Talented Brides Who Created Their Own Dream Dress For The Big Day

By Jhoana C January 20, 2024

This article was originally published on befashionly

In the United States, the average cost of a wedding is $28,000, and we’d be the first to tell you that’s not a small amount. The most expensive thing for a wedding is the venue. Other expenses that make up the bulk of wedding spending are the rings and the wedding dress, which are not easy to search for. There may be a variety of ready-to-wear wedding dresses available in stores and online, but there are times when they aren’t exactly what brides want. So, what’s the next best thing for a girl to do? Make her own wedding dress, of course! Not only does it cost much less, but the dress would be tailor-made to suit you. It’s not surprising that many brides today would rather make their own dress than buy one.

#1 Dancing the magical night away

Your wedding day is supposed to be an unforgettable and magical day because it’s when two people are united in matrimony forever. This couple’s wedding day turned out to be like a fairytale, and you can see it on their faces.

Image courtesy of romeroj/Reddit

Look at them dancing the night away and the guests cheering them on and taking pictures. We’d love to know how those lights ended up on the bride’s wedding dress. Was this simply the perfect shot taken in front of party lights?

#2 Making dresses for almost the whole wedding entourage

Sewing your own wedding dress is already challenging enough and sometimes overwhelming. Imagine the feeling of making dresses for the female half of the wedding entourage. We commend this lady for committing herself to the enormous task.

Image courtesy of Ex_Pandable/Reddit

We can’t see ourselves putting in the hours and the required effort to make a single dress, let alone dresses for most of the female entourage. Not only did she succeed in her attempt, but we’d also say she passed it with flying colors.

#3 Happy with her wedding dress

With that look on the bride’s face, we can tell she is mighty proud of her creation. It takes a lot of courage to say that you want to design and sew your wedding dress. A lot of people would discourage you from doing so.

Image courtesy of vasovagalprincess/Reddit

Friends and family will tell you that it’s better to leave it to the professionals who have designed and sewn hundreds of wedding dresses but if you have the vision and the commitment to follow through with it, by all means, go!

#4 We love how the back of this dress is designed

If women could wear more than a single wedding dress on their big day, we’re sure they would. There are just too many lovely designs out there that sometimes it’s difficult to decide which one to choose. But if you make it, you can have all the elements you want!

Image courtesy of hdavis22/Reddit

This is one of the dresses on the list that we especially love because of its unique design. It’s modest at the front, but it takes risks at the back. We have to say the lady who made this is talented, and she must be mighty proud of herself.

#5 The happiest day of their lives

This couple looks so happy on the day they made vows to be by each other’s side, come what may. The bride is beaming, and you can tell that she is happy with the start of her married life, especially with that dress on.

Image courtesy of whatabbysews/Instagram

The wedding dress was a massive project for her, and while she was making it, she was also learning from others who were working on a similar project. Hers turned out quite well, and we think it looks like it came from a professional’s hand.

#6 Knitting her wedding dress on the bus

Let’s face it, mass transit can either be the most exciting thing in the morning or the most annoying. It depends on where you live, what time you get on the bus, and of course, the other passengers. This lady, however, let none of those things distract her from the most important thing in life.

Image courtesy of alkikat/Reddit

To her, knitting her wedding dress and making sure it was ready for the big day was all that mattered. People could argue on the bus, and she didn’t care. You would have found her in a corner, busy putting her knitting skills to good use.

#7 The green wedding dress

In Western cultures, wedding dresses are almost always white, except on those rare occasions when the bride prefers another color. Another popular alternate choice is light pink, but we have never seen a green wedding dress until now. We’ve been won over!

Image courtesy of saranenadiy/Instagram

White represents purity and has simply been the tradition since the Victorian era. Queen Victoria sparked the modern trend when she married Prince Albert on the 10th of February 1840. But we love to see something unique that deviates from expectation.

#8 Thrifted wedding dress that turned out perfect

According to polls, the national average cost of a wedding dress is more than a thousand dollars. That may be a paltry amount to some, but to most people, that’s a lot of money because we all know that weddings don’t only need a wedding dress.

Image courtesy of GingerSnark/Imgur

You also need a good reception location, an excellent menu for the guests to feast on, some music and lights, at the very least. Add it all up, and the costs can easily overwhelm anyone. So kudos to practical brides like this who are not afraid to go into thrift shops to find the perfect but affordable wedding dress with the help of alterations and some styling.

