The Odd, Weird, And Unsettling: 35+ Photos That Send Tingles Down Our Spines

By Jo A

People all over the globe turn to the internet to get their daily dose of weird, creepy, funny, and random entertainment. It’s no news that there is a vast amount of uncanny things on the internet, from simple human oddities to computer-generated imagery. If you are sitting there trying to figure out if you are one of those people that seek out the more odd things on the web, well, then, you stumbled to the right place. We decided to make your interesting life a little more riveting by compiling some of the most frightful, strange, and eerie photos we could find so you don’t have to. The images are oddly captivating, and we highly encourage you to grab the big fluffy blanket over there on the couch. Don’t say we didn’t tell you to proceed with caution…

Siamese Fruit

If you’re a 90’s kid or considered a Gen Z kid, there’s every chance you must have come across the classic game Pac-Man. The game was a massive hit among kids and teenagers that nature just had to recreate its own version.

Image Credits: Reddit/Katsuki_Bakugo__

However, unlike the arcade version, what we have here is what we’d like to call a ‘Siamese fruit.’ And yes, it may bear just a couple similarities with the Siamese twins (or not), but it’s just nature’s own way of playing its own Pacman.

Shark Attack

Is there a better way to immerse yourself into a classic movie than recreating some of the most iconic moments from it? Well, that’s exactly what this event planner thought of when they decided to play the film Jaws.

Image Credits: Reddit/ __ZEL

We are 90 percent sure that this would feel surreal, and the participants are most likely on edge the entire time. Seriously, though, the person that thought of this idea has a wicked sense of humor. We’ll pass on the surprise splash attacks.

Night Light

It may be hard to understand how a person with an eye defect sees the world and how it is different from what we see. Astigmatism is an imperfection in the eye’s curvature that blurs the vision, and this photographer came up with a way for people to understand what this looks like.

Image Credits: Reddit/Squaliebawse

The results are actually kind of pretty, making it look like a fantastic light show. Unfortunately, for people with astigmatism, this is what nightmares look like. Don’t get so caught up in the flashy lights, though. We know they’re dazzling.

The Friendly Exchange

The rate at which technology is changing the world is quite astounding. In the past, you needed in-depth knowledge of software like Photoshop before you were able to manipulate pictures. Now, things are obviously quite different and much more efficient.

Image Credits: Reddit/blursed images

With a simple tap on a screen using different photo apps, you can create uncanny filters and distortions like the freaky photos above. You can see how the app simply swapped their faces, and the result is somewhat nightmare-ish.

A Rare Statue

The name Mahatma Gandhi needs no introduction. And if it does, this is probably not the article you need to be reading right now. Not only was he famous in India, the ideals he stood for resonated with many people.

Image source:

However, this particular statue obviously stands out. According to the web, some prankster decided to slap on some glowing red eyes on his iconic face. You don’t have to look sharply to see that you should turn around and walk in the other direction.

‘Bee’ Shocked

We know that the bee population is not at its peak at the moment, and this is why they are trying to fight back! This is clear in the next photo seeing that this statue’s head is encased with an intense bee hive.

Image source: Reddit/RaidensReturn

This bee hive helmet must be excruciatingly heavy for anyone, even a metal statue. That must be why this statue decided to crouch down under the weight of all these bees. We have to say, as much as this is terrifying, it is oddly beautiful.

Mystery City

Bustling cities are usually populated to the brim. However, a critical reason for building such massive skyscrapers is because of population explosion. If you logically think about it, the only way to fix the growing population’s lack of housing is to make the building higher, not wider.

Image Source: Reddit/killHACKS

However, when these kinds of buildings become abandoned, their skeletal form is only an echo of what once thrived. And that, friends, is also the perfect recipe for a creepy and uninviting situation. This concrete structure serves no purpose other than evoking harrowing taled in our heads.

Angel Eyes

Ah, to love and be loved… There is truly nothing better. And, if you are truly in love, your partner will see you as the angel they’ve been waiting for their whole lives. But how about we take that one step further.

Image Credits: Reddit/Yachisaorick

Have you ever seen an angel that matches their description according to Christian Bible? Basically, they are supposed to give a preface to their appearance before presenting themselves to mortal, almost like a warning. And this is what that looks like.

