40+ Horrifyingly Awful Ideas Brilliantly Executed

By Liezel L

We can never hate bad ideas. After all, many brilliant things have come from bad and crazy ideas. Sadly, not all bad ideas are just meant to create a genius product. However, that doesn’t stop people from trying. In fact, a lot of people have the patience, skill, and resources to actually pull off their ideas flawlessly. It’s just that what they make up for in those departments, they almost completely lack in the area of taste. In the end, they come up with something so gaudy, tacky, even horrifying sometimes, and tasteless that you won’t know whether to love them or completely throw them out the window. From upside-down cars to cockroach cappuccinos, here are some truly awful ideas that were executed flawlessly.

Butt Napkins

We totally understand why they called it toilet paper, but honestly, butt napkins sound more accurate and a lot more fun to say. Just imagine hearing, “We’ve run out of butt napkins!” or “Man, wasn’t it crazy when everyone was hoarding butt napkins?” It’s an improvement if you ask us. 

image courtesy of EJerico/ Reddit

What really made this creation a success, though, was that little knight holder and his old English statement. Doesn’t it just make you feel like a royal or a noble, at least to be served with such grace and loyalty?

Cursed Body Art

Sometimes, you see something, and you just have to show it to someone else, not because you need somebody to laugh at it with but because you need someone to share the horror with. This might be the perfect example of that. 

image courtesy of thunderdungeon.com

We have to give A++ for technique, skill, and execution. If this was entered in a dog lookalike contest, it might win. As for the overall look, we’re pretty sure we’re going to be having a couple of nightmares about dog humans for a little while now. Thank you. 

The “Not Wearing A Mask” Mask Fashion Line

Normal surgical face masks can be pretty boring, and everybody looks the same wearing them, and as it seems, people have had enough of that. Some of them have taken it into their own hands to make their masks a little more stylish. 

image courtesy of estoico/ Reddit

By stylish, this is not what we expected, though. What is the point of it? We get the face part and all that, but adding on that mask on the chin area just ruined it all. Is this the direction the “maskless” fashion is really taking? Really?

Coffee Anyone?

Whether we notice it or not, the coffee cup or teacup holds just as much importance as the coffee or tea itself in the whole experience. You don’t want to be sipping your favorite coffee or tea out of a cracked and obviously dirty mug, do you? But then, imagine sipping anything out of this one. 

image courtesy of ScottieBoiJoe/ Reddit

The concept is genius and hilarious; we have to admit. We can just imagine the look on your guests’ faces if you dare serve their drinks in this one. The best part is no matter what you put in there; it will all look disgusting all the same. Even water may look suspicious in that mug. 

The Real Pineapple Pizza Horror

First of all, we got to say; whether you like pineapple on pizza or not, we have to respect each other’s decisions. Everyone has different tastes, okay? Unfortunately, we don’t think even most pineapple on pizza advocates would consider ordering this. 

image courtesy of qwertyfish99/ Reddit

What’s worse than pineapple on pizza? A pizza on a pineapple! It might look kind of tasty and something you’d order out of curiosity but trust us, that’s just the cheese doing everything. We’re not even sure that pineapple is peeled. How do you even eat that thing?

Tetris Hairdo

We’ve all had our bad haircut moments, right? Whether it’s an accidental mullet, a bowl cut, or one of those hairstyles that you can’t even name, everyone has experienced not wanting to look in a mirror after an hour at the salon. Sadly for this model, that might just be the same situation they’re going to be in. 

image courtesy of goshdiggitydarnit/ Reddit

The stepped cut on her bowl haircut is already too much to deal with, but they just had to leave that strip hanging by the side of her head, didn’t they? Hopefully, she’s getting paid loads for sporting this awful look. 


We don’t know what it is with the hearts, the swans, or the tree designs we get on our cappuccinos but those things do make the coffee experience a lot more fun, don’t they? As it seems, though, someone decided to go another route with their coffee design.

image courtesy of MrDrinken/ Reddit

Now, see, being a barista isn’t that simple. You need to undergo months of training to even be able to make a proper heart or a leaf or something like that, but this person right here chose to use all that skill and effort to make a cockroach. As gross as it is, we got to applaud his skill. Just look at that detail, right?

Chicken T-Rex

If you’ve ever been chased by a chicken, you’ll know how freaking terrifying it can be. Sure, it’s not as terrifying as being chased by a raging goose, but chickens can be pretty scary if they want to be. Then, someone goes ahead and does this. 

image courtesy of LadyOfTheLakeMi/ Reddit

Just imagine a pretty angry chicken coming at you wearing those things. Wouldn’t you be a little more horrified by them? It’s pretty funny from a photo point of view, we got to admit but have can you see those little angry chicken eyes? They’ll be out for vengeance for us eating all their kin, we tell you. 

