When Cats Steal The Show: 30+ Memes That Prove Cats Rule The Internet

By Jhoana C January 28, 2024

This article was originally published on racooned

Frank Perkins, the feline philosopher extraordinaire, once dropped this wisdom bomb: Cats are the ultimate masters of their own destiny. They’ll strut their stuff, call the shots, and basically do things their own fabulous way. Any cat parent in the know will give you a resounding “Amen!” to this truth. Even a treasure trove of catnip won’t sway their feline convictions, though we must admit, it might pique their curiosity.

But let’s cut to the chase: living with cats is like a rollercoaster ride without a seatbelt. One day, you might find yourself with surprise claw accessories on your face, and the next, you’ll be graced with a sweet, tender forehead bonk. They can go from attention-hungry divas to “leave me alone” recluse mode at the drop of a toy mouse. Cats are all about stealing the limelight, and we’ve got the paw-sitively purrfect photos to prove it!

#1 When your cat doesn’t get enough attention

While plenty of felines are happy to be left alone for most of the day, a handful want attention. Contrary to what most people believe, they are not independent companions; they can be clingy at times, sometimes even more than little children.

Image courtesy of Suzette Brun/Facebook

This should convince you of that. Cats can be very dramatic sometimes, so be prepared if you’re thinking of adding one to the family. We like how the poster got his pronouns correct, too. Some might argue with his use of “he” and “it,” but whatever floats his boat is fine with us.

#2 Faster than the Flash

Don’t be fooled by your kitty’s scratching post shenanigans and yarn-chasing escapades! These little bundles of fur are more than meets the eye. In fact, they’ve got a hidden talent that’ll leave you astounded—they’re the Usain Bolts of the animal kingdom, zipping around faster than a turbocharged cheetah!

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Now, here is the fine print of this incredible feline superpower: For your kitty to unleash their lightning-speed skills, there’s one crucial requirement—the presence of food! Without it, they’ll breeze right past you, acting as if you’re a mere specter.

#3 They don’t care and you can’t make them

We had an inkling about this and are glad to be proven right. Yup, cats know and understand how we feel; it’s just that they could care less, and most of the time, they couldn’t even be bothered. Try saying “Ps, ps, ps,” and see the look on their faces.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Feline behavior can be expressive. When your cat glances at you after your call, it’s not an acknowledgment of coming to your aid but often a subtle way of conveying that you might be a tad bothersome. This is a familiar aspect of sharing life with these independent creatures for cat owners.

#4 “Don’t worry, buddy. I’ve got your back”

Don’t we all wish we had someone who always kept a lookout for out wellbeing? We’d be able to sleep better at night knowing that someone is out there who had our back, no matter what. These two make an excellent team.

Image courtesy of Lori Rodewald/Facebook

At the very least, one of them is finally getting the well-deserved rest they need, taking the opportunity to enjoy the ride. However, the question remains: Why has the SWAT team descended upon the neighborhood? What transpired to warrant such a dramatic response? Answers are urgently needed.

#5 Don’t we all feel the same?

Contrary to those who claim cats are dissimilar to humans, this feline’s expression tells a different story. Numerous friends and family members bear a striking resemblance to this cat, their faces mirroring the struggle just 30 minutes into their diet and intermittent fasting journeys.

Image courtesy of Jo’nathan June/Facebook

We know it’s difficult to resist food, but you must commit to getting healthy. If you’re going to see changes, you need to fast for 6 hours if your goal is nine at least successfully. Can you resist a face like this, or would you be tempted to give it goodies?

#6 This guy could have fooled us

All kitties should come with this warning. There should be no exceptions because even if they seem charming and sweet, the devil is inside them, and they will scratch and hurt you. Without such a sign, would you believe this feline is dangerous?

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

We’re on the same page here, aren’t we? We’ve all fallen for that angelic facade at one point or another. But remember, looks can be deceiving, and sometimes, that fluffy exterior hides a mischievous little devil in disguise. It’s best to respect the “No Touching” rule!

#7 This cutie can’t be left behind

Be careful when your girlfriend tells you she wants to get a pet cat because you could soon get replaced by said cat. There will come a time when the furry creature becomes more important and more loved than you. We’re serious here, so listen up.

Image courtesy of Azhaya Lax/Facebook

Look at this adorable feline that couldn’t be left alone at home. The girlfriend would only go clubbing with the little fellow in tow, so could the boyfriend say no? The answer is in the photo. We’re confident that he was the show’s star wherever they went.

