Ireland In Memes: 40+ Photos That Perfectly Portray The Emerald Isle’s Unique Quirks

By Aileen D January 4, 2024

This article was originally published on globalfamilynews

Ireland is a one-of-a-kind country. With a rich history and culture, breathtaking landscapes, and a lively spirit, it offers an experience unlike any other. Fortunately for you, we have compiled a list of reasons why Ireland deserves the credit it gets and presented them to you, Gen Z style: with the use of memes!

We have sourced these hilarious photos from the Instagram account “Meanwhile In Ireland,” which posts all about life in that lovely nation. We couldn’t help but feel a bit of a sting as we thumbed through the pictures, thanks to the total ruckus that is being Irish!

Irishmen and women can best us at drinking or even cycling down a rugged terrain. Here, there’s no need for security cameras since you can rely on your snooping neighbor to tell you who’s dating who and timely report a robbery! Let’s just say that the Irish are infamous for several reasons. Here are a few.

Unique Theme Park

Do you know about the Tayto theme park in Ireland? It’s a spud-tacular destination that’s all about one thing: potatoes. Visitors can experience the thrill of riding on the “Crisp Coaster,” a rollercoaster shaped like a giant potato chip. This fun fact spread like wildfire across the world!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

You can hear the audible gulp as this guy conceded that he had lost the argument. Just bear in mind that although this theme park was inspired by their love for potatoes, the Irish eat a variety of complex carbohydrates, not just spuds!

Superhuman Speed

When you think of Ireland, you might picture rolling green hills, Guinness beer, and maybe even a leprechaun or two. But did you know that Irish cyclists are some of the fastest and most fearless in the world? They’re expected to cycle no less than 80 kph!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

Despite the rugged terrain and unpredictable weather, Irish cyclists have been known to reach speeds of at least 80 kilometers per hour on their bikes. Neither rain nor wind can slow these majestic cyclists down, lest they pay a fine!

With Love

In Ireland, there’s a saying: “If you want to know how to spoil a child, ask an Irish granny.” And frankly, those grannies are experts at spoiling their grandchildren rotten! While Americans are expected to work for money, Irish grannies will literally hand you cash just for existing!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

It starts with hugs and kisses, and then they’ll smother their grandkids with love every chance they get. Then comes the treats. Sweets, biscuits, and chocolate are just the tip of the iceberg. Irish grannies will sneak you a bill when you least expect it and make your entire day! Protect these treasures!

Acts of Service

If you’re Irish and you tell your granny that you haven’t eaten, be prepared for a feast! It doesn’t matter if you were just kidding or bored; she will take your statement as a personal challenge to feed you until you burst.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

It doesn’t really matter what you say because they’ll cook everything anyway. Potatoes, roast beef, soda bread, and all the trimmings will be on the menu, and that’s just for starters. Then comes the desserts; apple pie, trifle, and maybe even some homemade fudge.

Mash Man

Meet Connor, the most interesting grade schooler you’ll ever meet. He may appear small, but according to this, he has a big appetite for mashed potatoes. In fact, he loves them so much that he’s been known to eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

But that’s not all that makes Connor unique. He’s also a Lego master and can build a castle or a spaceship in minutes. Additionally, he’s not afraid to mix and match sets to make his own unique creations. He even built a mashed potato Lego castle once, but he ate it shortly!

What limit?

Teenagers have a lot to deal with. They have to navigate high school, crushes, and acne, all while being told what to do by adults who just don’t understand! But there’s one thing that really grinds their gears; not being allowed to drink legally.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

Interestingly, we found out that that experience was not common across the board. While countries like Germany have a lower drinking age of 16, Ireland reportedly doesn’t have one! We can already picture the scornful looks American teens have on their faces right now!

Free Range

Move over candy bars and chips; there’s a new vending machine superstar in town: the egg machine. Yes, you heard that right. In Ireland, you can get your hands on a tray of free-range fresh eggs with just the push of a button.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

The Irish egg machine takes things to a whole new level. Now, you can skip the grocery store and get your breakfast essentials from a machine that looks like it belongs to a futuristic sci-fi movie! No wonder these guys grow up tall and lean from all that protein.

