From Kitchen Amateur To Pro: 30+ Must-Have Tools For Food Enthusiasts

By Navkiran K January 28, 2024

This article was originally published on myfryingpan

Some people describe cooking as a hobby, while others call it their passion. Most of us see it as an inescapable daily chore that must be performed unless we want to risk starving. Cooking is approached differently in each culture, but we all want new ways of saving our time in the kitchen. We all want to make our lives more manageable with the help of nifty gadgets. Who doesn’t want to avoid scrapes and cuts and shorten a 15-minute process into 5? Say no more. We heard you! These handy tools will make food preparation more enjoyable, seamless, and less time-consuming. Bless the hearts of inventors for coming up with such wonders. They might not be considered necessities, but you’ll find it hard to live without them in time.

1. Hand blender

This hand immersion blender with a chopping bowl can be your kitchen’s new magic wand! Imagine effortlessly breaking down or pureeing soups directly in the pot, all without the fuss of extra appliances. Say goodbye to bulky food processors and blenders.

Image Courtesy: The Kitchn | Pinterest

This sleek tool simplifies your culinary adventures, from silky smooth soups to sauces. Ensure minimal cleanup and blend, chop, and conquer with this versatile gadget. Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a novice, this immersion blender will become your sidekick, making every meal a masterpiece. 

2. Air fryers

Air fryers can do crispy fries, and they are one of the best at reheating leftovers, transforming everything from lasagna to muffins into finger-licking delicacies. Furthermore, these appliances pull off quick homemade pizzas with panache utilizing frozen naan bread. These devices can handle the most peculiar pieces of bread, toasting them perfectly. 

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It’s no wonder that many have succumbed to the air fryer’s magic after lingering on the fence, finding it essential in their daily cooking. When adding new kitchen gadgets, one must consider factors like kitchen size and cooking habits. These crucial aspects will dictate the appliance’s suitability and integration into your culinary arsenal.

3. Kitchen scale

Professional kitchens prioritize weight measurements over volume, using food scales. Yet, even in home kitchens, digital food scales prove indispensable. Advantages encompass consistency, simplification, and precision in portioning food items and dishes. Precision is crucial. Incorrectly measured ingredients yield inconsistent results, impacting flavor and texture.

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Streamlined preparation replaces cluttered countertops with a single scale, facilitating ingredient weighing in a single mixing bowl, and conversions are effortless. You can measure the dry and wet ingredients separately, ensuring neatness and efficiency. A food scale is a fundamental tool in every kitchen for precision and efficiency.

4. Dough cutter

This dough cutter is the ultimate weapon for all bakers who want perfect breads. A dough cutter’s sharp edge allows you to cut and shape precisely, whether making pastry, pie crust, cookie, or bread. The result is always a dough with a straight edge and uniform shapes.

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Using it gives you much better portion control and reduces mess in the kitchen. And it’s not just cutting; you can even blend other ingredients efficiently. It offers a comfortable grip, so your hands won’t get tired when using it.

5. Knife sharpener

We replace items in our kitchen from time to time, but one is often forgotten. A knife is used multiple times a day, and this redundant use makes it dull over time, rendering it useless. Some folks throw their knife and buy a new one, but we have a better solution.

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This knife sharpener can restore and renew knives. Many options, such as handheld sharpeners, electric sharpeners, and sharpening stones, can help sharpen knives again as if they just came out of the box. It will only take some minutes to fix your dull knives and make them as good as new.

6. Kitchen scissors

A kitchen scissor is one of the most convenient items you can have and comes with multiple benefits. If you are cutting salad with a knife or chili, these kitchen scissors will be handy. They keep your hands clean and are sharper than your regular kitchen knives. 

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You can also trim fresh pasta, vegetable roots, herbs like garlic cloves, bread, and washed veggies. The possibilities are endless when you are making a hot soup. If you want to go a step further and cut raw meat, this knife scissor can do it quickly.

7. Thermapen

The thermapen is an invaluable emissary of precision in dish temperatures. With its slender probe, this kitchen accessory swiftly and accurately gauges the inner heat of your creations. As you plunge it into your dish, the digital display springs to life, delivering instant, reliable readings. 