What They Mean When They Say Climb The Stairs

We all love those space-saving tricks people create to make homes more spacious or to make the most out of small spaces, but this one might be a bit overkill, don’t you think? You’d have to be doing more wall climbing than stair climbing!

image courtesy of skalamabirdy2/ Reddit

Now, just imagine climbing these walls after a tiring workout at the gym or after a great party that ended at midnight. If it were us, we’d probably just sleep on the floor below the stairs rather than risk breaking our necks, thank you very much. 

That’s What You Call Vintage

Vintage things never really go out of style. People just find new ways of reinventing old stuff or combining them with modern styles to create fun and chic ensembles. With that, said this isn’t really what we were expecting.

image courtesy of IndieSunflower/ Reddit

Who in the world would have ever thought that mold could look pretty or that it could be a funky design for a handbag? Plus, most vintage bags are already capable of growing their own mold and mildew, don’t you think?

Spider Cow!

As it seems, some rich people really don’t know where to put their money. While some spend millions on doll collections, plate collections, or some other bizarre collection, this person decided to spend their money on a spider cow. 

image courtesy of Yam_Gang/ Reddit

If we’re going to be honest, though, that spider cow does look pretty cool. Who cares what the neighbors think. The lawn looks good. The house looks good. And the cow isn’t really disturbing anyone. It might even raise the property value, who knows?

Mona Lisa Forgot To Shave

Copying other artists’ work might not be favorable for some people, but when you do give your own spin to the piece, it creates another worthwhile piece of art. Sometimes though, maybe just having the idea in your head is good enough. 

image courtesy of salutations247/ Reddit

More than seeing the Mona Lisa, we’re getting Chewbacca vibes from this one. Then again, maybe that was the artists’ inspiration, and they were aiming to see what people in the art world would look like in their Wookiee states. 

Brush Your Teeth, You Must

Who doesn’t love Baby Yoda? Even people who aren’t fans of the Disney+ Star Wars show found that little critter adorable. Among all the merchandise that was created for the character, however, we’re not sure if we could love this one. 

image courtesy of bailey_turnbow/ Reddit

It still has all the lovable attributes of Baby Yoda, like the big eyes and huge ears, but we’re not really a fan of the goo puke coming out of its mouth. As much as we love Baby Yoda, the idea of brushing with his puke is kind of unsettling. 

Can’t Buy One Then Carve One

Carpets are great for not only keeping your floors warm but also for that aesthetic touch it gives the whole room. Sometimes though, it can be hard to find the right carpet, so what do you do? Carve up exactly what you want on your hardwood floors!

image courtesy of FountainsOfFluids/ Reddit

This idea is just bonkers. Hopefully, nobody gets mad and starts demanding some damage fees, but we got to say, the detail on that thing is simply amazing. They even got the messy tassels and all the intricate designs of a real carpet!

Snowman From Hell

When we think of snowmen, we usually think of the jolly round three-tier thing with the hat, scarves, twig arms, coal eyes, carrot nose, and button mouth and not this horrifying monstrosity. This is sure to give anyone nightmares!

image courtesy of TAS8008/ Reddit

It seems that someone really didn’t want any kids messing with their lawn. Any kid who dared enter their property would be in for a really nasty surprise. In fact, even any adults who had the misfortune of not knowing about that thing might get some holiday nightmares. 

Upside Down Ride

With all the crazy car designs coming out nowadays, it can be pretty hard to stand out. But when you’re as creative as this car owner, we’re pretty sure that you can steal everyone’s attention while haughtily cruising down the road. 

image courtesy of javems/ Reddit

And no, the picture isn’t upside down. It’s the entire freaking car! How cool is that? Apparently, the top tires aren’t just there for their visual appeal either. They also spin when the vehicle is moving. It has really been thought through up to the most minor details. 

GPS Who?

GPS is really helpful in getting us to our destinations, but there are times when it can get a little messed up. In those moments, nothing still beats a good old map. Now, just imagine having one inside your car at all times. 

image courtesy of henny6933/ Reddit

With this kind of map, you’ll never get lost ever again. We’re not sure if this is a safe map to use, though. All that looking down and lifting seats is dangerous. Then imagine when your shoes get muddy. How will you find the right road then?

