The Relationship Between Science and Technology 

By Jhene A

Science and Technology go hand in hand with each other. Science is the study of the natural world by collecting and understanding data through a systemic process called the scientific method. On the other hand, technology is the application of science by creating devices and machines that can help us solve challenging problems and do tasks efficiently.

However, both science and technology have different goals. The goal of science is to answer our questions about the environment around us and the universe as a whole to increase our overall scientific knowledge. Meanwhile, the purpose of technology is to find solutions to different practical problems. Science and technology may have different goals, but both are very intertwined and help each other advance.

Scientific knowledge can help discover and invent new technologies. In contrast, new technologies can allow scientists to explore and observe the world around us in various efficient ways allowing for discoveries which in turn can expand our scientific knowledge. Throughout all of human history, science has paved the way for numerous incredible technological advancements in our society. 

Image courtesy of NationalCancerInstitute/Unsplash