How Cheap Can You Get

It’s no secret that the Irish are a frugal bunch. These have so many ways to stretch their money a little further. Whether it’s reusing teabags or wearing four layers of clothing instead of turning up the heat, they have proved that they can survive on so little.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

They can stretch that 10 quid budget for the whole month and not have to worry about working 80-hour workweeks just to pay rent. It sounds like we can learn how to live contentedly from the Irish with what little we have.

Trying Times

Seems like there’s a little truth to the rumor that the Irish recycle their coffins. The Great Potato Famine was caused by a fungal disease that destroyed potato plants, the main food for the majority of the population. Many starved and eventually died within the following four years.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

During funerals, the coffin would be lowered into the grave, and at a certain level, the bottom would give way to dispatch the body into the ground. They would then recycle coffins to deal with the number of deaths during those trying years. Thank heavens, this is not another repeat of that, though!

Goes with Everything

In Ireland, mashed potatoes are like guacamole – they go with everything! Burgers, sausages, chicken, you name it. Want a little extra flair on your mashed potatoes? Just add some green food coloring, and boom, you’ve got tasty Irish guacamole!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Shed potatoes are like a blank canvas, waiting for you to add your favorite seasonings and spices. Want them garlicky? Add some garlic powder. Want them cheesy? Throw in some shredded cheddar. Want them spicy? Mix in some hot sauce. The possibilities are endless!

Burn ‘Em

Are you tired of carrying around extra holiday weight? Then cycle! Get your butt on a bike and pedal away those pounds. Not only will you burn fat and build muscle, but you’ll also get to enjoy the beautiful Irish countryside (weather permitting, of course).

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

Our new cycling campaign, sponsored by Guinness (because what’s a workout without a pint of the black stuff afterward?), encourages Irish citizens to ditch their cars and hit the bike lanes. The campaign slogan? “Pedal your way to a fitter, happier you – and a smaller carbon footprint!”

Next of Kin

Ah, the Irish and their infamous habit of treating everyone like family. It’s a phenomenon that can both warm the heart and confuse the heck out of outsiders. They might ask you about your background, your family history, and your whole life story – all within the first five minutes of meeting you!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

They are also likely to consider you a part of their family after having gotten to know you. Don’t be shocked when they ask for your number and save your name as their next-of-kin, which apparently means adding the prefix ‘our’ before your name! We’re definitely trying this one.


When it comes to home security systems, the Irish are more likely to rely on their nosy neighbors than any fancy technology. After all, why pay for a fancy alarm system when you can just rely on ol’ Mrs. Sullivan down the road to keep a watchful eye on your home?

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

You might think you can make a run for it, but don’t be fooled — Mrs. Sullivan has already alerted the neighborhood. Before you know it, everyone will be out on the street, armed with hurleys and pitchforks and ready to defend their turf. If you’re a teen, forget about sneaking your boyfriend in!


Where else but Ireland would you find a church, a hospital, and a liquor store all within spitting distance of each other? It’s a combination that’s both hilarious and oddly practical. After committing your transgressions, just stumble towards the church and start by saying, “Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…”

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

If you’re feeling unwell, you can pop into the hospital for some treatment, then head over to the church for some spiritual healing, and finally end up at the liquor store for some liquid refreshment to help you forget about the whole ordeal! See, practical!

Better to Inform Than to Renovate

The infamous Irish road dips are a feature of the Irish landscape that every driver knows all too well. You are driving seamlessly down the road, marveling at the views, when suddenly – WHAM! – you hit a dip that feels like it could send you flying in the air.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Why are there so many road dips in Ireland? Are they designed to test the shocks on your car? The truth is that we’ll probably never know. And the Irish government, instead of allocating the resources to renovate them, will likely let these dips run deeper.

Houston, We’re Flying

Laundering is an activity that can be infuriating yet enlightening. You’ve got the washing machines – those mystical beasts with a million buttons. Then, you’ve got the dryers – simple, straightforward machines that anyone can use without a supposed degree in laundry science!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

We can’t say for sure why Irish washing machines are so complicated. Whether they like it that way or they’re trying to prove a point with their superior technology, we have definitely considered just reusing clothes for the entire week.

Resilient as the Weather

Irish mothers are a force to be reckoned with. They are tough matriarchs. Some of them weathered the Great Potato Famine, raised large families, and survived on cups of tea and sheer willpower alone. These ladies can get through anything!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

It even shows in their lifespans. Irish women seem to have the uncanny ability to live longer than anyone else. Maybe it’s the hearty diet of potatoes and Guinness or the endless supply of wisdom and dark humor they all seem to possess! Whatever it is, it’s working.

