Sassy Signs That Say So Much

By Jhoana C

Signs are supposed to be formal and businesslike, but now and then, we see signs that veer away from the traditional. They are witty and hilarious, and in times like these, that’s exactly what we need. Why be boring when you can be outstanding? If you are courageous enough and you know how to do it, your sign can become a viral hit on the Internet. Nobody goes anywhere without a mobile phone nowadays, and anyone can just snap a photo of your sign and make it an instant sensation. So, here we have some funny and sassy signs to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing. Warn people, get your message across, and make your customers aware of regulations. Regardless of the purpose, everyone likes signs that send them in peals of laughter.

Away with Amazon

So much has been said about Amazon and with the pandemic raging and people losing their jobs. Jeff Bezos just got richer by a little less than $100 billion. Experts attribute this to the fact that because people couldn’t go anywhere, they ended up shopping online from their sofas.

Image courtesy of youzguysdogz/Twitter

Amazon is the world’s largest eCommerce site, but it has been in hot water for some time now, and some of the issues the company is facing are the treatment of workers, insensitive management, and lack of benefits. So, this sign makes a lot of sense. Don’t buy from large companies such as Amazon because they’re not going to help your local ball team. Support local stores!

We welcome man’s best friend

Dogs are more than just animals. They are man’s best friend, and to most pet parents, they are also family members, confidantes, and lifelong companions. Some people are more comfortable sharing their secrets and plans with their pet pooches than with friends and family.

Image courtesy of OGCryptor/Twitter

Well, judging from this sign, it seems that man’s best friend makes better hotel guests too. We agree with the things enumerated on the sign. Dogs are better-behaved; they don’t drink or smoke, they don’t steal towels although they might chew onthem, and they also don’t play the TV too loud.

The advertisement speaks for itself

Sometimes you just can’t find a suitable person from a pool of talents. Although there are many applicants, there just isn’t one that has all the skills you need. The hiring manager for this company must be dealing with the same problem.

Image courtesy of R3dact10n/Reddit

The advertising speaks for itself. You don’t need a lot of words to know exactly what the company needs. But we’d say that this is a creative ad; it gets people’s attention, it says so much and gets the message across effectively.

Forget about the X

Algebra is not everyone’s cup of tea. Kudos to people who are good with numbers just seem to breeze through their algebra and calculus classes, but not everyone has that talent. A lot of us are struggling with mathematical equations.

Image courtesy of rajasekharvajra/Pinterest

The person who wrote this sign must have so been fed up with numbers that he didn’t want to look for the X anymore. Or perhaps his girlfriend recently left him, and he’s still hurting over the whole affair. That’s one clever sign, though.

If they don’t do as you say, scare them

Some zoo visitors are just stubborn. They feed the animals even if you tell them not to do so. There were even cases of visitors going inside the animal cages despite the dangers of doing so. So, what do zoo people do?

Image courtesy of bsk888-vip/Reddit

The management has to be very creative to keep things in order and prevent guests from doing what they’re not supposed to. The guests in this zoo like to throw things inside the animal cages. So the management put up a sign saying that those who throw objects inside will be asked to retrieve them. Keep in mind that there are snakes and crocodiles in there.


One of the greatest joys of couples is finding out that they’re gonna be parents. Having a baby is a beautiful life-changing event, and parents-to-be mostly preoccupy themselves with making the baby’s arrival as comfortable and as easy as possible.

Image courtesy of underscorner/Twitter

They purchase baby clothes, baby toys, and baby things such as strollers and cribs. However, one essential thing that must be done before feeding the baby and singing it to sleep is, of course, the birthing of the baby. And there is only one word for that, PUSH!

Put your foot up in the air

One important thing which drivers need to keep in mind when on the road, whether in major expressways or smaller thoroughfares, is to always be within the speed limit. You don’t do this just to avoid being fined by the traffic police.

Image courtesy of nwnagle/Reddit

You do this to ensure the safety of the lives of pedestrians, of the driver, and everyone in the car. Any driver will tell you that being issued speeding tickets is never a good thing. Who hates speeding tickets? Everyone does, but if you’re driving, please keep your hands on the steering wheel.

Some people are just famous for no apparent reason

In today’s world, people seem to become famous overnight. One day nobody knows them, and the next, they are on everyone’s radar and the covers of magazines. But what do these people do? Well, a lot of them don’t seem to do anything significant.

