Corporate Blunders: 35+ Hilariously Awkward Slip-Ups By Big Brands

By Ayomitide F January 25, 2024

This article was originally published on bettermanly

You know what’s wild? These companies. Sometimes, we tend to take the corporate world way too seriously. But as you will see, these companies are not taking it as seriously themselves. Think about it: they tell us to suit up, bring our A-game to interviews, and basically hustle like there’s no tomorrow to climb that career ladder. For them, you have to be the perfect professional and not mess up.

But the gospel, according to the Corporate Facepalm subreddit, shows the corporate landscape is actually a gold mine of facepalms! This is a gallery of cringe-worthy content that will make you shake your head and think, “How did they even…?” You gotta wonder how these things made it past the suits and onto the internet.

Of Ads and Fish Bones

Look at that. Someone’s grandma was struggling with a fish bone, and YouTube decided to casually drop a Red Lobster ad right before a first aid video. These corporations, man. Not the best timing, right? So, of course, this guy calls them out.


And out they jumped with the shameless plug! The best they could come up with was: Hey, if you’re tired of these surprise ads creeping up when you’re trying to save the day (or save grandma from a fishy situation), we got your back – all you gotta do is check out YouTube Premium!

Loren Ipsum

So, let’s talk about this Polished Man’s email flop. These guys totally goofed up, but hey, every cloud has a silver lining, right? Amidst their marketing mayhem, they accidentally spilled the beans about Loren Ipsum. Ever heard of it? Well, it’s that funky placeholder text you see everywhere in design mock-ups and templates.


That said, Loren Ipsum isn’t some secret code or mystical phrase. It’s just some dummy text from the 1500s. Back then, printers needed a way to show off fonts and layouts before the real content was ready. Enter Loren Ipsum, the reliable go-to for filling spaces without saying anything meaningful. Thank you, Polished Man!

The Beef

Once upon a time, in Solly’s Bagelry’s Google reviews, a customer was super pissed, claiming the joint was a hot mess with slow service and a chaotic setup that made getting food feel like a labyrinth. They even threw shade at the owner/manager, suggesting the place shouldn’t even be in business!


But then, the owner clapped back. They defended their turf, saying the boss is a gem and she doesn’t go around chewing out customers. They blamed entitled customers for the hassle and ended with the punchline:  “Hey, sometimes bagels take 5, sometimes 30 – deal with it!” 

Vegan Boom!

Our parents had the whole property boom thing going on, but guess what we’ve got? Vegan bacon that tastes like the real deal—smoky, savory, crispy… the whole nine yards. So, here we are, living in a time where we can chow down on bacon that doesn’t harm a single pig! 


You get that sizzle, that aroma, and that taste without any of the guilt. La Vie nailed it with their plant-based bacon. So, while our folks might’ve hit the jackpot with property, we’ve seemingly hit our own! Who needs a mansion when you’ve got vegan bacon that’s the bomb? What a time to be alive! 

God save The Queen

Clutch Points should have just posted the tweet and kept it moving. Talk about a curveball! They put up this image of Her Majesty ascending onto a throne surrounded by clouds, and guess who else was there? David Beckham, OG Anunoby, Anthony Joshua, and Luol Deng. 


Quite the lineup, right? They were probably aiming for something symbolic, you know? Like, showcasing the Queen’s reign and impact alongside these sporting icons who’ve made their mark in their respective fields. Well, at least they paid their respects, even if it was with an unexpected, celestial twist!

More juice!

So, picture this: You’re happily printing away on your HP printer, doing your thing, and suddenly, out of the blue, a message pops up on your screen like, “Hold up! This printer isn’t vibing with continuous ink systems, my friend.”


Basically, what it’s saying is, “Hey, I’m not built for continuous ink systems, so if you wanna keep printing, you gotta take that continuous ink system out and pop in some original HP cartridges or compatible ones.” It feels like the printer is asking for its preferred juice to keep the party going!

Flying with Ms. Daisy

This whole thread has a funny energy to it. Daisy, who we assume is an employee at Delta, has a customer all anxious. Everybody would expect Delta to play it cool, asking for a minute to fix things as Daisy works her magic. 


But naah, they came through with a sassy clapback. After all, it’s Twitter – where every random thing has the potential to turn into comedy gold. Delta’s keeping it real. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that this was tweeted by Daisy herself.

League of Shadows

You might be wondering what the heck this “school shadows” thing is all about. Well, let’s break it down: a school shadow is like a stealthy superhero who, instead of fighting crime, supports kids who need a little extra help in school. 


