45 Shilpi Samson Comics That Make Us Gals Feel Understood

By Larissa C January 21, 2024

This article was originally published on comicsenz

Did you know that comic strips have been around since the 19th century? They probably existed before then, but they only gained prominence around the end of the century. To this day, they’re incredibly popular, and lots of people still buy newspapers (digital or physical copies) because of them. However, gone are the days when comic strips and cartoons were only available in newspapers. In fact, it is easier to find them on the internet than in our digital news sources these days. For instance, there are thousands of Instagram accounts that post comic strips daily. One of these accounts belongs to Indian artist Shilpi Samson, who has almost 24,000 followers. Her comics have become popular because they’re incredibly relatable and reflect simple things that happen in women’s daily routines. In case you need a daily dose of joy in your life, you’re going to love the pictures we’re showing in this article. Here are 45 Shilpi Samson comic strips that are way too relatable!

All images courtesy of @surviveofficedoodles on Instagram.

No one can resist a late-night snack!

Sticking to a diet is no easy task; we all know that. If you’re struggling to keep eating healthy foods and maintaining a strict schedule for your meals, don’t worry. You are not alone — we all go through that!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Sometimes, we may make it through the day, but it is tough to stick to the diet when night falls. Late-night snacks are life, and we can’t resist them! You may not kneel in front of the fridge to eat, but you probably grab a couple of snacks to eat before you go to bed, don’t you?

Why are our brains like this?

There is something that happens to most adults, especially if you’re kind of anxious. Who isn’t anxious even in the slightest these days? Anyway, that something is called remembering things that might have happened years ago right before you fall asleep.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

We are certain that has happened to you at least once in your life. You’re in bed, falling asleep and suddenly remembering something embarrassing that you did years ago or wondering where something you bought when you were fresh out of college might be.

Nobody said online shopping was easy.

Online shopping is a double-edged sword. Sure, it is great that we can shop for basically anything we want without ever having to leave our homes. However, there is no guarantee that we’re purchasing something that looks the same in real life.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Luckily, you can always return the product you bought and get your money back if you don’t like it. But shopping for clothes online is so disappointing because the models look fabulous in the promotional images, but your outfit arrives at your house, and it doesn’t look nearly as good as advertised!

This is bringing back unwanted memories!

Side braids are arguably one of the most popular hair-dos. If you make a quick search on the internet, you’ll see hundreds of tutorials teaching women how to make the perfect side braid. But like buying clothes online, side braids never look the same in real life as they do online.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

This hair-do is tricky because there are lots of factors that go into making it look good on you (your hair, your head size, etc.). Instead of looking like Elsa or Jennifer Lawrence in The Hunger Games, you end up looking like that weird kid from middle school!

Sorry to disappoint you, Ariana!

In 2019, Ariana Grande released her iconic single “7 Rings,” with the legendary line that said something like “I want it, I got it.” Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the kind of money that Ari does, so we can’t say the same.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

In reality, when we go shopping, it looks more like the situation in Shilpi’s funny comic strip. We find something that we really like, but then we see the price, and suddenly we don’t like it as much as we did 10 seconds before!

So everyone does this?

Our smartphones bring us a lot of happiness and make our lives much easier. But we have to admit that they can also be considered one of our worst enemies. Do you know what we mean? Try to do something without checking your phone, and you’ll understand!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

These days, it feels nearly impossible to go through the day without checking our phones at least a million times. While there’s nothing wrong with that, it becomes a problem when you start scrolling down your Instagram feed, and the next thing you know, a couple of hours have gone by!

This is so true!

While the world has sorta gone back to normal as of late 2021, 2020 did leave its mark in history. People will be talking about this year forever, but they’ll also be talking about the way that so many aspects of our lives changed.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Before this all happened, we were all living our lives without a care in the world, buying new clothes and new underwear. And then our main concern was no longer to buy new clothes — but rather to buy as many masks (cute ones, preferably) as we could!

I’d be the most talented athlete in the world!