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Its speed is unparalleled, so you can swiftly check multiple spots in larger dishes without sacrificing integrity. It fits comfortably in your hand, ensuring meats are perfectly cooked effortlessly. With the thermapen by your side, culinary success is just a temperature reading away.

8. Mortar and pestle

A mortar and pestle is a timeless kitchen companion that awaits culinary adventures. This humble tool, carved from stone or crafted from wood, offers unmatched benefits. As you grind and crush, releasing essential oils and flavors from spices and herbs, you experience an intense taste unattainable through pre-packaged powders. 

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With your hands controlling the pressure, you achieve the perfect consistency for your blends. Moreover, the process is a tactile joy, connecting you to centuries-old traditions. This unassuming duo becomes a gateway to flavors, textures, and a deeper appreciation of the art of cooking.

9. Salad spinner

A salad spinner can be a trusty tool in your kitchen arsenal as it offers invaluable benefits. As you place freshly washed greens into its ample basket and give it a whirl, you’ll marvel at how it leaves your salad crisp and ready. Gone are the days of soggy greens diluting your vinaigrette. 

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With a simple push on the ergonomic handle, you set the basket spinning, and centrifugal force does the rest. Not only does it elevate the texture and taste of your salads, but this ingenious contraption also extends your vegetable’s shelf life, reducing food waste. It is a handy tool for healthier eating.

10. Bread maker

The upcoming ingenious kitchen accessory takes the art of bread-making and simplifies it to the push of a button—no more kneading or fretting over rising times. With the bread maker, you can effortlessly craft a variety of bread, from classic white loaves to whole grains, and even delve into the realm of sweet, cinnamon-infused creations. 

Image Courtesy: shabbychichouse_homedecor/Instagram

Its programmable settings allow you to customize crustiness and size to match your preference. Moreover, it’s a boon for those with dietary restrictions, letting you control ingredients like gluten or experiment with exotic grains. Best of all, the aroma of freshly baked loaves will waft through your kitchen without the hassle.

11. Handheld lemon juicer

The handheld lemon juicer proves its worth as a compact and efficient ally in your home. When you hold its ergonomic handles, it extracts every drop of citrusy goodness from lemons, limes, or oranges. Its compact size and lightweight design are always within reach, ready to infuse your recipes with zesty, tangy flavors. 

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No more struggling with clumsy, oversized juicers or the hassle of fishing out seeds. The fresh juice flows through the filter with each gentle squeeze, leaving the seeds and pulp behind. This unassuming kitchen accessory ensures that your marinades, salad dressings, cocktails, and desserts burst with vibrant, natural citrus notes.

12. Mandoline slicer with a cut-proof glove

A mandoline slicer with a cut-proof glove brings several advantages to your kitchen endeavors. It excels in precision slicing, ensuring that fruits and vegetables are uniformly and expertly cut, a task often challenging by hand. Safety is better with the cut-proof glove, providing peace of mind as you deftly navigate the sharp blades. 

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Consistency makes cooking for dishes like gratins or layered vegetables easy with these slicers. Plus, it also elevates the look of your culinary creations. You’ll expend less physical effort while achieving uniform cooking and minimizing waste. Once you have this, consider cutting styles beyond slicing, such as julienne or crinkle-cut slices. 

13. Potato ricer

It takes a lot of time to mash and boil potatoes. The best way to do both effortlessly is by using a potato ricer like this. The result are potatoes without lumps, with uniform texture, and mashed to the same degree.

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All you need to do is put your boiled potatoes in it and squeeze it; the result is perfectly smooth mashed potatoes. Moreover, they take less effort and also give you consistency in your dishes. After using, just let the dishwasher handle the cleaning.

14. Slotted fish spatula

A slotted fish spatula’s thin, flexible, and wide design allows for gentle and precise handling of delicate foods like fish filets. As the name suggests, the slotted design allows excess liquids, oils, or sauces to drain away as you lift the food, reducing the risk of sogginess and maintaining a crispy texture.

