Some Dogs Can’t Live The Crate Life And Need The Thrill Of A Good Road Trip

By Abigail T January 27, 2024

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Dogs aren’t just man’s best friends; they are also a great source of entertainment. With their wacky personalities and high energy levels, every new day with a dog is far from boring. What’s great about them is that they’re fun during car rides as well. It’s undisputed that pooches make great road trip companions. There’s always bound to be a dog or two at the stoplight, hanging their heads out the car window and smiling with their tongues out. If there is one thing, we can learn from our dogs-live in the moment and find enjoyment in the simple things- like a nice Sunday drive with the wind in our hair. Some of these dogs have even gone viral for the hilarious faces and poses they’ve pulled while on a day out in the car. Scroll on for a good laugh, courtesy of some of the most ridiculous doggos out there!

They see me rollin’

… they hatin’! The shades, the chain collar, and the swag make this Rottweiler the baddest dawg around. Parked in a black van by the side of the street and waving his paw to anyone passing by, his whole body language screams gangster.

Photo courtesy of Igotfourbedrats/Imgur

Rottweilers are pretty much canine royalty, so it makes total sense that it’s a Rottweiler that’s looking so badass. This is definitely what it would look like if the film Kangaroo Jack was about a dog roaming the streets of the Bronx.

Straight cheesin’

Long drives may not be the most fun thing in the world, but when you’ve got a golden Labrador grinning ear to ear at you in the front seat, it’s probably a little more bearable. Wonder where these two are headed on a fine summer day…

Photo courtesy of ifinallyreallyreddit/reddit

Dogs aren’t only entertainment for the people in the car with them. They’re also great fun for the people in other cars as well. Imagine passing by this cheesy face on your way to the grocery store. It’s an immediate snap for the ‘gram.

Wait, how did I get here?

Alright, we don’t know who in their right mind would let their dog ride in the trunk instead of in the back seat, but this Alaskan malamute seems to be fine with it. Look at him, playing hide and seek with his humans!

Photo courtesy of Lifewithmalamutes/Imgur

Okay, so you can’t see the whole dog from the rearview mirror when you’re driving, but at least you can see its adorable face. This particular pooch seems to be very pleased with himself, probably after his 100th round of peek-a-boo.

Trying to cool down

Hot summers aren’t great for humans and dogs alike. Sometimes, a short drive around the block with the car’s air conditioner blasting does the trick. It seems like this golden retriever pup is really enjoying it.

Photo courtesy of AkashSoni/Imgur

Honestly, this kid knows what’s up. Lying right in front of the vent is the dog equivalent of humans standing in front of a giant fan to cool down. Probably the best part about having a dog on your dashboard is that it distracts you from that horrible traffic outside the window. The spot looks like it was made for him… until he grows a bit.

Pup holder

Is that a Starbucks puppuccino or just a pup in a cup holder? Neither – it’s a pup in a pup holder! The owner of this little fluff ball has definitely gotten it right. Who needs a drink when you can keep your pet safely in there!

Photo courtesy of reddit

It’s best to make use of these compartments in your car while your dogs are still small enough to fit into them. With the rate at which most doggies grow, you probably wouldn’t be able to do this again the following week!

Done with life

This dog is honestly in a 2020 mood. Dogs spend a good portion of time getting comfortable before finally settling into their spot, and this pooch is no exception. It probably spent a little while turning circles in the doggy bed.

Photo courtesy of Igotfourbedrats/Imgur

Look at that little butt in the air and the chin resting dejectedly on the armrest. It’s unclear whether this little guy is comfy or not, but his face says it all. This pupper is pretty much resigned to where ever his owner is taking him and just happy to not have been left at home.

A grand ol’ time

Oh, to be a dog in the passenger seat of your human’s car, loving life. Whatever is in this dog’s water or kibble, we want it. He seems to be having a grand ol’ time driving down the highway with his owner.

Photo courtesy of St0pX/reddit

The pure bliss on his face, his tongue dangling out, and his eyes closed, it’s almost like he has no cares in the world. We wonder where they’re off to or what they just finished doing. Probably on the way home after a game of catch at the park? Either way, we’re really jealous of this one.

A little tangled

This one dog owner took to Twitter to bless the world with photos of a dog net gone wrong. @metal_crab’s sister installed a net in her car to prevent the dog from getting into the front seat area, but things got kind of tricky…and he landed up all sorts of tangled.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@metal_crab

Instead of sticking with the boundary that his human set, this rascal tried to break it instead and got a little caught up in the process. He looks truly horrified at what’s happening. Somebody come save him; all he wants is to ride shotgun!