#9 Stunning bride and stunning dress

A stunning dress doesn’t have to cost you your entire life savings. Sometimes, you can find the perfect wedding dress in used condition in a thrift shop, and at other times you don’t get so lucky. Then, you have to make it, and that’s exactly what this bride did.

Image courtesy of drago.chan/Instagram

She rolled up her sleeves, dedicated her effort and her time to come up with the most beautiful wedding dress she had ever laid eyes on. She looked stunning in her equally gorgeous dress. Now that’s something every bride wants on her wedding day.

#10 White with some sprinkles of color

Some people think white is boring for a wedding dress because it has been done so many times. Others want to stand out, surprise people, and convince them that other colors will do just fine when it comes to their ensemble for their special day.

Image courtesy of kaleidoscopekatie_/Instagram

This lady belongs to that group, and she wasn’t afraid to sprinkle a few colors on her wedding dress. Good on her that she decided to do so because her wedding dress looked great and was certainly the opposite of boring!

#11 Another non-white gown

This is another non-white wedding dress that is just stunning. We love the golden color of the fabric and the black lace because they go very well together. The bride must have spent hours on this handmade wedding dress, and her effort was worth it.

Image courtesy of Jaczingle/Instagram

If you want to surprise people with a non-conventional gown, this is the way to go. Everyone will be pleasantly surprised, and we are absolutely sure they’d wish they were the one wearing the dress and walking down the aisle.

#12 Naked lace on a gown

We don’t know much about naked lace, but apparently, it was a thing in the early 2000s, and creative and imaginative brides wanted it on their wedding dresses. This is an example of making this material work to your advantage.

Image courtesy of prettynothingsco/Instagram

We have to say that the term “naked lace” is appropriate for the dress because it does look like it’s sheer, and parts of your body are exposed. It’s daring without being unseemly, and it’s appropriate for the wedding ceremony and reception.

#13 Vintage in black and white

Some people have this love for anything vintage, including handbags, shoes, and dresses. Vintage anything never goes out of style, and its value increases as time goes by. If you’re into vintage, you’d be happy to know that there are gorgeous wedding gowns from the 1920s to the 1980s that can be rented or bought.

Image courtesy of sewballet/Reddit

This woman spent a year on this dress, hunting for the perfect materials, researching the design, and making it herself. The fact that this photo was taken in black and white only accentuates the loveliness and simplicity of the wedding dress.

#14 The colors underneath the dress have won us over

There’s one thing anyone should remember about weddings: they are supposed to be fun occasions. Sure, you may feel overwhelmed with the days leading up to the big one, but that doesn’t mean you should let things get the better of you.

Image courtesy of kateful/Imgur

Always inject humor and fun wherever and whenever possible, even if that means in your wedding dress. Take your cue from this fun bride and her rainbow of colors underneath her wedding dress. You want it to be a memorable day for all the right reasons.

#15 She’s bringing sexy back

This bride might not know it, but she’s bringing sexy back. Yup, cue Justin Timberlake’s hit in the background because this dress needs a soundtrack. This dress is just gorgeous, and we’re sure a lot of people would be surprised that the bride herself made it.

Image courtesy of ladyithis/Imgur

Bless those ladies who have a knack for fashion and creating beautiful dresses that most of us could only dream of. Being your designer and dressmaker not only saves you money but also helps ensure you get the dress of your dreams.

#16 Isn’t she lovely?

We can think of plenty of adjectives to describe this bride but first on our list is lovely. Her dress has a lot to do with that because, let’s face it, regardless of how nice your makeup and hair are, the dress is the main attraction.

Image courtesy of alyssa.whalen/Instagram

This bride’s dress might not look so over-the-top and expensive; it is instead understated and elegant. If you’re a bride who prefers classic silhouettes and cuts, this would make an excellent choice. She is a vision in this gorgeous gown.

#17 Floral dress

Immaculately white wedding dresses are soo yesterday. Nowadays, brides are not afraid to take risks and don gowns far from the beaten path. This bride is one of them. Look at her beaming and proud of the dress she made herself.

Image courtesy of Shanglorice/Reddit

Doesn’t she look divine in her cold shoulder printed gown? Her groom looks dashing too, and they look like they are a great couple enjoying the most important day of their lives. Looks like they are off to a good start.

