Crafting For Cash: 30+ Creative Projects To Make And Sell

By Harpreet K January 19, 2024

This article was originally published on mydiwise

Do craft projects excite you? Does turning simple items into something unique and useful make you happy? You’re in for a treat because your crafting skills can also bring in that much-needed extra cash! From unique jewelry and cozy knits to upcycled wonders and personalized decor, these projects will allow you to earn while breathing new life into otherwise unutilized items headed to the bin.

So, gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and get ready to craft your way into making items that’ll bring joy to others and a little extra sparkle to your pocket! Whether it’s online, at craft fairs, or among friends, there’s a market waiting for your handmade treasures. Let’s make, create, and sell our way into crafting awesomeness!

1. Time-out stool

Imagine a cute little stool perfect for kids needing a time-out. It’s more than an area place to separate misbehaving tots for a while; it’s a fun and playful way to give them a breather. It will be something practical but also a fun and unique talking point. 

Image courtesy: Shenzhen Xinbaohong Craft Manufacture Co., Ltd./Alibaba

What you can do to make it enjoyable is add an hourglass beneath it. Paint the stool with whatever color brings joy to the classroom. Ask the student to spend time on this stool and make punishment relaxing instead of something unpleasant.

2. Handmade Franciscan earthenware cake stand

This handmade Franciscan earthenware cake stand is a beauty. It doesn’t only showcase your baked goods; it’s unique and sturdy and adds charm to any dessert spread. It’s perfect for simultaneously elevating the aesthetics and making people’s mouths water with anticipation for all the food.

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Grab some glasses and plates from any store or your own home. We’re sure you have a few in your kitchen that you no longer use. Use the super glue to attach the glass to the plates, and voila, the perfect space for baked goodies!

3. Lollipop stand

First, grab a cone-shaped object, like a foam cone or even a rolled-up cardboard. Then, get a thermocol ball (that squishy foam stuff) and stick it on top of the cone. Once the structure is ready, attaching the lollipops is next.

Image courtesy:

Push the lollipops into the thermocol ball – it’s like making a lollipop forest! You can decorate the cone if you like, maybe with colorful paper or stickers. Ta-da! Your lollipop stand is ready to be sold and show off those sweet treats.

4. Lost sock board for the laundry room

A lost sock board is a terrific item to sell at a craft fair because it’s entertaining and useful for the laundry room. A specific board showcasing missing socks may strike a chord with people, as everyone can connect to the mystery surrounding them. 

Image courtesy:

Plus, a little humor can make even the most boring task, like laundry, more enjoyable for others. The supplies you need to make this sock board are straightforward and widely accessible. All you need are super glue, clips, and wooden cardboard. You can even paint the board to elevate the aesthetics and entire buyers.

5. Washi tape clocks

Say goodbye to boring timekeeping devices and say hello to washi tape clocks. Grab some washi tape – many funky patterns are out there, so pick your favorites. Now, all you gotta do is stick those colorful tape pieces around the clock face, and boom!

Image courtesy:

You’ve got yourself a super unique and stylish timepiece. It’s one of the easiest crafts to jazz up something plain and turn it into a total eye-catcher. Plus, with all the amazing washi tape designs out there, you can get creative and make each clock a one-of-a-kind piece.

6. Nail cross pendant

It’s a fairly easy piece of jewelry to make. However, it has a special meaning. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, a few nails, some wire or string, and some beads are all you need. Put the nails in a cross form, wrap them around, and fasten them together. 

Image courtesy:

These pendants are chic accessories and have symbolic meaning. They can be nice gifts or things to sell at craft fairs. Unique pieces like this combine deep significance, inventiveness, and simplicity. You’ve created a stunning pendant that exudes love and spirit with just a few steps.

7. Dishwasher magnet, clean or dirty

A dishwasher magnet that informs you if the dishes inside are clean or dirty is like a little magic trick for your kitchen. You make or buy a magnet with two sides—one saying “clean” and the other “dirty.” When the dishes are spotless and ready to unload, flip that magnet to “clean.”

Image courtesy:

And when it’s all dirty and waiting for a wash, flip it to “dirty.” It’s an inventive method of avoiding the guessing game and accidentally re-washing clean dishes or using dirty ones. Moreover, it’s a simple idea that can make kitchen chores easier. Homeowners will want to snag this item!

