Who Wore It Better: 40+ Funny Fashion Comparisons That We Love

By Liezel L

Why wear a gorgeous piece of clothing when you’re going to meet someone who might be wearing the same thing, right? At least, that is what some true fashion-obsessed people would say. Fashion, after all, is a wonderful form of self-expression. What you wear and how you wear it can really speak volumes about yourself. Unfortunately, with billions of people around the world, you can’t be the only one wearing what you’re wearing. If you have an eccentric or bizarre sense of fashion, trust us, there will be someone just as eccentric and bizarre. Sometimes though, you don’t just end up looking like someone but rather something. Take a look at these people and their fashion twins and decide who wore it better. 

Teacher vs Highlighter

Let’s be honest. No matter how much we want to do good in school or learn some useful stuff, there are just times when it gets too difficult to concentrate in class, whether it’s elementary, high school, or college. It becomes tough when distractions like this come along. 

image courtesy of karapli/ Reddit

It might be because of the haircut, but for some reason as well, the back of that teacher reminds us of Edna Mode from the Incredibles. If we could only check if she has glasses as well, we’d be pretty much sold that that’s just Edna in pink. 

Justin vs Noodle Dog

Dear, dear Justin. We love you. Make no mistake. But a few of your hair choices just makes us want to give you a whack on the back of your head. Even with those amazing moves and that voice, we don’t really know how we ever put up with this ramen noodle hair. 

images courtesy of mtv.com and ChewieTheChi/ Imgur

And no, the world has not been calling his hair that affectionately. That hairstyle was just a disaster, and we’re glad he has far moved on from it. That dog, on the other hand, is nailing it. Sorry, Justin, but we have to give it to the dog this time. 

Man vs Shopping Bags

Give us some plaid any day. No matter what anyone says, that pattern design will always stand the test of time, plus it’s one of the most versatile things that you don’t have to think about too much. We’re not sure about matching it with our shopping bags, though. 

image courtesy of BoredPanda

Blink and you’d probably lose the man in the picture. At first glance, we didn’t even notice him until we saw the hands and the head. We hope that whoever is lifting those bags out has a great vision or else they might actually grab the wrong thing, or person. 

Cat Dad vs The Weeknd

If you want to stand out in the entertainment industry, it’s given that you have to have your own unique look. However, some artists love pushing the limits when it comes to their unique styles, like Post Malone, Billie Eilish, and The Weeknd here. 

image courtesy of ImABarRoomHero/ Imgur

It reminds us of that episode in the animated Mr. Bean when he accidentally got a haircut in the shape of the cut, and it accidentally became a trend. We’re pretty sure that won’t be the case here, but we have to give props to cat dad for trying though. He’s pretty on the spot. 

Tissue Box vs Dude

Some fashion comparisons don’t even need a double-take. This dude has captured what it truly means to have a fashion twin to the tee. And you have to admire his dedication. He didn’t need the tissue on his chest, and yet he was committed to the twinning moment. 

images courtesy of ultraspotmockpop/ Imgur

What makes it all the funnier is the look on his face. Why of all faces would he make that kind of expression? Now, every time we look at the tissue box, we see his face as if asking, “Are you sure that’s really all the tissue you need, hun? That sniff doesn’t sound too good.”

Kim vs Onion Sack

We all know that Kim Kardashian is a fashionista. She loves playing it up with different styles like sleek, sexy, comfy, athleisure, and so many more. She even has her own shapewear line to make sure she’s comfy in all those clothes. This particular red ensemble, however, looks like something else. 

images courtesy of Splash and myressurection.wordpress.com

While Kim does look good in the outfit, we can’t deny that that sack of onions has its very own appeal. Just look at how vibrant it all is and how much it compliments those fresh onions. Who wore it better? let’s call it evens.

Nicki vs Cotton Candy

Throughout her career, Nicki has tried on some of the most bizarre hairstyles, and it seems that she has gone through all the colors of the rainbow. We don’t think we could pull them off like she does, but she does manage to rock it, like her iconic cotton candy pink hair. 

images courtesy of Pacific Coast News and CanadaVapes.com

We can’t deny it, but her hair looks delicious. We’re half expecting someone to give it a bite and for them to come away with wispy strands sticking to their lips, but that would be absolutely creepy.  Maybe we’ll settle for a pat to see if it is just as soft as cotton candy. 