Image courtesy of stalwart_rabbit/Reddit

Suffice it to say that most of the population are just sick and tired of people getting fame for doing something that doesn’t help humanity at all. They just wear the skimpiest outfits, say controversial things, or engage in scandalous behavior, and voila, they’re famous! This sign articulates what everyone feels right now.

I can’t keep up with my mind

There are times when we think of a gazillion issues in our minds while doing other things that we can’t keep up anymore. So, an excellent way to describe our minds sometimes is like a browser with multiple tabs open.

Image courtesy of icyyellowrose10/Reddit

This is the perfect description of many people in just one sentence. Sometimes with all the things you have in your head and on your hands, you don’t know where to begin and what to do first. Make sure that you take some time out, so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Things are looking grim

With all the things happening in the world today, sometimes you think that it’s already the apocalypse. Economies crashing, people rioting, and there’s a pandemic going on. These are trying times, and if you are not strong enough, you can break down.

Image courtesy of

This sign in a bookstore is a fitting description of current times. If you like to read, this is the place where you should go to purchase books. It’s fair to say that this bookshop likes to keep abreast of all the things happening in the world today.

Yup, use electricity wisely

Energy and electricity should be used wisely. Even if you live in places where electricity is affordable, it doesn’t mean that you should leave lights on when not in use or leave the television on when there is no one watching it.

Image courtesy of SuperSujith_16/Reddit

About 40% of global carbon emissions come from electricity generated through the combustion of fossil fuels. So we agree with this sign, and we are amazed by how well thought out it is. The firm that conceptualized and executed this deserves a bonus.

A smart way to get people to try your coffee

With all the restaurants, cafes, and fast food establishments popping up all the time, keeping your head above water with all the competition can be a challenge. How do you stand out from the rest, and how do you get a share of the consumer pie?

Image courtesy of CthaDStyles/Reddit

This restaurateur had a hilarious yet intelligent idea. He used the one negative review his restaurant got on Trip Advisor to get people to try his coffee. What better promotion can you get? We bet the lady who gave the negative review didn’t think about this.

Coffee confuses me

Coffee is just confusing. There are so many varieties and so many names that we can’t identify them at all. How many times have you gone to Starbucks or any other coffee shop and gotten overwhelmed when they start asking you what your order is.

Image courtesy of IAmLordeYeaYeaYea/Reddit

You don’t know what to say that you just want to leave and get water or juice elsewhere. We’ve all been there. To make things easier for coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike, this coffee shop thought it would be helpful to break things down, and we just want to say this is a life-saver!

Beware of Joe

Have you ever known someone who seems to be followed by problems and disasters? We all have that one person in our lives that when we see him, the only thing we want to do is stay away from him to keep ourselves safe.

Image courtesy of CoenieOosthuysen/Reddit

Joe happens to be that person. Disaster strikes everywhere he goes, and as you can see on the sign since he left the worksite, everything has been going smoothly. No accidents and nothing to worry about. We wonder where Joe is now.

There goes the police

Police maintain public safety and order, enforce the law, prevent, detect, and investigate criminal activities. When most people see the police, they automatically think that they are safe. However, not everyone has the same sentiments when they see the cops.

Image courtesy of 4lteredBeast/Reddit

People engaged in criminal activities avoid the police, and the last thing they want to see are men in blue uniforms. They automatically think, “Oh no! I need to get going.” But does the same thing apply to badly behaved dogs? Do they worry when they see police dogs and run away immediately?

Trespassers beware

Trespassing is defined as entering someone’s land or property without the owner’s permission, and it is a problem when people think it’s perfectly normal to go where they are not supposed to be. No matter how many signs you put up, they wander about as if they own the place.

Image courtesy of nateair/Reddit

This landowner must have been out of his wits at the increasing number of trespassing cases on his land that he put up the sign above. It says that they are tired of hiding the bodies. Hopefully, this will deter trespassers and keep them off his property.

Making Freddie proud

Even with coronavirus claiming millions of lives worldwide, some still refuse to believe it and don’t wear masks to prove their point. They don’t see the need for alarm and want to continue with their lives as if it were pre-Covid times.

Image courtesy of GentlyWeepingGuitar_/Reddit

Establishments have been asking patrons and customers to wear masks. Some have resorted to creating and displaying creative and sometimes hilarious signs to lighten the mood to reiterate their point. Look at this one! Freddie Mercury would have been very proud.

The cat is ok

This homeowner must have had it with people knocking on her door or maybe texting and calling her that her cat is stuck. Indeed, at first glance, the cat looks like it needs help, but don’t let the feline fool you.

