Gadget Guffaws: Unveiling 40+ Hilarious Tech Missteps

By Melvin G

This article was originally published on gamerslifedaily

Embark on a whimsical journey into the world of tech gone rogue, where gadgets trade their sleek, polished facades for a touch of comedic chaos. Our gallery of technological mishaps showcases devices in amusingly poor condition, proudly wearing the scars of their misadventures. From jumbled wires playing an intricate game of Twister to a laptop that decided to moonlight as a sandwich press, these gadgets redefine the term “user-friendly.” 

Amidst the electronic mayhem, meet a feline connoisseur of comfort who has chosen the warm, moody-lit CPU as her prime napping spot, transforming the workstation into an unexpected cat sanctuary. Get ready to chuckle and cringe as we explore the lighter side of tech mishaps and their unintended hilarity.

Kentucky Fried GPU

We all know that electronics aren’t invincible to the passage of time. How long they stick around usually boils down to how much TLC their owner showers upon them—you know, maintenance, repairs, and all that jazz. Plus, their lifespan can be a bit of a gamble, depending on the jobs they’re forced to do.

Image Credit: MonkeyJack3/reddit

The less taxing and heavy the tasks, the longer they last. This particular owner seems to have either been setting his GPU to the heaviest possible tasks or perhaps literally “frying” it. It’s not looking good. Hopefully, a replacement for the GPU will be within the budget.

Dirt Dauber Colony!

Empty spaces attract more than just dust bunnies—they’re prime real estate for critters and bugs too! Drawers, rooms, and even the nooks and crannies between walls become bug Airbnb hotspots. This printer? Well, a gang of dirt daubers made it their deluxe nest.

Image Credit: juki2020/reddit

Meet the mud-wasps, a waspy bunch that crafts nests from mud. Imagine the surprise when the printer, long forgotten, hummed to life, and a chunk of their mud mansion plopped onto the paper! Luckily, these wasps aren’t the rowdy type, much to the relief of the printer’s owner.


Mastering the art of using available tools and resources is a valuable skill. It breeds adaptability when funds or essential resources are tight, requiring a dash of creativity and problem-solving finesse to make it work like a charm.

Image Credit: MAka_the_fur/reddit

In a true entrepreneurial spirit, this computer owner salvaged motherboards and GPUs from various old, run-down computers, crafting a new CPU. Hey, if it does the job, kudos to him! A big shout-out to this user for their tech ingenuity!

Dust Storm Rescue

We’ve all been there—forgetting to give our electronics a good wipe-down. It’s only when a pile of dust gathers that we realize our neglect. Well, for those not in the habit, it’s a friendly reminder to add a little regular TLC to our gadgets!

Image Credit: Insetta/reddit

This laptop owner redefines extremes. Judging by the pic, it’s a solid argument for the laptop surviving a sandstorm! One wonders, don’t they notice the dust on their hands after using it? And how in the world do they see the screen clearly?

Quality Err…Uncertainty?

You’ve probably heard of quality assurance—the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production. Something important in the manufacturing of electronics.

Image Credit: kastamonubamyasi/reddit

Looks like this manufacturer missed the memo! One of their charger heads had its power connector stuck in the wall instead of where it belonged. Hopefully, the user had a backup plan to charge her phone and dodge this sticky situation.

Baked Control Board

Unless you are a tech-head, chances are you may not have even known that your oven has a control board—it’s a system that is responsible for running things like helping you set the temperatures you want, setting timers, and more.

Image Credit: dickcheney600/reddit

It seems this oven got so hot that it ended up baking the control board along with the food it was tasked to prepare. It’s so gone that even the repairman deemed it hopeless to salvage. Let’s hope the owner can find a replacement, or it might be a while until they can bake again.

Not So-Secret-Security Agency

A salute to all the men and women who dedicate their lives to protect innocent civilians from those with not-so-great intents. Millions of people around the world commit to serving their respective nations’ organizations, such as police and intelligence organizations, for the sake of greater peace.