Man vs Taco Bell Backrest

Oh, bless grandmas and their grandma sweaters. We don’t know how they are able to come up with the wackiest designs and how they can create a signature look without them all actually looking alike, but we love them anyways. And even if we’ll look like a wall, we’ll still wear those sweaters. 

image courtesy of skatermario3

While we can excuse the sweater as a grandma sweater, we can’t really excuse that backrest design. Someone was actually paid to design and make that thing, and someone else actually chose to use it to upholster those seats. So we think grandmas still win. 

Justin vs Baby

Justin may not be the biggest style icon out there, but those pants are just a disappointment. We have no idea why low-slung pants ever came to be, and we’d definitely be really glad to see them go forever. Only babies can get away with it. 

images courtesy of Fameflynet and lulucontytis/ Imgur

Seriously, what do you gain from wearing these kinds of pants? If it’s not your butt crack showing, it looks like your entire butt has melted and started drooping, or you’re wearing a huge diaper. Anyhow, it doesn’t flatter anyone, and we’re pretty glad it hasn’t made a reappearance in Justin’s wardrobe lately

Grandma vs Carpet

Only a few people are brave enough to go for those dated patterns usually reserved for curtains and carpets in today’s day and age. If anyone will, we bet they’d make sure that they won’t encounter any carpets or curtains where they’ll go. It sucks for this grandma, though. 

image courtesy of twitter.com/ruben_cnj

Her dress seems like it was cut out from the carpet itself. And hilariously, if we were there, we’d probably trip over her because she just blends in too much! It’s pretty cool that she had the humor to entertain the joke, though. You go, grandma!

Heidi vs Car Wash Brush

Heidi Klum is one gorgeous woman. The model has the body and face a lot of women would die for. And if she’s not strutting them down the runway, she is also wearing some stylish clothing in her everyday life, well, except maybe this dress. 

image courtesy of express.co.uk and Foamtechchina.com

While the blue is gorgeous and it doesn’t look too crazy when she’s just standing still, it’s a show stopper when she starts turning around, and we’re not sure it’s for all the right reasons. When most people walk the red carpet, their garb just screams designer. Heidi’s looks like it came straight out of the car wash. She’s still a style icon, though. 

Dude vs Patty

We’re not going to sugarcoat it. This dude’s hair really looks like a meat patty, texture, color, and all that. It’s like you can just cut it off his head and toss it on a grill. We can already imagine the sizzle just thinking about it. 

images courtesy of brilio.net

After grilling, we can definitely imagine squeezing on some ketchup, a bit of mustard, and then piling on the lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, onions, and cheese. Even the guy knows his hair looks like a patty. If we’re going to choose, though, we’d say the patty won this round of who wore it better. 

Nicki vs Mrs. Potato Head

Yes, that’s right. There will be plenty of Nicki Minaj on this list because, well, the woman is just an icon when it comes to these kinds of comparisons. One of her most iconic, though, is this Mrs. Potato head look.

images courtesy of Balarama/ Reddit and Amazon

Through our cringe, all we could ask is Nicky, why? We don’t want to be mean but being compared to Mrs. Potato Head isn’t something many people want. And coupled with Nicki’s smile and this close-up, she looks a little terrifying. 

Fire Hydrant vs Boy

This is probably more adorable than hilarious. What makes it even better is the kid is just a head taller than the real fire hydrant. We bet that his parents told him to raise his arms, and they’re just having the time of their lives behind the camera. 

image courtesy of reddit.com/user/TibbyCurtis

Unfortunately, as adorable as it is, the combination of yellow coat and the small kid still reminds us of the movie It. We’re half expecting a balloon to start floating up from the canal in front of him and for a terrifying white hand to beckon to the kid. Once you’ve watched that film, you just can’t forget about that freaking terrifying clown and the kid he devoured, ok?

Taraji vs Cracked Phone

Artists love pushing the boundaries of fashion, and we admit that Taraji P. Henson is really pulling off that sheer skirt that she wore to the BET awards in 2016. As much as we love those silver details and her confidence, however, we can’t deny that it definitely looks like something we all dread. 

images courtesy of Reuters and corporate.bestbuy.com

Who knows? Maybe the designer of the skirt dropped his phone one day, got it cracked, and instead of getting upset, he found inspiration in it. Now, that is quite the positive turn to an unfortunate thing, right? We only wish he didn’t make the likeness too obvious like that. 