8. Handmade display shelf

This is akin to giving those little cars a red carpet to grace. A hammer, nails, wooden planks, and a little ingenuity are all you’ll need. Construct a straightforward, multi-level shelf that resembles a tiny parking garage, giving each Hot Wheels vehicle a little area to shine.

Image courtesy:

It’s entirely up to you whether you paint it, embellish it, or add vibrant colors! This shelf keeps your collection tidy and transforms it into a stylish display. Hot Wheels collectors and aficionados will adore having a dedicated area to exhibit their valuable vehicles.

9. Dollar store plate charger and chalkboard paint

You won’t believe this awesome idea of using dollar store plate chargers and chalkboard paint to create something amazing. It’s a clever way to turn these simple items into something special and a fantastic idea to sell at craft fairs – it’s affordable, creative, and super useful.

Image courtesy:

All you need is some chalkboard paint and paint the chargers to get new label dishes for yourself or sell them. Cafe owners can write their menu on it, but the messages can also be personal and sweet, depending on your preference.

10. Cute collar & tie for your dog

This is like giving your pooches a charming and dog-friendly makeover for a special occasion. All you need is some fabric, basic sewing supplies, and either an old shirt or a charming pattern of your preference. Your dog will look stylish after cutting out a collar and a small tie and sewing them together.

Image courtesy:

Dog owners and lovers will go crazy for these items. No one would be able to resist a doggo wearing collars and ties and looking dapper while walking in the neighborhood. This is guaranteed to make pet owners flock to your booth at the local craft fair.

11. Football onesie

It’s like scoring a touchdown in baby fashion. All you need is a brown onesie from a place like Hobby Lobby, and some felt – that squishy fabric stuff. Cut out some felt pieces, make them look like football laces, and stick them on the onesie.

Image courtesy:

You’ve got a mini football outfit for a baby. And get this: it’s perfect for those little ones whose dads are huge football fans! These onesies are a sure hit for baby showers or as a sweet gift for sporty dads and moms.

12. Homemade dog treats

Whipping up homemade dog treats is a total game-changer for your furry pals. All you need is peanut butter, oats, and maybe some pumpkin or carrots – stuff you probably have in your kitchen already. Mix it all up, roll out the dough, and utilize cookie cutters to make various shapes.

Image courtesy:

Pop them in the oven, and bam! You’ve got these delicious, healthy treats that your furry buddies will go bonkers for. Not only are they tail-wagging tasty, but you also know exactly what they are made of – no mystery ingredients. They’re a pawsome way to show your furry pals some extra love or sell at pet events.

13. Seatbelt pillows

They’re like little cushions that make car naps a hundred times comfier. All you need is some soft fabric, like fleece or cotton, and some stuffing, like pillow filling. Cut the fabric into a rectangular shape, sew it together, leaving a gap to stuff it, then fill it up and sew it shut.

Image courtesy:

Attach Velcro or ties to wrap it around the seatbelt, and you have these snuggly pillows that prevent that annoying neck strain when you sleep in the car. Making them before a summer road trip is smart – everyone will be thankful for the comfy travel upgrade.

14. Child’s art apron from dishtowel!

Grab a clean dish towel, some ribbon, or elastic, and get crafty. Fold the dish towel in half lengthwise, cut a hole at the top for the head, and attach the ribbon or elastic to tie around the waist. You’ve got an instant art apron for your little Picasso. 

Image courtesy:

It’s perfect for messy art projects – no more worrying about stains on their clothes. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly and quick DIY project. Parents will love this practical yet creative solution, and kids will feel like real artists wearing their special aprons.

15. Wine cork keychains

Grab those wine corks you’ve been saving (or maybe collect some from friends), some eye hooks, and keychain rings. Poke a tiny hole in the cork, screw in the eye hook, attach the keychain ring, and you’ve just created these awesome keychains with a touch of rustic charm.

(Image courtesy:

They’re not just for holding keys; they’re a neat way to add a unique flair to your keys or even as thoughtful gifts for friends who appreciate a good glass of wine. People love eco-friendly and trendy stuff, so these keychains could be a hit! It’s a small craft with a big personality.