#18 A dress proudly made from scratch

Not many brides are up for making a wedding dress from scratch. It takes a lot of time, skills, an eye for detail, and plenty of patience. If you’re not patient enough, you might give up midway and get a ready-to-wear dress, which isn’t bad either.

Image courtesy of themanifestdestiny/Instagram

Kudos to this bride who committed herself to creating her very own wedding dress from scratch. If you think you can do the best job of designing and sewing your gown, we highly encourage you to do so. Just look at how this turned out!

#19 To be as lovely as this bride

We have heard of many horror stories of women who wanted to look their absolute best at their wedding, only to wear a gown that is too big or too small for them that they are bursting at the seams.

Image courtesy of sewingjulieblog/Instagram

There have been brides that were horrified to find out just a few days before their weddings that the dressmaker didn’t follow their instructions and made something they didn’t like. Luckily, this bride isn’t one of them. She’s as lovely as can be.

#20 Finding ways to create her own wedding dress

If you are committed to something, you will find ways to make things into a reality instead of coming up with excuses, and that’s exactly what this bride did. Having no mannequin did not deter her when she saw the price tag of the dress she wanted, $2,200.

Image courtesy of ChocolateCookieAndFudge/Imgur

She wasn’t about to shell out that much so she decided to make her own wedding gown. She used scotch tape and a t-shirt to create a mannequin and purchased about 26 feet of silk and lace to make her dream dress a reality.

#21 A white wedding gown with a rainbow

Who says you can’t have the rainbow on your wedding dress? Remember that if anybody ever tells you so, you must look back at this bride who managed to have the best of all worlds. White wedding dress? Check! Rainbow? Check again!

Image courtesy of lauraekmakeup/Instagram

This photo was shared by the bride’s neighbor tasked with doing her makeup and hair. Suffice it to say that the neighbor was wowed by the dress. She disclosed that the bride made the dress herself after seeing inspiration on Pinterest.

#22 A unique wedding dress indeed

If you want to turn people’s heads and have them talking, your wedding is the perfect occasion to make a statement, and we mean that in a good way. This bride wanted to be a showstopper, and that’s what she was on her wedding day in her unique gown.

Image courtesy of moment444/Reddit

She shunned the usual white wedding gown and went with something shorter with more personality. One side of the dress had a sleeve, and one side was made with fabric that had flowers on it, apart from the cream color of the majority of the dress.

#23 Two brides and the perfect wedding dress

Weddings are no longer strictly a ceremony for a bride and a groom. Nowadays, it can be two grooms or two brides, and we love that. Another thing that has deviated from tradition is wedding dresses. We’ve talked a lot about the color white.

Image courtesy of Sapphoshouseofcake/Reddit

They are no longer immaculately white, and a few celebrities have worn wedding dresses of another color. This beautiful wedding, for instance, had two brides, one of them wearing the traditional white or cream and the other wearing a green dress.

#24 Another knitted wedding dress

According to a study, more than 28 million Americans either knit or crochet. It’s certainly a hobby that had many people busy during the last two years. People who crochet and knit are more likely to participate in other needle arts too.

Image courtesy of Kressstina/Imgur

We’d say that this bride is into knitting and if you’re looking for proof, you need not look further than her knitted wedding dress. It is unique, it is gorgeous, and it is something that she is clearly very proud of.

#25 We don’t think this is a simple wedding dress

This woman sure followed through on her dream. Never mind the naysayers; if you have the skill, dedication, and commitment, you can come up with your dream wedding dress that’s going to look a hundred times better than what’s sold in the stores today.

Image courtesy of ilikecakemor/Reddit

This bride describes her dream wedding dress as simple, but simple is the last word we thought of when we saw it. It’s definitely a rocking dress, even without the embellishments of beads and lace many wedding dresses come with.

#26 There were wedding bells

At first glance, we thought this was a wedding dress fit for a Disney princess because that’s certainly the impression given by the woman in the photo. She looks like she’s about to dance accompanied by the entire wedding party.

Image courtesy of mindputtee/Imgur

We do love the bodice on this dress with the crystals and other embellishments because it gives the dress more oomph. Cue the song, “There were bells on a hill, but I never heard them ringing. No, I never heard them ringing till there was you.”

