Summing Up The Single Life In 40+ Memes That Are The Only Company We Need

By Jhoana C January 17, 2024

This article was originally published on withmyladies

Being single can either be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it. Some people dread being alone, while others embrace it as a period for self-discovery and growth. Regardless of which group you belong to, we are pretty sure you can relate to these memes and tweets we have compiled to bring you much-needed perspective and, of course, laughter. Yes, it’s true being single might mean going to the movies alone, feeling lonely at times, and wishing you had company when you hear a bump in the night, but it can also be the best time to do the things you have always wanted without anyone holding you back. Please scroll through our list and see which one hits closest to home.

Love yourself

They say that you can’t give something you don’t have, and you can’t pour from an empty cup, so before you think of loving somebody else, your primary goal should be loving yourself first and giving yourself the care and attention you deserve.

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At the risk of sounding so dramatic, we’re all just gonna say it: you need to love yourself first before you can love other people. And what better example than The Rock embracing a rock and giving it all the love it deserves?

And there go families constantly asking

We know a lot of people dread going to parties or gatherings in which a large proportion of visitors are relatives. Why? Because said relatives just can’t hold their tongue, they are bound to ask sooner rather than later when you are getting married.

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And no one likes being put on the spot answering intrusive questions such as when you are getting married or having children. Well, the next time you join these parties, perhaps it would be a good idea to wear a sign on your forehead saying that there is no news about your life.

Putting yourself first

We could list a lot of things that make singlehood a rocking reality, and we are sure plenty of single people will agree that one of the greatest things about not being in a relationship is being able to put yourself first.

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Now don’t get us wrong, we don’t mean that people in relationships have to put themselves last, but you can’t deny the fact that you always have to consider your partner’s feelings, needs, and wants, whereas if you are single, you don’t have to deal with any of those.

This lady needs to move to another town already

Anyone who has ever owned an Apple device has come across Siri and tried to use it at some point in their life. Siri can be all sorts of helpful, but there are times when it just doesn’t understand what you are saying.

Image courtesy of kimberarch/Reddit and CeciMula/Twitter

This is a perfect example of why you shouldn’t put your trust in Siri. Yes, it might come with great answers from time to time, but there is going to be a point when it messes up and results in you having to move to another town because of embarrassment.

You can drunk text friends instead

We have all gotten so intoxicated at some point that we ended up texting our exes. Yes, we need to admit that it’s not one of our proudest moments, but it’s a part of growing up. If you haven’t drunk texted anyone yet, you belong to a group of a very select few.

Image courtesy of beardedselfies/Instagram and TheCollegeLife/Twitter

It can be a measure of someone’s singleness too. If you have gotten to the point when you are severely intoxicated, yet there’s no one to send indecipherable text messages to, it means you’re single AF. But hey, you can always text your friends instead.

Raising dogs instead of babies

What’s a good sign that you’re single? Aside from rarely going out on dates and receiving flowers from someone special? You’re raising dogs while your married friends are raising babies. Not that there’s nothing wrong with pouring all your love on a cute canine. They need love too!

Image courtesy of Altonwalters/Reddit

Raising pets instead of little humans doesn’t necessarily mean that you are behind on life and that your married friends have it better or anything like that. After all, don’t our fur babies make us as happy as we could ever be?

Nope, we don’t like that kind of fish

When single people complain about being single, they often hear plenty of “words of wisdom” from friends and family but as much as they want to keep these words in mind, most of them are as cliché as can be.

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What most single people hear more than a hundred times in their lifetime is that there is plenty of fish in the sea. But when the aforementioned fish look like the ones in the photo above, we’re sure single people would rather remain single.

Meeting someone special and saving money at the same time

Nowadays, if you can’t find someone you would like to annoy for the rest of your life, you might as well meet someone you can split groceries with. After all, money doesn’t grow on trees, and adult life has many of us financially strapped.

Image courtesy of AllieAwesome415/Reddit and sherrysworld/Twitter

So, we are all behind this woman and her brilliant idea. Forget Tinder and Grindr, or other dating apps. Someone needs to come up with an app that will allow single people to match up with others and split bulk items so they can save moolah.

Curse you, Netflix!

As much as we love the original series and the movies on Netflix, someone needs to tell it that sometimes it can be a pain in the behind. Does Netflix really need to rub salt on your wounds by leaving constant reminders that you are single?

Image courtesy of Landler656/Reddit and alexbell/Twitter

Well, we have to admit it. Netflix is right. There are times when you need to play something in the background so that you won’t succumb to the silence around you. However, we want to point out that this doesn’t only happen to single people; it also happens to people who are in relationships.