Are we there yet?

We all know what it’s like to be on a long road trip and bored out of our minds. Well, this dog can relate. You know that one scene in Shrek where Donkey keeps asking, “are we there yet?” This is exactly what it would look like in real life.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

This dog is also probably just exhausted and can’t wait to be home, and rightly so. In the original post, it’s explained that the owner had just took the dog on a much longer walk than usual. The two normally walked for about 2 miles, but that day they had trekked for 2.5 miles. That distance definitely warrants this face.

I’m drivin’ here!

Um, excuse me? How dare you cut this dog off? He looks really annoyed that traffic isn’t letting up, and people aren’t respectful. With his paws crossed and leaning ever so slightly out the window, he is serving serious attitude.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@mikeatkinsontv

If this dog could talk, he would probably give us his best Dustin Hoffman from Midnight Cowboy – “I’m drivin’ here!” The next time you pass by a pooch sitting shotgun, you best be careful not to cross him.

Monster on the loose!

This one is either hilarious or terrifying, but either way, this proves that there’s a fine line between the two. The stereotypical “dog out the window” shot is always of the pooch grinning in the sun at the passing cars, but this one looks like it belongs in a horror film.

Photo courtesy of Trevor Jones/Flickr

It probably doesn’t help that this dog has a long mane around his face. The wind was blowing so hard that it blew the dog’s mouth and exposed its teeth, and to top it all off, it blew all the fur on its face away. Are we the only ones who think he looks like a grizzly bear?

Safety first

How adorable is this little golden pup? He looks very proud of himself for sitting in the front seat with his human owner. What a big boy! And he’s putting his seatbelt on the human way too, teaching us all the first lesson in road safety.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@sesame151

Okay, so maybe this may not be entirely safe for a dog, particularly for its back. But just look at those adorable paws in the air and that little tail! His owner is there to come to the rescue just in case anything goes south. We’ll give him a pass just this once.

Prim and proper

Let’s be honest, who cares about etiquette when you’re stuck in a moving vehicle? Most people would just sit cross-legged on the seat, wouldn’t they? Well, this particular pooch is putting us all to shame with that flawless posture.

Photo courtesy of AlexRose728/Imgur

This dog looks absolutely posh sitting up straight with its head held high, and its two front legs crossed nicely on its lap. It’s sitting in a pose fit for royalty, and we could learn a thing or two. Probably the best thing about this photo is the way it’s looking wistfully out the window.

Bitter much?

This dog is either really serious or really upset. Or maybe, he’s just seriously upset. Looking out the window on a rainy day, it seems like he’s being forced on this trip against his will, and he’s got a serious grudge against his human. His owner would have some explaining to do when they reach their destination.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@MeanwhileinCanada

He could also just be mad because a trip to the park was cut short because of the rain. Or because they ran out of treats. Or maybe because he just wanted to stay home. There are a million reasons why he would look this way. We just hope he’s okay.


We would much rather be zooming the way this dog is rather than taking work meetings over Zoom. The wind in this dog’s fur and the pure bliss on its face is enough to make us jealous. Also, can we appreciate the fact that it’s standing on its owner’s shoulders?

Photo courtesy of Imgur

This doggo is definitely living the life. It’s reminding us of Jack and Rose. If we could hear dogs speak, this one would probably be saying, “I’m flying, Jack!” We’re also wondering how this man is keeping a straight face and even driving in a straight line with a happy pup on his shoulders.


Alright, so maybe that’s not exactly what this dog thought when this photo was taken, but look at how happy it is! It’s something out of a cartoon. With the big goofy smile and raised eyebrows, this dog looks like it’s trying really hard to control itself from barking in glee.

Photo courtesy of mitch506/reddit

Here’s how we think the story went. This pooch and its owner went on a drive when they were slowed down in a small neighborhood. Suddenly, a squirrel scurried past the front of the car, and that was the exact moment this dog turned to the camera.

Are we seriously out of Cheezits?

We all know the sinking feeling of disappointment when we reach the bottom of the bag of chips and find nothing there. While most of us can’t and won’t stick our heads down a Cheezits box for propriety reasons, this dog does seem to care.