Do you overthink things way more often than you probably should? Well, in this case, we are here to tell you that there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us spend a long time overthinking stuff, especially when we’re in bed waiting to fall asleep.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Shilpi’s illustration may be simple, but it is the most accurate representation of overthinkers. If overthinking was an Olympic sport, we would be getting all the gold medals for sure! No one would be able to beat us in this sport.

Hot Girl Summer Project…once again.

Megan Thee Stallion has given us excellent songs and iconic phrases, like “Hot Girl Summer.” What woman doesn’t want to feel confident in her own body? That’s something we all want! The only problem is that it isn’t easy to keep up the motivation.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Every New Year’s Eve, we tell ourselves that we’re going to put Hot Girl Summer Project in motion. The motivation to work out and turn our life around stays strong for the next week (or even less than that), but then it goes away, and we’re back to being our old (probably happier) selves!

Just showing my love!

Who in this world can say that they have never drunkenly texted someone? It’s basically what every person does after a night out or after downing a few glasses of wine. While texting the ex can take an awful turn, another type of drunk texting is harmless.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

There is nothing wrong with drunkenly texting your friends in the middle of the night just to tell them you love them, right? Still, we would like to mention that you can do that without drinking, you know? Just putting it out there…

Oh, young love…

Is there a better feeling in this world than loving someone and knowing that they love you back? We feel powerful and happy and light when we’re in love — but that doesn’t mean that it is perfect in any way.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Humans are constantly trying to find the perfect partner with whom they will grow old and build a life together. But would you be with someone who wakes up at 5 AM just because? If our boyfriend were like that guy from the comic strip, we would undoubtedly be reconsidering our relationship!

This shouldn’t be this hard.

Remember how we just talked about overthinking? Well, we tend to overthink even the simplest things in life, like writing an email. Have you ever struggled to compose an email because you kept going over your choice of words over and over again?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Turns out that most adults go through that. As simple as it may sound, sending an email becomes an exasperating task because we can’t stop thinking if we used the right words or were polite enough. And then, when you finally manage to send the email, you realize that you forgot to send the attachments!

The other side of drinking water!

The average human needs to drink half a gallon (or two liters) of water every day. Water is not only good for the skin (hello, skincare!), but it is also essential to keep our body working the way it should. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Everywhere you look, you will see people telling you to drink water so your skin can look bright and hydrated, just like all celebrities. The thing is, nobody tells you that when you drink so much water every day, you’re going to be making constant trips to the bathroom!

Feeling tired ahead of time — is it normal?

If there is one thing that all adults share in common is that we’re always tired. It is not easy having to maintain a social life, a love life, family, and work. We barely have time to do anything as it is, so it’s no worry that we get tired just by thinking of all our responsibilities.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Feeling exhausted before the week even starts is the norm for weekends. We spend all week waiting for Friday to come around so we can relax and enjoy our days off work, but then we spend the weekend grieving the week to come!

Why do I keep spending my money on this?

Every woman has essential items that she needs to buy in order to survive. Bras are one of these items. Well, women don’t really need bras to survive, but society tells us that we have to wear them. So why not buy the cutest bras possible?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

No matter how many new bras you buy every year, the truth is that we always end up wearing the old bras that we have owned for ages. In our defense, brand-new bras can get a bit too scratchy, whereas our old bras are perfectly comfy!

This is why we hit up the nail salon so much!

Let’s be honest: is there anything more boring and annoying than painting your own nails? First of all, you have to dedicate minutes of your precious time and put in a lot of effort so your nails won’t look horrible in the end.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

But the biggest problem with painting your nails at home is that nail polish takes ages to dry up. And what option do you have other than waiting for what seems like the longest minutes of your life so that you won’t ruin the freshly-painted nails? That’s why we often go to nail salons — at least they have those polish drying machines!

Memory problems are the new black!

When you stop to think about it, you realize that most adults have papers and other objects that they consider “important.” Because of that, we tend to keep these objects stored away in “safe places” where we’ll be able to find them again easily.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

First things first: rare are the times when we end up needing those important things again. And when we do, it’s not uncommon to simply not remember where the safe place we put them in was. So much for being easy to find…

Just two things? Doesn’t seem that hard!

