45 Times Your Not-So-Friendly Neighborhood Spiders Paid A Visit

By Aileen D

What is it about spiders that scare the life out of us? Firstly, having long legs is a turn-on, usually. But, having four, unshaven pairs of them would make anyone run for the hills. Second, spiders have very little sense of privacy. They love to stand close to you in the shower stall, or they lurk just underneath the toilet bowl. And lastly, they love to leave a tangled mess of webs and debris in the corners of any room they desire. So, when faced with a spider, most of these folks thought the same thing that most of us would – they started packing their bags. Time to move to a new home, folks! That, or they simply locked themselves in a room and waited for the spider to leave. This unwelcomed visit should only last a couple of minutes, right? You will have this article to thumb through until that time comes.

Down the Water Spout

Reddit user, Sades P, was so deep in her work, that she hadn’t noticed her cup was empty. She blindly reached for it, took a sip, and disbelievingly shook its contents. She pushed her chair, swiveled around, and then got up to walk to the water fountain. Just as she was going to remove the lid, she saw this.

Image Courtesy of Sades P/Reddit

There was an incy, wincy spider, climbing down the water spout. Her other hand grasped her throat and wondered if there had been others. Oh goodness. She makes a mad dash for the sink and then tries to heave. Light flashed across the spider, so it climbed up the spout again.

Stops Time

If Spiderman can shoot webs out of his wrists and hurl himself from one building to another, then this spider can stop time. You read that right. This spider doesn’t need any genetic modification for this superpower. All he has to do is to spin his web to keep the dials from turning.

Image courtesy of Jared Neuman 1/Reddit

No wonder Jared Neuman had been reporting late to work. He couldn’t bring himself to say a spider had stopped his clock. So, he bit his lips and meekly said, “It won’t happen again.” He runs his hand through his hair and then flops down on the seat. He logs into the system and views several items on Amazon. In a couple of minutes, he clicks, “add to cart.” What did he buy? A digital clock.

It’s A Go

Unbeknownst to pedestrians waving through the street, there was a traffic enforcer standing in their midst. It was busy and unusually preoccupied with something. From time to time, it would stay still in a corner. But most of the time, it would walk to and from, as the traffic lights changed.

Image courtesy of Silxvia/Reddit

It’s a go! And at the sight of that neon green, it would walk around the silken web, fixing any spaces which insects might fly through. At the moment, it has enough food for a buffet. Some of its prey are long past gone, and some are still struggling to break free. At the sight of the color, red, they start to realize that the possibility of breaking free has passed.

Fully Occupied

This seems like a scene out out of a horror film, but there’s no director to call cut, or any crew men to clean up the mess. Reddit user, shepshep7, had thought of repairing the faulty faucet out back. But, he needed some friction when pulling the wrench. He quickly browsed his cabinet for a pair of gloves. Just when he was going to put one on, he found these.

Image Courtesy of Shep Shep 7/Reddit

As you guessed it, all that movement had caused the spider lings to rush towards the light. Hundreds of them crawled in different directions. It was a sight to see if you’re not afraid of multi-legged insects. A thought came to shepshep7’s mind. “What about the other glove?” He gingerly took a peek.

Eyes on the Road

When you are a driver, you can’t afford to be sidetracked by any distractions. Your first and utmost priority is your safety and the well-being of the people around you. It’s an unspoken rule. But, how would you react if you saw this distraction hanging overhead?

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

That’s probably why this guy’s friend refused to tell his buddy about the critter. Never mind that it is nearly the size of an adult hand, or the fact that it’s wobbling close near his head. We can’t have the driver flipping the car because of a spider. Priorities, people! Priorities!

Can A Cactus Bite?

There are plenty of ways plants fend for themselves. Some grow along the periphery of walls that support them, some grow fine hairs on their leaves to keep small predators away. Whereas, some plants, like cacti, grow thorns to warn people to keep their hands off.

Image Courtesy of Summer _ Brz/Reddit

But, unlike most cacti, this one packs a punch. Once, Reddit user, Summer_brz, had tried to water the cacti, but saw its thorn move from one side of the plant to the other. She peered closely. As she inched closer, that thorn met her eyes in defiance. As it turns out, this thorny house spider will bite back if ousted from its newfound home!

What’s Chewy?