Image courtesy of rwalker151/Reddit

To ensure that she wouldn’t be bothered especially if she’s doing important things, this homeowner came up with a simple sign saying that the cat is not stuck and that it’s doing fine. We’re just wondering why the cat is there, though.

Go on, take a sip

With the things that have been happening all over the world, we all want a break. Disasters there, problems here, and of course, there’s the pandemic. We don’t even know where to begin with the year that shut down major cities all over the world. 

Image courtesy of originalsunchip/Reddit

If you want to get a drink at 8 in the morning, go on and do so, if that’s what you need to do to keep yourself sane. Yup, it’s 5 in the afternoon somewhere in the world but does that really matter? It’s the year 2021, and we’ve all been tested sorely.

Wrong turn

If you’ve seen the Wrong Turn, then you know that it’s never a good idea to go somewhere you’re not sure of. Turning the wrong way can lead to dire consequences, so make sure that your car GPS is running, have a backup battery, and have spare tires and supplies.

Image courtesy of ChunkyLover5312/Reddit

You can never be too sure. This sign isn’t as scary as the movie, but it lets you know in capital letters that you are in the wrong place and better turn around. We all know how horror movies start, so heed the warning.

Wet as can be

Some of the most common causes of slips and falls are loose mats, snow, clutter, poor lighting, and of course, wet floors. Slipping on the floor can lead to head injuries, bruising, broken bones, fractures, cuts, and lacerations.

Image courtesy of jay180300/Reddit

To ensure that accidents are kept to a minimum and that no serious injuries happen, the management has been alert enough to let everyone know that, um, the pool is wet. Can’t argue with that. The pool can’t get any wetter. Hopefully, no one goes in there and slips.

Emergencies are not allowed

When someone gets injured, you need to call an emergency medical response right away as it can spell the difference between life and death. If you’re not fast enough, someone can die. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you should immediately find a public payphone to call for help.

Image courtesy of kingjappyjoe/Reddit

But what if there is no emergency phone installed where you are? What do you do? This sign warns everyone that there is no emergency phone in the location so the next best thing to do is to not have an emergency at all.

You’re at the wrong party

Once a pregnancy is announced, the next thing people want to know is what gender the baby is. Should godparents buy pink or blue clothes? Should they buy toys for girls or boys? Gender reveal parties have become such a trend that it’s unimaginable to think that there wouldn’t be one.

Image courtesy of TASpillthetea/Reddit

Well, something happened at this gender reveal. Instead of the parents revealing their baby’s gender, one of the guests misunderstood the invitation and inadvertently revealed his gender to everyone at the party. Something tells us he went to the wrong party.

Eat more, don’t get kidnapped

Kidnappings are nasty, and no one wants to be abducted and locked up somewhere either for ransom or for scarier things. This bakeshop thought they would do their part in keeping citizens safe by telling people to eat more.

Image courtesy of wordsofbin/Twitter

According to the sign, if you are not skinny, kidnappers will have a harder time abducting you, so you should order more of their cakes. Their cakes must be laden with fat and sugar. Anyway, we are highly doubtful of the sign because Buffalo Bill preferred larger ladies.

The Graphic Design Department needs more design

In yet another inclusion of signs that speak for themselves, here we have the Graphic Design Department letting themselves be known to the rest of the office. We don’t know about you, but we are highly doubtful of the department’s skills when we see the sign.

Image courtesy of meltee/Reddit

If they can’t even get their very own sign right, what guarantee is there that they will get your sign right? Just look at the letters written in a haphazard way and on a piece of cardboard that came from god knows where.

Books are the answer

What are the creative ways of selling books? Some of the few options are getting an ad in the newspaper, advertising on various social media handles such as Instagram and Facebook, putting notices outside your shop, and letting everyone in town know.

Image courtesy of Coreyg17/Reddit

What do you put on your sign? This sign takes all the cake because it lets everyone know that books are the answer. Doesn’t matter if you’re cold, warm, tired, or whatever. What matters most is that you have a book to keep you company.

Don’t join the spelling bee

We’ve all watched spelling bees and marveled at how young children spell complicated words, the likes of some we haven’t even heard before. How do they do it? They must be disciplined to have practiced for weeks on end.

Image courtesy of ichinnyace/Reddit

Sometimes words are just too hard to spell out, and people just shorten them to make everyone’s lives easier. We never thought that congratulations is such a word, though, but that’s apparently why most people only write Congrats on cards.