Birds In Action

It is not easy being of the skies. Apart from the extraordinary gift of flying, you also need to be fearless with a side of menacing tactics. These birds have a reputation to uphold, and they take that very seriously.

Image Credits: Reddit/Csab7722

Besides their size, most of these birds can carry large animals to great heights – they also look like they don’t take nonsense from anyone. They are strong, fearsome, and most importantly, they are predators (even though these images look a bit wrong).

Sears Tower Blackout

Blackouts are a weird phenomenon to experience. They might occur for several reasons that one cannot fathom. But in this instance, this blackout of the Sears Tower is among the most significant ones we’ve seen in a long time.

Image source: bobolover90

Compared to the other buildings in the photo, this tower is graceful and tall. But during this event, the building appeared somewhat more sinister. Also, if you look intently, you may be mistaken to think it has a face looking down on the other smaller buildings.

Not Our ‘Fault’

Many of us are well aware of the dangers of earthquakes. You may have seen the aftermath on the news or experienced some of Earth’s tremors. However, only a handful of people have come close to experiencing earthquakes like these travelers.

Image Credits: Reddit/Boojibs

These adventurous hikers stumbled upon this 65-foot-deep fissure in Utah. It’s the aftermath of an earthquake. You have to agree that there is something so ominous about this mysterious black line on the earth’s surface. If you fall, your toast.


Is it a coincidence that these clothes are arranged the way they are? Or is someone trying to play some kind of sick prank on their poor sibling? We definitely would wither away in fear upon seeing this sinister formation of clothes.

Image Source: Reddit/sesse301187

On the other hand, imagine waking up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, and you see a shape like this in the chilling hours of the early morning? Yeah, nope, we will for sure pass, thanks!

How Old?

The earth is filled with millions of fossils that tell us so much about our history! From dinosaur fossils to fish fossils, anthropologists can tell you how old they are! However, this next fossil fits into a category all on its own.

Image source: Reddit/creepthekid

What if we told you that it is fossil that’s 280 million years old?! The photographer, Tom Kapitany, a botanist and geologist, discovered these fossilized sea creatures in Western Australia. It’s a reminder that some sea creatures have been around much longer than humans have.

Giant Whale Skeleton

Whenever we see pictures like these, we are reminded of the wonders and great feats of our ancestors and what they had to endure thousands of years ago. Maybe they ran into fantastical beats when they travelled and had to fight to see another day!

Image source:

That is what we thought when we see this photo. It turns out someone found this creepy-looking skeleton in Egypt’s Western desert. This actually the first complete skeleton of an ancient Blue Whale that graced the seas over 40 million years ago!

Arrghh! I Want Some Attention

Dogs are known to be man’s best friend for a reason. That reason is not farfetched because they are the only species that love you more than they love themselves. However, owning one comes with its pros and cons.

Image source: Reddit/AbolishAsh

Although a handful of dog breeds are quite independent, most dogs demand attention as much as a human child needs. While some go into a corner to sulk and throw a pity party for themselves, other will go the extra mile to get what they want!

Nailless Fingers

The human body a complex, delicate, and efficient. When you consider a human’s anatomy, small and vital systems come together to form the human body, and each part is dependent on the other. It really is something to marvel at.

Image source:

What is even more incredible is that every human has their own genetic makeup and fingerprint. But when we saw this, we weren’t convinced. But, this really is a thing. It’s a medical condition called anonychia congenita. Yes. We were shocked, too.

Unique Eyes

Nocturnal animals live up to their name because many of them cannot function during the day like the rest of us. However, there are some animals that have one primary duty – to snoop around at night and scare little kids.

Image source: Reddit/JulesGirth

In truth, the sight of a bear with shiny blue eyes that look like headlights will scare off anyone no matter how old they are. These bears are known to rummage through bins and search for leftover food by people. Can we blame them?

Glow in the Dark

The saying, “A deer in headlights” did not just become a thing overnight. Deer freeze in the middle of the road because they cannot decipher that it’s a car coming toward them. You may question the authenticity of these next images, but let us assure you. This is 100 percent real.

