45 Times People Stumbled Upon Rare Finds Or Lost Items In Odd, Unexpected Places

By Ana J

Now and then, you stumble upon something so strange – something unexpected and delightful – and you absolutely have to document it. Like, actually finding a four-leaf clover! Those guys are pretty rare (about one in five thousand), and finding them is a symbol of good luck for many. As small as they may seem, things like this can make life much more engaging. In a weird way, it feels like we have been given a small gift in these moments by being able to experience something we. With this in mind, we compiled a collection of 45 pictures of things that are so amazing and so bizarre that if you found them, you would also tell everybody you know about them! But what would the stories be without photographic evidence? Here are a few things that brightened people’s day. We hope it makes your day a little better and arouses your sense of wonder.

Mushroom Globe

Snow globes are pretty common, especially around Christmas. Everyone has at least one sitting on the mantel as a decoration piece. Some globes are more funky and unique than others. Some have elaborate city landscapes or interesting characters on the inside.

Image credits: onedio.com

And apparently, some have fully grown mushrooms in them! We are willing to bet you’ve never seen a fungus growing inside a glass globe before. What a sight! We can’t help but wonder if this was natural or someone’s experiment.

Seven leaf clover!?

As we said in the beginning, finding a four-leaf clover is extremely rare. But how about clover with more than four leaves? Say, like, the lucky number seven?! How lucky would that be? It’s almost double the luck. Solid math, right?

Image credits: source: Griizly/Reddit

Maybe this person can distribute the luck to their offspring. It seems like a lot of luck to have for just one person. How will they wield their power? With great power comes great responsibility, and they need to make sure they know that they just received it!

Clear Leaf

Speaking of stumbling upon unusual things that could be interpreted as being lucky, what about stumbling upon a transparent leaf? Like, super clear! We mean clear as water! What are the odds? We say even smaller than finding a four-leaf clover.

Image credits: girlswannabetracer / reddit

Would anyone believe somebody saw this without picture evidence? Probably not. But a little bit of luck rubbed off on all of us for getting to see a well-preserved transparent leaf. Stumbling upon this must have felt like being in a sci-fi movie.

Nature Bottle

Moving on with the theme of amazing things you can find in nature. Have you ever seen a bunch of clovers in a bottle? Like, real clovers! Not ones you can draw on with a marker. According to an old children’s fable, if you collect enough clovers…

source: u/erixashes / reddit

… you can make a wish, and it will be fulfilled. Do you think a bottle full of them is the magic number? If we were in the wish-fulfilling business, we would give this person bonus points for preserving them creatively.


This Super Nintendo gives a whole new meaning to the adjective super! Have you ever seen a Nintendo or any console that can hold so much weight on its shoulders? Well, shoulders, figuratively speaking. We really mean on its corners!

source: jackieDeMarco / imgur

Corners just don’t carry the same weight! Pun intended. Maybe this was a part of an environmental campaign to prove how you can reuse things you never imagined you could? We really don’t know. But what we do know is that this is a rare sight to see!

Weird animals

Imagine walking around a forest or a trail and seeing this fluffy thing in the picture below. What would your first thought be? Surely you would think this is some sort of an animal who just got cozy and fell asleep.

Image credits: Onedio

But what kind of furry animal would themselves in the dirt that much? Well, it’s no animal. Apparently, it’s a hat! If this were an animal stuck in the ground, that would just make a depressing story! Also, we might add that the texture is enough to throw anyone off!


Nobody ever reads the terms and conditions anymore. Heck, barely anyone reads the manuals and instructions. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be reading these things! Now, you wouldn’t expect reading to be an important part of your gift shopping shenanigans.

Image credits: @annacatkopsky/Twitter

But imagine giving this mug to someone special with the intention of only complimenting their looks, and you ended up breaking some life-changing news to them! Unless that is what you want, then go for it. But the lesson here is to read the fine print.