Most of us need a cup of coffee to jolt us awake upon getting out of bed. But, this guy had been served a cold dose of reality when he found this on his countertop. He was just about to place a pea-sized amount of toothpaste on his brush when he noticed a speck of dirt on the side. “Oh holy smokes!” he shrieks, as the toothbrush falls from his hand.

Image courtesy of Wax Patriot/Reddit

Anyone would be jolted awake by this sight. And in case you’re one of the unlucky few who fail to notice it, we are pretty sure you will notice a change in the taste of your mint-flavored toothpaste. You might even find the paste crunchy and unpalatable, as if it wasn’t off-putting already.

When the Bottom Has Gone Dry

This man just wanted to shed a couple inches off his waist. And why not? It’s never too late for anyone to cut down on carbohydrates, especially liquor. It was a hard habit to break, but in no time, he was able to fit into those jeans he bought a decade ago. To reward himself, he thought of taking a sip of beer.

Image Courtesy of _ ogg/Reddit

He had to drink out of this beer glass. So he rummaged to find it in his garage. Low and behold, he found that someone had beaten him to the bottom first. He tapped on the glass, but this spider stood still. It didn’t look like it had trapped any insects, and for good reason – flies aren’t the type to dunk themselves in beer.

Mating Ground

This spider chose a very odd place to keep her eggs. It was mid-Summer, and since it sensed that Winter was drawing near, it decided to find a dark, secluded place to lay her eggs. Not the cupboards where mom would find her with the cereal boxes, nor the floorboards where the dogs are likely to dig under. She chose the AC unit.

Image Courtesy of Now Its 3am/Reddit

Oh, it was dark and secluded, alright. But it’s also painfully cold when Reddit user, nowits3am, amps up the AC. He needed to cool down from the Summer heat. With that high temperature, this spider’s eggs might freeze over, and that would be the end of it. It scrambles to tell this human to turn the AC unit off. Chill, man, chill!

Foreign Object

After sleeping soundly, this man woke up to a horrifying experience. The room was spinning. He steadied himself by leaning against the wall, and just as he places his hand on the wall, he felt a faint itch in his right ear. Not now. He tugs at his ear. But the itching intensifies. As if walking around wasn’t hard enough!

Image Courtesy of Branit FX/Youtube

He had someone take a look in his ear. And to their surprise, they had counted many legs scurrying to burrow deeper inside. They immediately went to the clinic and had the insect removed. Sounds gross, doesn’t it? But some clinicians have reported that they’ve seen spiders make a web in their patients’ ear canal!

With Milk or Sugar?

It is said that Americans brew their tea differently from the British. For one, Americans prefer their tea served over ice, usually. They also love it when it’s sweetened with sugar or sweetener. The Brits, on the other hand, only consider it tea if it’s served hot. Theirs is more palatable to taste. Seeing the picture below, is it any wonder?

Image courtesy of The Dirty Sherpa/Reddit

The spider struggles to reach the rim. One of its legs slip and the other falls into the hot cesspool of milky tea. It tries, once more, to haul its weight over the edge. This time, it does so successfully. That had been a near brush with death. Who would have thought that that the reaper came with two cubes of sugar and a spoonful of cream.

I’m A Survivor

One thing we admire and fear about spiders is that they are survivors. They can thread featherweight houses at great heights, care for hundreds of kids, jump great distances and even change colors to hide themselves from predators. As it turns out, spiders can survive harsh temperatures too!

Image Courtesy of Rii abrego/Twitter

But the single question on everyone’s mind is, just what did he do with the spider? That should get you scratching your head. Did he given it a grape for its admirable will to survive? Did he lay it down gently on a leaf in the garden? Or, did she squish it between her thumb and forefinger?

Limbo Rock

This spider had thought that he had scored the home of his dreams when he moved into this enclosure. Little did he know that he would have to play limbo rock for the rest of his days. Every time this man revved up his engine, the dial would turn all the way until the driver pulled his foot off the pedal.

Image courtesy of Matthe Mod/Reddit

It’s a game played to the death. If you happen to fall asleep while the car is in motion, then you would be swatted by the dial relentlessly. The same is true if you happened to move a second too late. Try as this spider might, he has nowhere to run – forwards or backwards, he had to dance in tune with the tempo.

A Silver Lining

It seems like there is a silver lining for every unfortunate thing that happens to us. Imagine this spider’s plight when he was sucked into this vacuum. He was forced to spend the rest of his days inside the filter. He didn’t die just yet. Instead, he inhabited the space within, and lived off other bugs that were sucked into the wormhole.