Photo courtesy of Igotfourbedrats/Imgur

He is either checking to see if there’s anything left in the bottom of the box, or trying to get the last of the crackers out of it. Either way, we admire his tenacity. We also love a dog that appreciates Cheezits!

‘Sup boys?

Remember the sunglass-wearing Rottweiler from earlier on this list? He’s cool, but he’s nothing compared with this old guy. If this dog were a human, he’d be in a loose t-shirt and board shorts cruising down the streets on the way to the beach.

Photo courtesy of Imgur

The only thing missing from this picture is the surfboard attached to the roof of the car. Imagine him driving down the road by the beach in California, passing by palm trees, and checking out all the other dogs in convertible cars.

I’m hangin’

Everyone, meet Maevis. Her owner inexplicably has a sling hanging from the ceiling in her car, which Maevis has obviously put to good use. Look at her just chillin’ with her chin suspended like that. If that isn’t the most relaxed dog that we’ve ever seen…

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@megannicoleraee

Apparently, dogs love having chin support when they’re resting, which is why this sling makes Maevis one comfortable pup. Something tells us that she’s not moving any time soon, even once she arrives at her destination. We know we wouldn’t.

Chillin’ on an arm rest

Cup holders and dashboards aren’t the only places in a car where puppies can chill. This one pupper found his spot on the armchair of the passenger seat. The way his feet are dangling, we wonder if he’s even comfortable, but he seems to be asleep, so we won’t bother him.

Photo courtesy of Imgur

It’s unclear whether this is actually safe for the dog when the vehicle is moving, but we trust the dog’s human will take care of his safety. We love a little pup just resting in personal spot!

Papa John’s biggest fan

What a mood. This dog is basically all of us driving home with not one, not two, but three boxes of Papa John’s pizza. We can bet that there was a lot of laughing behind the scenes of this photo, because it looks like even the dog is laughing!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@BANANA_WOOFue

He is definitely ready to chow on those pizzas. With the wide eyes and the open mouth, he’s probably turning to his owner and saying, “Pizzaaa pizza pizzaaa!!!” His human is definitely about to have the best pizza party ever.

Ewok in the wind

Star Wars fans will make the connection between this wind-swept pooch and the mammaloids from the Star Wars story world. Sticking its head out the car window as dogs do, nobody expected that the whooshing wind would turn this pup into an Ewok.

Photo courtesy of Winterbound/reddit

The most hysterical thing about this photo is that you can’t even see the dog’s eyes! Blown away by the wind like that, its head also looks like a giant meteor that’s floating through space, ready to hit the earth and do some serious damage.

I love you

As we’ve said before, there’s something about dogs and resting their chins that make them feel very relaxed. This little girl is Athena, and she’s such an angel. If that little face doesn’t scream, “I love you,” we don’t know what does!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@sela_pobl

Car hammocks, like the one Athena is lying on, are a good investment for dog owners. It keeps the dog safe while your car is moving and also helps you keep the seats clean and hair-free. Most of these hammocks are even waterproof!

Whoops, I made a stinky

The caption on this photo reads, “One of my dogs farted, I looked back in time to see this.” Take a guess as to which one of these labs actually farted. Our guess is, it’s the one on the right who’s trying to act like everything’s normal.

Photo courtesy of Imgur

The doggo on the left looks sufficiently annoyed, but he could also be masking the fact that he was the one who committed the crime. Who knows? The important thing is that these dogs’ human managed to snap this priceless photo just at the right moment.

Ah, the great outdoors

Humans aren’t the only ones who like driving with the windows down. We can imagine this dog has had it with being stuck indoors, so it’s savoring the outside breeze blowing in through the window. This photo is the definition of bliss.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/nicole.alderman.9

This pooch has its eyes closed, probably taking in all the smells of the grass and trees as the car zooms by. He is probably catching a passing scent of a nearby barbecue and the stray squirrels jumping through the trees, too.

Can somebody help me out here?

This poor Vizsla never expected to be waking up from its nap with its snout trapped in the seatbelt. Who let this happen? And can somebody help this doggy out? This was probably the result of a sudden slam on the brakes.

Photo courtesy of WhatswrongWithYourDog/reddit

Vizslas are a good breed for novice owners, particularly those who live in a hot environment. They are kid-friendly and are also great with strangers and other dogs. This breed is an all-around family dog, providing great entertainment, as seen in this photo.


