40 Iconic Album Covers Reworked To Reveal What Happens On The Flip Side

By Ana J January 26, 2024

This article was originally published on tunefulsoul

There are many ways music fans express their die-hard passion for music. For example, back in the day, some created popular fashion trends that signaled to other fans they liked the same genre of music. This ranges from metal fans wearing black, heavy eyeliner in a specific way to punk-lovers purchasing shoes from a particular brand like Converse and Dr.Martens. Other fans might be less expressive through their clothing and style and focus more on collecting music physically like, albums, CDs, cassettes, and other tangible mediums. Igor Lipchanskiy, however, has a different idea. He expresses his love for music by photoshopping himself onto near-cult-covers of famous music albums! Instead of collecting, he inserts himself in the mix. You can find all of his creations on his Instagram, igor.lipchanskiy, but here are 40 of his most impressionable album covers he made himself a part of.

Prince (1979)

This is a little-known fact, but Igor was holding Prince’s jacket while he was taking the iconic album cover for his self-titled album – Prince. Today Igor might not look like he was around in 1979, but don’t let that fool you.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

After all, he is highly skilled at photoshop, and maybe he just edited his face to look younger! Although, we think Prince wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a casual sportswear jacket, so that broke the illusion. But, we love the idea!

Kehlani – SweetSexySavage (2017)

The way Igor made himself a part of Kehlani’s 2017 album SweetSexySavage is… savage! He used a popular meme template called the “distracted boyfriend” and mixed it in with the vibe of the cover. We love this one, Igor!

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

The best part is the dedication to his work on photoshop. You can see his attention to detail with the distracted boyfriend meme. We do hope. However, Igor’s partner was not hurt by the cover. But we don’t think Kehalani will be sliding into his DM’s anytime soon.

The Offspring – Splinter (2003)

Another little-known fact is that Igor was the one to break the Roman statue on the cover of Offspring’s Spinner album. Now, don’t let the age fool you. You might think Igor would be much smaller in 2003, but…

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

… he was just a very advanced teenager, obviously. Are there any other explanations? Probably not. Anyway, the other photographer did a great job capturing the statue at the right moment. It’s a good thing that Igor was there to add a little spice to the photo.

Rihanna — Good Girl Gone Bad (2007)

One of Igor’s many talents is therapy. He and Rihanna practiced the “trust fall” team-building exercise to make Rihanna feel more comfortable during the iconic photoshoot. Igor is obviously very comfortable in front of the camera and has to help poor Rihanna.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

How else could she have pulled that iconic pose off if he wasn’t there to catch her just in case? Think about it. Good job, Igor, on helping the icon, Rihanna! Next time, maybe don’t look so confused about doing it.

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall (1979)

It seems like Igor was on a tight schedule in 1979. Not only was he there for Prince, but he was on the other side of the brick wall for Micheal Jackson’s Off The Wall album cover shoot. He was in high demand.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

But as some people users out, his white socks were missing. Igor did not pass the vibe check that day. We are not sure how he helped Micheal Jackson, but it seems like he was distracting him. Either way, we respect the art.

Madonna — Rebel Heart (2015)

Tangled headphones and wires are some of the most annoying everyday items we must deal with. So, our friend Igor came to help Madonna with her Rebel Heart album cover so she wouldn’t have to worry about untangling the wires alone after the photoshoot.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

That would have been a lengthy pair of headphones if it was real. Before wireless earphones became a thing, we are sure some people would have appreciated that length so they could listen to music and move around wherever they wanted.

Madonna — True Blue (1986)

It looks like this pair is having some relationship problems. We guess they couldn’t be a couple because he would end up being a pain in the neck. Especially after two Madonna edits in a row. Well, who is more iconic than Madonna?

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Also, another explanation could be that Madonna needed an extra incentive to stretch her neck like that. That’s one form of living forever, right? In a way, becoming an international superstar is the same. You live on as an icon for decades!

Bruce Springsteen — Born In The USA (1984)

This one is a little bold from Igor. But we are not surprised because we believe he has a few tricks up his sleeve. How would he know that most people would not dare kick Bruce Springsteen? We could have let it slide, but…

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

… the first episode of the Simpsons aired only in 1989, so his reference doesn’t really pay homage to the era either. However, this is the first time someone is literally putting themselves in this situation, and we give him props for that.

Disco Biscuits – Planet Anthem (2010)

Since prices for flights have skyrocketed (pun intended), Igor decided to send his family on holiday by FedEx. We’re genuinely wondering what the shipping fees are. We have a feeling they are through the roof for art pieces like these.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

With the flight prices rising post-pandemic, one has to wonder, would this be a cheaper way of traveling instead of buying a standard seat? We hear it’s illegal, but one has to save as much as possible. Maybe Igor is on to something.