Image Credits: Twitter/thamkhaimeng

We’re just wondering how the people behind the wheel feel now. When they first tested this out, were the motorists completely weirded out? We bet they all they are just discovered a mythical forest creature that looks straight out of Harry Potter.

A Phantom Statue

This particular slide is for lovers of J.R.R Tolkien’s iconic book, Lord of the Rings. They are among the few groups of people that will relate to and fully understand this statue without a second thought. Let’s be honest, though. This is super creative.

Image Credits: Reddit/Holt_97

This is only one of many of its kind at Vezio’s Castle in northern Italy. Its hollow and dark skeleton provokes feelings of depression and terror in the hearts of its onlookers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you first.

Right On The Door

Most people try not to get close to bugs. In fact, scratch that, we all hate bugs and we can say the feeling is mutual. Whenever it’s bug season, bug exterminators are always smiling to the bank thanks to floods of requests.

Image Credits: Reddit/Saucy_Lemur

On the other hand, what do you do when the bugs decide to take over your house? What if they decide to build their homes on your door without even asking you? These multiple-legged creatures sure are ruthless.

The Iris

When we looked at some of the earlier slides, we were marvelling at the beauty of the human body and how delicately each part was formed. Now, you understand what we were trying to convey even more when you take a look at this next photo.

Image Credits: Reddit/WhyIsLife12

You can see the photographer did an amazing job capturing an up close view of what the person’s eye was actually looking at. Not only is it beautiful, but it makes us wonder if the person was skydiving or standing on a cliff.

Lightning Strikes

You can never tell where lightning will strike. All you can do is hope it doesn’t touch down anywhere in your vicinity. Freak occurrences have been reported for decades, but many people go a lifetime without ever getting anywhere near it, and that’s definitely not a bad thing.

Image Credits: Reddit/WizzerKrizzer

Although, some people are not so lucky. There are those that witness mother nature’s raw power firsthand, just like this driver. In just a few seconds, his life flashed in before his eyes as lightning struck close to his car.

Hold Your Breath

Most pet owners often opt for a dog or a cat. However, there are instances where people decide to go for pets like goats and other exotic animals. One thing we cannot deny is the fact that these animals can be freakin’ adorable.

Image Credits: Reddit/Megumins_AE86

Take a good look at this adorable yet creepy goat and how pleadingly it is looking at the owner. With those eyes alone, you can do anything for the goat or you’ll give it anything it asks for. But why is it standing on its hind legs like that?

Unusual Webcam

There’s a reason most developers, nerds, and techies are often paranoid, and their reason is not farfetched. A lot of people have this fear that they are being spied upon by “Big Brother” and sometimes, they are not wrong.

Image Credits: Reddit/ LittleDuffy

Take this person for instance. He’s probably sad that his PC has developed some sort of problem thanks to the error message he’s getting. However, he’s totally unaware that his webcam is on. That’s suspicious! Now we know to be on guard the next time we see a blue screen.

Scary n’ Cute

There are several things that can scare a kid. For some kids, they are scared of heights, large bodies of water, strange faces, clowns, and more. However, there are some kids that don’t follow the crowd, just like this one.

Image Credits: Reddit/mountainmorticia

From the look of things, this little baby’s sibling wanted to scare his little sister. Much to their surprise, she reacted completely opposite from what they expected. Instead, the little girl recognized her brother instantly and proceeded to give him a hug.

Grandpa Pumpkin

Halloween is one special season that almost everyone looks forward to, especially kids. Not only is it a time to get your hands on yummy candy while tricking and treating and pretending something else entirely, but it is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with your spooky side!

Image Credits: Reddit/SnapDragon0420

However, let’s not forget that it’s also pumpkin season, and loads of houses have a blast showing off their carving skills on pumpkins. From the look of things, this is a seasoned pumpkin and waits for Halloween every single year.

Sphynx Cat’s Paw

Cats are completely different from dogs in several ways. For one, cats are on the proud side as they expect their humans to constantly submit to them. In truth, their ancestry predates lots of animals. You can even trace it back to ancient Egypt.

Image Courtesy: Twitter/@delaneykingrox

There, cats were worshipped like the gods, and all their needs were generously met by humans without fail. The Sphinx cat has also adopted this mindset and whatever it desires it gets. And this cat wants his owner’s phone!

