Crafting With Concrete: 35+ Innovative DIY Decor Projects To Spruce Up Any Home

By Joyce S January 15, 2024

This article was originally published on mydiwise

Are you looking to unleash your inner artist and infuse your home with unique, handcrafted elements? Look no further than the versatile and fascinating world of concrete. Its inherent strength and malleability allow you to craft practical items and stunning decorative pieces seamlessly blending style and functionality. Each project demonstrates the transformative power of this humble material, from planters and candleholders to coasters and furniture.

Not only does working with concrete provide an opportunity for self-expression, but it also allows you to personalize your living space with one-of-a-kind creations. Get ready to embark on a concrete-filled journey where your imagination takes center stage, and your DIY dreams become a reality.

So, grab your tools, roll up your sleeves, and let’s dive into this collection of DIY concrete projects that will inspire and empower you to make something extraordinary!

Sweet Concrete Planter

The combination of the toughness of concrete and the delicate features of flowers can do wonders for any home. With a single bag of concrete, you can construct several of these beautiful vases and have enough left over for other uses!

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Who knew empty plastic bottles could become trendy vases or that half-gallon cardboard milk or juice containers could shape-shift into adorable square vases? Once you’re done with these crafty creations, let them flaunt your favorite plants on the patio or deck or jazz up your flower bed.

Modern Concrete Tablet Holder

With its artistic sculptural design, this concrete tablet holder doubles as a stunning statue. Creating it is a breeze, and it serves as an impeccable guardian and support for your iPad as you enjoy videos, delve into eBooks, or engage in any other delightful activities.

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Let your creativity shine by shaping this fantastic tablet holder using a plastic popcorn bowl or any other fascinating form you can find at a store specializing in such items. This straightforward project yields a stunning stand that safeguards your tablet and keeps it securely in place.

Cute Concrete Ring Tray

This adorable concrete bowl easily secures a spot in our top 5 concrete decor pieces thanks to its simplistic design that adds a delightful touch to bedroom decor. But don’t be fooled; this item is far from being just another beautiful and simple way to store rings and other precious jewels.

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It also serves a practical purpose by keeping your jewelry in one place in a minimalist fashion. You can make a cardboard mold of any design or use a tiny bowl. Add gold metallic or any other color once the concrete has dried to achieve your desired sophisticated look.

Elegant Pots With Gold Leaves

Prepare to turn your plant game up a notch with these gold-leafed planters! Whether you want to showcase your succulents or any other indoor and outdoor flowers, these beauties will do it in style. Transform your dining room into a garden oasis, or let them work their magic as eye-catching decorations in your flower garden.

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They’d be gorgeous either way! Given that they are made of concrete, making them highly sturdy and long-lasting, it is only logical that their gold leaf design gives them a stunning and classy appearance—an elegant and simple way to spruce up the home decor.

Zoning The Garden

Forget about buying concrete edging from the store! Trust us; taking matters into your own hands is the way to go. Not only will it give you a satisfying sense of accomplishment, but it’ll also save you a ton of money in the long run.

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You will need to dig the area you need to border before creating the in-ground mold using hardwood or another suitable material. The brick look can be made by building and painting each part individually—so much room for artistic expression.

Industrial Feel With A Concrete Pendant Lamp

Who knew a simple empty two-liter soda or juice container could have such potential? You can transform it into a trendy porch light with a little upcycling magic. And if you’re feeling adventurous, grab some smaller water or soda bottles to create charming accent lights that will illuminate your space with flair.

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Start by cutting down the bottle to match your desired size. Opt for a bottle with a narrower neck opening for this job. Once your mold is ready, it’s time to hang those stunning lamps wherever you crave extra illumination.

Large Vase For Outside Areas

Don’t be intimidated by the size! Creating this massive planter is surprisingly easy. Its sleek, modern design is achieved with a plywood mold. Pro tip: Build the mold where you’ll display the planter to avoid heavy lifting. Get ready to impress with your stylish masterpiece!

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This extra-large planter is the perfect home for thriving dwarf trees. Go for fruiting or nut-bearing varieties, and enjoy the delight of snacking on fresh, healthy food grown right in your own backyard. Feel free to explore different types of flowers, bushes, and other vegetation to find what suits your space best.

Decorative Paperweight

To make your very own concrete paperweight, all you need is a hexagonal mold or any other shape that sparks your imagination. The key steps of the project involve pouring and shaping the concrete. Once it’s dry, it’s time to unleash your creativity and add those personal touches that will make your paperweight one-of-a-kind.

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Let your artistic spirit run wild as you decorate your concrete creation with markers, acrylic paints, or any other materials that tickle your fancy. While a hexagon is a fantastic choice for a paperweight, feel free to unleash your creativity and mold it into any size or shape that captures your imagination.