#8 No cage can hold this creature

This perfectly exemplifies our point about cats. They can instantly transition from looking utterly endearing to potentially endangering your well-being, leaving you completely at their mercy. Their personalities shift at the drop of a hat, and it can catch you off guard.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

We see many sharp things here; for everyone’s sake, it’s best to stay as far away as possible. They will have their vengeance, so it’s best to let them calm down and perhaps distract them with a treat or two.

#9 Meals for one, wine, and cat food

Some folks like hanging out with others and revel in friends’ company and attention, while some homebodies and introverts would rather be by themselves, reading a book and watching their favorite shows on Netflix—a particular group likes doing both in equal measure.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Meals, for one, wine, cat food, and cat toys are the only things we need for a happy life. If the masters we serve, our felines, are delighted, we will undoubtedly be satisfied because they will leave us alone while they enjoy themselves.

#10 Not getting any kind of support from this fellow

While cat enthusiasts might not like hearing this, it’s a fact that cats aren’t always the most emotionally supportive creatures. They tend to be demanding and often indifferent to your emotional state. Please don’t shoot the messenger; we just convey the reality here.

Image courtesy of Scott Kruger/Facebook

Yes, there are occasions when all their attention is on you, but those are rare, so you better enjoy them when they happen. Cats are a puzzle; we can’t live with them, and yet we can’t live without them. No, there is no solution yet.

#11 BRB, we’re getting this for our feline!

This luxurious bed is precisely what our cherished feline companions deserve; our comfort comes second. Denying them the best is not an option, as we all know the consequences of displeasing our feline rulers—scratched furniture and a battle of wills we can’t win.

Image courtesy of Jo’nathan June/Facebook

We can only imagine how comfy this feels. It feels like sleeping on feathers and clouds, and we might have a snooze fest for over 12 hours. We might buy this for ourselves if we can get away with it.

#12 Go, kitty! Scare the spider away!

For all their attention-seeking and demands, cats do have uses. They are treasured during ungodly hours in the morning when you need to go to the bathroom, and you hear strange sounds in your home. The same goes when there are insects you would rather not get near to.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Here is a demonstration of how they can protect you from spiders and similar insects. Pick them up and let them face whatever scares you. They do the job effectively, and at least once in your life, you’ll be happy that you have a cat.

#13 There is an impostor among us

Can you spot the imposter? As the saying goes, cats have an uncanny ability to squeeze into any container, regardless of size. It’s a testament to their determination and unique knack for making themselves fit where they want to be.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

They may be furry and solid, but they suddenly become liquid when they try to fit themselves into various containers. Don’t ask us to explain because we also don’t know why. They’re just magical creatures. “If I fit, I sit, and I fish. Meow.”

#14 Batcat is here to save the day

Wearing a mask often goes unnoticed until it’s donned with a purpose. We’re not suggesting criminal activities but rather the positive impact masks can have. Think of heroes like Batman and Spider-Man—masks that symbolize doing good and making a difference.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Here we have Batcat, channeling his inner superhero, and since his mask is still at the tailor’s, he has secretly hidden behind a plant leaf to keep his identity a secret after rescuing a damsel from the clutches of danger.

#15 War and peace

Cats give us the impression that they like fighting with each other and other animals. Bonded cats love to play fight, but you can check their body language to distinguish if they feel threatened or are having a good time.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

This photo won’t confuse you, though. It’s unequivocal, and the cats want war. Look at them getting ready for battle with their tank. Whoever dares to mess with them is going to understand what war and loss mean. Good luck!

#16 We’ll just keep our mouth shut

Sometimes, people or situations provoke you so much that you open your mouth wide to say what’s in your mouth but then realize that whatever you say or do, you’ll never change their minds, so you tell yourself to forget about it.

Image courtesy of Tiffany Williamson/Facebook

Why spend all that effort and energy on folks who will never see your point of view and people who argue just for the sake of arguing? You’re better off spending that energy reading a book, watching your favorite show, or petting your cat.

#17 Keep your greasy fingers away

If you’ve spent enough time around cats, you will notice that they spend a lot of time licking their fur, and the main reason for this is they like cleaning themselves. Their tongues have a sandpaper texture, and when they lick their coats, they moisten it.

Image courtesy of Jo’nathan June/Facebook

We can only imagine how upset this kitty must have been after spending considerable time cleaning itself, and then its human pet it with greasy fingers. Look at it screaming for its master to stay away. We’d do the same if we were in its shoes.