A Doll In A Graveyard

The 2001 movie Chucky Child’s Play did a number on several millennials and Gen Z’s. You can tell that a number of them look at dolls suspiciously, especially when the dolls look like real humans, just like this one.

Image Credits: Reddit/ B-L-O-C-K-S

To make the matter worse, the doll seems to be in a place that looks like a graveyard. Not only does the doll look lifelike, but its eyes also move just like that of a human baby, which would make any human run for the hills.

Comfort At Its Peak

Nature has a way of resetting our minds, making us feel calm and at ease. There’s no better way to relax your mind than to commune with nature. Camping, hiking, or even just taking a long walk outside is all it takes to reset.

Image Credits: Reddit/Flying-Armpit

And then we have something called, “glamping.” To put it simply, you can literally sleep in a luxurious tent, almost like a house, and enjoy what nature has to offer. However, it is not exactly the best way to feel at one with the earth.

Mystery Ball And Chain

You may stumble upon trivial or meaningless items in your daily life that probably don’t hold any significance, or you wouldn’t even give them a second glance. For example, if you see a ball or chain, you’d probably ignore it and go your way, right?

Image Credits: Reddit/franco-noce

However, when you come across a combination of both, just like in the photo above, then we’re sure it’ll get your attention. There’s a huge iron ball held by a chain with a belt fastened together by a padlock – nothing new to see here!

Robot Dogs

In the early 90s, we could only use our imaginations to understand a world full of robots. However, the future is here, folks, and now robots are slowly becoming a part of our everyday life whether we like it or not.

Image Credits: Reddit/EricFromOuterSpace

In regards to construction, they are like a right-hand man as they perform a lot of repetitive and dangerous tasks that would have otherwise been difficult for the workers. Thankfully, we even designed the robots to look like our best friend, the dog.

Watch Out!

We’ve seen a few bugs on this list, and we’ve come to the conclusion that most people don’t want to be anywhere near them. On the top of that list is one of the scariest, creepy-crawly creatures, and we are talking about spiders.

Image Credits: Reddit/Electronic_Ad_8535

Looking at this furry spider will easily send shivers down anyone’s spine. The sheer size of it is enough to make anyone take to their heels without even thinking about looking back. Just look at it sitting pretty on the door handle of a car. Do spiders really have it out for us?


When it comes to architecture, some designs are quite questionable, and you might begin to wonder what the inspiration was behind the wacky designs. This mind-spinning corridor in the next photo is exactly what we are talking about when we say “questionable.”

Image Credits: Reddit/beanooooooo

Not only is it a tad bit difficult for normal people to pass through because it’s so narrow – you can imagine the plight of inebriated guests. The possibility of knocking on the wrong door is extremely high, especially at night.

Small But Mighty

If you want to learn about teamwork and organization, there are two colonies that we advise you to understand, and they are ants and bees. The level of cooperation between them is highly commendable, and their significance to the ecosystem is serious.

Image Credits: Reddit/damnthatsinteresting

We’re sure you’ve heard of the saying, “Small but mighty.” These ants in the photo above are what you would see if you look up that word in the dictionary. With teamwork and collective willpower, you can see they are able to lift a stone!

A Smiling Robot

Just like we stated earlier, science and technology have made leaps and bounds, and it is highly evident in almost all industries. The robotics industry is keeping up, and now, engineers are able to construct human-like robots.

Image Credits YouTube/Engineered Arts

It doesn’t stop there! These robots go beyond performing tasks as they are now capable of expressing emotions that humans can recognize. We mean, just look at this robot smiling just as a real human would. It really is incredible!

Go Up Hill

If you are looking for a sign, you never know if you will come across one that instills more fear in you than hope, and a perfect example of such is the one below. For starters, there are so many questions that beg for answers, and we’re waiting eagerly.

Image Credits: Reddit/Saltycrackers_mp4

For starters, what could trigger an alarm in the woods that would either require you to leave immediately or climb 200 steps uphill? It’s in the woods, so you know it’s either got to be a wild animal or some kind of procedure. Either way, we hope you don’t run into this sign on your next stroll in the woods.