45 Times The Power Of Nature Ruined People’s Plans

By Miguel DG

Back then, nature was not as unforgiving as it is now. People can safely gauge their activities based on preconceived weather predictions without regretting any of their decisions. Even though science is much more advanced than it was 50 years ago, we still cannot participate in our usual activities without worrying how fast the weather changes sometimes. It is a hard truth that we have to face right now, but that doesn’t stop people from doing the things they love when they want, even if the consequences are challenging to deal with. Today, it definitely matters to be prepared in the case of sudden weather changes, which is the case most of the time. But, these next folks still relied on their weather apps only to be shocked that the weather didn’t corporate with their plans. Here are 40 times Mother Nature pulled pranks on people, and she did not regret it.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Our parents have always told us to be careful about what we wish for because we just might get it. It can be very exhausting for people living in low temperate climates to wake up shivering because it’s too cold. So, they wish for a higher temperature the next day. This guy just wished for double digits the next day, and he got it.

Image courtesy of Zoower/Reddit

This guy looked sick of waking up each morning bundled in blankets, so he hoped for double digits the next day. Well, he got them, but he failed to be specific and go negative double digits. At least next time, he’ll be more clear in his requests.

An Unexpected Shower

Ah, the warm and cloudless days of summer. Waking up to a sunny day outside can make us want to go out and enjoy the warm weather before everything becomes wet and rainy. This lady and her sweet furry partner clearly took advantage of the weather, but Mother Nature had other plans for them.

Image courtesy of KevlarYarmulke/Reddit

The adventurous duo set off in their roofless jeep, seemingly enjoying the warm weather, but all of a sudden, it rained heavily, and they went home wet and shivering from head to toe. Remember that while weather patterns can be consistent, there may be small hiccups here and there, so it pays to be ready.

Mary Poppins is Shook

In the famous film Mary Poppins, the titular character is a teacher who flies around using a magic umbrella that can take her to different places. Seeing it in the film is one thing, but seeing this scene in real life can make us believe in the impossible.

Image courtesy of xbumblebee/Reddit

This user thought it would be good to bring an umbrella to shield them from the rainy weather outside. Little did they know that their umbrella has other plans: to become a superstar prop. As they were opening the umbrella, it flew away, leaving them grasping a bare steel rod in its place. It looks like next time they’ll buy a sturdier one without any superstar ambitions.

Ice Age: The Return

Have you ever seen the movie Ice Age? Well, this is the real-life version, as seen in the photo below. Nowadays, hot summers are scorching, and the cold winters are even more bone-chilling. This photo taken in Norway is a sure sign that the climate patterns have drastically changed.

Image courtesy of oddely.com

The Reddit user who posted this wanted to show the world how this bus was overtaken by ice, therefore, turning this vehicle into some form of a bizarre art installation. They included chilling messages of desperation that explained how winters are becoming blistering cold, to the point where these things can now happen.

Wild Wild West Indeed

Mother Nature is a natural-born prankster). If she does not prank us with extreme and abrupt weather changes, she throws a couple of laughs our way using her resources. This Reddit user came home to this sight, which made them gasp in disbelief and confusion.

Image courtesy of regian24/Reddit

This user came home to see their front-yard filled with tumbleweeds. Not one, not two, or three, but heaps blocking their doors and windows and obscuring their front yard in view. It looks like someone has to clean this huge tumble of mess before it gets worse, if that’s even possible.

A Midsummer’s Night?

Sometimes, there are instances of people mesmerized by the natural phenomena that occur in other countries. To them, it’s uncommon, but to the people of that country, it’s normal. This Reddit user showed the world how some parts of England celebrate summer.

Image courtesy of Naggers123/Reddit

You can see that it seems to be a normal summer day with the warm sun glazing the pavements and the line of brick houses in the picture. However, when you look up, this is where it gets interesting. You can see that despite the seemingly abundant rays of sunshine, the sky is clearly devoid of any. It is pitch dark, making this photo look amazing.