Image Courtesy of mildlyinteresting/Reddit

Now this little bugger doesn’t have to spin his web. All he has to do is wait for the familiar whirl, wait by the side of the vent, and then wait for grime, soot, and flies to be catapulted into his territory. “Welcome to my humble abode!” he says. His eyes glow ember red as he bares his fangs at the entrée.

Petty Revenge

Most spiders aren’t territorial. In fact, they are terribly shy when they are faced with humans. But, get too close to some, and you will end up regretting it. This man didn’t mean to scare this critter off. But, he hadn’t seen it hiding in his drink either. When he took a sip from the cup, this critter told him who was the boss of who.

Image Courtesy of Emo _ Trash _ /Reddit

It bit his lip. At first, Reddit user, Emo_Trash_, thought that the water might have been too hot, but he hadn’t felt the searing pain that he would expect from the brewed tea. It was a sharp pain as if he had been stung by something. He put a hand to his lips, and looked down at the cup. A rebellious critter stares up at him with a look that says, “Stay away from my bathwater, you hear me?!”

Cutting Classes

As much as we hate to admit it, there were times we cut classes in junior high. Either our attention span was too short to learn the Kreb’s cycle, or we were more concerned with the number of zits growing on our face. Misplaced priorities, as some put it. Like us, Reddit user, EyeHog, skips class when he lacks inspiration. He finds it elsewhere.

Image Courtesy of Eye Hog/Reddit

Today, he had found it anchored on a white wall. Anyone would have missed it. But since EyeHog had the next 45 minutes to spare, he walked idly and scanned the halls for anything new. Something moved in his periphery. What was it? Just as soon as he turned, he saw nothing there. He stared at the wall, and soon enough, he was able to make out those crooked legs.

Would You Like A Refund?

Here is another mishap encountered by a person dining. All Reddit user, rxddit_, wanted was a fresh serving of spinach with a spoonful of shrimp. But, she had gotten all this to go. At first glance, she had thought it was a grasshopper, but this critter didn’t have any wings. She thought she tasted its web.

Image courtesy of Rxddit_/Reddit

When she laid the dish atop the counter, the cashier attendant almost rejected her claim for a refund. It wasn’t there when I had served it. She stares disbelievingly at the cashier attendant. It wasn’t there because there was a spinach leaf covering it! You would actually have to dig with a fork, or in this case, taste the silken web.

Naturally Flavored

This wasn’t the best way Benton’s Cookies had hoped their product would be marketed. But at least it was free! They had made rounds on local news for a batch of cookies. Apparently, one of their customers found a spider baked into a vanilla wafer cookie. Had she taken a bite out of it? Look for yourself.

Image Courtesy of ACB 7 Chicago/Twitter

To be fair, most of that cookie is still delicious and crisp. The other 5% might be crisper to taste. As described by some, a spider tastes like a cross between a chicken and cod. That’s pretty off-putting paired with a bunch of cookies. They’re better off with some chips, a great deal of garlic, and a pinch of salt!

Can We Pretend This Never Happened?

Reduce, reuse, recycle. As it turns out, we’re not the only ones who are reusing worn-out clothing and discarded bottle tops. Insects have ways of repurposing our trash. This little critter thought of making a makeshift home, with a bottle top for a roof. The only caveat was that he created this home on the backyard table.

Image Courtesy of SAd Carbonara/Reddit

It took this homeowner some time to clean up his backyard – roughly the same amount of time for this spider to spin its web. By then, this spider had thought that the territory was his for the taking. When this human grabbed the bottle top to flick it into the can, the spider quickly negotiated, saying, “can we pretend like this never happened?”

Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite

Back when we were kids, we used to believe that bedbugs would crawl in our beds if we refused to sleep. But growing up, we realized how childish that was. So did Reddit user, zahlee01 – that is, until now. When she rose from her bed, she found this spider on her pillow. Not to worry, it’s still alive.

Image courtesy of Zahlee 01/Reddit

There was some truth to the saying after all; Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Even if Zahlee01 wanted to, she wouldn’t have been able to keep this critter from biting her neck. Her pillow was too plush, and the room had been awfully cold. But ,that makes it all the more attractive for this gangly wolf spider.