One of Shilpi’s strongest traits when it comes to her art is that it is relatable. No matter where you come from or what you do for a living, the minute you lay eyes on her work, you can instantly connect it to your own life.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @surviveofficedoodles

Isn’t that right? Being an adult doesn’t come easy to most of us (maybe to all of us, even?), and it can get quite annoying sometimes. The transition from being a teenager to being an adult is summed up in these two things basically: not knowing what to do and crying because you don’t know what to do!

A relationship is founded upon this basic principle!

Being in a relationship has its many perks. You get to have someone who loves you and supports you, but who also makes you want to always work harder on becoming the best person you can be. However, there’s one particular perk that people don’t talk about enough:

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @surviveofficedoodles

Getting to wear your partner’s clothes! Wearing your boyfriend/girlfriend’s shirts and sweaters is probably one of the best parts of being in a relationship. And it’s funny how they sometimes still refer to these shared clothes as “theirs” when they belong to both of you now!

I thought it was harmless!

People have different reactions to seeing bugs. Some people are not afraid of them; after all, bugs are tiny compared to fully grown humans. However, other people are positively terrified of bugs, especially because they are small and oh, so creepy.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

When you’re someone who feels disgusted by (or scared of) bugs, the truth is that they don’t always make you panic. For instance, when you spot a cockroach on the wall, you may feel anxious, but you won’t enter “escape mode” immediately. Until the cockroach starts flying — and then you can only think about fleeing the perimeter as fast as you can!

Don’t try me.

Do you know those days that you feel like everyone and everything is trying to get on your nerves? These days are especially common when we’re tired due to work or other adult responsibilities. If you feel like punching someone on those days, you can always try practicing yoga.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

And no, we’re not suggesting yoga because you may like it. We are merely suggesting it because yoga is great to help you remain calm in situations in which violence would be frowned upon — which is basically every situation ever!

Does this look easy or natural to you?

We all know that we can basically find anything on the internet. If you want to learn how to cook something, all it takes is a quick Google search to find countless recipes available. This is also true for makeup — there are way too many tutorials on putting on makeup.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @surviveofficedoodles

The only issue with these tutorials is that sometimes they are nothing like they were advertised. An allegedly simple, natural, and quick makeup tutorial ends up requiring that you have a lot of skills in this department — and they don’t look natural at all!

I promise you I’m smarter than this!

If there is one thing that we rarely talk about, that thing has got to be the fact that most of us have unusual habits. While were are not here to expose anyone’s quirks, there’s one that is not too personal to be shared — and it’s the habit of going over the entire alphabet when thinking of a specific letter.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Hey, we are not in any way trying to imply that you are not smart! But the truth is that we all get confused with the alphabet, which makes us realize whether all those ABC songs in school were worth a lot!

I swear it was here before I went to bed!

The world is filled with mysteries. Maybe these mysteries are nothing but rumors invented by the humans that came before us many years ago. Nonetheless, these enigmas make the world way more exciting than it really is. Well, most do that.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

If there is one mystery that is not exciting at all, it is the mystery of where our hair ties go after we put them in their rightful place. Most women go through this every day — you put your ponytail on the bedside table before you go to bed only to find that it is gone the next morning! Now that’s a mystery we would like to solve!

It’s a mystery…not really!

Shilpi’s drawings are supposed to be relatable, and that is precisely what they are. If you disagree with us on this, you probably will after you check out this next comic strip. It is one of the most accurate representations of adults and our bad habits:

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Let’s just put our cards on the table and get on with this: most of us have bad posture. Not only do we slouch more often than what is considered healthy, but we also sit and sleep in the worst positions possible. And then we have the nerve to say that we don’t know why our back is always in pain!

Who needs a closet anyway?

As adults, there are times that we have more responsibilities than we can handle. Maybe you’re having a bad week at work, or your relationship is not going through its best phase. That’s why sometimes we end up leaving a pile of clothes on the nearest chair.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Oh, well, who are we trying to kid? Everyone knows that we leave piles of clothes on chairs because we are too lazy to fold them and put them back in the closet or just to throw them in the basket!

Isn’t it always like this?