Secret door

This is the real-world equivalent of The Chamber of Secrets. When you open one door, you are greeted by another. This individual photographed a dorm lobby with a “secret” door. It’s genuinely well-hidden. Would you ever think to look there?

Image credits: 9gag.com

What we want to know now is what’s in the room that’s hidden? Why is it hidden? We need to know! It’s unfortunate we don’t get more info except for the location of the door. Well, we don’t know which dorm this is, either.


Ok, if anything, this article might encourage you to take more walks in nature because people stumble upon some awesome stuff. We’ve seen some super cool leaves, but how about a portal to a different dimension? That’s what this next person saw.

Image credits: Joannajet/Imgur

Would you dare to go in? It seems harmless enough, but if you’ve ever watched any sci-fi movie ever made, you know that there are consequences of going through a portal. We have to wonder if this was man-made or natural.


There’s a lot to unpack here. A tiger in the cage is looking at another mascot tiger that’s being taken somewhere. This must-have happened at some zoo somewhere, but we have to wonder if the real tiger is genuinely concerned!

Image credits: SteamJusticeWarrior/Reddit

We can’t tell how the mascot feels underneath the costume, but the tiger in the cage definitely looks concerned. Maybe he’s thinking, “Oh no, they got one of us, again!” He may be wondering where he is headed off to next.


As we said before, people seem to find lots of unusual things in the woods. That is definitely the case for this next person who found this gigantic statue in the woods. Imagine coming across this troll in the woods on a night stroll. We’d get a heart attack.

Image credits: goody0926/Reddit

What if someone left a speaker in there to play a song from, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia by Danny DeVito when he says, “Yo, gotta pay the troll toll…” Yikes. Putting our imagination aside, it took some serious time to build this.

Casually Driving

We truly live in extraordinary times. Cars are accessible for almost anybody to drive. No matter how short or tall you are, you can find a car out there to suit your needs. However, most cars come standardized for the average person.

Image credits: platinum-r/Reddit

However, if you need to have your car personalized to suit your needs, it usually takes a lot more money to do so. Take, for example, this guy in the picture above! The poor man had to push his seat so far back in order to drive comfortably!


Someone once said that music transcends language barriers. In this next photo, we have a visual representation of that quote. After all, people always surprise you. Buddhist monks can be fans of grunge music too! They definitely have amazing taste!

Image credit: BejesusChrist/Reddit

We want to believe this wasn’t some sort of a mixup where they just bought tote bags because they thought they looked nice. We hope this was a conscious choice and that these monks love to rock out to some Nirvana in their free time.

Winnie The Pooh

Speaking of cool things in the forest, this next one must be man-made. It’s an excellent idea! Imagine walking along and stumbling upon the entrance to the Hundred Acre Woods! Wow. This definitely would have made our day 100%.

Image credits: Ed_Tivrusky_IV/Reddit

If you want to make someone’s day, and you have some basic woodworking skills, this is a great way to do it. If we had the skillset to make this, we absolutely would leave these entrances all over the place!


This next one is a life hack that is rather strange. If you see what you are about to see in the next photo at a stoplight, you might want to smile back. But imagine seeing this on a highway. It could be concerning.

Image source: thesmilingblobfish/Reddit

Are they looking at the road? Well, this person says they have never been pulled over many times, and we see why. A cop would think they are driving recklessly, and we don’t understand how they are able to keep this sticker up for so long if that’s the case!


Moving houses is exhausting with all the packing, labeling, and reorganizing. If you ever moved, you know that getting comfortable in a new space can be stressful, as counter-intuitive as it sounds. So, how can you avoid this inconvenience?

Image credits: travelerdreams.com

Just move the whole thing! Maybe some things will get knocked down during transit, but hey, most of the heavy furniture will stay where it is. Imagine seeing this as you are casually driving. We would be scared, so scared it would fall over!


Here is one of the best examples on today’s episode of I Didn’t Expect It to Be There. This person discovered a $20 bill in a bar of soap! It’s clear how it ended up so neatly placed in there. Was it shipped directly from the factory?