Deepest Blue — Late September (2004)

We’re not really sure what is going on here, nor are we sure about the context behind Deepest Blue’s album cover. We don’t really understand why she is posing like this, but maybe Igor told her to so he could hear the waves more clearly.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Apparently, that was the last time she fell for one of his pranks in Gary’s imagination. After that, they never found his body. Igor’s hobby seems to be more than fan art. It also inspires fan fiction! Impressive side effect.

David Bowie – Heroes (1977)

David Bowie would have probably enjoyed this creative edit. Although his pose probably wasn’t imagined as a martial arts kind of homage and more of a fashion and Vogue-type of thing, he would have found the humor in it.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

In all fairness, it does look a little like a fashion spin on a martial arts magazine. Who do you think would have one in this hypothetical fight? Bowie or Lipchanskiy? Our money is on Bowie because of life experience, but you never know!

U2 — The Joshua Tree (1987)

Speaking of politics, did you know U2 used to have five members? Apparently, the fallout between Igor and other U2 members happened before the album cover photo was taken because that’s definitely not the same hill in the background!

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

However, if you don’t look closely, it seems almost perfect. It seems like a black and white photo of the members looking out into the distance, but the hill gives it away! However, we definitely wouldn’t be able to make this any more incredible than it already is.

Biffy Clyro — Opposites (2013)

Bending trees is a dangerous business. The branches can break, and if you are in the way when it decides to snap, you better watch out. For example, people who live in cold places know the dangers of a tree falling down on your car!

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

As a person coming from a cold place, Igor removed anything that might break while bending a tree with a magnet for Biffy Clyro’s 2013 album cover. We just have to know his trick on how the icicle-looking wrenches don’t move out of place.

Franz Ferdinand — You Could Have It So Much Better (2005)

Igor seems to keep up on more than current political events and music. He also knows a thing or two about Portuguese explorers and German absurdist philosophers. Who would have thought their names would inhabit the same work of art?

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Although Franz Kafka and Ferdinand Magellan are were born over three centuries apart, that does not stop Igor from making a crossover episode on the Franz Ferdinand 2005 album cover. Interestingly enough, Igor does not seem willing to participate in the crossover.

Fall Out Boy – M A N I A (2018)

Fall Out Boy’s latest album cover is set in what appears to be a lit-up room with only two matching neon light strips. There is a picture in the center of the room, and that picture is reflected on a seemingly super polished floor.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Well, this gave Igor an idea. He couldn’t resist, and he inserted himself in the cover as the person who polished the floor to perfection. He is also dramatically standing in the corner, waiting for the picture to be taken.

The Beatles — Abbey Road (1969)

The iconic Beatles Abby Road album cover from 1969 has been recreated in many ways. Much like the band, it is a classic. The cover was replicated by the Red Hot Chilli Papers and The Simpsons, to name a few.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

And now, Igor put his little spin on it. Paul McCartney doesn’t have any shoes on in the iconic cover, so Igor inserted himself as the shoe thief! There are numerous theories for McCartney’s lack of shoes. Igor seems to have his.

Луна — Магниты (2017)

This time Igor might have upset some people with the cover. Some people feel quite divided on his revision of this next album cover, and so are we. We get that this is just a joke and the artist’s imagination. But we have to wonder…

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

… would he have made something like this for a male artist? Probably not, but it’s alright, Igor. We all have blind spots and biases, but we must check yours. Maybe ask for virtual consent before performing similar photoshop jokes in the future.

Eric Clapton — Money And Cigarettes (1983)

Did you know Eric Clapton was the first guest musician to play on a Beatles album? That was his solo on While My Guitar Gently Weeps. It seems like his guitar did start weeping. At least that’s what our buddy Igor imagined in his head.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Well, this is precisely how he photoshopped this iconic album cover. Wouldn’t you weep if someone went over your guitar with a steaming ironing board? We guess that is… ironic! Pun intended. Igor might want to reconsider the shoes he wears when he’s walking with a hot iron like that.

Madonna — Madonna (1983)

By now, we know Igor likes to help Madonna. Previously, we’ve seen him tangle and untangle her cables for an album cover in 2015. Is that before, or was it some time travel paradox? Never mind, we are not qualified to get into that.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Now, Igor was by Madonna’s side partying it up the night before her photo shoot so she could pull off facial expressions like she has a headache. True friends never let their friends go through something alone. Also, Madonna might need some help later to untangle those bracelets.