City living

Welcome to the Dublin flat rental market. Here’s where you will have to pay an arm and a leg for a closet-sized room and a communal bathroom shared with six strangers. It’s like a rite of passage for anyone who wants to live in the city, a running joke among Dubliners.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Despite the fact that your room might be smaller than a prison cell, you’ll still be paying top euro (we know) for it. And don’t even think about having any privacy or personal space – your bed will be squeezed into a corner, with just enough room for a mini-fridge and a hot plate.

That’s All It Takes

Be careful what you say to an Irish chef. Almost everyone in the country is one. This is a nation of proud and confident cooks, thanks to five-minute shorts on Youtube and Instagram reels. That’s all it takes to become a master chef, according to them!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

They’ll watch a video of someone making a fancy dish, nodding along as if they’re absorbing every detail. And then they’ll confidently announce that they’re going to make it for dinner that same day. However, whether or not it actually tastes good is another story.

Gimme A Cup

The moment the kettle starts to whistle, every Irish person within earshot suddenly feels a deep, primal urge to have a cuppa. It’s like a sixth sense — a built-in tea detector that is activated at the mere sound of boiling water.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

You could be in the middle of a riveting conversation about the state of the economy, but the moment that kettle goes off, everything stops. Heads turn towards the kitchen like meerkats on high alert, noses twitching in anticipation of that sweet, sweet aroma.

Can’t Take Any More

Even the Titanic couldn’t escape the wrath of the Irish weather. The Titanic Artifact Exhibition, which showcased relics from the ill-fated ship, has been closed due to water damage. Yes, you heard that right – water damage. The irony is almost too much to bear!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

Apparently, the exhibition was housed in a building that had a leaky roof. Now, we all know that Ireland is famous for its rain. But with this situation, it’s almost as if the heavens themselves decided to play a cruel joke on the ship that famously sank after hitting an iceberg.

Grand Prize

The Irish are known for their generosity and their love of a good laugh. And what better way to combine those two traits than by giving someone a grand gift set of Lynx deodorant? It’s no joke. Who’s the lucky person who’ll be going home with this ultimate collection gift set?

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Forget chocolates, flowers, or expensive jewelry – the Irish know that the true path to someone’s heart is through their armpits. And what better way to keep those pits smelling fresh than with a massive box of Lynx? Now, gather around. We’re just about to announce the winner!

The Impact of a Minute

The weather in Ireland is like Russian Roulette. You’re never sure what you’re going to get, and it’s a gamble to take a walk without a raincoat or an umbrella with you. One minute, you’re basking in gentle sunlight, and the next…

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

you’re going to need a 1000-lumen flashlight to find your way in the pitch-black darkness. The Irish are used to it. They’ll likely shrug their shoulders and navigate a forest in the abysmal dark, with or without their eyes closed.

The Real National Treasure

Irish potholes are considered a natural treasure at this point. They even have a saying about it: the only thing taller than an Irishman is an Irish pothole! These things can swallow an entire car or maybe even an entire planet!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

They’re like little craters in the asphalt, waiting to swallow up your car and leave you stranded on the side of the road. And yet, despite their formidable size, they somehow manage to sneak up on you like a ninja in the night!

Utter Cheapskates

The natives of Ireland are a unique lot. They’ll do anything to save a few pennies. They can reuse tea bags until they are nothing but a sad, soggy lump. Sometimes they will even wash their clothes in the river instead of paying for laundry.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

The Irish have a fondness for a good bargain. You might even say that they have a bit of a reputation for being cheap, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong. They aren’t afraid to haggle and buy in bulk to save a few cents.


The Irish have a unique blend of wit, sarcasm, and just a touch of madness. Some might say that they have a sick sense of humor, but they prefer to think of it as a healthy appreciation for the absurd.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

This one made us hate ourselves for laughing because Finding Nemo was a fantastic movie! What did poor “Nemo” do to deserve such cruelty from one of the world’s friendliest people? Would you eat at this restaurant? We’re not sure we would.