Keep those pesky salesmen away

Door to door salesman can be a pain in the you know where. They ring the door, talk for infinity, and offer you whatever it is they’re selling. They push their wares in your face even if you don’t show any interest. We understand that they have quotas to meet but seriously, enough is enough.

Image courtesy of jupiter2/Tumblr

This homeowner must have had it, and so, to avoid these annoying salesmen, he posted a sign outside his door. He is warning everyone that he won’t be afraid to charge $20 per minute if anyone is stubborn enough to make sales pitches.

Sometimes, humans are animals

Sometimes humans can go so low that we think animals are better than them. A case in point is all the recent chaos we hear about on the news. The more you interact with people, the more you want to stay away from them. 

Image courtesy of growingivy/Reddit

This person must have been feeling the same thing that it sent him into deep introspection. There is indeed a good reason that Noah only let animals onto his boat, but some would argue that it is a disgrace to lump animals together with humans.

When wives shop

It’s a fact that when females enter shopping malls, you can’t expect them to come out for at least 4 hours. Females like to enter all the shops, look through racks and racks of clothes, bring them all to the fitting room, but end up buying only one or two items.

Image courtesy of KDog/Twitter

If you are a boyfriend or a husband, or if you’ve seen men around malls standing around doing nothing or trying to find seats to make themselves comfortable, they’re most probably with a female companion. Just look at this guy! His wife has been in Target for 2 hours, and she still hasn’t come out yet.

Looking for a lost Roomba

There was once a time when Roombas were all the rage. Roombas are robot vacuums that are advertised to get the job done right. They’re supposed to keep your house clean and keep every nook and cranny free from dust.

Image courtesy of qroft/Reddit

Nobody thought that Roombas could run away. This Roomba has been missing for some time that the owner thought of putting up a notice in case someone saw ‘Higgins.’ There’s even a friendly reminder that Higgins couldn’t swim.

Keep away from me

At the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, people had no choice but to lock themselves at home, and everyone had to keep contact with the outside world to a minimum for fear of contracting the virus. Safe to say that most of the population were eagerly awaiting the day when they could all go out again.

Image courtesy of EmotnalSupprtPeacock/Reddit

But not this person! Just to make it clear to everyone, even if the virus is already over, he still doesn’t want to interact with people. He still wants to be left by himself and wants everyone else to stay away from him.

A clever advertising

What will make your advertising stand out from the rest? Is it the use of vibrant colors? Is it the tagline? Is it the messaging? Is it the size of the advertising? How do you grab people’s attention so that they can’t look away?

Image courtesy of growingivy/Reddit

It turns out all you need is to take a screenshot of a conversation, print it, and have it framed. This guy’s friend asked him if he could help make a flyer for Happy Hour, and what did he do? He got all the information he needed, and that was pretty much it.

Apple, Adam, and Eve

Adam and Eve, according to the Bible, are everyone’s parents. The first humans created by God and were banished because they disobeyed Him by eating the forbidden fruit. In today’s world, when the word apple is mentioned, people think of Steve Jobs and his company.

Image courtesy of merdub/Reddit

How do you bring Adam and Eve into the modern world and remind everyone that disobeying God is not a good thing? Do what this synagogue in Toronto, Canada, did. You let everyone know that ignoring Apple’s terms and conditions like Adam and Eve did have consequences.

Lovely handwriting

We rely on doctors to treat us when we’re sick and for health and wellness tips. Without doctors, the survival rate would be a lot lower. But for all the great things doctors do, there’s one thing they’re not good at, and that’s writing!

Image courtesy of squidwardtentacles9/Reddit

If you’ve ever seen a doctor’s prescription, you’d know what we’re talking about. Doctors are not known for having the best handwriting, and most of the time, 99% of the population can’t read their script. As this sign says, once a famous doctor wrote something, no one can understand.

Dealing with Karen problems

If you haven’t heard of Karens, then let’s school you about them. Karens are middle-class women who exhibit privileged behavior. Dealing with Covid-19 has been made a lot more difficult by Karens who refuse to follow the rules and restrictions set out by the government.

Image courtesy of Mr-Sarge/Reddit

Numerous Karens have been reported refusing to wear masks at the grocery, the bank, restaurants, and other places. This sign was made for people who don’t want to do their part in protecting themselves and others by wearing masks.

Advance technology for earthquake detection

To predict weather patterns, governments spend millions and sometimes even billions, on advanced equipment that can read and detect changes in the earth and the atmosphere. After all, if you want to ensure citizens’ safety, you need to be proactive and not reactive.