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It prevents food from breaking apart during flipping or transferring. It’s a multi-purpose tool that is long-lasting and ensures comfortable handling. You can easily clean it up with the dishwasher after using. It even looks minimal and adds to the aesthetic of your kitchen.

15. A cheese grater

A cheese grater allows you to choose the texture of your cheese, whether it’s fine, medium, or coarse. Grated cheese also releases more flavor than the pre-packaged variety. It can amplify the taste of your dishes by evenly distributing flavor throughout the recipe, and it melts faster in uniformity.

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Moreover, grated cheese is less likely to clump together, ensuring even distribution in soups. But graters are not limited to cheese; you can also use it for potatoes or carrots. Invest in a grater to intensify the taste and texture of your meals.

16. Kitchen blow torch

A kitchen blow torch provides precise control for browning the tops of dishes like crème brûlée, meringues, or casseroles. If you want to melt cheese on dishes like French onion, soup, glaze meats and vegetables, or even toast bread, you can also consider this nifty device.

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One more thing you can try with a blow torch is to blister and peel peppers’ skin easily. If you want to remove excess fats from your cooked meat or give a finishing touch, use your torch to melt it away, and you will have shiny, leaner, and more appealing servings.

17. Tofu press

The texture of your tofu can be improved by using this tofu press, as it removes excess moisture and gives it a denser texture. Removing the excess water can absorb marinades and seasoning at a better rate and enhance the flavors of your dish.

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Tofu also cooks faster when it is pressed as the water content is less, and uses less oil when cooking. Another advantage of using a tofu press is a consistent taste and the right moisture content for cooking, making it easier to slice.

18. Stand mixer

If you love to bake, a stand mixer is what you need to increase the efficiency of your kitchen sessions. You can create rich and delicious chocolate cakes and delicious breads with this stand mixer, as it eliminates the need to knead dough.

Image Courtesy: Crate and Barrel | Pinterest

Create a pizza dough, cupcake batter, mashed potatoes, mix meatballs, frosting, and everything you can imagine. the possibilities are endless when you own a stand mixer. Some mixers come with different speeds and powerful motors that can help you customize your dish any way you like.

19. Instant pot

The instant pot is known for its speed as it can significantly reduce cooking times for many dishes compared to traditional cooking methods. It combines multiple kitchen appliances into one, like the pressure cooker, rice cooker, steamer, slow cooker, and sauté pan, allowing you to prepare meals efficiently.

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You can save a lot of time and labor with this pan while making delicious meals that always please the palate. Its convenience and versatility make this pot a valuable addition to your kitchen, as you also get added benefits like precise temperature and pressure control to help ensure consistent results.

20. Pineapple corer

Just like its name, a pineapple corer is supposed to remove your pineapple’s core and skin so that you get perfectly shaped chunks. Moreover, it saves you a lot of time as you can slice the fruit in minutes, and it is a safer option than using a knife.

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Pineapple corers minimize the mess by containing the juice and not spilling it everywhere. If you get your hands on a good corer, you will also see adjustable blades to choose the thickness of your slices or chunks. Now, you’ll have uniformly cut pieces all the time.

21. Pizza cutter

A pizza cutter is designed to cut pizza into uniform slices quickly and easily. It provides a cleaner and more precise cut than using a knife and ensures the toppings and cheese stay in place. It is easy to use and handle.

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This pizza cutter can be a useful tool for cutting and shaping dough if you love making homemade pasta, bread, or pastries. It can also slice through quesadillas, flatbreads, tortillas, and sandwiches, which makes it a handy tool for everyday cooking. Indeed, it’s a worthwhile addition to your kitchen.

22. Olive oil dispenser

If you often use olive oil in your daily cooking, opening and closing the lid repeatedly becomes a hassle as the oil doesn’t come out uniformly. To avoid this problem, you can buy oil dispensers like these, as they also help preserve the freshness of your olive oil.

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Olive oil dispensers usually come with pour spouts that allow you to control the flow of oil, preventing accidental spills and helping you measure the amount more precisely. You can now smoothly drizzle olive oil over your salads without a worry about overspilling or making a mess.