National Identity

In Ireland, car plates are a bit different compared to what most of us are used to. Instead of just having a combination of letters and numbers, they have a system that tells you when the car was registered and where it’s from.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

You’ll see cars with plates like DUB for Dublin, GAL for Galway, or TIP for Tipperary. And if you’re really lucky, you might even spot a car with a county crest on the plate – a sure sign that the driver is a true Irish patriot.


Let’s talk about the Irish woman’s complexion – fair, freckled, and prone to sunburn even in the depths of winter. It’s a trait that’s both a blessing and a curse. Where else will you find a woman getting a sunburn in November?

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

On one hand, they have a natural beauty that’s coveted around the world. Their porcelain skin is like a blank canvas, ready to be adorned with just a touch of blush or lipstick. Unfortunately, it’s also about as sensitive as a snowflake in a furnace.

Getting the Job Done

Potatoes are a staple in the Irish diet. The one food that’s been keeping them fed for centuries. And as it turns out, they take their potatoes very seriously – so seriously, in fact, that they have started transporting them in commuter buses.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Instead of being shipped in big trucks or trains like most other crops, potatoes in Ireland are often loaded onto the same buses that take people to work and school. It’s a common sight to see bags stacked up in the aisles, next to people’s backpacks and briefcases!

For the Real Introverts

It’s a well-known fact that the Irish have a bit of a thing for planting trees. And not just any trees. They love tall, towering ones that could rival the Redwoods of California. Why, you ask? They like to fence themselves off from the rest of the world.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

It’s not that they don’t like other people. They like to have their own little slice of the world where they can be themselves without the prying eyes of outsiders. What better way to achieve that than with a thick wall of trees that nobody can even tell there’s a house behind it? Brilliant hack!

Two Birds with One Stone

It’s a well-known fact that the Irish have to keep a jug of holy water in the trunk of their car. To them, it’s just common sense. You never know when you might need a bit of divine intervention, after all.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Maybe your car breaks down on a deserted country road, and you need to call upon the powers that be to help you out. Or maybe you’re driving through a particularly rough part of town, and you want a little extra protection. Don’t knock it till you try it, folks.

Irish Fine Dining

People know that Irish fine dining is a true culinary experience for the ages. Forget about fancy restaurants with Michelin stars and foie gras. These guys know how to eat like kings without breaking the bank. It’s a true art form!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

You start off with a pint of beer – maybe two if you’re feeling particularly fancy. And then, you order your main course: a big, juicy potato. It’s boiled to perfection, with just the right amount of salt and butter to make your taste buds sing. Then add five more pints, and dinner is sorted!

Magic Elixir

It’s no secret that the Irish believe tea can cure just about anything. Feeling down? Have a cup of tea. Got a cold? Tea will fix you right up. Broken up with the love of your life? Here’s some tea. It’s like a magic elixir that can solve all of life’s problems.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

But it’s not just any tea that will do. Oh no. It has to be the good stuff. None of this herbal nonsense or fancy teas with exotic flavors. We’re talking about a strong cup of Barry’s or Lyons tea, brewed to perfection with just the right amount of milk. Now that’s the stuff!

Raid It

The Irish mom’s emergency kit is a thing of beauty, a marvel of modern medicine. The contents are a source of endless amusement for anyone who’s ever had the pleasure of raiding one. First up, we have a pint of Lucozade, perfect for a fractured leg or a broken heart.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

And then there are the leaves. Don’t ask what kind of leaves – it could be anything from chamomile to nettle to something that grows in the garden. But one thing’s for sure – all these are guaranteed to cure whatever ails you. If that doesn’t work, then they’ll prepare some toasted bread and coffee.

Spill the Tea

There’s nothing like a bit of neighborhood drama to get the Irish going. It’s like a soap opera, but better because it’s real life. If you’re in the middle of a fight in a public place in Ireland, you can bet your bottom dollar that people are listening in on every juicy detail.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Someone starts whispering about the latest scandal? The Irish are on it. They may appear to be gathered in small groups, pretending to chat about the weather, but really, they’re just waiting for someone to spill the beans. And when they do, oh boy, you can hear a pin drop.


Now, you might think that Garfield is just the name of a cartoon cat from America, but in Ireland, it’s a name you’ll hear more often than you’d expect. That’s right, Garfield is as common a name as Bob, and it’s not just because of the famous lasagna-loving feline.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

If you go to any pub in Ireland and shout “Garfield!” you’re bound to get a few people turning their heads. It’s like a secret code word for Irish people named after the President. Just don’t overdo it; otherwise, no one will heed your SOS when you’re in danger.