Image Credit: Cellbuilder2/reddit

Looks like this GPU found its way out of service and into civilian hands. Lucky break—it is just a GPU, not a hard drive carrying crucial files. However, it seems someone forgot to scrub off the important logos it bore.

Dust Storm Rescue #2

Like beloved film franchises, technology has its own sequel saga. Picture this: a CPU steps into the spotlight, its tale reminiscent of a cinematic epic. It emerges as the hero, braving a relentless sandstorm, revealing a spirit that is both resilient and tenacious.

Image Credit: DreamMighty/reddit

Behold, a user’s CPU resting atop a dust-covered paint can. Despite the thick dust coating, the CPU appears to be in decent shape. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it was documented as it was being unarchived and recommissioned once again.

Maintenance: Proudly Sponsored by Meatballs

Think of a server room as the beating heart of an organization’s IT setup, ensuring smooth digital operations. It’s the vital hub where servers, networking gear, and data storage systems reside, safeguarding and processing vast amounts of crucial information essential for daily business functions.

Image Credit: TheGlitchr/reddit

Maintenance is crucial, often managed best by a dedicated team. However, this company opted for multiple contractors who created a chaotic tangle of wires, resembling spaghetti—tough to decipher what connects to what. It’s like the wiring got sponsored by meatballs!

Penny Miser Maintenance

Ever met folks who always choose the cheapest maintenance path? They’ll opt for the lowest-cost solution, even if it means sacrificing function and quality. They don’t mind compromising functionality as long as they save a few bucks, often ending up paying more in the long haul.

Image Credit: yaxyyaxy/reddit

It looks like the person who soldered these wires had a similar cost-saving mindset. Judging by the outcome, the money saved does not seem substantial. They might’ve saved time and resources by doing a quality job instead, avoiding unnecessary waste.

WireHead Nightmare

For electricians or wiring aficionados, the significance of quality wiring, adequately insulated, protected, and installed, is evident. Exposed wires not only create interference but also pose hazards, risking damage to other components and potential electrocution for individuals in the proximity.

Image Credit: jakedata/reddit

Luck was on this electrician’s side as he unearthed a mix-up between the live wire and earth wire. Luckily, his toolkit helped catch the error before diving into work. Kudos to those brave souls tackling risky jobs, ensuring our safety and seamless operations!

Pink Gelatinous Mass

It appears that someone lit pink candles near or around this CPU. The combined heat from the CPU and the candle’s flame melted wax, covering the CPU. Basic knowledge of electrical science tells us that wax is a poor conductor of electricity.

Image Credit: Passablexanthoma37/reddit

It raises a curious question: who and why would someone be melting wax on a CPU? What kind of experiment was underway? This scene resembles a pink edition of Bob Gellatinous Mass taking charge of the computer for the day.

Heavy Pointer Finger

Seems the mastermind behind this laptop had fingers so colossal that both the left side of the cursor pad and the left-click button went on holiday! Must’ve been owned by a giant incognito—the only logical reason for such epic button escapades!

Image Credit: /reddit

Or maybe the laptop itself decided to retire from active duty, pulling a dramatic move by exploding its battery. The left side took the brunt, as we can clearly see in the picture. Talk about a laptop with some serious left-side drama!


Behold this CPU—sporting top-notch tech that sets it apart from the rest. Check it out: two wire antennas! It sparks curiosity about its added capabilities. Can it differentiate between users? Does it supercharge signal reception and networking beyond regular CPUs?

Image Credit: rubber_otter/reddit

What a fascinating computer tweak, adding a touch of animation! Those two wires doubling as antennas from the CPU might serve as reset switches, detecting power shortages on the motherboard to toggle on or off. Pretty ingenious, don’t you think?

Sponsored by Spaghetti II

Behold the rear end of this desk, where the wiring seems inspired by everyone’s favorite pasta dish—spaghetti and meatballs! It’s a tangled mess of chaotic wires, taking the motto “if it works, it works” to new heights, favoring function over order.