23. Pliers

Pliers can prove invaluable in your kitchen for various culinary tasks. Encountering tendons when trying to eat chicken legs can be off-putting, but pliers can provide a firm grip to remove them swiftly. Even a delicate salmon steak becomes more manageable as pliers navigate the bone removal process. 

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Overripe peaches can be unyielding when halved, but it can be done with a pair of needle-nose pliers that take hold and liberate the fruit. Pliers can also crack open the shells of seafood like crabs and lobsters, granting access to the meat. 

24. Non-stick saucepans

Non-stick saucepans and frypans can offer you numerous benefits in the kitchen. Their non-stick coating is typically made of materials like PTFE (Teflon) or ceramic, allowing for the minimal use of butter or oil. This makes them an excellent choice for those seeking lower-fat cooking options. 

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Non-stick cookware is also easy to clean, as food residues don’t adhere stubbornly, saving time and effort. They are ideal for delicate food items such as eggs and fish. Moreover, they prevent hot spots and ensure consistent results by evenly distributing the heat.

25. Induction cooktop

Induction cooktops can be a real lifesaver in the summer as they don’t heat up your whole kitchen. They use electromagnetic technology to heat cookware directly, resulting in rapid and precise heating with instant temperature adjustments. This energy efficiency translates into quicker cooking and reduced energy consumption.

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They are highly responsive to changes in cooking temperature that can improve your overall culinary control. Additionally, induction cooking is eco-friendly, as it generates less wasted heat and is compatible with cookware of various materials. Overall, induction cooktops provide efficient, safe, and versatile options while minimizing energy consumption.

26. Rice cooker

If you have been cooking rice the traditional way and are thinking about shifting to something more convenient, you can consider a rice cooker. It simplifies the process and ensures perfectly cooked rice every time, whether it’s white or brown.

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Rice cookers are convenient and come with automatic shut-off. It also frees up stovetop space and eliminates the need to monitor. Some models have versatile settings for steaming vegetables, cooking grains, or making oatmeal, and can keep rice warm for extended periods, which is ideal for meal planning.

27. Stocked spice rack

Having a stocked spice rack at home helps balance and enhance flavors in everyday cooking, creating satisfying meals. It adds flavor variety to your meals, making them tastier, and saves time as you don’t hunt for spices. You can easily customize dishes to your taste, whether they’re mild or spicy.

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Spices add a dash of excitement to your everyday meals, so say goodbye to bland meals. A stocked spice rack encourages you to cook more frequently as you have the necessary flavors. Overall, it makes your cooking enjoyable, flavorful, and more convenient.

28. KitchenAid mixer with attachments

You can benefit significantly from your KitchenAid mixer with attachments. It simplifies your baking and makes kneading dough and whipping cream effortless. You can mix cake batter, cookie dough, and bread consistently. Attachments like the pasta maker and grinder expand their utility for making fresh pasta or grinding meats.

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The mixer’s power and versatility ensure efficient and precise mixing, saving you time and effort. It’s a versatile workhorse for countless recipes, from cookies to homemade pasta. Overall, your KitchenAid mixer with attachments streamlines your cooking and baking, making your culinary adventures more enjoyable and successful.

29. A vacuum sealer

It preserves your food longer by removing air and sealing it tightly, preventing spoilage and freezer burn. You can buy food in bulk and portion it out for future use, saving money in the process. It maintains the freshness and flavor of cooked meals, ideal for meal prep.

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You can use it for marinating meats quickly and efficiently. It’s versatile, helping you store raw ingredients, leftovers, and items like jewelry or documents. Your vacuum sealer simplifies food storage, takes up little space, and reduces waste, making your kitchen more efficient.

30. Box Grater

The box grater can improve your cooking by providing freshly grated ingredients to ensure better flavor and texture in every recipe. You can also use it for zesting citrus fruits or creating chocolate shavings for desserts. Box grater can simplify your food preparation and add a pop of newness and flavor to your dishes.

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It simplifies your kitchen tasks, allowing you to effortlessly grate cheese, vegetables, and fruits with versatility from fine to coarse textures. You can now quickly prepare ingredients for salads, casseroles, and toppings. It’s easy to clean and store, taking up minimal space. 