There are so many dogs in Ireland that it sometimes feels like they outnumber the people. You can’t walk down the street without seeing at least five different breeds. And don’t even get us started on the dog parks – it’s like a canine convention up there!

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

They’re treated like royalty. You’ll see them in pubs, restaurants, and even hotels. They’re part of the family, and everyone treats them as such. It’s not uncommon to see a dog sitting at the bar, people-watching and chewing a stick it had recently borrowed.

Hard to Keep Track

Ah, the famous Irish tradition of greeting drivers in the opposite lane with a wave or a hand signal. There are so many different hand signals that it can be hard to keep track. You’ve got the classic wave, of course, but then there’s the two-finger salute, the one-finger lift, and even the eyebrow raise.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

But the real challenge comes when you’re driving in a rural area where everyone knows everyone else. Suddenly, the hand signals take on a whole new level of complexity. You might get a wink, a nod, or even a full-blown conversation through a series of hand signals!

Failed Attempt

The Irish accent is both attractive and repulsive. Though it is admittedly soft, lilting, and full of charm, it can also be utterly incomprehensible. It can be confusing for outsiders: especially the way they pronounce the letter “u” as “e.”

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

This can lead to some hilarious misunderstandings, especially when it comes to words with multiple “u”s. For example, if an Irish person asks for a “cup of tea,” it might sound more like “cup of tea,” whereas “pub” or “rugby” can lead to some interesting mental images.

The Irish Dietary Pyramid

The Irish diet can be summed up in three words: carbs and booze. Who needs leafy greens when you have potatoes, meat, and alcohol? At the very base of the dietary pyramid are complex carbs in solid form, then later in liquid form.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

The humble spud is a staple and can be prepped, boiled, mashed, fried, and baked. Add some butter or gravy and pair it with meat, then you’re good to go for a day’s hard labor. End the day with a pint of ice-cold Guinness, and you’re done.

According to the Book of Genesis

The ‘big light’ is a fixture in Irish households that has baffled visitors for years. You see, the ‘big light’ isn’t just any old ceiling light. Oh no. It’s a beacon of brightness that serves as the primary source of illumination in any room.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Compared to the smaller lamps and table lights that might be scattered around the room, the ceiling light is the granddaddy of them all, the alpha and omega of illumination. Perhaps it’s an ode to the light that was created on the first day in the Book of Genesis.

A Dollop Everywhere

Introducing the ultimate men’s grooming product: the all-in-one shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothpaste, mouthwash, deodorant, peanut butter, Gatorade, milk, tin foil, tennis shoes, dental floss, and eye drops. This one product has everything a man could ever need to look and feel his best.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

Imagine being able to step into the shower and emerge 10 minutes later, fully groomed and ready to take on the day. No more fumbling with a million different products or forgetting to apply deodorant before heading out the door. You can get everything done in one fell swoop!

A Staple

To most people, a potato is just a simple vegetable. But to the Irish, it’s so much more. It’s a symbol of their history, their culture, and their perseverance in the face of adversity. Since the 1800s, it has been Irish’s staple food.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland / Instagram

But when a devastating potato blight hit in the 1840s, it led to widespread famine and death. To this day, the Irish are hyper-aware of the importance of the potato. They take great pride in their ability to plant, till, and harvest this versatile vegetable. They even have special festivals dedicated to it.

The Historians

Irish grannies are proud historians, and their knowledge of genealogy is second to none. You see, in Ireland, family is everything, and grannies are the keepers of that knowledge. They can tell you the family tree of every person in town, tracing their lineage back through the generations.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/ Instagram

They know who’s related to whom, how everyone is connected, who’s sleeping with who, and even what their social security number is. All this without any kind of technology! They are updated with the latest social deets about you and can easily put the US government to shame.


In Ireland, people won’t wonder why you have been gone for hours after leaving a note saying that you’ve gone to mass. It’s a well-known fact that a service can last an hour or longer, depending on the priest’s homily.

Image courtesy of Meanwhile In Ireland/Instagram

Some priests have a lot to say, and they’re not afraid to say it. Others, not so much. They might start off strong with a fiery sermon, and just when you think it’s almost over, they launch into a second one and keep going for another hour.