Lightning Does Strike The Same Place Twice

There is a known saying that lightning does not strike the same place twice. It has since made its way to popular culture, and some people are curious if that is indeed real. We’re sorry, Mariah, but lightning does strike the same place twice.

Image courtesy of bytorthesnowdog/Reddit

After loads of rainy weather, this Reddit user stepped out of their house to see their mailbox that got struck by lightning twice. It turned into a crumpled mess, and the user has to deal with replacing their mailbox. I hope it doesn’t get struck twice this time.

Whoa-ke Up Like This

There are times that fog can be a bit of a hassle, especially for those who wake up early in the morning to commute to work. It can be an obstruction because you cannot see anything, and this can be a total annoyance for people who need to be on time.

Image courtesy of bradp36/Reddit

This Reddit user woke up excited seeing the sunrise at Haleakala, a shield volcano in Hawaii that turned into a state park. It displays the most beautiful sunrise to its visitors, but this user picked an unfortunate time. They spent two hours driving just to see a thick curtain of fog blocking the sunrise views. Better luck next time, we guess?

Evacuate Before It’s Too Late

When the state or local authorities tell you to evacuate because a huge hurricane or storm is coming, you must listen to them and pack your bags before it worsens. This Reddit user did not take the memo seriously, and hence, they saw the importance of investing in lifejackets and flood insurance.

Image courtesy of dbcannon/Reddit

They realized that they must evacuate, but when they went downstairs, they saw that the floodwaters were too high for them to brave, and they were trapped inside their house waiting for the water to subside. Luckily, they were safe and lived on to tell the tale.

Experiencing the Outdoors Indoors

There are times that people want to spend time outdoors just to see the stars, enjoy the cool evening breeze, and bask in the pleasant atmosphere Mother Nature provides. However, there comes a time when Nature wants you to enjoy the outdoors no matter what it takes.

Image courtesy of Bloomshockalocka/Reddit

This Reddit user posted a photo showing how their locust tree collapsed on the roof of their house, making a gaping hole in their roof and “forcing” them to gaze at the stars that night. It looks like Mother Nature really wants us to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what it takes.

The Cold Bothered Us, Anyway

As Elsa says, “The cold never bothered me, anyway.” Back then, the winter season didn’t mean below freezing temperatures similar to those felt in the polar regions. Nowadays, winters are chilling to the bones, and one might ask if there was a huge continental drift that we are now in the polar regions.

Image courtesy of LeKiipe/Reddit

This Reddit user shared a photo of their fire exit frozen from the inside out. One might have mistaken the door as a fridge door. Even though this might look straight out of a Disney film, this is a sign that the climate is changing, and we must be aware.

Elsa’s Summer House?

Since we’re still on the topic of Elsa, this photo looks like we have found Elsa’s summer house. This house looks like it’s straight out of the Arctic Circle. Back then, such structures would look like it was a product of anyone’s imagination. However, these images are very much real.

Image courtesy of jjlew080/Reddit

This house was covered from top to bottom in ice and snow, complete with huge icicles. We hope that the residents who used to live inside the house are still safe or have evacuated to a much warmer place because this does not look very comfortable.

Sun Roof No More

Cars with sunroofs are considered one of the best features a car can have. They can open to allow their passengers to enjoy the summer breeze safely without overexposing themselves while on the road. However, this car’s sunroof has definitely lived a long life and doesn’t look like it’s coming back from the dead.

Image courtesy of ShoreSWBF/Reddit

This Reddit user posted what happened to their sunroof when it was exposed to lower temperatures. The sunroof had given up and has turned into an upside-down baby bottle teat due to a hailstorm in the area. We hope that this car is insured enough to cover the repairs because this is simply beyond a patchwork job.

Keeping it Out of Harm’s Way…. And Failing

During natural weather disturbances, people are always asked to pack up and evacuate if the conditions worsen. This includes keeping your vehicles out of harm’s way to make sure they won’t get damaged. It looks like this one did his best, but it wasn’t just good enough.