Pig Couch

We’re not sure who turned animals like pigs into plushies, but we’re absolutely grateful for them for thinking of those cute little things. We’re not sure how to feel about upgrading plushies into chairs or couches, though, especially like this one. 

image courtesy of RUBIKSrchimedes/ Reddit

We’re glad it’s comfy, and it’s soft, though. Now, just imagine having this as your office chair or, better yet, imagine pulling a prank that when someone sits on it, the chair squeals or oinks. That would be a pretty good use for it. 

McFancy McMansion

Shopping for homes is made easier nowadays. You can just look them up online, and you’d find tons of listings of available properties complete with pictures and details. Still, it’s best to see properties with your own eyes, or you might end up with something like this. 

image courtesy of Xander395/ Reddit

As soon as you walk through the front door, it will only take three steps max for you to be in the backyard. Apparently, though, these were actual things used by the government as placeholders for lots. Buyers would simply have to build the rest. 

Cozy Cozy Cozy

Pokemon merch is typically adorable or cool, but well, people keep thinking of ways to top the traditional products. This one, for instance, is made not just to be a display but also a useful thing for when you get a little sleepy. The only problem is that it might not be the best design for it. 

image courtesy of Twiddle_mega/ Reddit

We can get by using the entire body as a pillow, but why did they have to make the tongue the blanket thing? It doesn’t even cover us on all sides. And just look at the very last picture. The model seems to be as done as we are with this thing. 

Sassy Lighting

Why settle for the same old dull, dated table lamp when you can get something fun and unique that is just as functional as the traditional ones? Just look at this one. It adds character to the room, it’s sassy, and it definitely has spunk to it. 

image courtesy of katemush/ Reddit

The story behind this one is that the owner asked for a lamp from her mom for Christmas, and this is what she got. We got to say; mom has good taste. It’s weird, and it might look hideous in the morning light, but we kind of want one as well. 

Artsy Poopsy

We get elaborately decorated plates, cups, saucers, bowls, spoons, tables, pillows, and all that because, well, they’re nice to show off. What we don’t get are elaborately decorated toilet bowls. Nobody’s going to care how nice they are when they’re answering nature’s call. 

image courtesy of Popal24/ Reddit

The design on this one even seems too nice to be on a toilet. It looks like the kind of design you’d see on one of your grandma’s ancient and expensive china plates. Then again, at least it’s not made of gold, right?

Hand-Eye Coordination

The world of nail art is a wonderful one. You can literally have the galaxy, pokemon characters, your name, or even your favorite Mcdonald’s meal at the very tip of your fingers. But then, something like this comes along, and you sort of have to wonder why we ever started painting our nails in the first place. 

image courtesy of kalyners/ Reddit

Those eyes are so well done. They even got the nerves of the eyeball and everything plus the texture around the eyes which makes it all the more awful. We’re also not sure if the fact that they’re all looking in different directions makes it better or worse. 

Crawlin To The Music

Just imagining a slug or a snail slowly crawling up our skin can make us cringe or start self-consciously patting down our bodies. That icky slimy feeling just doesn’t sit well with us, so even though these aren’t real slugs or snails on these earbuds, we’d have to pass on wearing them. 

image courtesy of PoorGang21/ Reddit

They’re pretty neat though for anyone who does love those little critters. The only problem is that they’d have to endure people pointing or stopping them on the streets thinking that they have the real thing on their heads. They might even get an unwelcome slap from a caring passerby who just wanted to get the thing off of them. 

The Toothfairy Forgot Something

You can basically put anything as the centerpiece of your ring. If you’re going the traditional way, it’s going to be some kind of precious stone. If you’re going to go the less traditional route, it can be anything from a drop of blood of your loved one or, in this case, a tooth. 

image courtesy of b0ringusern4me/ Reddit

We really have to wonder though, what is the relation between the bee and the tooth for them to be stuck together in that bizarre ring design? More importantly, why did they choose a tooth? Isn’t the memory of someone enough for them?

Iridescent Kitchen

For a lot of houses, the kitchen is the heart of the home, so it only makes sense that people would want their kitchen to look good while reflecting their personality. This kitchen right here seems to have partially achieved that. 

image courtesy of ShapeShiftingCats/ Reddit

This kitchen looks like the real-life version of a Barbie dollhouse kitchen, and honestly, we’re not complaining about it. It does look decently cool, and we’re pretty sure the kids would love this and would maybe even encourage them to spend more time and help out in the kitchen. Who knows?

Would You Like Golden Fries With That?