16. Hot pan handle holder

Here’s a smart solution: a hot pan handle holder! It’s like a little jacket for your panhandle, keeping your hands safe from burns. Grab a piece of fabric, maybe an old towel or pot holder, fold it, and wrap it around the panhandle.

Image courtesy:

Secure it with some stitches or ties, and bam! You’ve created this clever protective cover for those scorching hot handles. It’s a quick fix to avoid those “ouch” moments in the kitchen. Plus, it’s super effortless to make and can save your hands from the heat while cooking something delicious.

17. Snowman poop gift for Christmas

It’s a playful and lighthearted way to share a giggle during the holiday season. You gather some mini marshmallows, put them in a cute bag or container, and attach a label that says something like, “Heard you’ve been naughty, so here’s the scoop – all you get for Christmas is Snowman Poop.”

Image courtesy:

It’s a silly and unexpected present that’s all in good fun. Perfect for friends or family with a great sense of humor. It’s not about the gift itself but the laughter and joy it brings. Plus, it’s a low-cost and easy DIY idea that’s bound to get a chuckle or two during the holiday festivities.

18. Painted rocks for garden organization

Imagine jazzing up your garden in the most creative way: painted rocks! It’s like bringing a burst of color and organization to your outdoor space. Grab some smooth rocks, wash them up nicely, and let your artistic side loose with paint.

Image courtesy:

You can create fun designs, label them for herbs or flowers, or even paint cute critters – it’s totally up to you. Place these beauties strategically in your garden beds or pots for a splash of personality and a clever way to organize your garden.

19. Candles in teacups

Take those lovely tea cups you have lying around the house, fill them with wax, add a wick, and voila! You’ve created these adorable homemade candles. They’re perfect for setting a warm and inviting atmosphere during dinners or for relaxing ‘me-time.’

Image courtesy:

Additionally, they make for fantastic gifts or decorative pieces around the house. It’s a crafty and easy DIY project that adds a sprinkle of vintage charm to any room, adding a touch of coziness to your space using something as simple as a teacup.

20. Recycled box notepads

It’s similar to breathing life into things that would have otherwise gone to waste. All you’ll need are those cardboard boxes you were going to throw away, along with some glue, paper, and imagination. For the cover, cut the cardboard into smaller pieces, place some paper inside, and adhere to everything with glue.

Image courtesy:

These fantastic items you have are ideal for taking notes, doodling, or even creating grocery lists. They’re simple to produce, environmentally friendly, and fully customized. They’re also popular with people who enjoy useful but sustainable products. This is recycling done creatively.

21. Glass gem marble letter magnets

You can create your personalized alphabet set for your fridge or any magnetic surface. Grab some glass gem marbles from the craft store, print out or handwrite your favorite letters, and stick them to the flat side of the marbles. Glue some magnets on the back, and you’ve got these awesome, colorful letter magnets.

Image courtesy:

They’re not just for spelling out words; they can be a fun way for kids to learn the alphabet or for grown-ups to leave quirky messages. These magnet masterpieces are simple yet versatile and will definitely catch people’s eyes. We won’t be surprised if people ask you where you got them.

22. No-sew market tote

Grab an old T-shirt or a piece of fabric you love, and get ready for the easiest DIY project ever. Cut off the sleeves and neckline of the shirt, leaving the bottom intact. Then, cut fringe-like strips along the bottom edge and tie them together.

Image courtesy:

You’ve turned that shirt into a cool, reusable tote bag that’s perfect for groceries or trips to the farmer’s market. It’s a quick, eco-friendly, and stylish way to reduce waste by repurposing old clothes into something practical. You can have a no-sew tote bag easily.

23. Jewelry pail organizer

It’s like having a cute little container to keep all your shiny stuff in one place. Grab a small pail or bucket, maybe something from the dollar store or an old one you have lying around. Fill it with sand or small pebbles, and then stick your earrings, rings, or even bracelets in there. 

Image courtesy:

It’s like creating your mini jewelry display. Not only does it keep your jewelry from getting tangled, but it also adds charm to your vanity or dresser. It’s super simple, yet it keeps your bling organized and ready to grab whenever needed.

24. 4-ingredient doggie treats

All you need is some whole wheat flour, peanut butter, baking powder, and water. Mix the ingredients to make a dough, roll it out, and utilize cookie cutters to shape fun treats. Pop them in the oven, and before you know it, you’ve made these tasty, healthy snacks for your pup.