Basically, you would be someone’s sidekick during their school day, being there to lend a hand, an ear, or maybe even just some chill vibes. Well, these guys may need one themselves because their spelling skills certainly need some work!


So, BMW has taken things to a whole new level by introducing a monthly subscription for heated seats in your car. Yup, you heard that right—a monthly subscription for a toasty behind! Imagine you’ve got a shiny BMW, and it’s got all the bells and whistles, including those coveted heated seats. 


But here’s the kicker— for the low, low price of $18 a month or $180 a year, you can ditch the cold and embrace the warmth on your drives. It’s like a Netflix subscription, but instead of binge-watching your favorite shows, you’re ensuring your posterior stays toasty during those chilly mornings!


This post was by Shepper, and for some reason, they added the word “shepper” at the bottom of the image. Kinda weird, right? We get it; branding is a thing. But slapping your name on an obituary picture of the Queen seems a tad out of place. 


It’s like having a nice piece of cake and then having someone stick their fork in it for no reason. Maybe they were trying to claim ownership or wanted to make sure everyone knew who posted it, but it definitely caught us off guard!


Admittedly, NFTs are pretty cool. And lucky for you, these ones don’t break the bank. Wonder what we are talking about? Well, it’s an artsy Reddit avatar for just a hundred bucks, people! Sounds like a total steal, doesn’t it? You bet it does…


NOT! Anybody who stumbles upon these can’t help but think, “Hmm, why would I spend all that money on an avatar?” Or maybe we are just too broke to afford these kinds of ‘underrated’ luxuries. Well, that’s your cue to make more money, folks!

My Refund

This customer had bought an item for 20 bucks, only to find out it didn’t work. So, they hit up DoorDash, to explain the situation. DoorDash’s response was a bit amusing. They offered $5 back in DoorDash credits or a refund for the affected item. 


The customer was not having any of it. 5 bucks for a 20-dollar item that’s busted? No way! The company tried selling those DoorDash credits, saying they’d be instant, but the customer wasn’t convinced. They wanted their full 20 bucks back. Understandably so!


This poor lady lost her sister in a heartbreaking accident, and, to top it off, her house went up in flames the exact same night. To cheer her up and make things better, ABC13 thought of surprising her with something special. An ABC13 umbrella. 


Yep, you read that right – an umbrella! Now, don’t get us wrong; umbrellas are handy and all, especially when the weather’s being a total drama queen. But in this situation? It’s like showing up to a car race with a bicycle. A bit random, huh?

40% off!

Did you happen to see MealPal’s latest email campaign? They went full meme mode! They slapped that classic Will vs. Chris meme on there to hype up their 40% discount lunch offer. It’s like they’re saying, “Hey, this offer slaps!” 


At first, it does look cheesy. But if the food tastes as good as it is hyped to be, then it’s genius and extremely entertaining! What are you waiting for? Go check out what’s on the menu – because, memes aside, a delicious meal is the real deal!

Dog Years

So, Santa’s paws just dropped a paw-some little tidbit: there are only 2 and a half days left until Christmas…but get this, that’s in dog years! Yeah, you heard that right—Doggos are counting down to the big day in their own way. Now, you know how our furry pals age faster than us humans, right?


Well, in doggie time, a single day for us is like a whole week for them! So, while we’re chilling, sipping cocoa, and getting ready for the festive cheer, our canine buddies are wagging their tails and bouncing around, feeling the holiday excitement like it’s zooming by at lightning speed!

Coast Country Hotel

So, there was this report about not-so-great vibes at this Hotel. But guess what? The General Manager swooped in like a superhero to save the day. He read this message from someone called Ms. M about the not-so-cool conditions. And you know what he did? 


He put on his cape and offered Ms. M a fat refund as a peace offering. However, he messed up big time after he posted the complaint and his response on a job advert! Well, at least applicants know that the place has excellent customer service!

Elon’s Musk

Woah, it seems like our favorite comedian and provocateur, Kathy Griffin, got herself into quite the social media pickle. You won’t believe it, but she got the boot from Twitter for doing something pretty unexpected – impersonating none other than the one and only Elon Musk!


She dove headfirst into Elon mode. Tweets, profile pictures, bio – the whole nine yards. Imagine the confusion! Fans scrolled through Twitter, double-checking if it was the real Elon behind the keyboard, only to find out it was Kathy Griffin putting on her best Elon Musk impression. Classic Kathy!


This one is for all the ladies in the house. There’s not much in the world that’s as nerve-wracking as waiting for that critical moment when a pregnancy test will reveal its verdict. You follow the instructions, stare at that little stick, and there it is – a positive result!


