40 Comics That Are Sure To Stupefy With Their Unforeseen Endings

By Aakash M January 28, 2024

This article was originally published on comicsenz

Comics, cartoons, and graphic novels are gaining popularity lately amongst readers of all ages. So many of us have grown up with wonderful memories of reading comic books. Did your bathroom also have Archie comics waiting for you on the toilet ledge? Many of those beloved comics from our past are still running to this date, and there are also many new comics coming up that include fresh and unseen ideas. This series is “Colmscomics,” which, to be precise, is like a fresh breath of air. Colmscomics has a huge Instagram following, and the artist behind it seems to be a fan of dark humor since the cartoons have pretty unexpected endings. Colmscomics’ bio on Instagram reads, “I’m just a man with a pen, a dream, and a very questionable sense of humor.” So, let’s take a look at 40 of these comics to get a hold of that questionable sense of humor!

Happens Everyday

If we talk about reality, we honestly can’t seem to understand what’s with Windows and the updates. Firstly, it’s time-consuming. Secondly, there’s a new update now and then. You just start getting used to a particular version, and there you go. You now need to update it.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

As most of you know how Iron Man functions, something like that is highly probable. We think it’s high time that Iron Man thinks of a backup plan if his system goes on auto-update while he’s saving the world. That’d be a flop show.

What Actually Happened

Snow White was such an excellent comic series. How many of you remember this scene from the comic? Well, obviously not this one, because it is altered, but at least the part before the scene gets twisted! Take a look.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

It would’ve been so weird if something like that had happened. But, as adults, we would’ve had a good time watching that scene instead of what happened. So, we wish that was accurate. Come to think of it; it’s weird knowing that Snow White was 14 and the Prince was in his 30s.

Robin Hood Realization

It’s over if Robin Hood sees this comic. It’s a pretty exciting comic. Perhaps, it’s something you can break your head on by overthinking about it. Robin Hood does this whole thing of robbing the rich and distributing it among the poor.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Now, say he keeps on doing that till he makes the rich guys go broke and the broke guys become wealthy. What would he do now? He needs to repeat the whole thing to make things go back to how they were! If not, he has to create a delicate balance between them both!

Just Introvert Things

In the first half of this comic, we see Colm talking to somebody on the phone, probably a dentist, to fix an appointment on Thursday. It seems like it went well for him until we see what’s happening in the second half of the comic.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Well, he was only practicing the call to the dentist. When it’s time actually to call and fix the appointment, Colm seems to have frozen. Now, isn’t something like that completely relatable to all introverts in the house? That’s that.

Not My Type

We’ve read, and many have even claimed to experience something like this. They say girls don’t usually fall for the sweet and kind boys. Instead, they go for the so-called “bad boys.” We don’t know how much of that is true, but our role was to fill you up with that detail.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

If that was true, and dogs were in the dating scene with us (really weird but somehow cute in comics), that’s precisely how things would go, no questions asked. If that were the case, no dog would ever be able to go out with a girl because they’re all good boys.

The Kiss Of Death

Although what’s shown in this comic didn’t happen in the original comic, we’d think that something like this twist is pretty neat! It’d be an excellent concept for a whole other storyline, wouldn’t it be so? Have a look at it for yourself!

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Flirting with death must be feeling so badass! Well, it’s only badass until death makes things serious. Come on. It’s not easy to make death feel flattered. Or is it? You never know. As far as this comic goes, see where flirting with death gets you!

Completely Lost My Sanity

Come on, don’t remind us of that time. Every single person on the face of this Earth can relate to this comic. The lockdown drove us all crazy. Even those who loved resting at their homes were tired of staying between those four walls all the time.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Colm seems to have been badly affected by the lockdown, as he doesn’t look so sane in this comic. What appears to be his two friends in the first half of the comic aren’t his friends. They are just two human-looking and painted cardboard cut-outs.


This comic starts with a child who wants to go on a swing in her parents’ room. From its looks, it feels like whatever’s there in that room must be really private and definitely not something that kids should see.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

So, the mother doesn’t allow her child to go on the swing, and the mother also asks her to keep it a secret. By now, most of you might have been assuming things. But, it’s nothing close to that! It’s actually a legitimate swing that children play on!

Slight Glitch

It looks like there has been a slight miscommunication on this topic. The name of the company is “Best Buy.” We think this one is on the dog since it is too clear. Just look at the massive board behind the person interviewing the dog!

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Anyways, we understand things from the dog’s end as well. If every dog had taken “Best Buy” for “Best Boy,” we believe that every single dog would have applied to work in the company. They’re all such good boys! Best boys!