Image credits: @VMarieVrt /Twitter

Is some poor factory worker missing their money? It can’t be. It’s too perfectly rolled for it to be an accident. We guess this soap gives a whole new meaning to “money laundering.” How lucky must one be to find money in soap?


So far, we’ve seen some super cute things that people found in the woods. For a change of tone, here is something that definitely gives us the heebie-jeebies. And if we were to see this with our own eyes, we’d be running for the hills.

Image credits: deleted user/reddit

This house definitely looks a tad bit haunted. Honestly, it looks like the set of a horror movie. Would you dare go in? Judging from this one picture, that would be a definite no. There are some things that are just not worth it!


It’s always useful to find items that can serve multiple functions. Here’s a picture of a strange cross between a mouse and a calculator. The top section works like a regular mouse, while the bottom section basically functions as a calculator.

Image credits: 9gag.com

Why would anyone need a calculator that is also a mouse? Isn’t there a calculator on your computer? We have so many questions. Owning a ‘2-in-2’ device is always awesome but is it always necessary? In this case, we say no!

Guilty Pleasure

Ok, this next one is a life hack. Yes, the man from the picture was busted eventually, but he had a good run before that. You just have to be more careful when you hide your possessions, especially if you have kids!

Image credits: Pishposhbabydotcom/Instagram

Or, if you have a partner who likes the same snacks as you, sometimes you just want to keep your stash to yourself. You just need to be sneakier than this man because he clearly got caught, and now he needs to be even more secretive.


Have you ever seen someone look for their glasses for hours only to realize that they were resting on the top of their head the entire time? It’s a fairly common occurrence for those who depend on their glasses. But losing them altogether is a different story.

Image credits: MyLoveBox/Reddit

It’s understandable to lose a ring or earring in the dough, but who would expect someone to forget their glasses in bread? It’s probably the last place anyone would think to look for their glasses. They probably had to buy new ones after this incident.


This is a cute little plant in the picture below. However, some pretty gross things had to be present for it to thrive in this environment. If there’s a tiny sprout growing from the crevices of your car seat, it means there is dirt, mold, and moisture.

Image credits: Iwanttoleaveok/Instagram

This sounds super yucky, but we can’t deny that the sprout is super cute. Even greenery in the car sounds like a nice idea. But there is probably a more sanitary way to do it, so maybe opt for artificial plants. No one will judge you there!


Speaking of dirty things, insects in the house are not a great sign either. And they are way less cute than tiny plants. Also, insects are way dirtier than plants. However, the person who took this photo thinks otherwise.

Image credits: Unsanctifi3d/Twitter

They’re obviously not grossed out by insects. Or are they trying to send a message? On the other hand, this person was very different and decided to give his new kitchen resident his own unique space by giving him his own table!


Life imitates art and vice versa. All cartoon characters are inspired by someone the cartoonist met or saw in real life. Once the characters get popular, they have impersonators who show up at birthday parties and other special events.

Image credit: LordDoomsday/Reddit

But this guy does not need a costume! It seems like he impersonates Mario without even trying. He might look more like Mario than Mario himself! In fact, if he didn’t have the giant hat on, maybe he would stand out in the crowd more.


Some people say that everyone statistically has seven doppelgängers around the world. Some look more like you, and others have a vague resemblance. If you are lucky, you will spot at least one once in your lifetime. Most people don’t, though.

Image credits: Paroxismm/Reddit

But would you expect to find your lookalike in a museum? What are the chances? This lady hit the jackpot. They even have a super similar haircut. Do you think she studied up on this painting before she went so she could do her hair the same way?


In movies and cartoons, there are so many magical and mythical creatures. Spotting such a creature in real life is super rare and, if we are being honest, highly disputed. But this next photo might be the closest we’ve seen to a real-life sighting!