With some companies, you get the standard farewell party and maybe a mug, shirt, or cap when you finally leave after years and years of working for them. For others like the big old McDonald, it’s their very own gold McMedal. 

image courtesy of Connan322/ Reddit

Apparently, the grandfather of this dude’s girlfriend worked as an executive at McDonald’s quite some time ago, and when he finally retired, he received a solid gold big mac necklace for his years of service. Maybe it’s the thought that counts?

Glovely Christmas Tree

Traditional Christmas trees are overrated, don’t you think? We get that they’re lovely, and they’re one of the prime symbols of Christmas, but it’s time we spice up those old trees just a little bit. Just take a look at this one. 

image courtesy of Failed_Seppuku/ Reddit

You got to hand it to whoever thought of making a Christmas tree this way, but it is very accurate for a hospital Christmas tree. It’s very resourceful too and wouldn’t have cost them more than necessary just to bring in a little holiday spirit to their stations. 

There’s A Snake In My Boot!

Ever since it first came into fashion, snake print has been a hit that doesn’t seem to have any end in sight yet. Some people think it’s elegant and that it elevates an outfit. We’re not sure how even snake print lovers would feel about these snakey boots, though. 

image courtesy of anxious-orange-juice/ Reddit

For people who are scared of snakes, this would be a nightmare. It’s bad enough that it has the head reared up and all that, but it actually has the tails at the back as well. Sorry not sorry, but it’s a huge hell no from us for this one. 

Is That Santa’s Mask?

In an effort to make their masks a little more fashion-friendly, some people are drawing their faces on them, others are writing things on them, and a few are decorating them according to the seasons. This woman right here seems a tad too excited for Christmas. 

image courtesy of Hermitically/ Reddit

To be honest, we’re not even sure if that’s a mask or a store decor that she just wrapped around the snow globe and stuck to her face. And how does it work? Does the snow puff up when she exhales, and can she even breathe behind that thing? And oh, the weight of all that!

Ultimate Plant Parent

Dirty fingernails aren’t always bad. They can be a sign of hard work and dedication. They can also be a sign that you’re not afraid to get down and dirty in the ground to do good things like planting trees, perhaps. This is not what we imagined, though. 

image courtesy of grove4lyf/ Reddit

As much as we love all that detail, color, and realism on those succulents, we really can’t give our approval to those nails. We can just imagine the nightmare of washing your hair, wiping your butt, or even picking your nose!

Face Recognition

While some people are personalizing their phones by putting their faces as their wallpaper or screensaver, this guy right here is literally putting his face on his phone. Now, he can be sure that nobody will ever dare steal his mobile. 

image courtesy of FenixDriver/ Reddit

For some reason, the fact that the face on the phone is so shiny makes it all the worse. It’s an interesting concept, that’s for sure, but we’re good with the facial recognition thing, thanks. We’ve all had enough grief with those anyway, so yep, we’re good. 

What Meal Is This Supposed To Be?

You got to admit; fashion designers can get pretty bonkers. From wearable beds and inverted shoes to meat dresses and bubble clothes, the fashion runway never runs out of brilliantly executed horrible ideas. This is just another example of that. 

image courtesy of reddit.com/r/ATBGE

We admire the effort, but we can’t picture this ever being worn on the red carpet or anywhere or by anyone in the world, for that matter. It also makes us wonder how in the heck things like these actually get approved to be on the runway. 

This Chair Purse

Mini bags. Those are one thing we will never understand. Bags are made to hold things and to make carrying things around a lot easier for us but especially for women who are already suffering from too small pockets. And then, they make it smaller and smaller. This one, we can’t even explain. 

image courtesy of Tj2themaxx/ Reddit

We can forgive those wallet-sized bags since they can carry your credit card and your house keys, but this one can’t even carry any of the essentials. It makes us wonder if that’s really a bag or some kind of furniture for hamsters. We’d take it if it were the latter. 


Apparently, a lot of people are really bored with the usual variety of lamps. Now, we’ve got a couple of human lights that are perfect for any party occasion, which look like they came straight out of Alice in Wonderland. 

image courtesy of thesdo/ Reddit

We’re not sure we’d want them in our homes, though but one perk you do have with them is that they can scare the soul out of thieves who dare enter your home any day. And as long as they never come to life, they will never make your home boring ever again. 

Cursed Carpet

We love it that people want to be unique and that they want to show off things that they love, but sometimes, some of them can just really go overboard. Take this skull carpet, for instance. Yes, it’s flawlessly made but doesn’t that hurt to step on?

image courtesy of IsionYadav/ Reddit

We admit that it’s pretty cool, especially for Halloween but just imagine spilling something on that thing. Whether it’s food or a drink, you’ll have one hell of a time cleaning that up. That’s the nightmare in and of itself. 

