No Pictures: 40+ Candid Photos Of Celebrities Being Klutzy

By Israel O February 2, 2024

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Hollywood stars are often seen as flawless, perfect beings due to the sparkling image their fame gives them. However, we can boldly tell you that there’s no difference between you and a celebrity, at least clumsy-wise. Behind the cameras, they’re just like everyone else.

For some reason, people forget that these stars are human. They are critically judged for every mistake and are heavily watched day and night by paparazzi who lie in wait for them to slip up. Despite their best efforts to always look good for the camera, they can’t cheat nature, and this sometimes leads to a few embarrassing photos.

In this post, we explore pictures of celebrities that prove they are as human as the rest of us. So, please scroll down for 45 photos Hollywood stars wish never found their way to the internet.

1. Justin’s Unicycle Tumble

Justin Bieber made the best of his bad unicycle fall. The best part about this incident was he posted the photos of his bad fall himself with a funny caption Even his wife Hailey commented that this was her favorite photo of him.  

Image courtesy of

The singer went on to post seven more photoshopped pictures of the fall. Among them, there was one at a wrestling match and another during an alien abduction. As expected, the internet’s regulars made a meme trend out of it. It was truly a hilarious fall.

2. Fall Out Boy

We’re sure a lot of people remember the Fall Out Boys, the American rock band formed in 2001 consisting of four members. Although not actively involved in music like they used to be, we still remember them for hit songs like Centuries, The Phoenix, and Dance Dance.

Image courtesy of The Telegraph

Here is a member of the rock band doing justice to their band’s name by falling on his butt. We don’t know what exactly caused the fall, but he definitely went down with full impact. Falling is never fun, but it can be a good chance to laugh at yourself, which is highly recommended

3. Shawn Mendes’ Sexy Fall

When Shawn Mendes topped the charts with his song Stitches, he had every teenage girl going crazy. The handsome singer took a fall during a hike, and when this photo hit the internet, people were more interested in his muscles than his fall. 

Image courtesy of Shawn Mendes/Instagram

People were supposed to be focusing on his fall and well-being, yet here they were, admiring his muscles. However, we can understand why it was so difficult for his fans to look past the biceps. When you look this good, people rarely see anything else.

4. Bella Hadid’s Heel Trip

Bella Hadid is apparently the world’s most beautiful woman. This is according to a list made by renowned plastic surgeon Dr. De Silva who came to that conclusion based on calculated measurements of the eyes, chin, and lips. The model had a coveted score of 94.35%. 

Image courtesy of Splash news

With that said, even the almost perfect model certainly isn’t immune to towering heels. Considering how loudly she screamed, this tumble must have been sudden and quite painful. Well, we hope she made a full recovery and hopefully donated those boots!

5. Zendaya’s Almost Epic Fall

Zendaya might seem flawless on the red carpet, but she once tripped while trying to enter a building in Rome. Although she didn’t fall face-down like other celebrities on this list, she was lucky to have been caught mid-tumble by her agile security guards.

Image courtesy of 

It didn’t prevent internet users from making several hilarious memes about it. The Spiderman actress even shared a story on social media of her laughing uncontrollably at some of the hilarious memes. It’s a shame “Spiderman” wasn’t there to save her.

6. Alicia Arden And Her Zipper

Alicia Arden was born in 1969 and is an actress best known for her roles in movies like Baywatch, Blowback, and Enemy Within. Alicia is more of a model than an actress, and recently, she was among the models who accused the late Jeffrey Epstein of sexual assault.

Image courtesy of

This time she’s on this list for a wardrobe malfunction, as you can see her struggling to get her zipper up. At that same time, the person behind the camera took no time to capture the moment in several photos. We just hope she was able to do it in time.

7. Icy Natalie Portman 

Oscar-winning Israeli-born American actress Natalie Portman has had a high-profile career since her teenage days. As such, she definitely understands what it means to always be in the spotlight, with everyone constantly watching and waiting for you to mess up. 

Image courtesy of Splash News

There is a lot that the actress can get right. For example, she can blend into different roles almost seamlessly, perform at theatres, and even graduate from the prestigious Harvard. However, Natalie can’t seem to get it right when it comes to ice skating.

8. Multitasking Gone Wrong

Peaches Honeyblossom Geldof was an English columnist, model, and television personality in her twenties. Being the child of Bob Geldof, the famous Irish musician, it was rather enviable that she was able to achieve so much in a few years.  