Image credit: youessbee/Reddit

And to a real-life Minotaur at that! We won’t be the first ones who realized that the shadow was cast at nighttime, making it even more chilling. Imagine walking into a room and seeing this spooky shadow. However, it’s super cool!


It’s safe to say that coming across a baby deer while walking through the field would be the highlight of any animal lover’s day. The deer appeared to be sleeping peacefully and comfortably, which is unusual for these alert animals.

Image credits: neverbird/Imgur

This tiny thing, on the other hand, was vulnerable to danger. This makes it seem like something out of a children’s book, and we wonder if it’s the same orphaned fawn who has brought tears to everyone’s eyes since the 1940s.


Is this another doppelgänger situation, or is it a Spiderman meme situation? If you’re familiar with the meme reference, this image should make sense right away. Focus on the other girl in the background instead of the really tall guy.

Image credits: elvegu /Reddit

It’s incredible how these two, who never met before, ended up meeting at a Coldplay concert of all places. Their faces aren’t that similar, but they could definitely be mistaken for twins with the same haircut, hoody, and glasses!


This next sighting on the list has to be one of the most magical things we’ve seen so far. It looks like something out of a fairytale. We wouldn’t be able to move if we stumbled upon this. We would stay put and soak it all in.

Image credits: Whitneygoose/Instagram

Fun fact: Montana de Siete Colores, also known as Rainbow Mountain, is a Peruvian mountain that depicts all colors of the rainbow, and visiting it should be on everyone’s bucket list. Water that glistens in the sun really adds to the once-in-a-lifetime view.


A classic baking fail is finding kitchen utensils in your freshly baked treat. Now, unlike something like you didn’t know you misplace like glasses, let’s say you left a spoon in there. Imagine biting into what you baked and hitting your teeth on metal. Yikes!

Image credits: ihavesoreballs/Reddit

Was it left in the pan, or did it somehow get lost in the mix and no one noticed? There are a number of questions that only the baker can answer. And we are going to go ahead and assume it has an effect on the taste and texture of the baked goods.


Cats really act like they have nine lives. They squeeze into some weird places like they are made of liquid. But also, their balance is impeccable. They basically have built-in skills that any parkour artist would be jealous of.

Image credits: judazee/Imgur

This cat has some insane abilities, as we can see by his ability to stand on the door handle of a car. This cat is most likely a hidden Ninja Warrior. It’s safe to assume that it could probably do some fantastic tricks if you trained it.


Food art has grown in popularity over the years. Some people have the patience and skills required to create pancakes with human faces. This next “art piece” is unlikely to grace the walls of a museum, but it gets an honorable mention in our books.

source:@Lohtahqwas / twitter

Not everyone is creative enough to recreate a famous piece of art from their breakfast, but this person did an excellent job. They are working with some pretty hard mediums like eggs and rice. We definitely would fail if we tried this.


Most kids dislike eating veggies, but we adults have some tricks up our sleeves to get them to eat them, so they grow up with healthy habits. Many of them find ways to avoid having to eat veggies. Some hide them while others feed them to pets.

Image credits: RequiemForATaco/Reddit

These kids, on the other hand, hide them in the remote! How unique! How did they even know it would fit so perfectly? According to reports, this isn’t the first or last time these little munchkins hid vegetables around the house.

Time capsule

Making a time capsule is one of the most rewarding things a child, or an adult, can do. All of the thoughts that crowd the mind one’s desires are usually written on a piece of paper along with some object that means a lot to the person burying it.

Image credits: ReturnedAndReported/Reddit

It’s truly a magical experience. This person discovered their child’s time capsule, and they were taken aback! Although it is difficult to understand the actual contents of the box, it is reasonable to assume that each item has some significance.

Save a spot

Going to the beach is, for the most part, a fun experience. We say for the most part because if you don’t plan ahead, it can be a nuisance, and beaches can often be super crowded. Finding and securing a spot to chill can be a nightmare.