Rihanna vs Peter Griffin

When Rihanna stepped out in that fairytale pink puffy dress, she really looked like a princess. A lot of people were in awe. As it seems, someone from the Family Guy animation department loved it so much as well that he/she also tried the outfit on Peter Griffin. 

images courtesy of Zeynep ♥️💫/ Pinterest and Splash

Peter has tried on so many celebrity outfits in the past years, but we can say that this is one of his most adorable looks. In addition to walking down the red carpet, though, we’re pretty sure Riri can use her dress for another purpose, like scrubbing down all the dead skin in the shower. That’s too good a shower sponge to pass up!

Zayn vs Ice Cream

The One Direction boys may have a lot of hit songs, but they aren’t always trendsetters. Just take a look at Zayn’s hair here. It might have looked good on him, but if any other guy probably tried that, they’d look like they just decided to experiment going blonde and copping out at the last second. 

images courtesy of Melinda Malik ?/ Flickr and rachaelraymag/ Instagram

With the ice cream, though, we can’t unsee the image of Zayn’s hair being food out of our heads. Much like Nicki Minaj’s cotton candy hair, his hair looks like it’s ready for a good scoop or bite. It’s even perfectly swirled the ice cream way. Oh, Zayn, why?

Guy On Bus vs Cartman

We’re not imagining it, right? This guy is the real-life version of Cartman. The blue and yellow hat, the red jacket, the brown pats – it really is him no matter which way you look at it. He might be missing the yellow mittens but at this point, who cares? 

images courtesy of BoredPanda and Amazon

This guy must have really liked Cartman, and we’re guessing he’s probably off to some convention or cosplay meetup because no one just goes out dressed to the tee like an animated character for no good reason. Accidents like that only happen once in a million. 

Beyonce vs Strawberry Candy

Now, Beyonce is what we call a style queen. Remember that iconic yellow dress in her Lemonade music video or her pregnant golden goddess look at the 2017 Grammys? Those were legends. Unfortunately, this red and green polka dot ensemble might be memorable for another reason. 

images courtesy of FlynetPictures.com and eBay

While we’re pretty sure she was going for something sophisticated and classy and yet a little fun with this dress, it just didn’t work out so well for her. The resemblance is just undeniable. She looks like walking strawberry candy. For some reason, though, she still manages to look good in it. Beyonce, please teach us how.

Lady vs Oogie Boogie

We all know that sweat stains can really take on their own life. They’re quite the artists too. They can draw, they can paint, and they can create all these images on our bodies that we often don’t know about. Unfortunately, they don’t really create the most flattering portraits. 

images courtesy of BoredPanda and timburton.wiki.com

It’s pretty hard to spot the difference between those two. If kids start screaming and running away from her, she shouldn’t be surprised. Someone should really tell her thought that there’s an evil creature filled with insects and spiders on her back ala Voldemort style. 

Lil Wayne vs Gremlin

Sorry, not sorry, Lil Wayne, but the resemblance between these two is just uncanny. Just look at those super happy smiles. And don’t forget about the 3D glasses, which by that way, only work in movies and not so much in real life. Maybe Lil Wayne can have a part in a Gremlin’s remake?

images courtesy of aurn.com
and gremlin.fandom.com

Anyhow, they’re clearly both really enjoying whatever they’re watching. However, for this round of who wore it better, we’d have to go with the gremlin. As annoying as those little creatures are, we can’t deny they might have just a little bit more charm. 

Kendall vs Ripped Car Seat

Sometimes, it’s hilarious when older people would describe whatever youngsters today are wearing as trash. They’re not exactly the ones wearing the clothes, so why would they care so much. Maybe they’re just reminded too much of things like this ripped car seat.

images courtesy of ALLthebaconandprebirds/ Imgur and makeupandbeauty

The resemblance is amazing, though. Even the way it’s ripped is just too similar. Maybe it’s just one person who did both things to both pants and seat, or better yet, maybe it was a cat that created both designs. That would explain a lot. 

Rihanna vs Gossamer

Now, Rihanna is simply a queen. She is a fashion icon and a trendsetter; however, we don’t think she really set off any trends with this big heart-shaped fur coat. As soft and fluffy as it looks, we think that only Rihanna could even get close to pulling this off. 

images courtesy of etonline.com and looneytunesshow.fancom.com

Looking at it more, though, we had one horrifying thought. Her coat doesn’t just look like Gossamer. It looks like she’s wearing Gossamer! That is just messed up and creepy, but it probably serves us right for laughing at all these in the first place. 