The light in this Pomeranian’s eyes says it all. It is very happy to be alive. It doesn’t just have its head out the window; it has almost half of its body out. The owner is smart for still keeping the leash on because who knows whether or not this pupper might try to jump out?

Photo courtesy of

Picture this – a small-town dog driving to California for the first time, and then seeing the Hollywood sign looming ahead. This is exactly what that dog would look like. It’s totally amazed and ready to live the American dream.

When the nostalgia hits…

This reddit user posted a hilarious photo of his dog caught in the middle of his trip down memory lane. The caption read, “Doing some moving and forgot my dog’s first toy as a puppy was in the backseat.”

Photo courtesy of reddit

If this were a movie, the camera would zoom right in to the dog’s eyes, into its brain, and we would watch his flashback happen in real-time. We would see this dog as a cute little puppy coming home for the first time and sniffing this toy, trying to figure out if it was worth cuddling.

On a windy day

Here’s another photo of a wind-swept dog sitting window-side to add to the list. Every dog should experience this pure -joy at least once in their lifetime, but only long-haired ones would end up looking like they’ve been hit by a freeze blast.

Photo courtesy of notdrawntoscale/Imgur

No matter how hard the wind is hitting their faces, these dogs never seem to mind. It’s probably a breath of fresh air from the slow-paced lives they’re used to leading. If every car ride is as entertaining for us as it is for dogs, we definitely would not mind driving.

Shaggy Fozzie Bear

Does anyone remember the brown-haired, pork pie hat-wearing, pink neck tied character from The Muppets? Fozzie Bear was an icon in his time and definitely a big part of everyone’s childhoods. This dog bears a striking resemblance to the brown bear.

Photo courtesy of

Okay, so maybe Fozzie Bear looks a little more put together than this dog. This big guy could seriously use a trim, but maybe he’s on his way to the dog groomer’s right now. He looks more like a grizzly bear than a dog here!

Officer Good Boi

Okay, so this isn’t a cop car, and as far as we know, the German Shepherd sticking its head out the window is not a police dog, but you have to admit it would be a good story. We’re also unsure whether Officer Good Boi is wearing shades or swimming goggles, but either would be hilarious.

Photo courtesy of

German Shepherds are most commonly trained as police dogs or K9 because of the breed’s athleticism, versatility, and intelligence. They go through a series of basic training before they can help the force. Who knows, maybe this one is on its way to becoming the next police dog in his town.

Three’s a crowd

What’s better than one pug looking out of a car window? Three pugs! We’ve seen enough of what happens when long-haired pooches try to stick their tongue to the wind. It’s good to know that this doesn’t affect pugs’ faces whatsoever.

Photo courtesy of

Let’s break down the three expressions here. The pup furthest away from the camera is trying to tell the photographer that it’s having a great time. The pug in the middle is flirting, making eyes with a Labrador passing by on a run with its owner, while the last pup is slightly terrified of the feeling of the wind in its face.

Easy on the brakes!

Poor Turnip here was being a perfectly good boy until the driver slammed a little too hard on the brakes. It’s a good thing this net was in place. Otherwise, Turnip would have probably flown into the front seat, maybe even the dashboard!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@ksigler

Even though these nets are placed in cars for the dog’s own safety, Turnip definitely does not look happy having his face pressed against the net like that. Our personal favorite is the third photo, though. He just looks resigned to his fate of having a squished-up face till he gets back home.

Where’s the next rest stop?

Imagine driving peacefully down the highway. You’re looking out at the long stretch of road ahead, listening to your favorite music on loud. You’re just about to make a turn when you look into your rearview mirror and find this face staring back at you.

Photo courtesy of WhatsWrongWithYourDog/reddit

What a silly goose. It’s undeniable that dogs can alleviate the pressure and boredom during long road trips. Exhibit A, this big buddy here who seems to be just as bored out of his mind as his owners are.

Tongue in the wind

At a glance, this photo looks like this happy Golden Retriever was wearing a tie, and that’s what’s blowing in the wind. Take a closer look, though, and you’ll see that it’s actually the dog’s tongue that is flapping about!

Photo courtesy of Imgur

This prompted us to find out more about dogs’ tongues because are they all seriously that long? Apparently, yes. Dogs’ tongues are long because they help to lap up water and are thermal regulators. The longest recorded dog tongue in the Guinness Book of Records belongs to Mo, a St. Bernard with a tongue that is 7.31 inches in length.

