Tesla Model Y to Shake Things up a Little?

By Taimoor T

Amid a significant drop in demand, Tesla has alerted those who have made the Model Y rear-wheel drive reservations, to get ready for deliveries.

The automaker is going to finalize deliveries by the end of March and is something that the company has done before – offering different options to buyers.

For the model in the discussion, Tesla’s focus has been on Dual Motor AWD and Performance versions while orders for the Long Range Rear-Wheel-Drive have also been entertained.

The Model Y’s base rate is less than $50,000 but the company expects more orders for the high-end versions of the same model.

Order Delivery Amid COVID Pandemonium

It remains to be seen how Tesla plans on getting its distribution sorted given the fact that the Fremont factory isn’t operational at the moment owing to the corona pandemic. Tesla, just like other car manufacturers has suffered from a drop in demand due to the economic crisis.

The whole issue has complicated things further for the company since it was seeing the Model Y as the driving force behind increase in sales.

Model Y reviews

The Model Y comes with a heat pump that delivers superior efficiency in contrast to the resistive heating technology deployed in previous vehicles. And Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has also said that the heat pump design is a step ahead for the company.

The heat pump is essentially designed for customers living in cold climates where fuel efficiency is affected due to the “need for heat”.

Moreover, in-built heating of radars neutralizes low visibility conditions.

The Tesla Model Y is about 10% heavier and also slower than the Model 3. Another downgrade is the auto-dimming mirror which would definitely annoy buyers, especially if somebody is shining bright headlight when driving right behind their tail.