But instead of panic, a grin spreads across your face. Why? Because with a CareCredit credit, unexpected surprises like these turn into joyous celebrations. That’s the kind of wizardry CareCredit brings to the table. They’re all about turning those ‘oh no’ moments into ‘oh wow’ ones. It’s like having a safety net for life’s (un)expected!

DoorDash strikes again!

Sarah’s chilling at home, super hyped for her Shake Shack delivery via DoorDash. She drools over the thought of that juicy burger and those crispy fries. But guess what? The universe had other plans. She gets an email notification from DoorDash and excitedly opens it, thinking it’s a delivery update. But hold up! 


It’s an apology email. The subject line got her hopes up, but the content? Pure gold. They apologized for the mess-up and offered a mouthwatering $0 on the next order. She couldn’t believe her eyes. A grand total of zero dollars! DoorDash’s generosity truly knows no bounds. Blast the confetti!

Elise & Mealbuddy

MealPal is back with another banger, and it’s even more cringe/genius, depending on how much you like their meals. In a quest to jazz up the lunchtime game, MealPal hit up people’s inboxes worldwide with a message that screamed “relatable.” 


Inside, it was Elise chatting with T about her undying lunch obsession, boasting about her go-to spots—Sweetgreen, DIG, Chipotle, and Shake Shack—all under six bucks a pop. It was all about lunchtime cravings and snagging a deal, peppered with that ‘nothing much to tell’ vibe!

Feed the Cats!

Introducing the ROJECO Automatic Cat Feeder: the ultimate pet dining experience that’s got tails wagging and whiskers twitching! This marvel isn’t your average pet feeder – it’s the James Bond of mealtime gadgets. Imagine chilling on the couch, binging your favorite show, and suddenly, your furball’s tummy grumbles. 


No sweat! This gizmo takes “pay attention to pets every meal every moment” to a whole new level. The only problem we have with this ad is that the product is called a ‘cat’ feeder, but a dog somehow made it onto the photo.


In a world where flavor reigns supreme, Zaxby’s soft drinks bring a fizz that’s in a league of its own. The taste explosion is too good to put into words. Each sip is like a mini-celebration for your taste buds, turning ordinary moments into ‘indescribably good’ ones.


Their slogan says it all. This was reportedly an effort to show that the company had gone green. However, people could see right through the lies because the cups and straws are still plastic. Pasting a photo of the earth and making the straw green meant nothing.


Social media profiles are often extremely filtered to favor their owners, but not everyone believes in that. Meet Brendan, the irreverently ingenious CEO of not just one but two cutting-edge companies—HyperSocial and HyperSphere. But don’t let the title fool you; this guy’s not your typical suit-and-tie exec. 


With a whopping five college dropouts under his belt (yes, you read that right—five!), Brendan’s journey to the top has been anything but conventional. This guy apparently posted this selfie after firing an employee. If his aim was to get sympathy, it certainly didn’t work.


Would you look at that? These guys are basically saying, “Hey, just so you know, that extra charge isn’t going to the driver who’s hustling to get your pizza to your door.” But then, they hit you with that ‘friendly’ nudge: “Please reward your driver for outstanding service.” 


You order a pizza, and suddenly, there’s this ‘unspoken’ reminder to give your driver a shout-out for their hustle. “We got you covered with the pizza, but spread the love to the person who brought it to ya!” Now, that’s one way to educate the masses!

The Furrys

Step into a world of whimsy and wonder with an incredible lineup of furry friends! Priced at $36.99 each, there is a diverse assortment to choose from, including Dragons, Grey and Rainbow Wolves, and the charismatic Great Wolf Pack crew.


Imagine walking into a store, putting one inside the cart after checking the price and deciding you could afford it only to realize that the store forgot to change the prices. This customer was asked for the full $36.99 instead of the $22 dollars indicated on the doll. Would you still buy it?

Bacon Whopper!

Introducing the belly-busting, taste bud-teasing delight: the Impossible™ Southwest Bacon Whopper! This bad boy packs a punch that’ll make your hunger run for cover. Priced at a cool $8.49, it’s 821 calories of pure plant-based indulgence. Yeah, it’s made from plants, but trust us, you won’t believe it when you take that first bite. 


And as if that’s not enough, they’ve slathered on some creamy avocado spread that’s smoother than a jazz groove. But hold onto your hats, folks! There’s more! Crispy bacon, because who doesn’t love a little swine? Just when you thought it was a vegetarian option, boom!