Matt vs BB-8

Matt Damon really gave an outstanding performance in The Martian. He really did have us rooting for him and wondering what it really would be like to live in space. While his white and orange costume looked great at the time though, we don’t think the costume department really anticipated that Star Wars would get some inspiration from it. 

images courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Lucasfilm

Not a few months later, Star Wars: The Force Awakens came out and featured this adorable robot BB-8. It’s like Matt’s robot version that finally got to live in space properly. Anyhow, they’re both rocking that white and orange combo. 

Model vs Feather Duster

We love any rainbow design on clothing. And with high-end fashion that can make it a little chicer, the limit is the imagination. This, however, isn’t exactly what we had in mind when we imagined it walking down on the runway. 

images courtesy of Agatha Ruiz De La Prada and Alibaba

The resemblance is just uncanny. You can take a huge life-size feather duster, attach it to some wire to prop it up, float it down the runway, and it wouldn’t make a difference. On the other hand, we think that dress could be a great duster too! Just wear it and swish around the house and you’d probably get all your furniture spick and span a lot faster than with the little dusters. 

Kylie vs Hay Sack

Celebrities always make it look effortless, but we all know that they, if not their stylists, also spend hours choosing and pairing outfits. As it seems, Kylie thought something was missing with her nude bodysuit and decided to go for this huge hay sack to complement it. 

images courtesy of dantri.com and Monomoy Horse and Dog

Oh, and look at that. She even paired a bag of the very same shade and color to complete the overall look. Unfortunately, we’re not sure any of Kylie’s sisters would actually be asking her if they could borrow this ensemble. 

Lady vs Caterpillar

We’ve all been through it. There’s that one piece of clothing that we just absolutely love the design or color, but we’ve never been brave enough to wear it out in public. And when we do wear it out, it just doesn’t turn out the way we’d have liked. In the end, all we could think of is, “Knew it!”  

images courtesy of mynet.com and bugguide.com

To be fair to this lady, though, that is a very pretty shade of yellow. And if she wanted to wear it, who has the right to stop her? Rolls or no rolls, flattering or not, everybody has the right to wear what they want. Just look at all those not very stylish celebrities out there. 

Prince Charming vs Jaimie

You have probably seen this somewhere, but we’re bringing it back because it is just such an iconic comparison. For some reason, the stylists of HBO’s Game of Thrones decided to give Jaimie Lannister those flowing blond locks in his younger years as if they were almost inspired by a certain character. 

images courtesy of nickelodeon-movies.fandom.com and HBO

While there was no way Jaimie actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau would have been genetically engineered to look like Prince Charming, it’s just kind of unnerving how they look so similar. The comparison is very accurate though especially considering that Jaimie’s morals in this hair era were still doubtful. 

Girl vs Hotel Corridor

Of all things, how could this be, right? Matching with a hotel curtain, bedding, or even carpet is much more possible than matching with the hotel’s walls. We’d be a little less shocked if it were just the colors, but her shirt even has the same black stripe and everything.

image courtesy of wickensworth/ Reddit

It’s even so clear on her face that she is just as baffled as us. To exactly match with the walls of the hotel you’re staying in to the tee – that is just bonkers. We can definitely say that she wore it a lot better, though. 

Justin vs Sandwich

Sometimes, when you’re hungry, you start seeing food everywhere and in everyday objects around you, but we’re pretty sure that is not the case with this one. Justin’s fur coat really looks like a very appetizing and perfectly grilled cheese sandwich. 

images courtesy of AKM-GSI and wairyhang/ Flickr

Aside from looking like a perfectly grilled cheese sandwich, Justin’s coat also looks like a nicely grilled piece of steak. Just drip some sauce on that bad boy, and it’ll be just perfect. Whoever designed that must have been really hungry.

Woman vs Curly Fries

All of us have bad hair days and good hair days. It’s just that when you picture a bad hair day, you usually imagine frizz, flyaways, oiliness, or anything like that. You don’t usually imagine your hair looking like a box of Arby’s fries.

images courtesy of imgur.com/new/time and Arbys

In all fairness to this woman, though, those curls really look great. They’re composed, set in place, and you won’t see those flying around in the heat probably. We just really wonder why she chose that particular thickness to go with it. But well, if that’s her style, we’ll let her be her. 

Nicki vs He-Man

At this point, we just have to call Nicki the who wore it better queen. She just manages to pull off a head-turner look for every era of her career, leaving quite the memory on everybody. For most of those looks as well, people figure out plenty of lookalikes for her and this one is probably the most accurate. 