Image courtesy:

They’re simple and wholesome, and you know exactly what’s in them – no mystery ingredients. Dogs absolutely love them, and they’re perfect for training or showing your furry pal some extra love. It’s a paw-some way to spoil your dog with homemade goodness.

25. Move a photo onto a slab of wood

Prepare for a cool DIY project: transferring a photo onto a wood slab. First, grab a piece of wood, preferably smooth and sanded. Print your photo using a laser printer (remember, it has to be a laser print, not an inkjet one). 

Image courtesy:

Coat the wood with a layer of Mod Podge or a similar transfer medium. Then, place the photo face down onto the wood and smooth it out, ensuring no bubbles or wrinkles. Let it sit for a while, maybe overnight, and then gently rub off the paper using a damp cloth. 

26. Turn inexpensive frames into chalkboard signs

Grab those inexpensive frames from the dollar store or thrift shop and some chalkboard paint. Remove the glass from the frame, paint the frame in any color you like to match your style, and then paint the glass with the chalkboard paint.

Image courtesy:

Let it dry, pop the glass back into the frame, and you’ve made these cool chalkboards ready for doodles, messages, or menu lists. They’re perfect for organizing, decorating, or adding a personal touch to any space. Plus, it’s a budget-friendly DIY project that’ll make those plain frames stand out creatively!

27. Wine glasses make great candle lamps

Let’s discuss a brilliant idea: using wine glasses as candle lamps. It’s like adding elegance and coziness to any space. Grab some wine glasses, turn them upside down, and place a small tea light or votive candle on the base of the glass. 

Image courtesy:

You’ve created these beautiful candle lamps that glow warm and inviting. They’re perfect for setting a cozy atmosphere for dinners, parties, or even just relaxing evenings. Plus, it’s a clever way to repurpose those wine glasses if you have extras lying around. 

28. Upcycling old knife holder

Breathe life into an old knife holder by giving it a good sanding to smooth it out, then paint it up in any color or design that tickles your fancy. Get creative! Add some fun patterns, maybe a splash of bright paint, or even decals or stickers. 

Image courtesy:

This transformed knife block isn’t just for knives anymore – it can hold anything from craft supplies to kitchen utensils or even stationery on your desk. It’s a fantastic way to repurpose something about to be discarded, turning it into a super useful and stylish organizer. 

29. Roadway crochet throw for a children’s toy

You can craft a throw with roads and lanes using yarn and crochet skills, creating a miniature roadway perfect for toy cars and trucks. Moms and grandmas absolutely adore finding unique and imaginative toys for their little ones, and this is a brilliant idea for those with time on their hands.

Image courtesy:

Selling these handmade crochet throws at craft shows is a fantastic idea, too. It’s not just a throw; it’s an invitation for imaginative play and hours of fun for kids. Furthermore, it’s a lovely way to add handmade warmth and creativity to a child’s playtime.

30. Blue snowflake cupcake Christmas ornaments

Adorable blue snowflake cupcake Christmas ornaments are like tiny sweet treats for your tree. Crafting them involves some creativity and basic materials like blue cupcake liners, white beads or pom poms for snowflakes, and a touch of glue or thread.

Image courtesy:

Moms and folks who love unique holiday decorations go crazy for special ornaments, making these cupcake-themed ones a total hit at craft shows. They’re not just decorations but little works of art that add a whimsical touch to any Christmas tree.

31. DIY cookie basket

Take a paper plate and cut out little slits around the edge. Fold these flaps up, creating a basket shape. Decorate it with paint, markers, or even wrapping paper to make it festive. Fill it up with your homemade cookies or baked goods, and there you go – a charming little treat basket.

Image courtesy:

Craft sales love these because they’re an easy and creative way to package up goodies like cookies, brownies, or homemade treats. They’re not just baskets; they’re a thoughtful touch that makes cookies look even more special. A simple paper plate could be a delightful way to share baked love at craft sales.

32. Growth charts

Growth charts are like capturing memories and milestones! Picture this: a long chart with measurements showing how much your kiddo grows yearly. It’s a lovely way to track their growth, and measuring them on their birthday each year makes it even more special. 