So, our pals at City Α.Μ. dropped an email bomb about this big identity event in Europe, but they kinda goofed up on the personalization front. They hit up subscribers with a “Dear FIRSTNAME” instead of sliding in an actual name. Classic move!


Anyway, they were hyped up about this Identity Week Europe 2022 shindig happening in London. 2 days packed with 4,000+ folks, 250+ exhibitors showing off their stuff, tons of networking opportunities, and a whopping 100 hours of content sounds super-hectic. We can forgive a little email blunder, right?


Here’s the lowdown: These guys are offering “FREE” delivery for a cool Benjamin a year. But hang tight, folks; there’s a twist. We might not be economists, but we’re pretty sure that “free” means, well, FREE. You know, zero bucks, nada dinero. But they’ve got their own quirky interpretation.


Now, this is not just for the fun of it. Apparently, in the land of ABBA and meatballs, aka Sweden, you can’t just slap a “free” label on something unless it’s 100% on the house. No hidden charges, no extra payments—just a straight-up, no-strings-attached freebie!

End Plastic

Picture this: You slip your feet into a pair of fresh Adidas shoes, ready to conquer the world, and what do you see? Right there, smack dab on the sole, a tagline that reads, “End Plastic Waste.” Yep, you heard that right—your shoes are on a mission!


Problem is, the shoes themselves come with accessories that are packaged in, ding ding ding, you guessed it, little plastic bags! We totally support beneficial causes, but when it comes to activism, you always have to be ready to practice what you preach.

The Lineup

Patriot Day 2022 was like a foodie’s dream carnival. Down at 2011 Bow Cove in Stafford, they had a lineup that could make your taste buds high-five each other with glee. First off, they were throwing a limited-seating, curbside pick-up bash.


The food was nice, but the little nicknames they crafted for the snacks were not well received. Well, the shindig was supposed to be in honor of people who lost their lives on that tragic September day, but it did the opposite. With names like 9-11 oysters, we see why people felt offended.

Godfather IV

Check it out, folks! You won’t believe the deal of a lifetime that just landed in our laps. The clock is ticking, and it’s not just for any old thing. Nope, it’s for something pretty epic. Just for fun, quickly calculate how many years 28176 days is.


We don’t know what the phrase ‘Hurry up’ means to these guys, but we have a nagging suspicion that it’s not what we think it is. With 28,176 days, 13 hours, 32 minutes, and 29 seconds to decide whether you’re in or you’re out, we would say take all the time in the world!


Like sweet Italia needed more car companies! The home of Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Maserati welcomes Volkswagen to its humble abode. And by the looks of it, Volkswagen Italia is here to stay and make waves in the land of pasta, art, and beautiful cars.


So, if you’re all about that Volkswagen vibe and you’re passionate about Italy’s charm, this is the place to be! Also, try to look them up online for the laugh of a lifetime. Volkswagen was really dealt a bad card by their social media guys here.


Looks like the party’s not over yet with your Xfinity services! So, here’s the scoop: that awesome discount on the X1 Starter Pro+ Double Play package that’s been treating you to some sweet savings is nearing its end. But fear not! Xfinity appreciates its customers (yes, including you!) and wants to keep good times rolling.


Normally, the monthly price for this fantastic package would jump to $111.50 after the promo ends. But guess what? As a big ol’ thank-you for sticking around and being a loyal Xfinity fan, they’re giving you a break by keeping the discount train chugging along by shaving a whole $1.50!

For 225

Man, have you seen the price tag on that coffee maker? It’s got this sleek design, a 10-cup insulated thermal carafe, and get this… WiFi capability! This thing is like the Tesla of coffee machines. But hold up, $225 for a coffee maker? That’s a lot!


Just as you’re thinking that, a ‘Cyber Monday Deal’ tag catches your eye, and you start getting excited. Only to realize that it’s not actually a deal because it’s four dollars more that the regular price! Oh well, it’s not like your morning routine needs an internet connection, right?!

Wild, Wild South

Companies are really outdoing themselves with blunders on social media. To make things even more hilarious, social media companies are also not doing too well on their own platforms. For example, for our next entry, we have a little post here from Quora.


The person who posted this was frustrated by the fact that the site suggested he pay for Quora+ just so he could read one response. Though we understand that this is how some of these sites make money, sometimes they overdo it in terms of premium services.


Ever encountered these cheeky checkboxes? One is usually all innocent, asking for permission to agree to the site’s Privacy Policy, which certainly makes sense and is necessary. Then, there’s its mischievous sibling: “Email me free practical tips, special offers, and resources.”