Surgery Tutorial

The education industry witnessed many massive changes during the past two years. It was the era of e-learning, and even apart from studying, many people learned many new skills with all credits going to YouTube. Have a look at this comic.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Well, learning things online, be it courses or YouTube, is pretty great. You can scale your skills and really make a living out of it. But there are certain things that you can’t completely learn from YouTube, like medical science. It needs practical experience as well.


We must say that watching Colm feature himself in these comics does feel amazing! This comic starts with a desperate Colm who needs water. It’s obvious because he’s stranded in the desert, and it looks like he hasn’t had any water for a long time.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

He crawls and searches for water until he finally comes across a filled bottle half-buried in the sand (random but still hilarious). He’s delighted to see the water bottle until he finds out it’s not regular water. It’s sparkling water! We’d end it there because you know how it tastes.

Just Introvert Things Part-2

And we meet Colm again. This comic shows the same thing we saw in the previous comic, but perhaps, in a very different way. Before beginning, we would like to say that the clown from It looks horrifying. Just terribly scary.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

This clown is about to show Colm his greatest fear, but Colm is a grown-up. He isn’t a kid who’ll get scared of random things. But, the clown is on his best game today, as he made him face his introverted fear. As always, Colm seems to have frozen.

Then vs. Now

Oh god. Look how times have changed. Gifts were so different earlier. By different, we mean simple. For instance, we got clothes, socks, books, pens, and of course, sleds (why sleds, though?). Well, all those are still considered acceptable gifts, but not preferable.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

But these days, there are many unimaginably costly things that parents gift to their children. For instance, under the tree, you can find phones (costly ones), games, other electronic gadgets, and of course, the PS5. It must be so difficult for Santa to manage things now.

Power Rangers Logic

Power Rangers was the best part of our childhood, no questions asked. Every single show was excellent, and every single episode was terrific. That gem of a show deserves all the credit for making the childhoods of so many children so amazing!

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Most of us never thought about the reason behind summoning an even bigger monster-like thing to defeat a monster that’s destroying the city. Well, doesn’t that increase the destruction? Back then, we were kids, and we didn’t care about the logic- only mass destruction.


If you can’t relate to this post, you’re either still in school or simply on a whole other level of focus and dedication. It’s alright if you’re the former, and if you’re the latter, let us tell you that you’re doing great. Keep up the good work but don’t forget to take breaks!

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

For the rest of us, we think that’s precisely what a holiday looks like. We start slow, thinking that we’ll gradually get to the productive part, but that never happens! It seems like we need to get off of the couch for that. But it’s a holiday!


This comic starts with a doctor operating on a patient. We’re no experts, but from the looks of it, he’s probably performing CPR on the patient. Sadly, things don’t work, and the doctor says they have lost the patient.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

The twist is yet to come. The nurse turns around, only to find the body! We lost him in an operating room definitely has a specific significance in our minds, not usually used for playing hide and seek with patients.

Oh No

Superheroes, like Spiderman, do a splendid job at protecting their cities and their people, but have you ever wondered what would happen if they made mistakes as well? For one, that could have a severe impact on their whole city.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Imagine if something like this happened in a Spiderman movie. If people knew about these incidents, people would eventually start losing trust in Spiderman. Technically, he could blame that one on gravity. We hope that never happens, though. Also, what’s the thing with Spiderman webbing? 

It’s Time To Do The Unthinkable

As you can see, it’s Christmas time. This boy was probably waiting for Santa because it was time for the gifts! Sadly, it looks like he met Santa with an accident. Santa’s not moving, so you know what has happened here with that candy cane.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

As we mentioned in the title, it’s time for the boy to do the unthinkable. People wouldn’t believe what happened, and the boy needs to cover things up. Covering things up means that he needs to clean the mess, which means he needs to get rid.. of the witnesses! It’s always The Elf On The Shelf.


We guess everybody gained weight during the lockdown. If not a lot of it, at least some of it? It’s obvious. You’re sitting at home, there’s little to no physical activity, and you can eat whatever you want. You’ll gain weight in that situation.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

To make things worse, you’re at home, you can’t go anywhere, you have your phone, and you have access to all those fantastic foodie videos on YouTube. The cravings will kick in at that point. So, it’s alright! You can always try to lose weight.

Mutual Understanding

Have you imagined something like this happening in reality? It is possible because Pokemons are used to listening to our commands. They are released, and then they are commanded to use special moves and fight each other. That’s all that happens. 

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

What if they get tired of fighting each other? What if, for once, they have a so-called “clasp” of mutual understanding? If they unite, it’s game over for us. All their mega punches and fire punches will hugely impact us.

Pokemon Battle

What would happen if a Pokemon battle went that way? It’d be hilarious, but we can’t imagine anything of that sort happening on TV. If we sum everything up, it is funny, but it is also disturbing on a whole new level.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Pokemon fans know a lot about both these moves. The Sword Dance and the Rain Dance are entirely different from what you’re seeing now, but isn’t it a completely different take on it? And look at Colm and his friend having the times of their lives!