Image Credit: sowhatofittt/reddit

Let’s hope the owner won’t face any sudden repair crises because, let’s admit it, untangling this wire labyrinth would be akin to navigating a blindfolded maze. Picture the chaos—a repair quest where locating the starting point becomes the ultimate puzzle.

The Office Lifeline

Someone took extreme measures to safeguard this specific line from being unplugged. Their solution? An abundance of duct tape and a warning sign. It seems multiple office members, likely searching for a power source, were kept from disconnecting the only line maintaining the entire office’s internet connection.

Image Credit: supersam552/reddit

Or perhaps it was people who might have been looking to cause a technical malfunction to avoid having to work. Either way, let’s hope this duct tape holds up and serves as a deterrent and prevents people from tampering with the office.

Hanging on by a err…Wire?

Have you heard the expression “hanging on by a thread”? Well, this laptop takes it to new heights as it is hanging on by wires, as it is precariously perched on the armrest of an office chair. It makes you question what necessitated such a thing.

Image Credit: drewb124/reddit

Could it be that the cables were too short to reach if the laptop sat securely on a table or even on the office chair itself, rather than on its armrest? Let’s hope no children or pets roam the room, or that laptop might take a Humpty Dumpty tumble.

Wrong Wiring

Behold the solution to a botched internet wiring job. Originally set within walls, the traditional fix would have been pricey and disruptive. Instead, they devised a workaround, fashioning a port from the initial wiring, linking it to the right location.

Image Credit: Ikranmaster/reddit

Pretty clever move, right? WRONG! It might have saved them a load of cash, especially if this cable conundrum spread across an entire building or numerous walls. It truly highlights the skill of those who excel in unraveling these tech enigmas, doesn’t it?

A Case For A Case

Ever pondered what lurks inside your phone? Curious to glimpse the wires, gizmos, and hidden thingamajigs beneath the wallpapers and apps you know so well? One way to discover is to crack open your phone—unfortunately, that’s what happened to this user.

Image Credit: Wolfbreeder7/reddit

This pic screams “Time for a phone case!” The iPhone took a plunge, resulting in a shattered back revealing its inner workings—is that a magnetic strip, copper, or bronze? The owner’s in for a repair journey and let’s hope they also snag a case!

Even More Spaghetti

In the world of tech, errors and tangled wires practically go hand in hand. It’s not only repairs; lazy wiremen tend to create chaos with wires. Some disregard quality work right from the start, showcasing a lack of care in their craftsmanship.

Image Credit: AffectionateToast/reddit

This newly installed panel is a headache waiting to happen for every technician and IT specialist entering this room afterward. No attempt was made to organize or make things traceable for troubleshooting in this server room, making life unnecessarily difficult for future users.

Pre-wired, huh?

These home buyers were looking for a property that came pre-wired—already installed with the necessary wiring to run. Thankfully they did a thorough inspection of the home. And what did they find? A terrible jumble of wires underneath the house.

Image Credit: donzi79/reddit

Someone ought to have a conversation with the realtors and the construction company that was hired, as this would influence some buyers’ willingness to purchase a property with such a chaotic job done in such a critical part of the house.

Dust Storm Rescue #3

This laptop must have been part of the band of computer explorers who were rescued in the middle of a sandstorm that we have been seeing in this article. Fortunately for this particular laptop, once the dust was cleaned away, there was no damage to the computer.

Image Credit: bubonis/reddit

It raises curiosity about how laptops and computers end up this dusty in their owners’ hands. Maybe there was a storm that swept through their hometown or perhaps a mischievous three-year-old fancied playing with the laptop in a sandbox. Regardless, we’re grateful no damage was done.

Cloud Connection

In our ongoing series on misplaced and disorganized wires, it appears that even entire buildings can fall victim to this phenomenon. This multi-story structure showcases wires tangled and hanging outside its frame, exemplifying the extent of this wiring chaos. Yikes!