Image courtesy of Splashnews

She once tried multitasking, and it didn’t go as planned, as her baby took a fall. Fortunately, it wasn’t a serious one. Accidents like this happen to everyone, and despite what the picture might look like, she was actually a great mom. It’s so sad that she died early.

9. Models Aren’t Always Perfect

Despite the fact that Cara Delevingne has been in the news lately for the wrong reasons, the Delevingne family has long been part of London’s high society. However, she wanted a name for herself and her own money, so she left school in 2009.  

Image courtesy of Splash News 

She went straight to modeling and won the model of the year award in 2012. Although her talent is undeniable, sometimes accidents like these happen even when you strut on runways for a living. This is also not the only fall she’s taken in front of cameras.

10. Fergie’s Accident On Stage

Fergie’s time with “Black Eyed Peas” will forever be fondly remembered. She joined the group in 2002, and they released several hit songs until her exit in 2017. It’s no news that Fergie is an energetic performer and always gives her all. 

Image courtesy of Abaca

No one will be in a hurry to forget her cringeworthy moment when she peed herself on stage. Although there have been several theories, Fergie later revealed that a full bladder and a rush to get on stage were the cause of that memorable mishap.

11. Penelope’s Slip Reveal

Easily one of the most beautiful women in the world, Penelope Cruz doesn’t even have to try too hard to look fantastic in any outfit she wears. The Spanish actress has always managed to make heads turn everywhere she goes.

Image courtesy of Coast News

But not even this beauty could save herself from this embarrassing moment. Penelope is known to throw herself into roles, and this scene from The Counselor is no exception. She accidentally fell and revealed her nude underwear when her dress hitched almost to her waist.

12. Jessica Alba Vs. Marilyn Monroe 

Marilyn Monroe is still considered one of the greatest, most daring, and most beautiful actresses ever. At the height of her career, she was an unstoppable force. Even a certain president allegedly cheated on his wife just to be with her.

Image courtesy of Splash News

One of the scenes most associated with her memory is her dress being lifted as she stood above a subway grate. In this photo, Jessica Alba also seems to be having her own Marilyn Monroe moment. Strong winds and dresses clearly don’t go well together.

13. Controversial Lindsay 

Lindsay Lohan became America’s sweetheart after her outstanding breakthrough performance in The Parent Trap. However, all that came to an end after numerous controversies began to trail her – from substance abuse to jail time and even being late on set. 

Image courtesy of Splash News

She made headlines because of her numerous lawsuits and other scandalous reasons. This image was taken while she was drunk and could barely even stand on her own. Right now, Lohan seems to have turned over a new leaf and returned to Hollywood. We wish her all the best.

14. Steven Tyler Licks His Popcorn 

Steven Tyler, the lead singer of Aerosmith, has been recording music together with the band for over 50 years. Tyler has always been open about indulging in the Rock & Roll lifestyle and his struggles with addiction as a result.

Image courtesy of

Although he has sought treatment on various occasions and been to rehab, he is yet to break free. There have been several images like this one on the internet where he just couldn’t keep it together well enough to eat his popcorn the right way.

15. Can’t Get Enough

52-year-old comedian, actor, and screenwriter Vince Vaughn is famous for appearing in movies like Wedding Crashers and Dodge Ball. He has been in the industry for a long time and has incredible talent that enables him to take on different roles.

Image courtesy of 9gag

As we’ve established, the actor has many capabilities. Here he is, for example, showing us that ice cream can be devoured in many ways, like eating it in a single swallow. Owen Wilson, on the other hand, seems to be having a hard time deciding on the best way to deal with his ice cream.

16. Madonna Eating Pizza

If there is one thing Madonna is famous for, it is shocking people. From banned music videos to surprise public make-out sessions, kissing other female celebrities, and even being banned from theatres, this woman knows how to keep tongues wagging. 

Image courtesy of Splashnews

This time she was caught by paparazzi while eating her pizza like this. Though the photo looks kinda scary, and she really wasn’t looking her best, who cares? She looks like she is enjoying her pizza, and that’s all that matters.

17. What Was Patricia Thinking?

Academy award winner Patricia Arquette hit it big when she starred in the critically acclaimed 12-year project, Boyhood, which won her an Oscar, Golden Globe, and a slew of other awards. With that said, we really don’t know why she stepped out looking like this. 

Image courtesy of W BlancoAKM-GSI

It seems the star totally forgot to do her tip button and close her zippers. Fortunately, she had opted to tie a black and white striped sweater around her waist. Otherwise, this picture would have certainly looked worse than it does now.