Image courtesy:

You can use a wall ruler, draw lines on a door frame, or create a cute chart on a wall. Mark their height and date it each year – it’s a sweet tradition that parents cherish. Moreover, it’s a fantastic way to see how much they’ve grown and reminisce about those precious moments.

33. Pallet sign hand-painted

Take a wooden pallet, clean it up nicely, and paint a stylish chevron pattern on it. It’s as simple as using painter’s tape to create the zigzag lines and then painting over it to form the cool chevron design. This unique sign adds a rustic yet trendy touch to any space. 

Image courtesy:

Hang it on a wall, support it up on a shelf – it’s versatile and adds a pop of creativity to your decor. Plus, it’s a great way to repurpose pallets into something eye-catching and personalized for your home. We won’t lie; we’d love this in our home.

34. Chalkboard wine bottles

Chalkboard wine bottles are like having a canvas for your creativity. You take those empty wine bottles and slap on some chalkboard paint, and you have cool bottles you can write on. It’s like having a personalized message board and unique decor piece in one.

Image courtesy:

Draw designs, write messages, or even use them as table numbers at events – they’re super versatile. They’re a hit at parties or weddings, adding a hint of charm to the atmosphere. It’s a fun and easy way to upcycle those old bottles into something totally cool and customizable.

35. Jelly bean bracelets

Jelly bean bracelets are a sweet and colorful accessory you can eat. Imagine stringing those yummy jelly beans onto a thread or string, creating a fun and edible bracelet. It’s a cool way to combine fashion and a tasty treat. 

Image courtesy:

Kids love making these because they get to design their own bracelets and snack on them! They’re perfect for parties, playdates, or even as a fun activity at home. They add a burst of color to your wrist and are a hit with anyone who loves whimsy in their accessories.

36. Transfer an image to a rock 

Pick a smooth rock and print out your favorite image using a laser printer – remember, it has to be a laser print, not an inkjet one. Coat the rock with a layer of Mod Podge or a similar transfer medium. Place the image face down onto the rock, smooth it out, and let it dry.

Image courtesy:

Once it’s dry, dampen the paper and gently rub it off, revealing your transferred image on the rock. It’s a creative and easy way to add uniqueness to your decor or create a special gift. You can use them as paperweights or garden markers or display them.

37. Coat rack

All you need are some hooks, a piece of wood or even reclaimed material like an old board, and some screws. Attach the hooks evenly on the wood, ensuring they’re sturdy and you have a practical and stylish coat rack ready to hang on the wall.

Image courtesy:

People love handmade stuff, especially when it’s functional and adds charm to their homes. Plus, coat racks are handy for everyone – from families with kids to folks who love keeping things organized. It’s a simple yet useful DIY project that’s definitely a winner for selling at craft fairs or online.

38. Washi tape wooden bracelets

Get ready for some serious creativity with washi tape wooden bracelets. It’s like turning plain wooden bangles into colorful, eye-catching accessories. Grab those wooden bangles and your favorite washi tapes – they come in many fun patterns and colors. Wrap the tape around the bangle, mixing and matching colors or creating funky patterns. 

Image courtesy:

It’s a super comfortable and fun DIY project resulting in these unique bracelets that add color to any outfit. They’re perfect for anyone who loves playful and trendy accessories. People adore handmade stuff, especially when it’s as cool and personalized as these washi tape wooden bracelets. 

39. Etched glass water bottle

The mystical powers of an etched glass water bottle are about to be unleashed! It’s like making a personalized artwork out of an ordinary bottle. Purchase a glass water bottle and some etching cream from the craft store. Add your design or message to the bottle by decorating it with stickers, stencils, or vinyl cutouts. 

Image courtesy:

Apply the etching cream as directed on the package, allow it to sit for a time, and then wash it off. No one will say no to a glass water bottle with personalized engravings. It’s a creative and entertaining way to improve your daily water routine.

40. Rock concert in your garden

Get ready for a rock concert in your garden, literally! It’s as easy as finding some rocks—their shape or size doesn’t matter—and grabbing some paint. Add a splash of creativity by painting them in funky designs and cool patterns, or even turn them into little creatures with googly eyes.

Image courtesy:

These painted rocks are not just for looks; they’re a super fun and affordable DIY project that can be a hit at your next craft show. They’re perfect for jazzing up gardens, decorating spaces, or even just as cheerful paperweights.