Image Credit: Ziege19/reddit

While Japanese architecture sometimes opts for above-ground cabling due to earthquake concerns, this scenario doesn’t seem to fit that context. The building might have been abandoned after city authorities flagged it for some reason, but it’s unlikely related to the cabling method.

Crappy Computer!

If you have ever seen or experienced frustration with computer devices, then you are not a stranger to angry and frustrated expressions like “crappy computers.” Never would we have imagined that there would be a literal occurrence of the term.

Image Credit: OnnPurpose/reddit

Chaos ensued in this computer room, where someone seemingly splattered—hopefully not something unpleasant—all over this old computer. Where does one even start if they want to use this device? Moreover, what series of events led to this device ending up in such a sorry state?

Router Ruckus

Dive into the wire wonderland captured in this snapshot—a chaotic tangle of aging cables, with a few unlucky ones bearing the unmistakable marks of a nibbling misadventure. A forlorn router positioned in the dusty epicenter of abandonment is nestled amid this cable chaos.

Image Credit: dangerSvk/reddit

It’s a visual symphony of disorder, yet surprisingly, this neglected setup plays a crucial role, serving as the nerve center for Wi-Fi across four sprawling floors of the building. The tangled mess may seem comical, but its silent duty keeps the digital waves flowing.


PEBCAK humorously denotes, “Problem Exists Between Computer And Keyboard.” It playfully shifts blame to the user, suggesting their actions or lack of understanding are causing the issue. This abbreviation cleverly captures the essence of user-related computer problems concisely and amusingly.

Image Credit: CharlieDancey/reddit

It looks like the same goof-up when someone tried to print a boarding pass by laying their phone on a photocopier. Little did they know, it spat out a copy of their phone with no boarding pass. Fingers crossed, they sorted it before the flight.

Hot Pocket

Have you ever heard of Hot Pockets—an American brand of microwaveable turnovers generally containing one or more types of cheese, meat, or vegetables? Unfortunately for this user, he encountered a new meaning of the term when he was going to borrow a charger from a friend.

Image Credit: alhamil82/reddit

His phone overheated, bursting open from the back. Hoping to salvage contacts, he let it cool. Unfortunately, the phone’s lifespan seemed limited; it didn’t hold up much longer after the incident, leaving uncertainty about the retrieval of essential data.

Grilled iPad

Grilling food is a timeless culinary tradition. Across the ages, a myriad of delectable items have met the sizzling embrace of the grill, ranging from perfectly charred vegetables to succulent meats and beyond. Now it appears there is a new dish to try—grilled iPad.

Image Credit: alhamil82/reddit

Abandoned on a cooker, someone’s iPad narrowly escaped disaster; only the cover bore grill marks. The device itself remained unscathed, an unusual outcome. Playfully pondering, one might jest about pairing a chargrilled iPad with an equally rare and whimsical wine, turning an accident into a lighthearted culinary analogy.


So, on the way to school, this user chucks a banana into her bag for a speedy snack between classes. Plot twist: that banana never made it to break time. Why? Because the laptop had other plans. It got hungry, apparently, and decided it needed a snack to fuel up before the marathon of note-taking.

Image Credit: Sdillon5847/reddit

Surprisingly, the user found the banana had melted inside her laptop. Could this unexpected snack attack be the secret sauce for a high-performing device? The unanticipated fusion of fruit and tech adds a unique twist to the narrative, highlighting the unforeseen consequences of an everyday item.

Switch Troubles

This computer user hit a snag with the power in-let and decided to fix it himself. The DIY rewiring action was pretty ingenious, right? But here’s the kicker—the new setup is a bit too cozy with the switch. One accidental overreach for the switch, and bam! Someone’s in for a shocking surprise.

Image Credit: FabulousFilling/reddit

Let’s hope this was just a quick fix amid their bustling schedule. They may find a moment to tackle safer repairs or, better yet, entrust the job to a seasoned professional. After all, no one needs a jolt of surprise when reaching for the light switch! Safety first, tech heroics second.

Wifi Troubles

Have you ever been sitting down using a laptop or PC and couldn’t figure out why it could not connect to the wifi or network, even though the internet was working on other devices on the same network? This user found herself in such a situation. 