#18 That’s one scary looking cat

We have to be honest; if we were the kids, we’d tell our parents the same thing because this doesn’t look like a cat; it seems like a monster from our nightmares. Seeing this with dim lights at night will make us panic.

Image courtesy of Jo’nathan June/Facebook

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say that this cat’s mission is to scare people until they lose their minds. Why else would you pose like that? How would you expect people to react when they see something like this?

#19 What is this cat doing?

They’re furry, adorable, demanding, and affectionate when they want to be, but they can also be quite weird. Yes, we’re talking about cats. Don’t believe us? This photo will convince you. What could be so interesting to force a cat into an uncomfortable position?

Image courtesy of Stracks Psychic Readings and Spiritual Advice/Facebook

Sitting like that will surely take its toll on the poor feline’s back. We’re wondering what the fellow is monitoring. A lizard? A turtle? Or a sandwich? No, the sandwich won’t move by itself, and we don’t think anyone in their right mind would put it in a glass enclosure, but still.

#20 The stretchie remains the same regardless of the specie

Cats stretch because they help blood circulation and loosen up muscles after a satisfying snooze fest. Even humans do it, too. Sleeping in a single position can get uncomfortable even for our furry pals, so it’s understandable for them to stretch.

Image courtesy of Tiffany Williamson/Facebook

No, the act is not limited to domesticated felines. Even the cat’s wild cousins do it, too, and what we like about it is that the larger they get, the bigger the stretch becomes, too. After all, they must account for their size.

#21 Adam Driver as a cat

A renowned actor, Adam Driver is celebrated for his partnerships with esteemed directors and many awards. To truly grasp his talent, delve into his roles in “Paterson” and “Annette.” These films showcase his remarkable abilities and why he’s earned multiple Academy Award nominations.

Image courtesy of Lori Rodewald/Facebook

So, why are we even discussing the actor? Look at the cat, and you’ll have an idea. It is the actor in feline form. The distinct elongated face gives it away. All the cat needs now is acting chops; it could also have a career in Hollywood.

#22 There’s no escaping cat hair

If you’ve ever had dogs or cats in your home, you’ll know that there’s no escaping the hairs and coats of our furry friends. They end up on just about every surface, and that’s why this meme is so relatable. You can spend the entire day cleaning, and there will still be hairs.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Cleaning is essential, but dedicate a day to something other than battling pet hair. If you coexist with these adorable creatures, you must accept a certain level of fur as part of the package. Balancing cleanliness and pet companionship is the key to a harmonious home.

#23 Thanks, Sister Meowrice

This cat must have been a nun in her previous life because she wears a curtain like a habit with flair. She is sitting by the window, observing the little ones running around in the playground and ensuring they aren’t doing what they’re not supposed to do.

Image courtesy of Stracks Psychic Readings and Spiritual Advice/Facebook

This cat looks more stunning than we could ever hope to be. Some creatures get all the look, and here we are as clumsy as ever. Sister Meowrice hears our pleas, but she ignores us haughtily. She has other things to do.

#24 Nope, still not safe enough

While we applaud this human for using a seatbelt and a somewhat appropriate temporary carrier, we still don’t think this is safe enough because look at the cat’s paw sticking out, ready to strike anyone within distance. Everyone better watch out!

Image courtesy of Tiffany Williamson/Facebook

The feline isn’t happy about being confined inside the box and will strike vengeance on anyone it thinks is the mastermind of its current predicament. Couldn’t they just have used a regular animal carrier? The kitty isn’t comfortable and clearly wants to have a look around.

#25 Someone’s excited to welcome you home

This image exemplifies how a cat’s presence can dramatically enhance your life. No matter how tough your day at the office, returning home to this heartwarming sight can instantly brighten your spirits, leaving no room for stress to linger.

Image courtesy of Lori Rodewald/Facebook

Look at that kitty eager to welcome its human. Or is it looking forward to finally being fed and given treats? We may question its motives for being the first at the door, but you can’t deny this warms your heart.

#26 Shaking our head in disbelief

We could have sworn the other cat was a shadow if we hadn’t looked longer and closer at the photo. This duo is quite the trickster, and we can’t help but wonder how many times they’ve pulled this antic on innocent folks.

Image courtesy of Jarrod Clune/Facebook

Jack, we don’t want to spoil your fun, but the other guy is not pleased, and we’ve heard a few people complaining that they’ve been taken for a ride. Perhaps it’s time to cut it off and leave folks alone.