Image credits: misaelsoto.com

In the photo above, we finally see how you can avoid this inconvenience, and that’s by buying the largest towel available on the market. Actually, we are not sure if you can buy it or if it has to be custom-made. Let us know!


The science of white ferns is a little complicated to understand. Before shedding their leaves, these delicate plants consume the nutrients in them. When the fern roots absorb all of the nutrients, the foliage turns into a beautiful, white color.

Image credits: lovelyb1ch66 / Reddit

While there is a scientific explanation, we like to imagine something more magical. We are inspired at this point. What about Elsa from Frozen going through this forest and touching this fern, making it icy white? That could be a possibility, right?

Old notebook

Have you ever been flipping through the pages of an old book and imagined that you are living in a different time period? Pages from history can take you on a magical journey through time and space. In this next photo, we have a 100-year old notebook.

Image credits: sethyy12345/Reddit

It appears the notebook belonged to someone who worked in a cement company. Although the only page visible is a calendar, you can’t help but wonder if there’s an interesting hidden message between the pages, like juicy historical work gossip!

The sword

Someone’s fortune shined bright when they discovered an old sword in a forest in England. Do you believe the person was chosen to find the sword? It just seems like such a rare find that it could be destiny.

Image credits: CodeNameScythey/Reddit

We can’t dismiss the idea that once the right person wields the sword, it will be restored to its former glory and strength, powerful enough to avert an apocalypse and eventually save the world? Right? Is it just us?

Mushroom field

Ok, we’ve all seen mushrooms in the store or in the wild, but have you ever seen what a mushroom farm looks like? You might think it resembles a place where they raise any other kind of plant, but it takes a more controlled environment.

Image source: shareably.net

It appears to be a mushroom lover’s paradise, with mushrooms in every corner! Someone was fortunate enough to visit this farm, and the photos do not disappoint. Would you walk here, or are you put off by the strong earthy smell?


Sending messages in a bottle across the ocean hoping someone will find them is nothing new. However, when you see this rare message, it feels really special. It’s not every day that you stumble upon one! It almost feels like you were the one who was chosen to find it!

Image credits: Usernameisepic/Reddit

In this photo, we have someone who stumbled upon a special photo while snorkeling. They discovered it just floating in the ocean. We have to wonder where the couple is now? We hope they are still happy and in love.


We’ve all fantasized about digging through our backyard and discovering a treasure chest containing rare items. For most of us, this remains a lifelong dream, but for this family, it’s real! They really hit the jackpot when they discovered this.

Image credits: sam/Imgur

In this case, it wasn’t a mystical treasure chest. It was a safe. But, it doesn’t change the fact that they discovered treasure! When they opened it, they found some keepsakes as well as thousands of dollars. We hope they were allowed to keep it!

Fun light

At first glance, you might think this is some sort of unique lamp in the photo below. But before you rush off to the nearest IKEA or try to search for it online, look closer. We wonder how long it will take you to see it!

source:u/PsychShake / reddit

It’s actually a balloon that drifted into a ceiling hole and got stuck there! While it was an accident, it’s a bad design idea and not something you should use as a source of inspiration if you’re looking for new chandeliers!


Pumpkin pie, Halloween lanterns, and pumpkin spice lattes are just a few of the many reasons why we adore fall and the spooky season. This town went all out with their pumpkins and literally made an entire house out of them! How cool is that?

Image credit: @cozysunrise /Twitter

How are all of them staying in place there? It seems like a pretty sturdy structure for something made out of vegetables. We’re curious about the mechanisms that keep this unique establishment standing. We give props to the architect and the construction team for pulling this off!


We started with magical stuff people found in the forest and all kinds unique of plants, fungus, and leaves. It’s only fitting that we end this list with one more adorable transparent leaf. It looks so beautiful and fragile that we must protect it!

Image credits: Cusackjeff/Reddit

This leaf is definitely a rare sight to behold, and we hope that one day we find one that is just as in-tact as this! We hope you enjoyed this compilation of 45 bizarre things people stumbled upon as much as we did making it!