31. A panini press

You can now make exotic sandwiches easily at home with a panini press. It simplifies sandwich-making to create delicious and crispy paninis. You can also use it for grilling vegetables, chicken, or fish with appealing grill marks. The even heat distribution in these presses ensures thorough cooking and seals in flavors, making your meals tastier.

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It’s quick and convenient, saving you time. With adjustable temperature settings, you have precise control over your cooking. Cleanup is also a breeze with non-stick plates, and the press’s compact design is easy to store. You can get these on Amazon from as low as $20 to a whopping $1000.

32. Coffee frother

If you are tired of hand-whisking your coffee mix for long minutes in the morning, then try using a coffee frother. You can increase your daily coffee experience by creating rich and creamy froth for lattes, cappuccinos, or hot chocolates, enhancing their flavor and texture. 

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There are froth milk alternatives like almond milk or soy milk to make your coffee, accommodating various dietary preferences. The frother is easy to use with precise whisking action that ensures consistency, saving you time and effort. Additionally, it’s compact, making it easy to store in small cupboards.

33. Cherry pitter

A cherry pitter is an efficient kitchen tool designed to easily remove the pits (seeds) from cherries and other small fruits. You can benefit greatly from this tool as it simplifies the otherwise tedious task of pitting cherries by hand. Also, you can pit olives from your pitter, especially if they’re small or stuffed olives.

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With this device, you can swiftly and efficiently prepare cherries for various culinary purposes, such as making pies, jams, or snacking. It eliminates the risk of damaging the fruit while extracting the pits, ensuring you have intact and beautiful cherries for your recipes. You can even create tiny holes in your crafting projects.

34. Apple corer

An apple corer is a practical kitchen tool designed to effortlessly remove the core and seeds from apples, further enhancing your fruit preparation experience. With this handy small gadget, you benefit from a quicker and cleaner way to enjoy apples—no more tedious manual coring with a knife. 

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The corer’s sharp, circular blade cuts around the core, leaving you with apple slices, ready for use in recipes. Its ergonomic design ensures easy usage and minimizes waste by maximizing the edible portion of the fruit. You can also use it on other fruits and vegetables.

35. Meat masher

If you also hate mashing up ground beef with a spatula or spoon, as it is time-consuming and leaves your hand painful, you need to check this meat masher. It efficiently breaks down ground meat as it cooks. The masher is perfect for creating a crumbly texture for tacos or spaghetti sauce. 

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You also use it for mashing potatoes, squash, or beans, achieving a smooth and consistent texture for sides or purees. It’s easy to clean and durable, making it a reliable kitchen tool. You can ensure that your dishes have the desired texture and consistency with this meat masher and save time in food prep.

36. Blackstone griddle

You can cook food items like pancakes, eggs, burgers, stir-fries, and even delicate items like fish and vegetables with a Blackstone griddle. It is easy to use and has quick heating that makes outdoor cooking convenient and enjoyable, whether you’re grilling for family gatherings or a casual brunch.

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The cooking appliance can improve your outdoor cooking experience. It has a flat, expansive cooking surface heated by propane, which offers several benefits. The large cooking area allows you to cook numerous items simultaneously, and the even heat distribution ensures consistent cooking results. 

37. Sizzler tray

A sizzler tray can be an excellent investment if you have guests coming over for dinner, as it is a kitchen tool made for oven-to-table serving. It is a shallow wooden tray with a wooden base, and you can always pull this little guy out to impress your friends with a sizzling dish.

Image Courtesy: Indicraftsglobal | Etsy

The wooden tray on the base protects your table from heat and adds a classy look to your dinner. With this one tray, you can serve various kinds of vegetables and seafood like shrimp, scallops, tacos, nachos, and even fruit desserts.

38. kitchen tweezers

A kitchen tweezer, also known as a culinary tweezer, is a precise and versatile kitchen tool that enhances your cooking experience. It’s a long, slender tool with fine, pointed tips, offering numerous benefits. With its precision and control, you can handle delicate ingredients with ease. 