Image courtesy of glueall215/Reddit

This Reddit user posted a photo of their front porch and where their jeep is supposed to park. After a nasty storm hit the area, they went out to discover that the entire place was flooded, and it even reached their front porch. Let’s just hope the jeep is fully insured, or else this would be an expensive experience.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!

The Land Down Under is known for having a wide range of seasons in different extremes due to its placement on Earth. As such, there are some things that are truly Aussie, like changing structures into something completely different.

Image courtesy of disnerdbeth/Reddit

Due to the extreme heat, these lamp posts in this user’s garden have melted to the ground, rendering them obsolete for future use. The extreme heatwaves are unprecedented, and the country hasn’t experienced these kinds of conditions in ages.

Parked Until the End of the Season

There are times that some places experience more intense levels of rainfall and unexpected visits from hurricanes and typhoons. This results in more days of flooding, which can negatively affect the people living in those places and their surroundings.

Image courtesy of gldaim/Reddit

This car was parked on some elevated ground. Well, let’s just say that this is not your ordinary elevated ground. It looks like this car was swept away by the flood, and when the floodwaters subsided, it was caught in an uncanny position.

When it Becomes Too Hot to Handle

Summer is the best season to participate in watersports such as paragliding, diving, kayaking, canoeing, and many more. Since the weather is usually bright and welcoming in summer, people find it fun to do water sports with friends and family.

Image courtesy of lol62056/Reddit

This photo posted by a Redditor shows a kayak that has succumbed to the sun’s blazing heat. They can’t use it anymore, and sometimes, it’s not about the quality of the equipment but rather the external factors affecting its performance. Looks like they have to reschedule everything and go back home.

In Literal Mint-y Condition

For most people, snow is the worst form of precipitation. Unlike rain, which flows down the drains and gutters, snow accumulates and shrouds everything in its cold white blanket. No one gets spared, not even luxury items such as cars.

Image courtesy of Whisky4Breakfast/Reddit

This Redditor decided to find the positive in this situation by posting this photo with a funny caption about them selling their 2001 Honda Civic, hopefully in good condition. Of course, it’s definitely not for sale, but they just hope that their insurance provider covers this, or else they’ll have to buy another one.

How to Get Away with Volcanic Eruptions

Volcanic eruptions are the most volatile types of natural disasters known to man. Once silent and docile mountains suddenly spurt tons of ash, lava, and magma all over the place, burying towns and cities in just a few minutes. Along with earthquakes, these are hard to predict, so it’s hard always to prepare.

Image courtesy of iweirdness/Reddit

This poor motorcycle driver had to brave the wrath of the volcanic eruption in his area, as we can see in the photo since he’s covered in ash. We hope he washes off immediately, as toxic substances from ash and volcanic debris can cause allergic reactions, breathing difficulties, and many more.

Flood Insurance is a Must

It is the best option for places that are frequently flooded for days and weeks to secure your house against flood disasters and apply for flood insurance. Having your house covered by flood insurance ensures you peace of mind that the insurance provider will have you covered once you return to your house.

Image courtesy of TomDobbs4Pres/Reddit

Obviously, the family inside this house cannot and should not open their doors or windows to remain safe. Seeing your windows almost entirely swallowed by floodwaters can be a terrifying experience because you can’t know what could happen or if your windows and doors are strong enough to sustain themselves.

Whirlwind Romance

Tornados and whirlwinds are also unexpected. They can be potentially destructive to anything in their paths. You can never be prepared with these monsters because they happen in a blink of an eye and then dissolve into nothingness, leaving destruction in its wake.

Image courtesy of sleepybuddha44/Reddit

You can see how it managed to dismantle everything on this patio, lifting those heavy outdoor chairs as though they are made of paper and pushing the grill into the depths of the pool. The owners of this house should postpone all barbecue and pool parties because they have a lot of work.

Nature’s Cornflakes

Leaves fall in huge batches during autumn. You may also see snow at the end of autumn, giving way to its chillier cousin, winter. Mixing these two situations creates a bewildering combination and a weird visual,l but not in a destructive way.