#27 We are loving the high and low hem on this

This list was made primarily to give women who make their own wedding dresses the recognition they deserve, and this woman has to be here. If you are looking for the best examples of brave women who donned unconventional wedding dresses, you can look to this lady for inspiration.

Image courtesy of funwithsewing/Reddit

We are pretty sure that she spent a fraction of the cost of what she would have paid had she decided to buy off-the-shelf wedding dresses with recognizable brand names. This is proof that there are times when you can make better dresses than what’s currently available on the market.

#28 She made the wedding dress in 6 months

On average, how long does it take to make your wedding dress? You have to take into account the number of hours you can spend on your dress every weekend, as well as the availability of materials in your area.

Image courtesy of fayfaysews/Instagram

This woman, for example, spent six months on her dress. It might have taken her a long time to finish a creation that she would probably only once in her life, but she is mighty proud of what she had made with her hands.

#29 The details of this dress

Any handmade dress is sure to cost a bit of money. Just try going to any department store that sells clothes, and you’ll understand what we mean. If any handmade dress can cost plenty of money, you can bet that handmade wedding dresses will fetch twice the price.

Image courtesy of mmadalynne/Instagram

The handmade wedding dress this beautiful bride is wearing in this photo was made by her own hand for the most special occasion of her life. We know that this list is about the dress, but we have to say that the bride here is on fire.

#30 His tie perfectly matched the dress

Ah, weddings, one of the most important occasions in a person’s life. And as people from the old days said, if you do it right, you only get married once, so you might as well look your absolute best on your wedding day.

Image courtesy of jack.stitch/Instagram

If this is how nice the gown looks from the back, we can’t wait to see it from the front. We’re sure it’s going to be just amazing! We also love how the dress’s color matched the groom’s tie. This couple is off to a good start.

#31 Updating an old dress for her wedding

Sometimes you can’t find the exact wedding dress of your dreams, so you have no choice but to make one yourself. Yes, it’s a tall order, but it can be done as long as you are committed to your mission.

Image courtesy of FakeBeccaJean/Reddit

This lady found a wedding dress in a thrift shop for only $25. It was not the exact style she wanted, but she made alterations to resemble the dress of her dreams. See the transformation from the before and after photo.

#32 Not your usual wedding dress

How many weddings have you been to with the bride not wearing a dress? We have seen a few, and although they are mostly on television and mostly celebrity weddings, it’s refreshing to see women not limiting themselves to the traditional dress.

Image courtesy of eurokangas/Instagram

This new take on wedding dresses, or in this case, wedding pantsuits, is something we like very much. We don’t see many women who have the guts to wear this and look good in it, so congratulations to this bride.

#33 She poured her soul into her wedding dress and she looks divine

If you pour your heart and soul into something, you’re likely to get great results, and that’s exactly what this bride did. She wanted to shine on her wedding day, and she thought that the best way to do so was to make her dress.

Image courtesy of patternbotany/Instagram

You can tell from the smile on her face that she is happy with the result, and we are wowed by it too. She should consider a career in wedding dress making because it looks like she has a talent for it. It could be her ticket to fame.

#34 Wedding dress crazy?

We know how the photo looks, and to answer your question, she didn’t step in anything messy; she was just checking her heels. It would be very unfortunate if she did step in mud or something worse on her wedding day.

Image courtesy of camimadepatterns/Instagram

It has been a year since she made that dress, but it won’t get old. She confided that she almost went crazy in the process of making her gown, but she certainly looked stunning on her big day. We’re sure her groom had the same thought.

#35 This bride not only made a wedding dress, but she also made the outfit for her groom

If you think that the other brides on this list are incredible, we have news for you. Not only did she make her own dress, but she also made an outfit for her groom. Now that shows serious commitment to the relationship and the wedding photos!

Image courtesy of gesasage88/Imgur

If the others were committed, she is doubly committed. We all have the same question on our minds, how did she find the time? You can see the design she drew on the left, and on the right is how the dress and the groom’s outfit turned out. Amazing, right?

#36 Not one but two amazing dresses

If the bride before this made an outfit for her groom and her wedding dress, this bride made not one but two wedding dresses. You might be wondering, but where is the other one? You do not see it, right?

Image courtesy of jenovianti/Instagram

We’ll let you in on a little secret; it’s underneath the dress you see on the surface. You know what would have been better? If we could see the entire dress and if the flowers didn’t cover the front part, but we love it all the same.