The Worst Kind Of Torture

Torture is downright scary. Even watching those torture scenes in movies gives us the chills. It’s unimaginable how people withstand torture. They must be really, really tough. However, we all know that everybody has a weak point that’s hidden somewhere.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

You only need to find that weak point. Apparently, Dr. Bad has found that weak point. The person withstood regular torture pretty well, but he gave in to Dr. Bad’s next strategy. The guy couldn’t resist his friends ditching him and hanging out without him.

Boon And Bane

Everybody knows that there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to technology. Whether it’s a boon or a bane is one of the most debatable topics of all time. Well, this comic begins with a person holding a board that says, “Tech is Evil.”

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

He also tells Colm that tech will betray him someday. But Colm doesn’t seem to care about it at all. One day, he decides to post a Tik Tok. The camera defaults to selfie mode, and obviously, you can see the camera’s angle. It’s horrifying. 

Alexa Issues

This comic begins with a crew that’s probably about to pull off a massive heist. They’re planning who will hit the vault and who’s going to cut the feed to the cameras. Things seem to be going on pretty smoothly here.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

It is pretty smooth until the crew tells Alexa what to do. For those who don’t know the name of this comic series, it is Colm’s own Alexa Heist. Firstly, why would you take Alexa for a heist? That’s precisely what would happen if you do that.

Play it Quick!

You’re driving your car, and the radio is on. It’s just playing the regular banter you hear every day. You’re annoyed, and you’re just about to change the station when you hear that they’ll be playing your favorite song in a few minutes.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

But, there is a break before that, and the break is extended. In fact, the break is just too long. You reach your destination before you hear your song. What a buzzkill! Thank god for apps like Spotify and YouTube, where you can directly listen to what you want without so much waiting.

Mario And Luigi

Mario and Luigi are the best. This comic begins with both of them playing a game of golf. You know how they speak right, with all the “A’s?” for that authentic Italian accent. Luigi hit a nice shot that got the ball right next to the hole.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

It’s now Mario’s turn, but Mario accidentally caused an explosion. Well, what can we do about it? It’s just his specialty. Luigi looks disappointed, but it’s his turn now, and he pulls out his special move! His special is a special .38 Smith and Wesson. Things just got dark.

Just friends

There are so many TV programs, web series, and TV shows that make us wonder about things like these. One of those is Harry Potter since, at times, it subtly used to feel as if something is going on between Ron and Harry.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Take a look at this comic, for example. Had something like this happened in reality, our doubts and suspicions would have been confirmed. Also, it would have changed a lot of things in the whole Harry Potter world. Close call, though.

One Last Magic Trick

Magic is so incredible. There are so many tricks that make you go bonkers thinking about how something like that could even happen in the first place? As you can see, people have gathered to say farewell to the once-great magician, Zambino.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

But it looks like Zambino has one last trick up his sleeve before people bid him adieu. It seems like the other person who was speaking was also included in the final act. That was an excellent trick, though, we must say.

Stage Fright

Stage fright is legit, and many people go through it at some point in their lives. The moment before you step on the stage to perform, or the moment before you have to give a massive presentation to everybody in the office, is pretty intense!

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

The moment the announcer announces your name is perhaps the most intense. You feel as if you’re the only one in the world that knows how it feels and how difficult it is to maintain confidence during those times. But, confidence comes in with practice, experience, and self-belief. So, hang in there!

Alexa Issues Part-2

Earlier, we saw an Alexa Heist comic. To sum things up, Alexa screwed things for her crew, big-time. Something like that happens in this comic as well. We still can’t understand the point of Alexa in a heist, but hey, it’s hilarious.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Now that you have had a look, the comic starts with the crew checking the positions of each other. Everything seems set, as two guys are on the field, and one member is their overwatch. But, Alexa is at the roulette table, enjoying her day and making things worse for the crew.

Alexa Issues Part-3

Firstly, this comic isn’t an Alexa issue as such, and it also isn’t part-3. You know Alexa messes things up during the heist. This one is about what happened before Alexa was recruited. In fact, it was how she was recruited.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

You know people recruit other people for such tasks in movies. It looks like two people want to join the gang, but only one can do so. So, they need to fight each other to death. Alexa wins here, but we’re confused because how did she do that?


Many changes have gone into the design of electronic gadgets over the years. Do you know how the PSP used to be? Well, that might be a bit different, but still. Anyways, PS2 and PS3 also had a pretty different build.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

However, the design of these things took a turn when the PS4 came out because it looked even more different. But, the PS5 looks nothing like its predecessors. It’s not even completely black in color, and it’s really long!