We’re Expecting

Reddit user, l0te, never imagined himself as a father. Raising kids was too much work. And for what? It just doesn’t make sense to start a family. Unfortunately, fate had other things in mind for him. One afternoon, he was walking up the stairs when he found this critter hiding in plain sight. His jaw drops. In a couple of months, he should expect hundreds of these crawling all over the place. You could say, he’s expecting.

Image Courtesy of l0te/Reddit

The spider nestled itself in the wall, and made a bubble to lay her eggs in. From the looks of it, it’s well-secured. l0te can’t make much of the sacs. After all, it’s his first time. Consider him a dad, without any knowledge of rearing these spider lings, much less, of having spiders in the house in the first place.

A Truth or A Lie

A lot of people do the most absurd things to get attention online. Some shed the comforts of their privacy, while others weave the most interesting stories. It’s up to you to decide whether it’s true or not. When Reddit user, yalliamsosad, left his drink, he found that a spider had given birth on it half an hour later.

Image Courtesy of Yalliam so Sad/Reddit

Now, we wouldn’t love the internet if not for the freedom that it presents and offers. Someone immediately called him out on it. For one, he states that spiders don’t lay eggs. Um, they aren’t mammals that give birth. Second, it would have taken a momma spider more than 30 minutes to climb that straw and create a web to enclose the egg sac. What do you think?

The Huntsman

Despite its name, The Huntsman spider is pretty low risk to humans. It has the surprising habit of visiting neighbors with no warning despite its shyness. And, it can scurry away like lightning if you do so much as wave to it. But, what’s the most interesting thing about these critters? Their legs can span the whole diameter of your dinner plate!

Image courtesy of the black belt surfer/Reddit

So, imagine this man’s surprise when he turned to look at the back of his car. He had gotten in, revved up the engine, and shifted the gears in reverse. This Huntsman spider was hanging on his glass panel. Reddit user, theblackbeltsurfer, had to stomp on the brakes to keep himself from crashing.

99.9% Arabica Beans

There are all sorts of beans for coffee. You might prefer Arabica beans that have this fruity aftertaste, or Robusta beans which have a higher caffeine content. Some countries pride themselves for manufacturing Liberica beans – dark roasted and ground finely. This woman brews her coffee using 100% Arabica beans. She absolutely loves it. So she was naturally devastated when she found out it wasn’t as pure as she thought.

Image courtesy of Not _ A _ Wendigo/Reddit

As it turns out, bits and pieces of it have foreign particles. In this case, it was a spider. She quickly rang the coffee company and voiced her complaint. They apologized profusely and offered a refund. All the while she absentmindedly stared at this critter in her hand. Who do you think had it worse – her or this spider?

A Dreadful Reunion

What would you do if you found a lone spider in your house? Well like us, this man set it atop a leaf in the garden, just outside his windowsill. He regrets that now. He had not thought that this kind act would bear him this much trouble. As it turns out, the spider he had helped would nest just outside his home.

Image courtesy of castle j/Reddit

While tending to his plants, he walked into the spiderweb. He frantically tried to remove the silken thread from his face. Sheer terror gripped him. He felt thousands of legs running across his face. When he opened his eyes, he had guessed correctly. He had helped that spider grow an army of spider lings!

Caught In A Web

Of all the possibilities, this is the least we would expect from a spider. Reddit user, southbound2016, was prepping for work. She had stashed her files in her bag and then hurriedly went inside the shower stall. Bits of clothing flew and water hissed overhead. She reached for her shower loofah and found this spider tangled in its web.

Image Courtesy of South Bound 2016/Reddit

You would think that with all the webs this spider has weaved, it would be able to move through the spaces of this loofah. But, its rear got caught in between the spaces, and it was forced to take the full force of the shower, when SouthBound2016 quenched the loofah in her hands.

Just a Little Kick

This man was in for a surprise this morning. He had only slept for two hours, and he had to pitch a product to a client that morning. He went through the motions of prepping for work, but mostly with one eye shut and the other slightly open. He brewed some coffee and then poured it into a mug. Two spoons of cream and one of sugar. Then he drank it straight down.

Image Courtesy of Sinister cheese/Reddit

“Hmm, what’s that taste?” he wondered. His lips smack as he tries to make sense of that bitter aftertaste. He takes a couple more sips, until he sees the lifeless body of this critter lying in a pool of caffeine. He tries to vomit. He doesn’t know if the caffeine had kicked in, or if it was the adrenaline. But whatever it was, he was ready to do a sales pitch!