A way to be single and remain single

Be honest with yourself and tell us what would you not tolerate in a partner? You better think long and hard because you’re going to be spending the rest of your life with this person. Is it being messy? Leaving unwashed plates in the sink?

Image courtesy of and msdanifernandez/Twitter

We all have pet peeves, and what irks someone to the point of anger may be something that is completely tolerable to the other person. Take, for instance, bad grammar. A person who mixes up “your” with “you’re” is not meant for this poster.

We should all start this relationship jar

Ask any single person why they are still single, and they will be the first to tell you that it isn’t the first time someone has asked them. You are likely the hundredth person who has asked them the same question.

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People shouldn’t meddle in other people’s business because no one has to answer to anybody about being single. The only thing good about being asked the same question over and over again would be if they earned a dollar every time they got asked.

This girl has a point

Everyone should remember that it’s not polite to stick your nose in other people’s business, especially if the subject is something as sensitive as their dating life. Some people don’t mind being asked questions about being single, but others take great offense.

Image courtesy of Sawicked82/Twitter and ginnyhgan_/Twitter

If single people keep getting asked about when they are getting married, married people should be asked when they are going to have children or when they are getting divorced. Okay, okay, we know it’s not fair, but that is exactly what we are saying!

Single but full

Which is worse, single but full or in a relationship but constantly hungry? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell you that the former is much better. Who needs a boyfriend or a girlfriend if you can make yourself perfectly good food?

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We’d rather be our fabulously single self who can go to restaurants and fast food chains of our choice and order whatever food satisfies us. No one has to tell us when to stop, to go easy on the carbs, or what food we should and should not include in our diet.

Please handle with care

Relationships today are very different from what they used to be decades ago. For one, now meeting people has become so much easier. Now you can anonymously ogle people thanks to apps such as Tinder and OkCupid! Ah, these are great.

Image courtesy of Radish00/Reddit

Nowadays, fewer people take relationships seriously. After all, replacing someone with another person is as easy as swiping right. This crumpled note is saying what our hearts feel. You should handle people with care because some of them have been through a lot.

Some people wish they were gummy bears

Some people get lucky in love while others have to go dumpster diving to find someone special. How can you tell if you’re one unlucky creature? When inanimate gummy bears have a better love life than you (and the real indicator is that’s the first thought you have).

Image courtesy of silver_siegzz/Twitter

How does that happen? Well, just take a look at the gummy bears in the photo. They look so cozy and lovey-dovey, holding each other’s hands and looking happy and content. Sometimes we wish we were just like them. Other times, we don’t even notice what our candy looks like.

Single because of the fear of rejection

We might not want to admit this, but the truth is, the reason why some of us are single is that we are afraid of rejection. Being told no straight to your face isn’t a good feeling, and sometimes it affects your self-esteem and makes you doubt yourself.

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This is perhaps one of the reasons why plenty of eligible guys who are not bad-looking would rather not ask ladies out. They are afraid that the answer they will get is not in the affirmative. However, we all need to remember that if we don’t try, we’ll never know what happens. Spending a life thinking of what-ifs is no way to live.  

It’s been a long time coming

When was the last time you went out on a date? Has it been years since you met someone you were genuinely interested in? Has it been a decade since your last relationship? If the answer to all those questions is in the affirmative, consider yourself severely single.

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Nothing wrong with that, though. If you don’t want to engage in casual relationships, we commend you. Waiting for someone special can be very rewarding in the end. Do what makes you happy, and don’t let the naysayers get you down.

Waiting for the right person

Younger people tend to be more adventurous and even more aggressive when it comes to relationships. They have all the time in the world, and with youth behind them, they feel invincible. However, when you get older, your perspective on life changes.

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You no longer want to waste your time and effort dating people you’re sure you won’t jive with. You’d rather spend your time on more important things, such as your favorite book, or attending classes that will help you gain skills.

When you’re left with no choice

Are you one of those people who choose to be single rather than be in a relationship with someone who just doesn’t delight you and stimulate your senses both physically and mentally? It’s better to now be in a relationship than be in a mediocre one, right?

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Or are you single because you are left with no choice because the person you are interested in doesn’t have any interest in you? Regardless of which category you belong to, don’t change yourself just to please anyone. It’s your life, after all.