#27 Nobody takes my cats away

The beloved pets that grace our homes are more than mere additions to our families; they are cherished members, loyal confidants, and sometimes kindred spirits. With unwavering love, they lend an ear to our grievances and fill our lives with boundless affection.

Image courtesy of Lori Rodewald/Facebook

This fierce devotion is why their human counterparts stand as unwavering guardians, determined to shield their furry friends from harm. They will go to great lengths to secure their well-being, and anyone daring to threaten them will face fierce opposition.

#28 It comes with the territory

If you have a heart big enough to welcome furry friends into your home, you should also be generous enough to remain calm and loving even after they leave clumps of their hair everywhere, even on your shirt and food!

Image courtesy of Jo’nathan June/Facebook, Twitter.com

Yes, what you see in the photo is bound to happen. As we’d like to call it, Kitty glitter is part and parcel of being a fur parent. So bask in the glory of coats and hairs flying everywhere and sometimes getting in your nostrils and mouth.

#29 We wonder who won emerged victorious

This is a standoff made for cinema glory, and our single complaint about this is that there weren’t enough updates as to who won. We are invested in this, although we are not taking sides. We’re rooting for the cat as much as for the birds.

Image courtesy of Jo’nathan June/Facebook,Twitter.com

In this intriguing standoff, the cat’s solitary stance exudes an air of self-reliance and confidence. Meanwhile, the feathered protagonist appears to have a loyal gang at his beck and call, ready to rally behind him. It’s a captivating glimpse into the dynamics of the animal kingdom, filled with suspense and anticipation.

#30 Can these two get any sweeter?

This represents the ideal relationship people yearn for. Being cherished and embraced with all your imperfections is a true blessing. If you encounter such a bond, hold it tightly, for it’s a rare and precious gift that brings boundless joy and fulfillment into your life.

Image courtesy of Lori Rodewald/Facebook

These two share an unbreakable bond, and what better way to honor such a connection than by having something identical? No, the cat didn’t get a tattoo. Her human did, and we love that her mark is shaped like a heart.

#31 No one is above the law

When dealing with children and pets, you should lead by example, and that’s what this person did. She had to show her cat that now is above the law she made in her home, not even her. You can’t be a hypocrite if you want your cat’s respect.

Image courtesy of Leigh Morris Sabroe/Facebook

It’s a bond that embodies the true essence of companionship, a source of profound happiness and contentment. To experience unwavering love and complete acceptance is a rare gift that should be cherished and nurtured. Hold onto it with all your heart when such a connection graces your life.

#32 This guy doesn’t have a clue

This amusing fellow is us when we hit a new gym and are unfamiliar with the equipment and the people. We suspect this is also how we looked the first time we tried our hand at Pilates. We looked like deer in headlights.

Image courtesy of Bambi Rose/Facebook

It wasn’t the most attractive sight, but we felt more comfortable as soon as we got the hang of things. Don’t worry, chubby thing; you’ll look like a pro in no time, and you’ll navigate those platforms like a star.

#33 A cat will always be a cat

Yes, a cat can become a best friend and a family, but the truth is a cat will always be a cat. The blood of their wild cousins will always run through their veins, and their traits will come out, one way or another.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

They do the same stretchy after a long nap, and they also do the same standee. We don’t know what’s the deal here and what just happened, but they look adorable, as long as they don’t have their dangerous claws out.

#34 Cats in Hong Kong are living the life?

As cute as this picture looks, there is a lot of fallacy here, and we’d like to set things straight. This claim went viral in 2019, and newer versions are still being shared as of the moment. Hong Kong does not require cat owners to license their furry friends.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Pet food and insurance are also not subsidized by the government. A government website lists the things to consider before getting a pet, and one of them is the responsibility of taking care of the animal for their entire life.

#35 A sure way to get a heart attack

If you ever want to scare yourself or your spouse senseless, this is the best way. This will also guarantee that one of you will get a heart attack. However, there’s a possibility that your better half might file for divorce after this episode.

Image courtesy of Jarrod Clune/Facebook

Who thought an innocent-looking pancake could look menacing when put on a cat’s face? We can imagine Hannibal looking forward to his Chianti and fava beans while looking at you with this face. “Ah, Clarice, I’ve been looking forward to dinner.”

#36 Derpy decisions about to be made

If these are your remaining brain cells, you’re in big trouble. Just by looking at them, you can tell that they’re not going to do anything good. You might as well say goodbye to your aspirations and last shreds of self-respect.