Image courtesy of puernosapien/Reddit

Many fallen leaves covered this car and some snow underneath, making it look like the heavens spilled their cereal bowl on this poor car. Nature’s cornflakes certainly look even better than actual cornflakes. It makes for an amazing photograph.

Lawn Chairs Are Not For Lawns Anymore

This photo reveals how devastating and bewildering tornadoes can be. Tornadoes can snap electric lines in half, uproot houses from their foundations, make rooves fly off their homes, and so much more. This is a perfect example of how strong a single tornado can be.

Image courtesy of johntaylorsbangs/Reddit

This lawn chair was sent flying when a tornado hit. As a result, the walls were impaled by this dangerously flying chair. Good thing no one was hurt when this happened, or else it would have caused more damage than we can imagine. Stay safe!

Winter Woe-nderland

In today’s episode of Elsa turning things to ice, this picture reveals how drastically the climate has changed. This weather in these pictures and other images would not have happened as often back then if there was no climate change.

Image courtesy of kentiboyy/Reddit

This Redditor posted this photo of a toilet covered in ice. Not snow, not water, not clumps of hair from the drain, but solid ice. Apparently, the main water valve was not shut off when they left the cabin for winter. When they came back, this is what greeted them. Looks like they will not have a proper toilet for a couple of weeks.

Frozen Never Ends

Oh, dear. Elsa, when will you end your world tour? People living in tropical countries would never know the feeling of waking up one morning and seeing your place buried knee-deep in snow. They might experience more flooding, but it can be a nightmare for the people in countries with four seasons.

Image courtesy of Palifaith/Reddit

This photo shows a car filled with snow. Snow entered through the window and made itself at home, covering the interiors with a cold and white blanket. Let’s just hope the owner has more time on their hands to finish cleaning this cold mess.

Tourist Traps

One of the reasons people often go on trips to different places is to experience the famous landmarks they’ve seen in films, television, or books. Imagine the disappointment when you traveled across the country for several hours, and when you arrived at your destination, you realized that it’s not the same.

Image courtesy of prestoff/Reddit

This couple felt that when they traveled across the Atlantic to visit the famous Central Park in New York. Known for its popular reputation as depicted in numerous films and shows, we included it in our list. Let’s just say this was an expensive and tiring reality check.

Rock and Roll!

For most motorists, it is a nightmare to drive in an intense rainfall, snowstorm, or any other form of precipitation. Aside from making the roads a bit more slippery, it counts for more difficult navigation. However, hailstorms fall into a completely different genre.

Image courtesy of geekfest/Reddit

Someone on Reddit posted this photo of a poor luxury car covered in holes and pit marks as though it was vandalized. However, that’s not the case. Apparently, the owner went out with their car and went home immediately after getting caught in a hailstorm. They didn’t drive fast enough.

Heaven’s Thick Icing

Bakers know what they are doing when spreading icing evenly on a cake. If it’s too thick, the flavors will become off-balance, making it hard to swallow. In this picture, it looks like heaven’s angels went a little heavy-handed with the icing.

Image courtesy of chantillylace9/Reddit

According to the Redditor who posted it online, this was their brother’s cabin in northern California, and he left the house to deal with a messy divorce. It took him five miles on a snowmobile to see what the angels have done to his house after leaving it alone for a week.

Make A Salad

There’s this age-old saying that goes, “When life gives you lemons, turn them into lemonade.” This means that we should always try to see the positive side of things and never fail to see the silver lining in every dark situation. But what if life literally throws you a whole jackfruit?

Image courtesy of sleepyhead242/Reddit

This photo shows a whole jackfruit that landed straight on someone’s windshield, therefore breaking the glass and damaging the entire car. If the car owner had asked for a sign to start a healthier lifestyle, then we guess this is the message she received.

Hot Summer Indeed

For many people, summer is their most hated season because they can’t handle waking up hot and going to sleep hot. There is no other option. Walking outside without any sort of protection can be seen as a sneak peek of what scorching heat feels like. Thus, these people have to go out as much as possible.