#37 This is the mother-in-law every bride wants

We often hear sad stories of wives and their mothers-in-law not getting along. They are very common indeed. This bride, however, does not have to worry about that because she and her mother-in-law get along just fine. More than fine, in fact!

Image courtesy of lysbilderlongva/Instagram

What proof do we have, you ask? Well, her mother-in-law helped her make her wedding dress. How many brides can say the same thing? She and her new mother-in-law will undoubtedly have a great relationship, and she is in good hands.

#38 Another wedding dress with a nice design on the back

Carefree and happy; those are the words we would use to describe this bride. Look at her running on the grass (or perhaps she is already late for the wedding ceremony?). She looks perfect against the backdrop of trees and meadow.

Image courtesy of m.e.i.l.i.s/Instagram

We hope she doesn’t miss her own ceremony because what would the groom and the guests think and that wonderfully made wedding dress would just go to waste. But of course, this is just a pose for the future album.

#39 A million snafus before her wedding dress was finally made

Weddings can be overwhelming, and that’s why you often hear of previously calm and timid brides turning into Bridezillas. There are plenty of things to think about, the reception, the dress, the guest list, the menu, the music, to name a few.

Image courtesy of brasscreative/Instagram

The pressure can get to any sane woman and drive her crazy. Fortunately, this person wasn’t one of them. There were a million snafus before their wedding day, but it all turned out well. Here she is in the wedding dress she made with her groom by her side.

#40 Recycled wedding dress

If you’re on the lookout for a unique wedding dress, you have come to the right place. Care to guess what material was used to make this gorgeous wedding dress? Lace? Silk? Cashmere? Give up already? Okay, we’ll tell you!

Image courtesy of jennaphipps4/Reddit

She made the wedding dress from sweatpants. We don’t commonly hear that kind of fabric being used for a wedding dress, but now we see that it’s not bad. If you want to stand out and stay nice and comfortable on your big day, this is the way to go.

#41 Paying tribute to her mother on her wedding day

Weddings are one of the most important events in a person’s life, especially a woman’s. That’s the day she gets to walk down the aisle in front of her friends and family and pledge to be with the love of her life for all eternity.

Image courtesy of pocono_sew_and_vac/Instagram

However, there are times when some of the most important people in your life can’t come to your wedding because they have passed on. Sad as it may seem, there are ways you can pay tribute. This bride used her mother’s wedding dress but made a few changes to update the design.

#42 A dream come true indeed

See how happy the bride in this photo is? You can tell that she is genuinely happy and is looking forward to spending the rest of her life with the man of her dreams. Another thing that’s making her very happy is her wedding dress.

Image courtesy of savannah.quie.erdahl/Instagram

Making it was a dream for her, and now that she is wearing her own creation and is about to walk down the aisle, her dream is coming true. Even if you aren’t close to her or know her, you can tell that the dress suits her perfectly.

#43 Tutorials to the rescue

Don’t know how to do something? Go online and search for tutorials on Google or YouTube; that’s what most of us do nowadays. For many of us, seeing how something is done is better than reading about how it is done.

Image courtesy of ladyithis/Imgur

This bride did the same thing. She wanted to make her wedding dress, and she was not discouraged. With tutorials, she was able to finish her creation of a wedding gown, and that’s something she’s going to be proud of for the rest of her life.

#44 Online courses came in handy

We don’t think much of online courses, but they come in handy sometimes, especially when you want to make your wedding dress. The process of designing and sewing your wedding dress may not be as easy, but the result is worth it.

Image courtesy of itskelsie/Imgur

This bride spent eight months designing and making her wedding dress, and although it was not smooth sailing, she couldn’t be happier and prouder of herself as she walked beside her groom to face their guests. This dress is expert-level!

#45 8 months has nothing on 2 years!

If the previous bride spent eight months making her wedding dress, she should be happy. Why? Because this bride right here spent the better part of two years fulfilling her wish, which was to make her gown herself. And boy, was she committed!

Image courtesy of uknowwhoiiam/Reddit

She didn’t want hers to be all white, so she deviated a bit from the norm. She wanted some glitter and gold, and that’s exactly what she added. Her dress is a little extra, and it’s the right kind of extra. She looks like a real princess!