The Effect of Virtual Reality in the Future

By Jhene A

When virtual reality was first presented it seems like it only happens in science fiction movies or books. Today, who would expect that virtual reality will be part of mainstream technology and will be readily available for the public? Virtual reality affects every aspect of our daily lives. Now, let’s talk about how virtual reality will affect our lives in the near future.

Blurring the lines

Maybe a few years from now, with the fast-paced development of virtual reality, one will be having a hard time recognizing the physical world from the virtual one. Even if reconstructing the real world remains a tough challenge to all developers, but with the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality, it will not be impossible to do so.

Facing our Fears

Virtual reality will help you face your dreaded fears, whether it is fear of heights, spiders, closed spaces, etc. Through VR, it can simulate a situation wherein one must deal with their fears while being assured that it is only part of the mockup.

For example, one who is afraid of closed spaces will face a simulation wherein he/she is confined in a closed area. This allows that person to confront his/her fears without really being trapped inside an enclosed area.

Experience life outside the realms of our world

Have you wondered how it would feel like to live on a different planet? Well, you may have the opportunity to experience it without even going out on the outer space. Virtual reality will make this happen. It will give us a hint of what it would really feel like to live on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, or wherever you like.

These are only some of the predictions on how virtual reality can affect our future. With all the promising benefits it offers, one cannot wait to make all of these things happen in the near future.