Image courtesy of bobathehut/Reddit

This poor man was photographed with a very wet back in the shape of his backpack slung across his back, apparently walking on the streets without any shade in sight. This is the most uncomfortable feeling ever.

Helping Hand, Perhaps?

As humans, we are supposed to help one another. The world can be a cruel place, so people need someone to lean on in case things get rough. This man’s boss asked him for help in shoveling some snow at his residence, and the employee thought it would be a small shoveling task. What could go wrong?

Image courtesy of fiesel21/Reddit

Well, this is what it is all about. He went out to see his car completely buried in snow from top to bottom. The silver lining here is that his care was not alone, as his boss’s car is also buried deep in snow. However, this might take them several more hours to finish.

Seasons Are Changing

Weather forecasts are one way to check the weather for the rest of the day. Checking today’s weather forecast tells you if you have to bring your umbrella, wear light clothing, or apply tons of sunscreen to protect yourself. However, it always pays to be on the watch, unlike this Redditor.

Image courtesy of PhatedGaming/Reddit

It was sunny when they went outside, so they wore a pair of shorts appropriate for the weather. It is best to walk outside on a hot summery day wearing something comfortable. However, when they peered outside, the streets were snowy, and the sudden temperature drop caught them off guard.

Electricity, Anyone?

Electric cars are seen as the future of modern transportation. It would be safe to expect that one in five people will own an electric car instead of a traditional one in a few years. To make them run, you just have to charge them with electricity, the same way you charge your phone with your phone charger.

Image courtesy of Xplosiv27/Reddit

This photo was posted on Reddit by someone who saw a charging station for Tesla cars soaked in deep water after a long day of rainfall. We just wonder if they still work after this. It is safe to say you better stay home in these conditions if you own a Tesla car.

Svalbard Sundays

Svalbard in Norway is known as the place where every known seed in the world is stored in an ultra-tight dome with ultra-tight security. This was done so that people can still survive with food crops in case Armageddon happens. However, this does not mean that every office in Svalbard works the same way as this.

Image courtesy of Kjakan/Reddit

Someone forgot to close the window in this Svalbard office, and thus the snow made itself at home, covering every inch of the office from floor to ceilings and back again. Let’s just hope that the office is well-equipped with spare equipment and materials.

Garden Patches

The sun’s harsh and burning rays can scorch not only our skin but also many different things when exposed for too long. Glass accommodates heat very well, causing it to break when temperatures get too high to bear. However, this photo shows that glass windows should not be left outside for too long under these conditions.

Image courtesy of YumLoopYT/Reddit

Someone left their windows lying on their grass for a while under the scorching heat. When they returned, they saw that the grass underneath the glass windows was burnt, leaving four patches of burnt grass on their lawn. This can be a potentially dangerous situation, so it is highly advised that you should not try this as an experiment.

Spare No Chance

Weather forecasts might be more reliable than any other weather-telling shaman out there, but it also pays to be vigilant and prepared when things get rough. There are times they might predict a sunny day perfect for outdoor activities, but the next day, it might be soaking wet because of rain.

Image courtesy of King_Baboon/Reddit

These campers might have relied too much on the weather forecast, saying it might rain only 20% of the day. Well, that 20% turned into a full-blown flood thanks to heavy rainfall. It looks like someone’s barbecue parties will have to be canceled. Thanks, science.

Rainy with a Chance of Ice Fall

It is common for different kinds of precipitation to happen, such as rain, storms, snow, hail, and even ice. This happens due to the abnormalities of weather changes, thanks to different factors. However amusing these might be, imagine if this happened to you.

Image courtesy of ShbeblyTheGreat/Reddit

This photo shows a car that was damaged by a shower of rain that solidified into ice. It would take time for the owner to retrieve their car as the tires are also frozen solid. This is fascinating at first, but it can be severe if left for a long time.

Cool Summers, Perhaps?

There are times that the weather forecast has some glitches in its system, making us experience things we do not usually encounter in the normal seasons. Hence, you might experience heavy rainfall on the hottest days of the year or be burnt in the blazing heat in the middle of December.