Katy Perry – One Of The Boys (2008)

As people who don’t go camping much, we will interpret this edit as a meme example of camping vs. glamping. Now, as with most memes, they show an exaggerated versions of what it’s trying to say. In our minds, this makes sense. If you are not a camper, you might get it.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

If you are not a camper, then you will probably understand what is going on. The picture on the left is how the experience camping probably feels! Now, if you saw a YouTube video on glamping, it might have Katy Perry’s vibe.

Pink Floyd – Tree Of Half-Life

Oh, come on, Igor! We are trying to root for you here and your editing skills! But how do we root for you if you imagine yourself cutting a tree? Maybe we are just sensitive over here, but that tree is a masterpiece.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

It’s beautiful, iconic, and did nothing to upset you! Well, we have a better theory for this one. Maybe this is the day that Harry Potter gets revenge on the Whomping Willow for the trouble it caused him. That’s a better way to see it.

Britney Spears — …baby One More Time (1998)

Well, we have to have faith in Igor. Get it? Britney Spears recently made a big comeback with the Free Britney movement. It ignited past and present fans to stand up for her and break her silence. And Igor wanted to celebrate this.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

We read this edit as Igor paying tribute to the movement by praying for Spears to get her freedom back. Amen. His prayers worked (possibly), and Britney was free of her guardianship in November 2021. Amen to that too!

Freddie Mercury — Love Kills (1984)

Freddie Mercury is a timeless pop icon who was so cool he continues to win the hearts of fans even 20 years after his death. Could he be any cooler? Well, Igor has an idea of how to make him look like a modern-day king.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

How about this? Not flinching even a little bit while being tattooed! That’s pretty awesome, huh? Good job, Igor. We thought Freddie reached peak coolness but being tattooed while taking an album cover raises the bar. It’s multitasking at its finest.

Blur – Think Tank (2003)

This edit made us wonder, what came first, Blur or Banksy? The answer is Blur as a band came first, then Banksy, and then the Think Tank album cover. What’s more? This was one of the rare Banksy collaborations with other artists!

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

So, of course, Igor couldn’t resist reimagining himself as the famously, even notoriously, anonymous Banksy. We think Banksy would love this picture because it creates an even bigger aura of mystery behind the artist. Bansky, tell us if we are wrong.

Brainstorm — Wonderful Day (2018)

We wonder if Igor was feeling alright the day he created this one. Maybe he ate some of Alice’s mushrooms to help him envision this. That’s certainly a possibility, but it reminded us of one of those illusion museums!

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

You know the picture that every couple or friend group takes! You know exactly what we are talking about. You must have seen it somewhere on social media. People visit the Illusion museum in some city, and everyone takes the same photo, just like the one above.

Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run (1975)

The last time we had a Bruce edit, we called Igor out for trying to pin a “kick me” note on Burce’s iconic bum. He is the all-American hero, after all. This time around, Igor nails it. The album cover of “Born to Run” cuts off awkwardly.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

The complete picture circulated around and became a famous cover art. Bruce is leaning against the saxophonist Clarence Clemons, and Igor imagines himself as the official saxophone holder. Good job on including the cropped-out Clemons!

Weezer – Pacific Daydream (2017)

Kids, huh? They rarely love posing for pictures, so what do you do? Well, Igor thinks the best thing to do is fly out in a car in space to wave. Everything for a good photo, right? This is the level of dedication we expect from photographers.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Some non-believers would say even the original Weezer album cover is photoshopped. But to that, we say, have some imagination! Kids see things from a much different perspective than we do. We bet Igor’s fans will enjoy creating fan fiction out of this one.

Funkadelic – Maggot Brain (1971)

Igor’s edits always tell a story. Sometimes, that story is obvious, but sometimes, you have to think about it a little bit for it to make sense. This is why his followers have fun decoding what’s behind the edit. This time they focused on the tiny details.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

They wonder what song is playing. Some think it’s Baby Shark, and some think it is Justin Bieber’s Baby. What do you think? Some thought this was an immersive mud treatment experience. We think he was just being a good friend and entertaining her for the best picture outcome.

Kanye West – Ye (2018)

Speaking of the theories behind Igor’s edits, this one might be the best. If you are reading this, we are going to go out on a limb and say you are old enough to know about a decade-long Kanye West vs. Taylor Swift feud.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

So, the theory behind this one is that Igor was caught in the crossfire of their feud, and the woman kicking him on the ground is obviously Taylor Swift. Does this mean that Igor is a Swiftie? We think so.