18. Wobbly Simpson

Jessica Simpson has seen it all. To fans, she looks like a perfect star with zero worries, but her life has been far from perfect. From a scandalous marriage and divorce to boyband member Nick Lachey to several controversies over the years, this singer has been through a lot.

Image courtesy of Demis Maryannakis/Splash News

The singer is finally getting stable and building her fashion empire. This viral photo was taken during her husband’s birthday celebration, where she found it rather difficult and impossible to find her balance in heels. Guess those shoes weren’t made for walkin’.

19. Down Goes Nicole Richie 

Nicole Richie, the daughter of legendary singer and performer Lionel Richie, really enjoyed her time in the spotlight in the early aughts with her then-best friend Paris Hilton. She was constantly in the news for both the wrong and right reasons.

Image courtesy of Pacific Coast News

Since she got married, she has been keeping a low profile. Even with that, we can’t forget the epic times she fell flat on the floor, like this one instance when we can see her holding on to the stairs to break what would have been a nasty fall.

20. The Less You See, The Better

Blac Chyna has been in the entertainment scene since 2010 after she featured as a body double for Nicki Minaj in Kanye’s hit song Monster. She later dated Rob Kardashian which gave her even more visibility. She has stayed relevant by constantly making headlines with scandals. 

Image courtesy of

One would think it would be easy for her to dress comfortably. However, when you are having a bad day, sometimes it equals a bad outfit. This must have been a long day as she kept tugging at her shorts to prevent them from revealing more than she would have liked.

21. Zip Up, Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler has got to be one of Hollywood’s most beloved actors. The comedian, producer, actor, and TV host doesn’t even have to try too hard to make many people laugh. It just comes naturally, and everyone adores him for his jokes.

Image courtesy of ACE PICTURES callahan 

This time he was not able to look casual as the camera caught him with his fly open. Thankfully, he was able to discover it on time and did the needful by zipping up. We are relieved on his behalf.

22. Salma Hayek’s Stairs Mishap

Latina beauty Salma Hayek comes from a wealthy family and has been in the industry for years as an actress and film producer. When she married her billionaire husband, Francois-Henri Pinault, CEO of the luxury group Kering, it was an added bonus to her net worth. 

Image courtesy of

Even for a millionaire, tripping is normal. Pictured here is what must have been a scary moment for little Valentina, Hayek’s daughter. Luckily, her mother was able to grab the door to prevent her trip from being a complete fall for both of them.

23. Mariah Carey’s Lucky Save

Most ladies confess the reason they are so obsessed with heels is that they make them look taller and more confident without even trying. While we agree with this, there have been several accidents involving those shoes, and celebrities have had their fair share. 

Image courtesy of 

This photo displays one such incident involving Mariah Carey as she took a tumble down the stairs of her then-billionaire boyfriend’s yacht, James Packer, who didn’t even flinch. Luckily, she didn’t fall flat, as the deckhand quickly lent her a hand.

24. Trippy New Year

When Taylor Swift signed a music deal with Sony at the tender age of 14, we knew a star was born. The respect she has today was well worked for and truly deserved. Her music then constantly reminded us of what teenage love and romance felt like.

Image courtesy of Splash News

Over the years, she has grown up and carved a niche for herself. But despite her fame, Taylor Swift isn’t immune to bad days. Just like this one where she had a backstage fall during one of her New Year’s performances.

25. Being A Celebrity 

No one likes to be caught under-dressed, especially not a celebrity. So to quiet down the critics and look stunning as ever, you always have to wear heels even when your toes and legs hurt. They say it comes with being a star.  

Image courtesy of RAMEY PHOTO/@Us magazine 

Unfortunately for Ashley Benson, she wasn’t able to stop herself from falling hard. No matter how steady you are in those inches, there always comes a time when a misstep or wobbly feet can send you to the ground quicker than you thought was possible.

26. We’re All Human

Mila Kunis is an actress who delivers roles perfectly. She famously dropped 20 lbs for her role in the ballet blockbuster Black Swan. The actress is always put together and is hardly ever involved in scandals, except that one time her phone was hacked.

Image courtesy of Splash News

She’s perfect, at least when she’s not eating pizza. Mila must have been terribly hungry and just had to have a big go at it in any way possible. Nobody looks perfect when eating, so we can’t blame her for this strange photo because we probably all look like that when we eat pizza!

27. Jessica Simpson, Again

Jessica Simpson does not disappoint when it comes to giving us epic, unforgettable photos. She started singing in the church choir at a very tender age before she went mainstream. Sadly it seems heels aren’t her thing because here she is, yet again, struggling in them.