Image courtesy of Al?sta?r Gard?ner/Facebook, Twitter.com

These cats seem to have stumbled upon the delightful taste of Windex, and they’re hooked. You can bet they’ll be on the prowl for more of that intriguing flavor. It looks like we’ve got more entertaining window-licking episodes to anticipate!

#37 You better know who Simba is

Anybody who’s ever seen or heard of the masterpiece The Lion King knows Simba because he is probably the movie’s most famous character. The fictional character is the main character of the franchise introduced in 1994. This guy who works at the veterinarian better get his act straight.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

We’ve never heard of a dog called Simba, and we think we never fill because it just wouldn’t work for a canine. We can’t explain why, but some things are not meant to be, and one of them is the name Simba and canines.

#38 Poor little flip-flop

Before we begin any discussions, we’d like to let everyone know what a cute thing it is to name your feline flip-flop Sandal and Chancleta. However, this poster should be vigilant because this kitty is biding its time. It’s only waiting for the best time to exact its revenge.

Image courtesy of Kyleigh Durst/Facebook

Being weighed is already embarrassing enough, but being called “poor little flip-flop” in front of other furry patients is too much. We bet at that very moment, the kitty wished the ground would open and swallow him whole. Dave, you should be on the lookout!

#39 Always at the general’s side

A lot of personalities throughout history kept big cats as trusted companions. King James V had a pet lion, and you can add this Chinese general to that list who has the pleasure of being accompanied by a beloved domesticated cat.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

This is straight out of the novel The Mark of the Cat by Andre Norton. However, instead of looking scary, the cat seems adorable, and anybody who sees it might go near and attempt to pet it. It’s chunky and has the roundest cheeks.

#40 These two should close their mouths

We’re concerned about this duo with their mouths wide open like that. What if the sticky bug fell from the ceiling, went straight into their mouth, and they accidentally ingested it? We know we are morbid, but you can never tell what happens next.

Image courtesy of Tiffany Williamson/Facebook

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, but seeing that these two are the best buddies and find joy and excitement in the same things is fantastic. If you can’t have human best friends, you can always have furry buddies, and sometimes, that’s even better.

#41 Hiss

Whoever took this photo has excellent and enviable timing, and we can only wish to be as lucky as the fellow. We pray that the guy’s nipple doesn’t suffer the consequences of him wearing something that seems to bring out his kitty’s aggressiveness.

Image courtesy of Talib Faridy/Facebook

This was the day a rivalry was born between a cat and a dinosaur, but we hope it’s not the day when someone’s innocent nipple had to be the victim of his owner’s wrong decisions. Let this be a lesson to all cat owners out there. Avoid shirts like this!

#42 Sassy artist

We love our pets and want to give them all the healthy food and helpful toys they could ever ask for. However, there are times when, no matter how many scratching posts, towers, and balls of yarn you buy, they’d rather play with things they’re not supposed to.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Some of the most common household items that fall victim to them are shoes and innocent furniture. Take this kitty, for instance, and the chair, which has seen better days. There’s no hope for it now. Perhaps it can still be reupholstered, but there’s no stopping the cat from ruining it again.

#43 When bathroom water tastes best

Whoever thought of this is a genius and deserves recognition. Ask any cat owner, and they will tell you this is not an isolated problem. For reasons unknown, felines seem to think that bathroom water tastes the best. Please don’t ask us why.

Image courtesy of Tiffany Williamson/Facebook

Now, they can drink clean water with the impression that it is bathroom water. Did we lose you somewhere? It’s ok, we don’t blame you. This is a little complicated, but we’re glad that there is now a solution to such a problem.

#44 He’ll only stay until he takes over the whole house

Haven’t we all heard this line before? We know a few people with about five felines that fall under this cat-egory, but do they have any regrets? No. Their furry friends have made their lives richer, and although sometimes they get overwhelmed, they wouldn’t change anything.

Image courtesy of Adriana Campuzano/Facebook

So, the next time someone tells you that the kitty won’t stay long, remember this. The cat will stay long enough until it takes over the whole house; you can no longer bear to part with it. You’ll have no choice but to keep it.

#45 How dare you eat before feeding me, human?

Owning a cat means prioritizing their needs, as they won’t show you any mercy for the cardinal sin of eating before them. Still skeptical? This picture should serve as irrefutable proof of their determination to be fed first and foremost.

Image courtesy of Andy Hall/Facebook

Spaghetti? Pasta? This cat doesn’t care. He will put his tail where it doesn’t belong because you wronged him. He might forgive you later, but not before making sure you won’t be able to eat that dish you’ve been craving for days.