everybody.

A team of researchers from Stanford University in California, led by Jaimie Henderson, thought about this and came up with a system that is not all-consuming and can be used by an individual even in a paralyzed state.

The research team used a 65-year-old paralyzed man for this research and had two sensors inserted into a section of his brain. Although the sensors were not enough to receive signals from the entire neurons in the man’s body, they were able to receive signals from a fraction of the entire neurons.

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This system, an artificial neural network, helps decode the signals being produced as the man formed a mental image of himself writing on a piece of paper. The system is designed such that it produces the exact or possible letters for every signal received.

However, as brilliant as this sounds, the challenging part is that you can’t reproduce the exact technology for two people – this is because the effectiveness of the artificial neural network depends on the data sourced from an individual.