All teeth

It’s one thing to be a dog sticking your head out the window of a moving car. It’s another thing to be a dog sitting in the back of a truck, fully letting the wind hit you full force in the face. Unclear whether this dog is actually comfortable, but it makes for a pretty hilarious photo.

Photo courtesy of EllisHazzard/Imgur

Also, can we talk about those teeth? What a perfectly straight set of chompers he has, even we’re jealous! The way this pupper is grinning, it’s either really happy about the ride or really terrified. Hopefully, it doesn’t put him off from ever riding in the back of the truck again.

All teeth, part 2

This dog is one of the lucky few whose owner has a sunroof in their car. In fact, it’s the only one on this list that has stuck its head out a sunroof instead of a window. But the fancy-schmancy car feature doesn’t take away from the look on his face.

Photo courtesy of md1375/Imgur

Where do we even start? The cheeks that are blown away just a little too wide? Or the bared teeth with the fangs showing? He must be driving into some gale-force wind to get that cheek action. Is he loving it? To be honest, we can’t be sure.

Can I join your gossip session?

With the number of dogs on this list that have had their faces pressed up against a dog net, we wonder why people even use these contraptions. Clearly, all our dogs want to do is be there with us in our laps while we are trying to drive!

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@jphelpsss

This one doggo looks like it just wants to be a part of the conversation. Fair enough, because who wants to be left out? Please, someone, take the net off so he can properly rest its head on the arm rest and listen as the humans spill the tea.

I’m okay

This is Mukha. It kind of looks like he’s trying its best to enjoy the strong wind that’s currently blowing his entire mouth away from his face, but we can’t help but think this isn’t a pleasant experience for him.

Photo courtesy of anji/Imgr

Points to Mukha for trying, though. As the saying goes, you’ll never know if you never try. At least now he knows he doesn’t like it, and hopefully, he’ll do well not to stick his head out the window again.

So zen

The chill vibes, the relaxed stance, and the smolder as he stares into the distance. We aspire to be the level of cool that this dog is. He looks like he’s so zen and in the zone, and we don’t wanna do anything to disturb him.

Photo courtesy of reddit

The best part of this photo is the driver, though. Look how amused he is at the way his dog is sitting. We would definitely be chuckling, too. Again, kudos to the photographer who snapped this photo at just the right moment.

Can I drive?

Alright, maybe we are starting to understand the use of those dog nets. This particular dog mom definitely regrets letting her dog ride shotgun with her. She wrote on Twitter, “I need to get a net,” and she is probably right.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@mollyvoigt

Although there’s no net, this dog seems to be behaving well. It’s almost like it wants to take over and drive. It could probably use some sunglasses, though, because it looks like the sun is getting in its eyes.

When does this end?

Poor baby girl has been in the car for almost two days. Looks like she’s gotten bored of staring at the endless road ahead. She’s probably thinking, “Are we there yet?” Well, judging from the car’s GPS, they’ve still got quite a ways to go.

Photo courtesy of reddit

Hopefully, these two reach their destination soon, or at least take a break at a pit stop soon, because it doesn’t look like this girl can take it any longer. Bless dogs for keeping us company during long boring rides.

Bow down, peasants

On the way to the beach, one particular Reddit user was lucky enough to have this view. The car in front of him had opened its sunroof, and this doggo is waving down to the peasants like it’s royalty.

Photo courtesy of reddit

This photo is giving us Thanksgiving parade vibes. It’s also reminding us a lot of that one scene in The Princess Diaries where Mia is learning how to wave out of a car window properly. We give this dog’s royal wave a 10/10.

I called shotgun!

This is what happens when both dogs called shotgun at the same time and refuse to let up. Call it a lesson in sharing. Guys, have you seen that there’s a perfectly spacious back seat for one of you to stretch out on?

Photo courtesy of Imgur

It seems like these two spent the entire journey in the front seat. The brown dog looks resigned to its fate, leaning its chin on the dashboard, while the other one seems to be begging the driver to get his pal to move.

Am I Batman yet?

Remember that dog hammock a few items back? This guy sure knows how to get creative with it. Maybe this boy just doesn’t know how to sit still. It makes for a good Halloween costume. Now all he needs to find is the Robin to his Batman.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@agirlhasnoshaym

Wearing a seat cover like a cape is innovation at its finest, and this good boy doesn’t even need to try that hard. We love a creative moment! Other dogs can take a page out of his book for next Halloween for sure.