Plant parents rejoice and be proud

If turning your gentle abode into an urban jungle brings you joy and satisfies you as a person, then go ahead and do so. We know plenty of green thumbs all over the world who will rejoice with the news that another person has been added to their lineup.

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Who says you can’t be in a relationship with plants? Just like people, some plants are high maintenance. Then there are those that don’t need a lot of attention. Just a little sprinkle of water here and there and some sunlight, and they are happy.  

The single person has the most relationship advice

Just like married people with children who always get unsolicited advice from married or single people without children, people who are in relationships often also get unsolicited advice from single people about relationships.

Image courtesy of MyTherapistSays/Instagram

What makes single people suddenly experts on being in relationships? We don’t have the slightest idea either, but perhaps it’s because they have this romantic view of relationships that even if they don’t have much experience, they’d like to impart their knowledge to others.

Disgusted by people in relationships

There are happily single people who don’t have a care in the world, and there is the other group of single people. This is the group that gets hurt seeing couples and happily married people. Which group do you belong to?

Image courtesy of billmoisuk/Instagram and josswedon/Twitter

It must have been Valentine’s Day when this person posted this tweet because it seemed that no matter where he looked, all he saw were people happily paired up with others. But we have to admire the honesty and self-awareness.

What do you need a relationship for?

This guy makes a lot of sense because nowadays, people do nothing but ruin relationships and the fun. So, if heartache and being let down are the only things you are going to get from relationships, there is no sense in being with someone.

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If you are perfectly capable of ruining things and disappointing yourself, you don’t need another person to do it for you. Sounds perfectly sane, right? That way, you won’t have anyone else to blame but yourself when everything doesn’t go as planned.

Parents their children will be proud of

Single people always say that they will not be like their married friends or their friends who are parents. They always mention that they are going to be cool, that they’re not going to be overbearing, and that they will be the type of parents their children will be proud of.

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But if you wait too long to become a parent, will you still have the energy and vigor to chase after tiny tot as they run around the house? By the time we get there, 65 will probably be the new 45 anyway!

A way around modern dating

Gone are the days when you had to wait for friends and family to introduce you to a lady or a guy who could potentially be a good mate for you. Nowadays, you can check out people without even leaving the house.

Image courtesy of IAmJericho and human-dis4ster/Twitter

With apps such as Tinder, you can sit on your couch in your pajamas and work your way through loads of potential dates; they make everything easy, but if you want to stand out, you’d better do something out of the ordinary.

Those chain messages had a purpose

If you’re still single even after you put yourself out there, you might be asking yourself what’s the reason. Is it because you bullied that unpopular girl when you were still at school? Is it because you didn’t donate money to charity?

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Or is it because you didn’t forward those chain messages that other people sent you? You know they are powerful! They have the power to bring you bad luck, and they could very well be the reason why you’ll be single forever.

Having all the pizza you want

Being in a relationship means sharing whatever you have with the other person. As they say, what’s yours is mine, and what’s mine is yours. If you’ve ever had a girlfriend, you know how much they want to eat the food you ordered, even if they said they wouldn’t want any.

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However, some people are not ready to go that route yet. They would rather eat everything they want without anyone telling them not to or anyone getting a portion of their food. Yes, when you’re single, you can have your pizza and eat it too.

When you’re single, you can have the entire bed to yourself

People in relationships naturally spend a few nights in each other’s apartments or homes, and that also means sharing beds with them. We don’t know about you, but we hate sleeping in a crowded bed. We want to be able to move around as much as we want to.

Image courtesy of Domia_abr_Wyrda/Twitter and thelwallturnertowers/Instagram

You should count yourself lucky if you’re single because you get to have the entire bed to yourself. You don’t have to share it with someone who snores or someone who likes to hog all the space or the blanket.

All for the love of dogs

What are the reasons people are in relationships? Is it because they need someone to listen to them, someone to acknowledge their feelings, and someone to confide in? Or is it because they need someone to annoy when they’re bored?

Image courtesy of Peaky001/Reddit and TechnicallyRon

For dog lovers, the reasons are pure and simple. They want to be in relationships with other people who also adore dogs and have dogs so they can spend all their time talking about dogs and the things that make them lovable.

We love these cats with attitude

We didn’t have any intention to be mean, but we have to admit that there was a time in our lives when we hated seeing couples. There was a period when they irked us, and all we wanted to do was see couples sad.

Image courtesy of cherrybombsnpopcorn/Imgur

But we have gone past that stage, and we’re happy for anyone and everyone who’s coupled up. However, this cat isn’t over that stage yet. As a matter of fact, it is still happily bothering them every opportunity it gets.