For Biology Class

Science is pretty interesting. Or at least, that’s what Reddit user, Nuclrz, thought. He eagerly took a photo of this lotus, taken from their pond, for Biology class. This week, they had been discussing the germination process of the plant, and just what to do if they wanted to grow their own.

Image Courtesy of Nuclrz/Twitter

In a close up, he saw this innocent-looking critter perched on one of the seeds. “Why, hello there? How long have you been living here?” Twitter user, Nuclrz, thought exactly like us, and had opted to take a picture of this cute spider. It’s very odd to see this furry critter thrive on an aquatic plant. But it might have been more peculiar for this critter to see a two-eyed monster looking back at him.

Can’t See Me

Would you look at that? Spiders are petty tricksters too. This one hid himself under a bulb so that she’s not swatted down by the homeowner. Unfortunately, she kept showing off those gorgeous legs. Anyone’s attention would be taken by them.

Image Courtesy of Lendib 11/Reddit

When this homeowner flicked the switch, this spider momentarily thought of leaving her hiding spot. But, she thought better. She stayed still for what seemed to be an hour. When the homeowner turned off the light, she chose to stretch those long legs and then walk to the opposite corner of the room.

Quick, Take a Peek

Some of us love to live life on the edge. Some purposefully break the rules. Others do stunts for a living, while others do it for free (and without any insurance). But no one can beat this man. Reddit user, LuckeeThirteen, squinted and looked through this eyehole. What about it, you might ask yourself. There was a spider in it.

Image courtesy of Luckee Thirteen/Reddit

What had that been? He blinks a couple of seconds and then shifts on his feet. Then he withdraws. He looks curiously at the speck of dust blocking the eyehole. Then he realizes what he had just done. He staggers backwards and his eyes blink twice as fast now. Told you, this man is a daredevil.

Parenting 101

Spiders are putting moms to shame. When we struggle to look after and care for our babies, they are able to sew them a web, cover all of them, and then feed them food. Parents are stressed caring for just one baby. But this cold-blooded arachnid is able to care for 20 to a hundred at a time!

Image Courtesy of Acpyrus/Reddit

Just look at them scurrying all over the place with their mom standing off to one side. Most of these still have a bit of “egg-yolk” nourishment to feed off from. Either that, or a box of cereal will do. When all else fails, the mother spider will give her own life for all of her babies to eat.

You Know It’s Asian

There’s a staple food for each family. Find out what it is and you can more or less guess their ethnicity. Italians love their pasta and pizza and Americans love their pancakes and bacon. For the Brits, it’s a cup of tea. And for Asians, take a guess.

Image courtesy of Twolves 96818/Reddit

Of course, it had to be rice. Rice is absolutely delicious and is a staple in Asian cuisine. This spider was caught between making itself a sushi roll with seaweed salad, or settling for plain rice and soy sauce. Hearing its tummy rumble, it selects ‘quick cooking’ and makes a mad dash for a grain of rice.

Freshly Brewed

Did you know that black tea has about a third of the caffeine content as black coffee? Neither did we! That’s a healthier alternative if you are the type to thrive off caffeine. Drink as many cups as you want while tapping away furiously, eyes glued to your computer screen.

Image courtesy of Gucci Code/Reddit

Try brewing a packet of this tea, and you’ll end up more alert. In fact, Reddit user, GucciCode, hadn’t even taken a sip of her tea when she felt her pulse spike. What’s the company secret? Bugs packed in teabags. Although in this case, it was an inadvertent manufacturing accident.

His Biggest Fear

What’s your biggest fear? We have a few ranging from Slender Bones stalking you in the dark, Freddy Krueger running his hand across your stomach, or a spider skulking around. For Reddit user, Derpvaulter, it was the latter. And it happened to him just as he was sitting down on the toilet.

Image Courtesy of Derp Vaulter/Reddit

From the looks of it, there was a good reason why this spider chose this bowl. It looks like it hadn’t been cleaned in a month. The chances of it being swept away by a broom or a brush is pretty unlikely. And, it gets pretty dark here with the lid down. Unfortunately, this human had to interfere.

Nature Lover

One of the few ways you can relax from your busy work life is to take a walk in the park. A couple of minutes will do wonders. Take a deep breath with each step. Feel the leaves crunch beneath your feet or the friction of your soles against the gravel. Every once in a while you will encounter critters like these.