Optimal Couchlussion

Isn’t it just the most satisfying thing to see straight and even lines on paper, clothes, and even furniture? There’s something calming and relief-inducing with them. But then again, the world isn’t just made for straight and even lines, is it? 

image courtesy of XanJamZ/ Reddit

We’re pretty sure when it comes to comfortability as well, this couch is just as uneven. One side has a shorter back than the other and that dainty little leg looks like it’s going to break the first time someone sits on that couch. But well, we got to admit, it is clever. It’s just not clever enough. 

Tastes Like Chicken?

Cake making has become a full-blown art form. A long time ago, we could only get the traditional boring old two-tier or three-tier round or box-shaped cakes. Now, you can get a Jamie Dornan cake, a sports car cake, or in this case, even a toad cake. 

image courtesy of PM_METRIGGEREDCUNT/ Reddit

If we didn’t know this was a cake, we’d have probably thought it was a real toad or just a sculpture. But we do have to wonder, of all things that this person could have made, why in the world did they choose a toad? Why not a horse, or batman, or a dolphin? Why did it have to be a toad?

Painted With Duct Tape

This may seem like a very ordinary car at first glance, but there is one thing that makes it 100% unique. You’d think that it’s just a car painted gray from afar, but no, that is not painted. That is actually duct tape so painfully and perfectly wrapped around the body of the vehicle. 

image courtesy of Skythen/ Reddit

We got to say; this must be the most brilliantly executed awful idea we have on this list. You can barely even see the lines, and even if you see them, they’re all perfectly straight. On the other hand, though, maybe the car isn’t just painted with duct tape. Maybe the duct tape is holding the car together. 

Possanka or Pig Dunk Statue in Turku, Finland

The world has been filled with weird statues ever since the beginning of time. Some are made to express certain philosophies, while others are simply made to express creativity. We don’t know which category Finland’s Possanka statue falls into. 

image courtesy of tys.fi

While the statue may look like one of the pea shooters from Plants vs. Zombies, it’s actually a sphinx-like combination of the lower half of a pig and the top half of a duck. It’s hailed as one of the weirdest statues in the world, and it’s easy to see why. 

Piggy Bank

If we had a pig and duck hybrid, now we have a pig and bank creation. We can’t say we missed the joke with this one, though. It really is clever, and for some reason, it takes us back to our childhood of taking coins out of our piggy banks.

image courtesy of mitzikatzi/ Reddit

On the other hand, though, it could also remind us that well, banks can be greedy sometimes and that we should keep an eye out for our money. Nevertheless, while this might have been an awful idea, in the beginning, we definitely don’t hate it. 


People might not always realize it, but cars are actually great for helping people get to know you or what you stand for. While some people go for obnoxious colors or designs though, some people choose to go a more extreme route like this one. 

image courtesy of BoredPanda

The dedication of whoever owns this car is unreal! From the huge virus car cap to the detailed virus images on the body of the car, it shows that they were really fighting for something. And oh, did we mention the license plate? Commitment!

This Hairdo

Bad haircuts happen to everyone. Sometimes though, we got to admit that it’s not all the hairdresser’s fault because sometimes, we do make the wrong choices with our hair. At least, that’s what we’re hoping is the case with this one. 

image courtesy of capitan_autismo_png/ Reddit

His expression completely matches what we’re feeling right now about this hairdo as well. His hair looks like individual noodles painstakingly arranged and glued to his head. Then again, at least it makes some kind of pattern which matches his eyebrows. 

Your Eggcellency

For some people, dressing up the toilet is as important as dressing up the entire house. After all, we do spend a considerable amount of time every day on the toilet, so why not make it nice, right? Whoever owns this one chose to go the eggstravagant route. 

image courtesy of zoltecrules/ Reddit

Our biggest problem with this one is why is there so much fabric around the toilet? They do realize that sometimes, there’s some splashing that goes on no matter how minimal or accidental, right? It’s just not ok or hygienic at all! 

Wear Your Feet Out

A perfect shoe would be one that fits perfectly, that hugs your feet just right, that allows you to stand or walk for hours on end comfortably, and that makes you feel good about yourself. This one, we think, is not a good example of that. 

image courtesy of teorosso/ Reddit

The color and the style, we could fully accept, but we simply draw the line at the toe details. Those things just take anything good out of those shoes. If you love them or are wearing something like them, then more power to you- you brave soul.