Tech Solving Problems And Creating New Ones

By Shane R

The COVID-19 vaccines are getting shipped around the world. But, the people that need it the most do not have access. With appointments found only online, many cannot access the technology because they do not know-how, or they do not have the means. This problem has brought many historians back to the time of Franklin Roosevelt during “The Great Depression.”

When Roosevelt got into office, he created the Civilian Conservation Corps. There was no technology at the time, but there was a reliance on the government though. Now that we all are in the Digital Age, it is like there is a Digital Service Corps, but America has to teach individuals how to use a broadband infrastructure.

(C) Pexels

But, how would this training work? There are so many tech solutions that require training. From phone banking to finding the COVID-19 vaccine, training needs ample support and help. Maybe the personal touch is in need, like a door-to-door service. The problem is that we are in the middle of a pandemic. It is like we are all at least a step behind as it is, which makes it harder to overcome and catch up.

One piece of policy could be Biden’s “Tech New Deal.” This would invest in broadband to a heightened degree. There would no longer be a digital divide, and training for the workforce across America would be booming. Investment would also be in place for start-ups and more diverse technologies. This could really man a local and national revitalization for the economy.