Image Courtesy of Tony Alter/CC BY 2.0/Wikimedia Commons

You might see them in the open, or hiding behind leaves and cowering in tree trunks. They might be as curious as you are, or they might just want to take a break from all the attention humans give them. This one is preoccupied at the moment. It’s stealthily waiting for flies to stumble in its trap.

Well Entombed

Needing his daily dose of Vitamin C, this man just wanted to eat a fresh orange. With one clean slice, it was cut in two. He curiously peered at the black blob wedged in the pulp. Soon, he realized what it was. He had become an archaeologist of sorts – dating and interpreting matters of historical interest.

Image courtesy of Rated R Gamer/Reddit

Just how did this spider get in here? He calls his wife and has her take a look. Interesting, huh. It must have gotten there when the fruit was still small. It stayed a couple of days too long, and found itself stuck as the sacs grew in size.

When the Universe Gives You A Sign

You know you’re on the right track when the universe gives you something like this as a sign. Reddit user, Rhys Toot, had taken a break from work. “Just a 15-minute read, that’s all I need,” she sighs. She picks up her book, and turns the page to where she had left off. She had been reading about spiders, what do you know.

Image Courtesy of Rhys Toot / Reddit

Well, she didn’t expect the universe to take her request so literally. She had asked for a sign, but this was an all too-glaring one. She carefully laid the book down and let the spider off on the leaf of a plant. It’s better off thriving their than being reduced to a mark on a page.

What A Cutie

There are some spiders that are guaranteed to scare the life out of you, and there are some that will make you want to adopt them. This netizen had come across the latter. He was busy chewing on a bunch of sour grapes when his finger brushed against a needle. “Was that a prick I just felt?” he thought.

Image Courtesy of N30 m 4 u1/Reddit

He sees this little fella hanging at the top of the branch. You could hardly see it with its size and color. He’s lucky he wasn’t resting on any of the grapes below. That would have been catastrophic – for him and this human. And it would have made this batch of grapes even more sour.

No Need for the Visor

These folks had planned a getaway trip somewhere. It would take them a couple of hours and many sandwiches to get there. Dad filled the gas tank, and they went on their way. They departed at dawn and headed east. So naturally, the sun bore down on them. Dad went to put the visor down, but instead, drastically pulled the car over.

Image Courtesy of henobee/Reddit

Almost every one of the passengers swung their doors open. “Get it off. Get it off,” one shrieked, feeling imaginary hairy legs crawling all over her. It was only her hair. Everyone did a pat down, and realized that this spider was the only one of her kind in the car.

Devil in Disguise

Being hunters themselves, spiders have devised a way to hide themselves from predators when scrounging for food. This particular kind transforms itself to look like a twig. It draws its legs close to its body and lies very still. This trick has also helped the spider catch more prey.

Image Courtesy of jburna _ dnm/Reddit

Fortunately, Reddit user, jburna_dnm, was observant enough to see that this twig was in fact, a critter. She very nearly flicked it with her forefinger when she opened the window. But, in the final moments, this twig extended its legs and latched itself even stronger to the curtain.


Unlike most people, this woman loves her fruits and vegetables fresh from the farm. She doesn’t like that they’re sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. So, how does she go about identifying those without them? Why, she checks to see if there are any holes burrowed into by insects, or in this case, if there is an insect.

Image Courtesy of WXYZ TV Detroit Channel 7/Youtube

Chances are, this bag of grapes were grown without being sprayed with any chemicals. How else would this spider have survived the whole fruit-picking process. It shyly hides itself as this woman shakes the container. So why is she making all this fuss about customer care and quality food-grade service?

What’s With All the Banging?

There are only four people in this house. But, little did these folks know that they adopted another child. It had been taking up space somewhere. They wouldn’t have found had it been for the home renovation. Twitter user, fingerbus, states that after telling everyone to expect a ruckus, this little critter came out of hiding.

Image Courtesy of Finger Bus/Reddit

What’s with all the banging? It taps its foot against the wall. It receives a reply – everyone in the room stood aghast, inching away from it. At that very moment, the repairman put all his strength into tearing down the wall. Almost everyone regretted that decision. This baby momma’s spider lings came crawling out of the nest!

Under House Arrest

This post had gone pretty viral in only a couple of seconds. People liked, shared, and commented on Teouna Thomas’s picture. She was in fear for her life. She looked out the window and saw this hostile stranger looking back at her. She states, “Someone please tell me what this is?”