Anacondaz — Я Тебя Никогда (2018)

This might be one of his most visually pleasing edits. Maybe it’s Igor’s inner fanboy coming out! He seems to have a shirt to match the vibe of the original cover, too. What we like the most about it is the effect.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

The two pictures seamlessly blend together like he was really there in the original. The mystery remains, who is the woman in the photo? To be precise, is it a woman or a girl their age. Someone speculated it’s their mother, but that just seems way off.

Пасош — 21 (2016)

Igor uses his platform to promote Russian artists, too. If it weren’t for his editing hobby, we would have never heard of some of these artists! So that’s another added value of his edits on top of the value of his fans.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

They promote amazing fanfiction. For this one, people made up the story that the girl in the photo ended up in the emergency room because she couldn’t remove Igor’s permanent marker drawings. If you know the real story, let us know.

Kendrick Lamar – Damn. (2017)

Ok, listen, we have a theory for this one. We also turned into fan fiction writers for Igor by the second-to-last number. So what’s happening here is that Igor and Kendrick Lamar were in the middle of taking this iconic photo.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Thanos snapped his fingers at this exact moment, and the Blip happened! Which made Igor fade away for a few years before the Avengers saved him. Also, it made Kendrick go, “Damn.” Works, right? We like you think so!

Yellowcard — Yellowcard (2016)

We leave you with the last edit of the Yellowcard’s self-titled album from 2016. It’s another edit with a story. We saw Igor make himself into a giant like in the illusion museum. This time he takes the illusion further.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

He is a giant about to burn tiny houses! We think he is reliving his childhood fantasies in this one. But we will leave you to make your own fan fiction related to his art. We hope Igor inspired you to see your unique place on album covers.

Chris Brown – Royalty (2015)

Helping Chris Brown is not the most popular task. The singer did some bad things to earn his not-so-stellar reputation. It seems like Igor is willing to make him pay for the misdemeanor. Well, prank pay, so it seems.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Parents know how hard it is to get their toddlers to sleep, so the singer and his baby are in for a rude awakening. Being that all of Igor’s covers are an optical illusion, don’t worry. No toddlers were harmed in the process.

Grace Vanderwaal — Perfectly Imperfect (2016)

Well, Igor made another problematic one again. Maybe we are just looking into it too hard. But Grace is a very young lady who should not be caught in secondhand smoke! Igor, did you not get the memo?

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

Smoking isn’t that cool anymore. However, we could have it all twisted. Maybe he is just vaping, which is a little more acceptable. But Igor, come on, man, don’t be virtually smoking in front of minors, even if the smoke comes out like musical notes!

Drake — Views (2016)

Listen, we usually have some kind of wild story behind why Igor came up with a particular edit. But for this next one, we are at a loss of what the heck he was thinking. We may need a little help here.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

It looks like he is stuck in a weird, trippy dream, and the odd-looking tooth fairy is trying to strike a deal with him. Igor looks just at confused. And we know if Drake saw this, he would be scratching his head trying to figure it out.

Imagine Dragons — Night Visions (2012)

Imagine Dragons came out with a few solid hits on their 2010 album, Night Visions. You will also remember the iconic album cover if you are a fan. Igor took it one step further like he always does, and we are all here for it.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

It looks like he is the photographer taking the album cover photo. And that’s a pretty cool drone he created to capture the image perfectly. We love his imagination behind this one, and we think Imagine Dragons should feast their eyes on it, too!

Secret Society — Europe (2006)

We think Igor could have gone many ways with this one. It’s quite a trippy cover because we have no idea who all of these hands belong to. Here, we have Igor to put our minds at ease and set the record straight.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

All of these hands belong to Igor, of course! He is trying to trick the man on the album cover into shaking them all, watching his every move behind his back. It isn’t the most complex edit, but we appreciate the simplicity.

The Beatles — Abbey Road (1969)

Here we go again with the iconic Abbey Road album from The Beatles. This time, Igor put an entirely new spin on the album, and we are not sure which one we like more. They are both epic in terms of creativity.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

In this one, we see him holding out the palm of his hand for the band members, almost like they are about to board a flight. He cropped himself in there so seamlessly. It seems that his editing skills just keep getting better and better.

Lana Del Ray — Born to Die (2012)

We are aware that Lana Del Ray has a huge fan base, and we definitely love a few of her hits. But in this album cover, she looks a bit serious, and we believe Igor just wanted to lighten up the mood a little bit.

Image courtesy of Instagram/igor.lipchanskiy

He is about to splash Lana with an orange soda. We don’t know her very well, but considering he personality and music, we actually thinks she wouldn’t take this one to heart. She will probably just say, “We are born to die anyway.”