Image Credit: iruber1337/reddit

Digging deeper, she discovered the LAN connector cable had charred, damaging her port. Intriguingly, these cables typically lack high currents. The cause could be a system power surge or, intriguingly, a lightning strike on the receivers, unveiling an unexpected source of damage.

Fire Starter

For electronic device users, electricity is indispensable, fueling today’s world. Power outlets, often overlooked yet crucial, stand as vital technological innovations. However, poorly wired outlets pose potential problems, emphasizing the critical need for proper installation and maintenance in our technology-dependent lives.

Image Credit: Chasterbeef/reddit

Seeking a charging point, the user discovered an intriguingly labeled outlet in the building. The cautionary label revealed its potential danger, urging him to avoid usage due to a fire risk. Luckily, he hoped to find alternative outlets within the premises for safely powering his devices.

Moldy Motherboard

Of all the kinds of repairs that computer maintenance specialists do, one of the most surprising is to find mold underneath the case of the laptop. It begs so many questions; for instance, how does mold get on the inside of a laptop?

Image Credit: Mindless_Use7567/reddit

This laptop hosted a secret mold rave in its dark and damp hideout. Now, the question of the hour: how does one evict mold without kicking the laptop out, too? It’s not just a cleanup; it’s a suspenseful saga of laptop survival!

Mac Bench

Benches are a crucial part of modern landscapes. Have you ever been stuck waiting for someone or needed a quick sit-down in the middle of a bustling city? You get the importance of a bench, right? They’re everywhere, from public spaces to buildings and complexes.

Image Credit: secretslut991/reddit

Architects and carpenters often craft benches creatively, balancing comfort and aesthetics. But here is a surprise twist: one architect opted for CPUs as supports for benches. Let’s hope these tech-fueled seats don’t become everyone’s preferred resting spot all at once!

Harddrive Petition

If you own a PC or laptop, you’ve probably come across the concept of partitioning hard drives. This crucial process divides the hard drive space for software and user documents. Typically, it’s performed during the initial setup of an operating system or a new device.

Image Credit: MS_sus/reddit

This particular hard drive has been petitioned literally and physically. Someone took a saw to this hard drive and cut off a portion of the hard drive. I don’t know how this will work, but perhaps the owner knows something we do not about the hard drives work.

Wifi Troubles #2

This user was experiencing wifi troubles, and upon doing some digging she found that the internet cable was faulty. Damaged, someone had tried to fix the cable. Sadly though, they did not do a very good job at fixing it.

Image Credit: Keftcha/reddit

Opting for a new cable might have been simpler than repairing the old damaged one. Let’s hope the next IT repairperson takes the necessary steps to resolve the office’s WiFi issues and spare them further trouble.

LED Thieves

Malls are large enclosed or partially enclosed shopping complex or center that houses a variety of retail stores, services, and often entertainment facilities. Malls are designed to provide a convenient and diverse shopping experience for consumers.

Image Credit: kvior1/reddit

Ah, the mall—a magical land where folks gather to shop, stroll, and sometimes plot. Amidst the sea of innocent shoppers, a few rebels sought LED enlightenment without bothering with the checkout dance. Fear not, for malls wield security wands, though some LED enthusiasts still manage a sneaky escape. It’s not a theft; it’s a light-fingered shopping spree!


Picture this: the drama of a fire doing the cha-cha through a building, devouring everything in its path. The result? A roasted building buffet. Here’s to hoping the flames were picky eaters, leaving humans unscathed. It’s not just a fire; it’s a plot twist in the building’s spicy telenovela!

Image Credit: Baked_Potato_732/reddit

Our brave office adventurer, on a mission for salvation, stumbled upon this CPU relic. Spoiler alert: only a little to salvage if you’re into the avant-garde charm of scrap metal chic. It’s less a rescue mission more a tale of techno-treasure hunting in the wilds of the office. Cue the dramatic music!