Image Courtesy of twentytwowords.com

It’s the hair and the pink shirt that really brings them together, isn’t it? Seriously though, how and why did Nicki ever think that a bob with full-on bangs was a good idea? Of all her style changes, this is one that we are more than glad to see go and not just because it’s too reminiscent of He-Man either. 

Man’s Socks vs Airport Floor

A lot of people don’t realize this, but socks are also great fashion statement makers. Pick out a bright color with a great pattern, pair it up with some dark pants, let it peak out, and walla! Just make sure you’re not picking out something that looks like it was cut out from the floor, though. 

image courtesy of agrimisadventures/ Instagram

Those socks and that carpet probably had one designer. Maybe he thought that if it worked for a carpet, then it could work for socks too. And he wasn’t wrong. It’s just maybe this guy wore the wrong socks at the best time. 

Jennifer vs Barney

Jennifer is absolutely great at what she does, but more than her acting, we just love that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. She can throw any joke, even ones about herself, and she can crack us up anytime with them. Plus, she really looks great in everything. 

images courtesy of Jan Welters/ Marie Claire and barney.fandom.com

Even if this dress that she wore for Marie Claire’s cover shoot does look like she stole Barney’s costume, she still looks great in it. If only she let out one of her signature big smiles, though, then she would perfect the resemblance. 

Model vs Guy on the Street

We get that fashion designers often use creative freedom to give reason to their crazy creations. Sometimes though, what a lot of these fashion people consider as high fashion doesn’t really look as such to us other mortals like this one. 

images courtesy of Andrew Thomas and tianya.cn

It might be the shiny pants or the mismatched top layers, but seriously, you can do better than this when layering up. Fun fact though, the man on the right actually became a Chinese internet sensation netizens named Brother Sharp because of his rugged good looks. And looking at him, we can’t deny that he does look like he’s walking on his very own runway. 

Road Cones vs Man

Don’t panic. That is not a road cone that has gone rogue and is walking away from its duties. Neither is that a suit like one of those dinosaur suits. That is just a simple man wearing an ensemble that he likes that coincidentally makes him look too much like a giant walking road cone. 

image courtesy of SmoothHookah/ Reddit

Aside from a road cone, his entire outfit actually also reminds us of someone else. Think someone clownier, someone who can’t walk, someone who’s a little stubborn, and someone who’s adorable. It’s Nemo! We never ever thought we’d see him on land, but well, here we are. 

Lil Wayne vs Donnie

Between the hair, the teeth, the tattoos, and his fashion sense, Lil Wayne has really built up a unique look. However, it seems that he has a certain penchant for looking like kids show fictional characters just like this one. 

images courtesy of mtv and Nickelodeon

It seems like the rapper just up and stole Donnie Thornberry’s pants and used it for his VMA concert. He even copied the topless look! For some reason, we still like Donnie’s better, though. At least he keeps his pants up no matter what he does. 

Woman vs Popsicle

When we wake up in the morning and dress up for the day, we usually think, “Today I want to look sexy.” or “Today, I want to look like I am actually a well-functioning adult that has my life together.” We never say, “Today, I want to look like a popsicle.”

images courtesy of twitter.com/_gabrielandrad

As fate would have it, however, sometimes you just end up looking like a sweet summer treat. Someone inevitably notices, and then you become one of the stars of an internet delight comparison picture. We got to say, though, she is on point with that popsicle ensemble. 

Kim vs Mrs. Doubtfire

Nowadays, it is pretty hard to pull off that old floral design that a lot of people wore in the early 80s and 90s. It takes a certain amount of caution and a lot of planning before you can get a look right. Sure, people try, but well, they don’t really hit the mark all that often. Just look at Kim here. 

images courtesy of digitalspy.com and Twentieth Century Fox

We’re no experts in fashion, but boy oh boy, that floral gown really isn’t doing her any favors. We can even say that Mrs. Doubtfire pulls it off a lot better. At least her ensemble doesn’t entirely look like it was made from the curtain. 

Sean vs Push-Up Popsicle

The hair is a delicate thing. That’s why we go to hairdressers to have it cut, styled, colored, and whatnot. Unfortunately, even with a professional, we don’t always get out of the salon tear-free. We’re not sure what the case is for Sean Harris on that one. 

images courtesy of Troy Babbitt/ USA Today Sports and Nestle

Just look at that hair. That has got to be a few inches tall, at least added to his already tall height. If he twists himself a few times around, does it grow taller, too like a push-up candy or ice cream?