Usually, we don’t check the second box because it often means a lot of spamming. But with these guys, you are required to check BOTH boxes! This means your inbox gets filled with offers for the most unexpected things, from discounts on peculiar gadgets to newsletters on quirky hobbies you didn’t know were a thing!


Imagine you’re all set for a smooth roller coaster ride when the attendant confidently says, “Guaranteed thrill unless the coaster gets stuck upside down!” It’s like ordering a pizza, and the delivery guarantee reads, “Your pizza will arrive hot and fresh unless a flock of hungry seagulls decides to dive-bomb it mid-air!” 


You can’t help but chuckle at the sheer randomness of what might go wrong. But at least these guys are honest! It’s like life’s little fine print, right? “Everything’s cool unless the WiFi suddenly gains a mind of its own and decides to play hide and seek!” 

It was You!

Imagine walking into someone’s kitchen after a tiring day only to find a neatly packaged box containing a single cupcake. At the bottom of the carton, you also find a cheeky note that casually exclaims, “If you are reading this, you ate them all!” 


The note was like a playful jab, pointing out an undeniable truth in an amusing way. It was as if someone had sneakily orchestrated a lighthearted prank to expose your undeniable weakness for sweet, frosted treats! Well, the joke’s on them because our shame is non-existent in the presence of sweets!

Tesla time

Elon, the genius behind Tesla, SpaceX, and all things futuristic, dropped a bomb in everyone’s inbox, shaking up the workplace with his version of “Twitter 2.0”. The dude was like, “Hey, team, strap in because we’re about to dive into the hardcore zone.” 


Long hours, high intensity? Sounds quite extreme! He’s basically asking everyone to pledge allegiance to this wild ride by hitting that ‘yes’ button before the clock strikes 5 pm ET the next day. If you’re not on board, its bye bye. Decisions, decisions!

Chocolate Cravings!

When you have a chocolate craving, the last thing on your mind is pills or any kind of medication. However, that’s not what Uber Eats thinks. The person who posted this had googled something about satisfying chocolate cravings, and Reese’s Pinworm Medicine just popped up!


Granted, shopping online is convenient and all but it comes with its own unique set of problems. You wouldn’t find drugs in the candy section of a store, but apparently, they share a shelf with Snickers online! Who would have thought?!

Hold up

Imagine you’re kicking back, scrolling through your socials, when suddenly, a tweet pops up from KLM India with some mind-boggling stats. KLM India’s social media team must’ve thought, “Hey, let’s dish out the unexpected facts today!”  Can you imagine the brainstorming session for this tweet?


Now, here we are, contemplating our flight seats like it’s Russian roulette. We can see the slogans already: “Middle seats – living life on the edge. Literally.” Or maybe, “Front seats – the VIP section with a safety bonus.” And finally, “Back seats – where safety takes a comfy ride.”


Look at that! This ad says, “YOLO! Wanna be a superhero and make an impact? Heck yeah, you can totally do that!” And you’re thinking, “Hold up, making an impact AND getting paid for it? Sign me up for that rollercoaster of goodness!” 


So, you hit them up, imagining yourself donning a cape and saving the world, only to find out they actually want healthy volunteers for some study involving untested drugs. How did these guys settle on ‘YOLO’ for this campaign? Sigh.


So this job seeker canceled a scheduled meeting with a company, dropping the bomb that the boss doesn’t respect people’s time. And guess what? The HR Head fired straight back. You can’t help but admire the sass and subtle encouragement for a bit of patience and perseverance in the mix!


Gotta love that exclamation mark at the end! HR might be the secret to a successful business. They’re all about defending the boss’s calendar, Tetris skills, and throwing in some sage advice about patience being a virtue. Such an unexpected turn of events in the usually buttoned-up world of job applications.


This one was utterly hilarious. Someone at USA Today was so eager to publish a new article about The Masked Singer that they didn’t realize that they had made a massive blunder in the form of a spoiler. For those who don’t know, this show features celebs disguised in costumes competing by singing.


The show goes through a lot of trouble, including using code names and NDAs to keep the identities of the stars a secret. That’s always the best part. As such, this person published a ‘spoiler alert’ disclaimer. The only problem was that they had already revealed the star’s identity in the headline!


Imagine getting a rejection mail about your review. As it turns out, Walmart just wasn’t vibing with it. Apparently, this guy crossed some invisible line in their guidelines because he mentioned a competitor or maybe because he spilled the beans about how much money he saved on these bad boys. 


Can’t blame a person for wanting to share the ‘good news,’ right? Seriously, it’s not rocket science to write a review, but Walmart seems to have some strict rules about what you can and can’t say. Sure, they have their policies, but come on!