Image courtesy of d4hm3r/Reddit

If a hurricane is coming, you need to remove everyone that’s in its path. You need to keep the loss of property and loss of lives to nil, whenever possible. However, there are cases when you don’t need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on fancy equipment. There are times when googly eyes will suffice, like this one.

Toilet humor

Aside from the debate between water and toilet paper, another has been raging on for decades, and that is if the toilet paper should be under or over. We kid you not, this question has caused arguments and shouting matches in marriages, and in worst cases, divorce. Okay, so that’s a little exaggerated, but you know what we’re getting at.

Image courtesy of Pete66/Imgur

They said that if the toilet paper is under, it’s more difficult to get a good clean tear and you risk contaminating the rest of the roll. When the toilet paper is hanging over, you’ll only be touching the part of the paper that needs to be flushed. So there you have it, we hope it’s settled.

Beware of the velociraptor

Velociraptors were some of the fiercest and scariest creatures. The dinosaur lived about 71 million years ago during the Cretaceous Period. The predator could do serious damage to humans by latching onto them and cleaving its way into flesh with the use of its claws.

Image courtesy of SealLord3/Reddit

Suffice it to say that if you saw one, your chances of survival are low. Thankfully, there have been no velociraptor-related incidents or deaths for this workplace for 6 days when Pete bit the dust. Wherever he is, we hope Pete is in a better place.

Avoiding a big kaboom

When working with fuel, it is vital to be careful as any small misstep can result in a loss of property and loss of lives. All safety precautions must be taken to ensure everyone is safe. No joking around and no pranks, either.  

Image courtesy of Robyn_withaY/Reddit

This fuel dock wanted to make sure that everyone around it is careful. They came up with a sign that unequivocally states all the dangers. Nobody is supposed to smoke because doing so would result in a fire, and we all know what fire and fuel leads to, a big kaboom.

In a grumpy man’s memory

Celebrities, athletes, politicians, and humanitarians are just some of the people who get commemorative plaques. If they went somewhere of significance, you can be sure that those places will also get plaques saying that so and so had been there.

Image courtesy of Joy-Moderator/Reddit

Some people make plaques for no apparent reason, just like this one. We have no idea who Robert Bucklesby is, and we are quite certain only a handful knows his identity. But that didn’t stop this man from making a plaque saying that Robert hated the park.

The chickens here are smokin’ hot

Although there have been numerous studies published that highlight all the bad things that smoking can do to your body, as well as your wallet, some smokers are not convinced to quit and continue consuming dozens of sticks daily.

Image courtesy of NikoD45/Reddit

Not only are smokers are killing themselves with the nicotine, but some are also destroying the environment by throwing cigarette butts everywhere. It has become such a problem in this place that the people managing it thought it best to come up with a sign. If this doesn’t stop you, we don’t know what will.

This won’t please Kelis

Covid-19 is a sickness that does not know any religion, social status, economic status, gender, or age. Governments everywhere have been doing their best to inform and warn citizens. One of the things which have proven helpful is social distancing.

Image courtesy of VikingBattle/Reddit

In some countries, citizens are required to be at least 2 meters apart from each other but in others being only a meter apart is good enough. Of course, you need to wear masks whenever you go out. We’re quite sure that this won’t please Kelis because she can’t maximize the power of her milkshakes. The number of boys that can be brought to the yard is limited. What a waste!

Covid-19 creativity

Covid-19 had millions of people losing their livelihood. Everyone is struggling and is trying to make the best out of their situation. On the bright side, it has also gotten many people’s creative juices flowing, which is evident in the signs that seem to be everywhere nowadays, like the photo below.

Image courtesy of undeadprim/Reddit

Nowadays, you have to be careful. You have to wear a mask whenever you are out, and you should only go out whenever necessary. You need to keep a distance from other people, and you need to constantly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds as well. And yes, you need to refrain from inviting people in.

Real-life beats movies

When we watch movies, we suspend reality, and we don’t question loopholes or problems with the plot. We cheerfully believe everything we see, even though they defy reality. People in the movies fly, can read minds, and have special powers.

Image courtesy of theboredspy/Reddit

As unbelievable as movies may seem, they don’t have anything on how 2020 went. Cities were essentially shut down, and people couldn’t do as much as they used to. Cinemas, along with other establishments, were closed in a bid to stop the virus from spreading further.