The Double-Sided Camera

By Shane R

(C) Pexels

You may have never thought you needed a pop-up camera on your phone, but you are living in the 21st Century. Many companies through the years have been trying to make this a reality, but only Oppo has made this come to life. To solve the selfie-notch problem, Oppo has a single camera that can capture photos backward and forwards. Using mirrors, you will not have to push a button ever again to switch to selfie mode. This camera just does it naturally.

The product works by having a light path with a deflecting mirror. This design is similar to Xiaomi, but this version is much, much more advanced. Xiaomi only uses one mirror, while Oppo uses two. With an arrangement in the shape of a triangle, the technology uses light to change directions from the cameras.

Companies like Oppo and Xiaomi have been looking for ways to compete against big-wigs like Vivo and Samsung, and they may have been able to do it. Historically, pop-up cameras have been kind of fragile and prone to breakage. But, Oppo believes that their tech will change the way pop-up cameras work. One way Oppo believes they have solved it is with camera bump tech.

(C) Pexels

One company that is helping them in the process is Metalenz. They are removing traditional lens arrays for something much better. In turn, the cameras are more prone to success without breaking. The camera of the future is now. You may want to check it out.