Image courtesy of Gizlo/Reddit

This Colorado resident expected warm weather because the news said it’s still summer. Little did he know that nature wants to pull a prank on him, and he witnessed his entire house and everyone surrounding it covered in snow. It looks like they had to cancel this afternoon’s barbecue outdoors because of the snow.

What a Letdown

Earlier, we saw someone who traveled across the Atlantic just to get a glimpse of the very popular Central Park, only to be greeted by heavy fog. Consider this the same experience as what we witnessed before. This goes to show that this can happen to anyone around the world.

Image courtesy of Phteven_with_a_v/Reddit

This man went to India to see one of the remaining artificial wonders of the ancient world, the Taj Mahal. Filled with history, culture, and art, this guy only felt his heart full of disappointment upon seeing how the clouds and the fog covered the majesty of this beautiful landmark. Still, he has to take a photo because he spent thousands of dollars just to see this, and he has to make it worth his visit.

To Protect, but at What Expense?

Some animals and plants are protected by laws, meaning you cannot cut a certain tree or shoot a certain animal without permission from the authorities. If you violate these laws, you will be subject to fines, probation, community service, and in some cases, prison.

Image courtesy of sikanrong101/Reddit

This user mentioned that cutting a saguaro cactus is prohibited in the state of Arizona. However, this very same plant fell and destroyed their roof. They are now in a pickle because they have to restore their house, but they do not want to violate the law. I guess the cops would let them off for once, right?

Clouds on the Wall

From across the Atlantic to India and now to China, another tourist felt disappointed upon visiting a renowned landmark and not seeing its entire beauty. However, he does not have anyone to blame for this, but he looks happy either way.

Image courtesy of Never_Hard/Reddit

This unfortunate tourist had visited The Great Wall of China, as have many other people worldwide. He anticipated to see the Great Wall in all its glory, but the clouds said, “Not today,” and engulfed the views with heaps of low-lying clouds. Let’s just hope he wants to go back there soon.

Forget Me Not Anymore

People tend to forget several things when it comes to staying safe. Some forget to lock their doors, while others forget to turn the faucets off. This poor individual forgot to close the window on a cold, wintry night, and let’s just say. They had an uninvited guest.

Image courtesy of ValueMaverick/Reddit

Apparently, they forgot to close the windows, and Elsa visited them. She made herself comfortable and covered everything in the room with snow and ice. Imagine the shock and horror upon seeing this sight first thing in the morning. Lesson learned: always trust your instincts.

Don’t Chalk it Up

Some festivals are celebrated in certain seasons, such as Easter in spring, to symbolize the rebirth of the animals and plants after a long and dry winter. These festivals are celebrated during specific seasons because the weather allows them to enjoy the celebrations.

Image courtesy of SavagePupper/Reddit

The Denver Chalk Art Festival is celebrated every summer, honoring the city’s young artists and decorating their streets with colorful and vibrant artworks made entirely of chalk. It looks like Mother Nature had other plans, and the rain washed all these creations down the drain. Let’s hope that this will be the last time this happens.

Summer Sport For A Reason

Sports are meant to be enjoyed in specific seasons; to avoid uncomfortable feelings among players and ensure everyone has a great time while playing. Ping pong is listed as a sport in the Summer Olympics, as it is hard to play during the winter and the wet months unless it’s inside.

Image courtesy of PR3DA7oR/Reddit

Imagine this family’s shock when they saw their ping pong board distorted due to heavy rains outside. People should always remember that sports equipment and tools are meant to be kept in the shade, away from the elements that might destroy or ruin their overall quality. They need to buy a new table soon.

Lego House?

Finally, this photo would emphasize the importance of hiring a competent architect and engineer to build your house. It is also important that you build your house with materials of top quality to ensure that your house lasts for a long time. Sadly, this family never got the memo.

Image courtesy of Tiduszk/Reddit

Believe it or not, strong winds knocked their chimney down, sending it flying and eventually landing in the yard. As one of the commenters has said in the Reddit post, never hire a Lego-loving kid as a contractor for your dream house. Always hire talented people, and you will get better results.