Image Courtesy: 8crewkitchen/Instagram

Besides plating and garnishing, you can use it for tasks like removing bones from fish, placing microgreens, or flipping small items while cooking. The tweezers’ stainless steel construction ensures durability and easy cleaning. Its ergonomic design reduces the risk of accidents, making it a valuable tool for professional chefs and home cooks.

39. Pre-cut parchment paper

A pre-cut flat parchment paper sheet is a kitchen essential that simplifies your cooking and baking tasks. It’s a paper sheet often coated with silicone for non-stick properties, offering numerous benefits. It eliminates the need to cut and measure parchment paper, saving you valuable time and effort. 

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Besides lining baking sheets, you can use these pre-cut sheets to create parchment paper pouches for steaming, roasting, or baking, preventing food from sticking and simplifying cleanup. Its non-stick surface ensures easy food release and reduces the need for excess oil or grease.

40. Cookie scoop

Make perfect cookie shapes every time with the help of cookie scoops—the handheld tool with a spring-loaded mechanism scoops and releases dough in uniform portions. It ensures consistent cookie sizes, resulting in even baking. You can now say goodbye to weird-looking cookies.

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Beyond cookies, you can use it for portioning muffin batter, ice cream, meatballs, and more. Its ergonomic design reduces mess and sticky fingers while maintaining precision. The cookie scoop streamlines your baking process, promotes portion control, and enhances the presentation of your baked goods.

41. Kitchen shears

Kitchen shears resemble regular scissors but are designed for kitchen tasks and offer multifunctionality. You can benefit from its efficiency in lengthy tasks like trimming herbs, snipping kitchen twine, and cutting poultry or seafood. Besides culinary uses, it can also be used for opening packages or cutting parchment paper. 

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The shear comes with a sturdy construction and sharp blades that ensure precise cutting, reducing the need for additional tools. Its design increases comfort and control, simplifying food preparation. It is a valuable addition to your kitchen, providing convenience, versatility, and improved efficiency in various cooking and food-related tasks.

42. Tiny prep bowls

A tiny prep bowl is a small-sized kitchen container that is crucial in preparing delicious dishes. Its compact size and convenience allow you to measure, hold, and organize ingredients. Their uses go beyond prepping; you can use it for condiments or individual portions of snacks. 

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The tiny prep bowl promotes a well-organized and efficient kitchen workflow, minimizing clutter and reducing the need to search for ingredients while cooking. Its durable materials ensure long-lasting usability, and its stackable design saves space in your kitchen. Overall, it’s a versatile and indispensable tool for home cooks.

43. A funnel

A funnel is a conical device with a narrow spout that offers numerous benefits. You can use its precision when transferring liquids or dry ingredients into containers, reducing spills and mess. Besides its primary use, you can employ it for tasks like filling bottles or jars and layering ingredients in a cake.

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It can even be a handy tool for pouring batter into muffin tins as its versatile applications streamline your kitchen tasks, ensuring accuracy, cleanliness, and efficient use of ingredients. The funnel’s durable materials and easy-to-clean design make it a practical and enduring addition to your kitchen arsenal.

44. Pepper grinder

A pepper grinder is a kitchen tool that can also be used for some other tasks. In addition to peppercorns, you can use it for various spices and herbs, unlocking their freshest flavors. It comes with adjustable coarseness settings, allowing you to customize spice textures. 

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Yes, you can always buy ground pepper, but grinding spices just before use preserves their potency and aroma. The pepper grinder can also grind coffee beans for use beyond seasonings. Its durable construction ensures longevity, and its manual operation gives you control over the grinding process.

45. Vegetable Peeler

A vegetable peeler is a kitchen tool to peel veggies with numerous uses that greatly benefit cooking and meal preparation. You can use it for tasks such as creating thin vegetable ribbons for salads or garnishes, making chocolate curls for desserts, or shaving hard cheeses.

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Its sharp blade ensures efficiency and precision, reducing waste while maximizing the edible portions of fruits and vegetables. Its design enhances comfort and minimizes hand fatigue during extended use. It streamlines food prep, saves time, and adds artistic flair to your creations, making it a handy kitchen accessory.