Ethernet Soup

Modern work desks usually have a circular slot where ethernet cables and power cables can fit through to the top to power things like CPUs and laptops. A convenient way to ensure cables are organized, not entangled, and all over the place.

Image Credit: atomicdragon136/reddit

Meet the forgotten table—a relic of liquid and rust, brewing an unexpected DIY soup for unsuspecting revampers. Fear not! In the hands of a skilled carpenter, this table will rise from the rust like a phoenix from a liquidy, rusty soup. It’s not a problem; it’s just a crafty challenge waiting for a woodworking superhero!

Pigeon Nest

Pigeons, once primarily denizens of cliffs and rocky landscapes, have seamlessly integrated into the modern urban environment, becoming ubiquitous fixtures in cityscapes worldwide. Commonly known as city pigeons or rock pigeons, these adaptable birds have thrived alongside humans, forging a symbiotic relationship with the urban landscape.

Image Credit: Ethnikoi/reddit

Behold, the avant-garde architects of the bird world! This flock went full-on tech-savvy and turned a CPU into a nest. The electrical hum? Music to their feathery ears! Cleaning this feathery innovation? Buckle up; it will be a bird-brained, tech-tangled adventure for the cleanup crew!

Warm Kitty

Cats, with their innate sense of comfort-seeking, have a natural inclination to seek out warm places for perching and relaxation. Known for their love of warmth, these feline companions are often found basking in sunlit patches, windowsills, or cozy spots near heating sources.

Image Credit: EcMoSpec14/reddit

Meet Kitty Kibbles—the feline genius who cracked the code for the purrfect nap spot! Her human’s customized CPU, complete with cozy vibes and ambient lights, is the catnap haven of dreams. While her human types away, Kitty Kibbles is living her best, well-rested life in the glow of technological serenity.

Time Capsule

Time capsules are encapsulated containers designed to preserve a snapshot of the present for future generations. Created to offer a glimpse into the past, these capsules typically contain a curated selection of items, documents, and artifacts that hold cultural, historical, or personal significance.

Image Credit: the123king-reddit/reddit

Meet the rusty relic—a CPU on a time-traveling journey! It might be rockin’ the rust, but the frame’s holding on like a champ. Future archaeologists take note—this is a prime specimen from the era of our tech shenanigans. Fingers crossed, it gets a spa day and emerges shiny and ready for its encore!

Wifi Troubles: Final Edition

In today’s episode of WiFi Woes: The office drama unfolds as the culprit behind the connectivity chaos is unveiled. It’s not the usual suspects—no faulty cables or network snails. The plot twist? It’s something silly but fixable. Who knew technology hiccups could moonlight as comedies? Stay tuned for the next wireless adventure!

Image Credit: epic-drew16/reddit

Someone had connected the internet outlet back onto itself. Instead of the rest of the office. No wonder it was not working. Now that it has been solved, let’s hope it can be connected to a fast outlet and get the whole office online and ready to work.

Warp Speed?

The expression “warp speed” is a colloquial term originating from science fiction, mainly popularized in the Star Trek franchise. It refers to a theoretical propulsion system that allows a spacecraft to exceed the speed of light, thus enabling rapid interstellar travel.

Image Credit: HidashFive/reddit

One shopper on a hunt for a new laptop found a new meaning for the term, as the laptop she found was warped and bent. Hopefully, it is just as fast as its physical condition implies. But it certainly will be a challenging laptop to type on.

Grilled Delicacies #2

Enter the next episode of the kitchen comedy: a forgetful cook turns their laptop into modern art on a hot stove! Behold, a melted masterpiece—plastic performing a dance, perfectly mimicking the stove’s intricate spiral. Who needs a gallery when your kitchen is the stage for accidental avant-garde genius?

Image Credit: 1Arcite/reddit

It’s the grilled laptop sequel, where tech meets the heat, and innovation takes an unexpected twist. Forget gourmet; this laptop just got a sizzling makeover, proving once again that there’s always room for a side of unexpected flair in the world of culinary electronics!