Behind The Scenes

As kids, most of us were really fascinated with Batman and the Bat-Signal. It was amazing. All you had to do to summon the Batman was show the Bat-Signal in the sky. It was enormous, and most of all, it was incredible.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

But have you ever wondered how Batman shows up every single time? Wouldn’t he have personal responsibilities to take care of sometimes? And where does Batman disappear every time Mr. Gordon turns around after his conversation? This comic answers those questions pretty conveniently.

Who Are You Again?

Earlier, we saw the comic about this guy flirting with death. That comic is funny, but it didn’t have a happy ending per se. This one doesn’t have a happy ending as well, but it also ends on a pretty funny note. Have a look.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

First of all, it feels like the guy has been through a lot from the looks of it. He’s tired, and he’s bleeding profusely. He’s face-to-face with death. Staring right into death, he asks, “Who are you?” Death answers, but the guy can’t hear him! He’s deaf, guys. It’s a dark and twisted joke.

I Miss You 

Navi was undoubtedly one of the most annoying sidekicks in history. She’s always calculating the exact chances of random things. That’s an outstanding skill, but sometimes, it’s just not necessary. And that’s when it becomes annoying. Have a look.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

If you can’t relate to this comic, let us just tell you that she’s an annoying character who’s constantly bothering you and who also stays by your side when you literally capture her family members, put them in jars, and drain their life supply for yourself.

Didn’t Quite Do It

Colm’s comics, which you can also call memes because they are that funny, are really famous for their twists. Most of you probably know that by now because every comic that we have seen has had hilarious and unexpected twists.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Well, you’d expect something similar or at least close to that in this comic as well, but it’s just not it. This meme is, in fact, a meme about Colm’s comics having that funny twist. Apparently, he jumped on the bandwagon and drew this meme, but there’s no humorous twist.

All In

This comic is about a poker game. It starts with Colm’s friend who’s going all-in since he has some fantastic cards. Just look at that. You’d win any game if you had those cards. But the probability of getting those cards is extremely low.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Similarly, Colm goes all in as well. He also calls for a show. We don’t want to describe his cards because you know he’s packing GOAT-level cards. But, we don’t think this game would have a winner because they both have different cards. Common sense! Hilarious, though.

Batman vs. Other Superheroes

How many of you saw the DCEU’s Justice League? In that movie, there was a scene where Barry Allen (Flash) asks Bruce Wayne (Batman) what his superpower is. To that question, he replies, “I’m rich.” Well, that is his actual superpower.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Unlike other superheroes who have specific extra-human abilities (Flash) or those superheroes who come from different worlds (Superman), Batman doesn’t have any superpower of that sort. But, he’s a great fighter, he’s intellectual, and he’s rich. His high-tech equipment, weapons, gear, and vehicles speak for that.

Unleashing The Beast

This comic begins with a child who comes to his mother to tell her that he just caught an Onix! The mother looks happy as well, and she congratulates him for it. Everything is fine until the kid releases the Onix in his house. The rest is history.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

The moral of this comic is a pretty simple one. Kids, do not release your Pokemons in your houses if you want to stay safe. If you release them in your homes, they’ll probably destroy it, just like Onix in this comic.

A Clever One

This comic is clever, but it is also something that not everybody will understand at first glance. So, before you take a dig at it, let us make things easy for you. Now, legend says that St. Patrick banished snakes from Ireland.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

We love everything about this comic. The art is simply amazing, and all the detailing is as well. As you can see, the professor is drinking with both hands, and McGonagall has that side-eye going on. It all comes off well!

Listen To The Old Man

In case you have never heard of her, Medusa is a figure in Greek mythology. Instead of hair, she has a mop of venomous snakes atop her head. If you stare at her then you will be turned to stone.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

It seems only a certain part of this guy’s body was solidified when he lay eyes on her. See, this is why it is always wise to heed the warnings of those who have come before you. Now, this guy is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

DnD: Do Not Disturb

Lovers of Dungeons and Dragons, this one is for you. If you ever find yourself in a room with a horde of attractive but uninterested women, this is a surefire way to get some numbers—or even better, someone to keep you warm at night.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

Simply whip out your trusty dice and roll a Natural 20. Trust us; the ladies will be swooning. Look, we cannot guarantee that this will work, but it’s worth a shot, right? Perhaps you’ll meet a fellow DnD fan at the bar. Stranger things have happened.

Pillow Talk

There is nothing quite like unrequited love. One wonders how long Robin has had feelings for Batman. It seems that their fiery passion reached its boiling point one fateful night. Unfortunately for Robin, one night is all he will get.

Image Credits: Instagram/ colmscomics

We would like to think that Batman was not, in fact, running from the undoubtedly awkward conversation. Perhaps he was going to save someone in trouble. However, that might be wishful thinking. We hope Robin finds true love one day.