Considering how hard we work all year long, it is only fair that sometimes we get to buy the things we want to buy. Like fancy sunglasses that cost way more than they probably should. The only problem is that these shades seem to have a life of their own!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Can you keep count of how many sunglasses you have lost throughout your life? It’s funny how we are all different people, but we basically live the same experiences. Most of us have lost multiple fancy sunglasses, and then we buy the cheapest shades ever and they never go away!

Do people even do other things in the shower?

In life, there are things that we do that are basically the norm, and we can’t even imagine not doing them. For instance, taking a shower and not singing while you’re washing your hair — that’s nearly impossible to imagine. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @surviveofficedoodles

Even if you don’t usually sing, we are confident that you must probably belt out a couple of tunes when you’re taking a shower. If you don’t do that, then you must spend a good few minutes overthinking your entire life. We just hope you don’t waste too much water during these philosophical showers!

I could’ve said this and that!

As much as we may enjoy watching people arguing on TV, it is nowhere near as fun to do that in real life. Heated discussions are exhausting both physically and mentally, mainly because they keep replaying on our minds for days on end.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @surviveofficedoodles

Have you ever argued with someone? Once the argument is over, you keep thinking about it until your brain hurts — plus, you keep thinking of things you could’ve said that would make you win the argument! But the ship sailed…

There’s nothing wrong with doing this!

There is something that lots of men do, and that lots of people tend to think that males are the only ones who do it. This thing is called “using your phone while you are on the toilet and spending longer than you probably have to.”

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @surviveofficedoodles

This cartoon is easily one of the most accurate representations of what most people do when they spend a long time in the bathroom. Sometimes, they stay sitting on the toilet using their phones even after they’ve already finished their business!

Can anyone make it last for a whole movie?

Even though there are way too many streaming services available these days, some of us still appreciate going to the actual movie theater to watch movies. There’s nothing like watching the latest films on that big screen while drinking some soda and eating delish popcorn.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

The only problem with eating popcorn at the movies is that it seems like an impossible task to make the popcorn last for the duration of the film. Maybe if you eat one (literally just one) piece at a time, you may be able to pull this off — but chances are your popcorn will be gone by the time the trailers are over!

Yeah, right!

It was hard for us to understand why the adults around us were often running short on patience when we were kids. Because we didn’t understand them, we tended to promise ourselves that we would never be as stressed as those adults were when we grew up.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

But then we become adults ourselves and we start feeling the pressure of having so many responsibilities. And guess what happens? We become as stressed out as those adults we lived with! Heck, we are probably more stressed nowadays than they used to be back in the day!

This is what I would call relationship goals!

Being in a relationship can be all kinds of good. Love is dreamy, and it makes you feel on cloud nine, but the truth is that some relationships are more special than others. We are all looking for our soulmates, but only a few of us manage to find theirs.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Let’s just say that, instead of going on sappy dates and holding hands while watching the sunset, our relationship goals would match Shilpi’s definition. Who cares about sappiness when you can share a family-sized meal with your boo? If you can find someone to match your love of food, don’t let them go, because this person is probably the one!

I’ll take a hundred of each.

Adulthood is stressful, and not just physically. Sure, when you have to spend hours upon hours putting in a lot of work, your body gets tired. But being an adult is also mentally draining, especially when we can’t stop thinking about paying the bills and other adult responsibilities.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

They say that plants are one of the best natural remedies for stress. If you surround yourself with plants, you tend to become less stressed and more relaxed. In that case, we’ll make sure to buy at least 10 of each plant available at the nearest nursery!

Thanks for giving up on me!

When we stop to think about it, life is quite funny. If you take good care of your hair and wash it, it will never look as good as it does when it is left unwashed for a couple of days. And your skin may look perfect one day and look awful the following day.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

It’s kind of ironic to think that our face tends to break out on specific occasions. For instance, you may have flawless, glowy skin for the entire week, and then one day before your big weekend, you wake up with adult acne — that is something that we certainly don’t appreciate!

I have a family living inside of me!

Let’s be honest: is there a person who goes to the grocery store and buys only what is 100% necessary? If that person exists, we would love to have a chat with them! We mean, is it essential for one person who lives alone to buy a family-sized bag of chips?