Image courtesy of Backgrid

This time she lost her footing but was able to save herself by quickly grabbing the arm of a friend. It doesn’t even look like she had too much to drink. What do you think? Is it her or the heels?

28. Robin Thicke’s Regrettable Choice

When Paula Patton and Robin Thicke got married, it wasn’t a surprise because they had been high school sweethearts for the longest time. Their relationship made us believe in love, and we all rooted for them. Still, one random photo ruined the perfect union.  

Image courtesy of lanascolaro99/Instagram

This photo caused quite a stir on the internet as we can clearly see Thicke grab her fanny from the mirror. Although the singer released a whole album to apologize to Paula for cheating on her, we are glad she didn’t take him back.

29. America’s Ultimate Party Girl

Paris Hilton’s rise to fame involved a lot of time spent out with her famous pals in LA. The American heiress was given the name “party girl” due to her wild lifestyle punctuated with lots of partying. Here’s a photo of a drunk Paris during a party.

Image courtesy of

She was so drunk she couldn’t even stand on her own. When she looks back at her old lifestyle, we’re sure she most definitely regrets certain things from her partying days. We’re glad she has settled down since marrying Carter Reum.

30. Hayden’s Swift Reflexes

Although Hayden Panettiere has been having a hard time recently with her addiction issues and giving away her only child, let’s not forget this iconic photo. One would have thought Hayden had a lot of grace and stability after she co-starred in Ice Princess.

Image courtesy of Pacific Coast News

The movie was about ice skating, but it appears she was either out of practice or tripped on something. Despite that, she was able to catch herself just in time, and we commend her for that. It was really smooth.

31. Pamela Anderson’s Bad Hair Day

Pamela Anderson is indisputably one of the hottest women of all time. Even though the Baywatch actress is in her mid-50s, she’s still quite the looker she was when she was named the sexiest woman in the world, which we totally understood.

Image courtesy of WENNradaronline

Pamela turned many heads during her teen days, and she still does. We must admit Dan Hayhurst is indeed one lucky man. Here’s her having a bad hair day while leaving her hotel in Dublin. Regardless, she is still gorgeous.

32. Tumble In Heels

Heels make you look beautiful, but they could leave you embarrassed and flat on the floor. Tala  Alamuddin is the sister of George Clooney’s wife, Amal. The beauty with brains graduated from Richmond University in 1995, but what was she thinking wearing heels on cobblestones? 

Image courtesy of Blayze Splash News 

The stylish celebrity loves fashion and doesn’t mind trying out daring looks, no doubt, because she always slays in them. Well, except for this one time when she wore heels and ended up falling to her knees right in front of her car.

33. Heathrow Disaster

Lady Gaga is daring and audacious. The superstar isn’t shy to wear any kind of outfit, from wild to downright outrageous and never seen before. However, with some of these crazy outfits comes a high cost, like this one here. 

Image courtesy of Russel Clisby

Gaga wore ridiculously high platform boots that eventually led to her tripping on the streets of London. She struggled to prevent the fall, but it was too late as she landed hard on the floor. It must have been a long flight back home.

34. Khloe’s Unfortunate Incident

The Kardashian family has been in the limelight for as long as we can remember. Ever since the infamous sex tape of Kim and Ray Jay was leaked, the world has seemingly been sucked into their lives. It’s no news that they are constantly being watched, and people are always talking about them.  

Image courtesy of Fame flynet

Paparazzi and cameramen follow them around just to find something juicy. We can’t imagine how much pressure they must be under, even coming under constant attacks for even doing the littlest things. We’re glad the wind didn’t reveal more than Khloe’s undies here.

35. Miguel’s Ill-Fated Stage Dive

Miguel is one of the most accomplished R&B artists in the scene right now. His hit single Adorn won him a Grammy when he was relatively unknown. Despite this, he showed his imperfection during this awkward stage dive at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards.

Image courtesy of

He jumped into the crowd and realized too late that he had made a colossal mistake. Two years after the incident, one of the victims sued Miguel as she claimed she was injured during his botched attempt at crowd surfing. Rockstars make it look so easy, but it clearly isn’t.

36. Keyshia’s Torn Overalls

When Keyshia Cole’s Heaven Sent was released, the song was on everyone’s lips and even topped the US Hot R&B songs. It didn’t come as a surprise when it earned her two Grammy nominations. Over the years, she hasn’t managed to have a hit as big as that again. 