Image Courtesy of Bump N The Knight/Reddit

Her brain races. She couldn’t remember having done anything horrible to anyone these past couple of days. So why had this stranger followed her home? And what was it doing stalking her? She pulls the rope and the blinds shut him out. But the mental image of its hairy legs on display as clear as day will continue to haunt her.

Rich in Protein and Potassium

Reddit user, carklr, had been feeling weak and nauseous since waking up this morning. Plus, he had been struggling with muscle cramps. He would flex his calves every now and then. He had been working out pretty strenuously. So he decided to go to the local mart and buy himself a bunch of bananas.

Image Couresy of carlkr/Reddit

With only a couple of dollars, he was able to buy himself a good dose of potassium and protein. He watched as a spider extended some of its legs out, and then dodge the tight spaces in that container. He inspected the bananas, deciding if this spider had beat him to them. Maybe that should make it taste sweeter? NOT!

A Little Cramped

We can only imagine what this feels like – living in fear of enclosed spaces. By looking at this picture, we can tell just how terrifying it is! You desperately search for a way out, but you only feel the walls close in on you. Watch those hairy legs and feel them crawling up your neck.

Image Courtesy of A Bit of A Buzz Kill/Imgur

Reddit user, abitofabuzzkill, only had two choices – risk his hand in the pursuit of freedom, or make this bathroom his new home. He had seriously considered the latter when the bathroom door swung open. Quick to pounce, he jumped on his feet, profusely thanked the user, and then sprinted out the door.

Nearly Burned Down the House

Reddit user, chicknorris63, prides herself in being a great cook – that is, if you consider reheating meals ‘cooking.’ Today, to the surprise of everyone, she had nearly burned the house down. She had a simple explanation. She was forced to use the kitchen stove.

Image Courtesy of Chick Norris 63/Reddit

The spider guarded the controls ruthlessly. It walked up and down the buttons trying to crawl on anyone who dared to change the settings. This mum had to cook a meal for her son. Out of desperation, she took out a pan, switched the knob, and clumsily adjusted the flame.

Pretty Juicy

With or without a farmer, the fruits on this plantation site grow well because of these little critters. Spiders have, after all, been used in farms to help manage pests naturally. But from time to time, some of these eight-legged critters find themselves packed with a handful of grapes for consumption.

Image Courtesy of llama llama koala/Reddit

So when this woman shared this picture, some were quick to take the spider’s side, stating, “Even better! That means there aren’t any chemicals to wash off the fruit!” Let it out of the bag. Place it on a plant and then leave it in peace. That’s the least you can do after it spun a web to keep those grapes intact.

Welcome to the World Wide Web

Despite being the independent creatures that they are, some spiders have a knack for moving into homes. At least, they won’t have to yank the silken web from their abdomen, and then weave from the center of the web outwards. This genius thought of moving into a new type of web.

Image Courtesy of megusta ajo / Reddit

The World Wide Web. But without much tools, there was poor connectivity. This guy only spent a couple of minutes in that cave, and then looked for another hotspot to hide in for the rest of the season. Fortunately, he climbed into a potted plant and then hid behind its leaves. Much safer there!

Holda, the Witch

We are sure you know the tale. There had been a great famine. Hansel and Gretel’s parents only had enough food to feed two mouths. Wanting to survive the winter, they left their kids in the forest. Hansel left a trail of breadcrumbs as they were led into the woods. But these were blown off by the wind or eaten by a flock of birds. They fell into the hands of this sinister witch, who lived in this sugary sweet house.

Image courtesy of WTF/Imgur

Unlike the tale, the witch doesn’t appear to be elderly, but in fact, shows itself with eight legs spanning the whole length of the house. So, like anyone would, Hansel and Gretel sprinted away, free from this witch’s evil grasp. They were able to live just like in the tale, without having to be placed in a cauldron.


Dad isn’t usually conscious about what he wears. With his figure, he almost always looks good in anything. But today was pretty distressing for him. He found this hairy spider lounging on his dresser drawer. He tried to push it away, but it wouldn’t budge.

Image Courtesy of Nuclear _ Sean/Reddit

He could try to pull the handle and rummage through the drawer for a decent shirt. Even that faded round-neck tee would do. He could do that, he thought. But what if this wolf spider decides to take a ride? He swallows, sweat on his brows, and imagines what he will tell his co-workers. “Does this spider look good on me?”