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Well, there is no need for us to buy the largest bag of chips in the store — but you know how they say that families can come in every shape and size? Well, in that case, one person can be considered an entire family, and that’s the best news we’ve heard!

I’m great at ignoring deadlines.

If there is one thing that most humans are great at, it is procrastinating. If you don’t procrastinate, are you even an actual person? The thing is: it’s all fun and games until you realize that you have 24 hours until your deadline!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Whether you have a school or work assignment, we don’t want to miss our deadlines. But sometimes we can’t help procrastinating, which is more often than not the worst road to take — especially considering how you have to rely on coffee and sleepless nights to meet your goals!

Online shopping is my weakness!

Online shopping is one of the greatest inventions of humankind. The fact that we can use our phones/computers to buy everything that we could possibly need? Mind-blowing! The only problem with online shopping is that sometimes we can’t control ourselves.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

We bet that, during a moment of boredom, you opened up the Amazon website and browsed through it until you found something to buy (even if you didn’t need it). But, hey, don’t feel judged — we’ve all been there, done that!

Who even reads lyrics?

If we had to mention one thing that most humans do when alone, it would certainly be singing their hearts out for that one-woman concert. There is no feeling like cleaning the house and putting on your very own personal show!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

You know when you’re belting out some tunes, and then that foreign song comes on? Why spend time looking up the lyrics when you can simply sing it the way you think is right? Forget the actual pronunciation of words, and just have fun!

They’re still adorable, though.

There are two categories of people in this world: cat people and dog people. Sometimes — on very rare occasions — you may even meet someone who is a bit of both, but they are a minority, for sure. Okay, maybe not, but that’s what the internet says!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Having a dog means that you will have a loyal companion who will love you and protect you until the last day of their lives — no questions asked. On the other hand, having a cat is basically the same as having a fluffy boss!

Let whoever has never done this cast the first stone!

Feelings are arguably the most complicated things in the world. We don’t want to feel too many of them simultaneously, but we don’t want to feel too little. We hate to express them in outbursts, but would also hate to never show any feelings.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

We all know how complicated the feeling of anger can be. When you’re in the heat of the moment, you see red. But then, when you have to tell someone why you were angry in the first place, there is no ceasing the waterworks!

There is no place like mama’s house!

Parents will never stop being parents, even if we moved out of their house years ago. No matter how often you see your parents every year and no matter how old you are, they will always treat you like their baby!

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @surviveofficedoodles

You may have your own house, a brand-new car, an excellent job, a spouse, and maybe even children — but your mother will always make you take home a bunch of food. And the same is true for grandmothers. Hey, we’re not complaining!

Is there a different way of going about this?

When we are not naturally gifted at cooking, even the most straightforward recipes are a challenge that we have to overcome. And even though we may learn how to cook something correctly, it isn’t always easy to get the quantity right.

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

Pancakes and cookies are testaments to that. When we are getting the pancake mix or the cookie dough ready, we may add way too much of each ingredient and make a bunch of pancakes/cookies — which can be a problem, especially when you have no one to share them with!

Why are we like this?

It is no secret that a device as small as a cell phone can take away all of our attention. If you think you can multitask when there’s a phone involved, we would like you to try something out. Ask someone to speak to you when you’re concentrating on using your phone, and see if you can actually listen to them.

Image Courtesy of Instagram / @surviveofficedoodles

The truth is, when we are using our phones, the world could come crashing down, and we wouldn’t even hear it! The biggest problem with this is that when our mothers ask us to do something, but we’re scrolling, we don’t actually pay attention to them and get in trouble later!

It’s Friday then…

If you have never heard the iconic “Friday” song, are you even using the internet correctly? The remix of this song is perfect to be set as an alarm on Friday morning, considering that that’s the day we look forward to the whole week!

Image Courtesy of Instagram/@surviveofficedoodles

The thing with Fridays is that we don’t always put a lot of effort into work because we are so excited about the weekend. And then Mondays roll around, and we’re still recovering from the weekend, so it takes us a few days to get back on our feet and be productive at work again!