There are many types of single people

If we believe this Twitter user, single people fall into only two categories; those who desperately want to be coupled up and those who want to remain single for as long as they can. But we want to believe that there are more types of people.

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You can be both or a little combination of the two. You don’t have to be desperate to be in a relationship. You can take your time with baby steps and discover exactly what you want out of life and out of your partner.

Yup, singlehood should be celebrated too

There is a day celebrating mothers, fathers, teachers, fallen and unsung heroes, cats, doughnuts, pancakes, grandparents, you name it, and you can be sure that they have their dedicated day on the calendar. But what about single people? They should get a day!

Image courtesy of guywithasign/Instagram

Don’t you think they should be honored too? Well, of course, they should. They are also contributors to society, and much of any country’s GDP is their direct contribution. Let’s all celebrate the many good and bad things about being single.

We beg to disagree

We respectfully beg to disagree with what this lady says about being single and watching a horror movie. No, watching a horror movie isn’t the worst time to be single because it is the time when you feel the least alone.

Image courtesy of and Mega_Sass/Twitter

You feel eyes looking at you, there is a presence in your room, and it feels like you’re not alone. As a matter of act, watching a horror movie is a guarantee that you will never feel alone. Believe us; we’ve been there.

You must solve the riddle before she opens up to you

Some of us have been hurt so bad that we find it incredibly difficult to open up to someone or share our thoughts and feelings with someone, leading to difficulty trusting other people and staying in healthy relationships. It rough out there.

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For the other party, getting someone to open up to them and to trust them is like solving a difficult mystery. It’s like being asked by the sphinx a very confusing riddle, and if you don’t get the answer right, it’s going to be off with your head.

You have to listen to your coach

Why and how is it that it’s always the single people who have so much to say about relationships among all our friends? They always seem to give advice, most of which is unsolicited? Now, we’re not trying to be mean, but what makes them think they know a lot about relationships?

Image courtesy of DrJimmi_Smiles/Reddit

Most of them would tell you that they don’t play the game because they coach the game but have you ever noticed that most coaches in real life did not excel in playing the game? They, those can’t, teach.

Valentine’s Day? What is that?

Some unfortunate few on this planet have been single for so long that they can’t even remember the feeling of being a couple anymore. They don’t even remember or don’t want to remember Valentine’s day and all the sappy, lovey-dovey things that come with it.

Image courtesy of GualuCL/Twitter

Some are so single that even milk containers have Valentine’s date when they don’t. Now, this doesn’t have to be something unfortunate because you can always treat yourself on Valentine’s day; just remember to avoid places where there are couples.

This guy is lonely

This guy right here could win the loneliest person award. Look at him staring at the dried leaves which he has made into a heart shape. Care to guess what he’s thinking? Is he reminiscing about a past relationship with a woman he can’t get over with?

Image courtesy of GeorgeResch/Twitter

Does he still carry a torch for his ex? Is he formulating plans of getting back with her? We daresay that he’s thinking about how soon he can get off work so he can have a lovely day by himself. Being single doesn’t always mean being sad, people.

The dangers of Tinder and other dating apps

Anyone who’s ever used the variety of dating apps available today will tell you that what you see isn’t always what you get. Seeing someone that exactly looks like their profile on dating apps is a rarity, and you can count yourself lucky if that’s your case.

Image courtesy of sebzeroooooo/Reddit

Of course, we understand that people want to look their absolute best to attract the opposite sex, but some go to the point of putting pictures that do not resemble them at all. They look like Beyonce on their profile picture but look like Chewbacca in reality.

Finding the one

Ask people what made them think that they found The One, and they will come up with various answers. Some would tell you that the moment they laid eyes on their girlfriend or boyfriend, they knew that was the person they were meant to spend the rest of their life with.

Image courtesy of kiradmz/pholder and Eded_Eats/Twitter

You don’t have to go overboard trying to impress anyone because the moment they know you’re the one, that’s it! It doesn’t matter if you tripped and fell in front of them or if you were eating a whole rotisserie chicken.

Single people who can’t do relationships

Single people are not always a sad lot. True, some of them were dropped by their significant others, but not all. Some prefer not to be in a relationship because – well, it’s none of our business what the reason is, is it?

Image courtesy of TiruKilarylee/Twitter

Some people can’t stand being a couple that 3 hours into a relationship; they are ready to throw in the towel and call it quits. Why deal with another person’s insecurities, eccentricities, and issues when you already have so much of your own?