Image courtesy of Splash

We can’t forget this time she had a wardrobe malfunction during a performance. Although Keyshia seemed not to have noticed at first, fans and paparazzi were there to take pictures of her torn overall. In our opinion, she still looks good.

37. Wild Miley 

After Miley Cyrus stopped playing Hannah Montana on Disney Channel, she decided to make a drastic change to her teenage good-girl persona. To do that, she became a musician who didn’t hesitate to take everything off in music videos or give sexy, erotic dances on stage.  

Image courtesy of Venturelli/

Although she’s past that stage, there was a time when the singer took a bite of a Barbie doll she had with her as she partied with her then-boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger. Strangely, it wasn’t even the wildest thing she did that year.

38. Ashley Graham Unknowingly Flashes Everybody

This one here really had people talking in 2019. Ashley Graham, the busty model, known for featuring on many magazine covers, suffered an awkward wardrobe malfunction when she unknowingly flashed her underwear in a skinny skin tight yellow dress in New York. 

Image courtesy of

We wonder why the stylist or the model herself didn’t anticipate something like this happening because of how high the slit is. We are thankful she was wearing underwear. We can’t imagine how much more embarrassed she would have been if she wasn’t.

39. Bailey’s Pretty Top 

Bailey Noble is an American actress known for playing “Adilyn Bellefleur” in the HBO drama series True Blood. She might have played a vampire in the series with immense power and strength, but in real life, she’s just the same as everyone. 

Image courtesy of

Her top was blown by the wind, which resulted in an awkward flash. Fortunately, she was wearing a bra. We have seen celebrities like Lady Gaga who have had worse wardrobe malfunctions than this. Bailey didn’t let the little incident stop her from stealing the show in her outfit.

40. Paid To Fall

Scarlett Johansson was named the world’s highest-paid actress in 2018 and 2019 and has been featured several times on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 list. Unlike others on this post, Scarlett Johansson actually fell intentionally. This fall was from a 2013 movie called Under The Skin

Image courtesy of

The scene required her to fall face down, but that didn’t stop this photo from going viral, as several internet users made memes of it. It became so popular that it took mere days for BuzzFeed to declare it ‘The best meme in years.’

41. Britney’s Bad Hair Day

For a lady, having a bad day can be caused by something as simple as ruined makeup or a wardrobe malfunction. But sometimes, it can be way more than that, like this weird case involving Britney Spears’ hair. We often expect celebrities to be immaculate at all times.

Image courtesy of FAMEFLYNET PICTURES 

The consequence of that is it makes us feel like they owe it to us to always look put together. This photo of Britney Spears shows celebrities can have it as bad as we sometimes do. We just hope someone told her because no one would want to look like that in public.

42. Beach Trip

The last child of the Kardashian-Jenner household, Kylie, is a successful entrepreneur. She attained billionaire status at a very young age. The model and makeup mogul loves to share funny pictures of herself, like this one, on the internet.

Image courtesy of 

This is a funny video she posted a while back of her running on the beach with her sister, Kendall, before she tripped and fell on the sand. We are glad she posted the video herself and gave us something to laugh about.

43. Jennifer Lawrence’s Memorable Oscar Fall

Even after all these years, people can’t seem to forget Jennifer Lawrence’s epic Oscar fall. She had just won best actress for Silver Linings Playbook and was very excited to receive her award. Sadly, she awkwardly tripped on the huge skirt of her $4 million Dior dress.

Image courtesy of

Speaking about the incident, JLaw said she had been thinking of cake when her foot got caught in her dress, and she fell gracefully. Thankfully, other celebrities were there to lend her a hand, and they quickly got her back on her feet.

44. Not So Sporty Leonardo

We bet right from his childhood, Leonardo Di Caprio must have guessed he would end up being an A-list celebrity. Arguably one of the greatest actors in Hollywood history, he must have been vaguely aware of that fact in the 90s when he starred in Titanic.  

Image courtesy of Dobn, Rmbi DOBN RMBI BACKGRID

But this great actor, who is famous among the ladies, sucks at volleyball. He may be good at other sports, but from what we see here, it’s nothing but poor sportsmanship in this particular one. As they say, you can’t have it all.

45. Think Fast!

Another favorite of the ladies is Michale B Jordan. We can’t deny how much we love the actor. The man is just so famous and successful. He always has people talking about him, even when he’s just posing for the paparazzi.  

Image courtesy of Barbera/

Even Cori Murray said the man was chiseled to perfection. While strolling down the streets, the actor missed a sign and tumbled over it. But being the smooth and perfect man we know him to be, he was able to catch the sign in time and stop himself from falling.