Round Broche

If you’re the type of person who enjoys getting a head start on things and takes pleasure in crafting personalized holiday gifts, then this project is tailor-made for you. It’s simple to create and makes a wonderful gift option for the ladies on your Christmas list—these concrete brooches are a must-have.

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Prepare to shape your concrete wonders by utilizing a press to mold them into various forms like salt and pepper shakers, yogurt cups, or even repurposed cardboard containers. Once the cement has solidified, it’s time for the fun part! Paint, decorate, and embellish the pins to your heart’s content.

Functional Monogram

Looking for another fantastic way to transform a simple sack of concrete into eye-catching decorative pieces? Look no further than monogram bookends! These personalized bookends are a bookworm’s dream come true, making them the perfect gift for any avid reader. They’re also an excellent choice for those hard-to-shop-for individuals who seemingly have everything!

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Create your molds using cardboard, and once the concrete has solidified. Personalize the letters by painting or decorating them to your heart’s desire, or leave them in their natural state for a minimalist touch. The possibilities are endless, so let your imagination run wild and craft something special!

Concrete Bookends

Concrete offers endless possibilities when it comes to shaping and coloring, requiring minimal effort. With a touch of creativity, you can effortlessly create stunning concrete bookends that match any aesthetic preference. Want to add a touch of elegance? Simply wrap lace around the form before pouring the concrete.

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Then simply attach the lace to the bookends to form the pattern you want. Lace may be easily attached to the bookends made from an empty cardboard milk or juice carton. They’re easy to make and look fantastic in a personal library or on a tabletop.

Personalized House Number

Who needs a fancy store or an expensive designer to get patio pavers with your house number? The solution is right at your fingertips! Creating them yourself is a breeze, and it’s cost-effective and allows you to infuse a personal touch into your front yard.

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Whether you opt for a square cardboard mold or a tube, pouring the concrete with the numbers embedded ensures they stay firmly in place once set. The possibilities for shapes are endless, so you can choose the style that perfectly complements your home facade.

Ombré Concrete Candle Holder

Beautiful in their simplicity, these candlesticks are perfect for holding tea lights. The concrete gradually gets darker as more layers are added, giving it an ombré effect. You stack the four individual layers to make a candle holder for your tea light.

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Get ready to set the mood with these adaptable concrete candlesticks! Need to fit taper candles or larger ones? No problemo! Simply adjust the candle opening to your liking. These candlesticks aren’t just for industrial decor; they’re the perfect match for any style, from cozy and casual to luxurious and lavish.

Beautiful Earrings

Despite their simple construction, prepare to be amazed by the elegance of these concrete stud earrings. Made from concrete, these tiny earrings are surprisingly sophisticated and stylish. While you can purchase miniature concrete gemstone shapes, the fun doesn’t stop there! You have the creative freedom to craft your unique shapes using various materials.

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The first order of business is to decide on the shapes you want to create. Creating a cardboard mold is the initial step in crafting these unique accessories. Once the concrete has set, paint the mold’s ends gold, then securely attach them to the backs of the earrings using glue.

Home Office Desk

The desk’s surface is made from concrete, while its legs feature a wooden frame, resulting in an industrial aesthetic. Contrary to expectations, constructing this desk is surprisingly simplified. However, precise measurements are crucial as a mold needs to be created for the desktop.

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In addition, you will be responsible for constructing the desk itself, including crafting the legs that support the top surface. Once assembled, this desk will exude undeniable charm and serve as the ideal addition to any home office or teenager’s room.

Small Squared Clock

Enhance the ambiance of your living room or bedroom. Crafted from concrete, this timepiece takes the form of a block, adding a unique touch to your decor. To create this clock, you’ll start by constructing a mold using wooden blocks.

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Now comes the fun part—pouring the concrete! Once it’s dry and ready, you can put together your clock kit and bring it to life. Even better, you can give new life to a broken clock by transforming it into a cool upcycling project. Don’t let those clock mechanisms go to waste.

Deer Head Planter

If you’re seeking an eye-catching animal head decoration for your home but prefer not to have a real one on display, look no further than this remarkable concrete replica of a deer’s head. Moreover, this unique piece doubles as a planter, making it a fantastic and versatile addition to any household.

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It’s the perfect opportunity to fill it up with adorable succulents or other wall-friendly plants, creating a stunning living mural. If you’re not feeling up to the DIY challenge, fear not! You can easily find similar creations on Etsy, with wallet-friendly prices.

Kitchen Countertop For An Industrial Style

Believe it or not, you have the power to create your very own concrete countertops. And guess what? It’s not as complicated as it sounds! Concrete countertops are all the rage these days, but they often come with a hefty price tag. So why not embark on this unique and wallet-friendly adventure to bring that trendy vibe to your kitchen?

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Not only will you have a blast, but you’ll also save some serious dough. Imagine the satisfaction of installing these beauties on your kitchen or bathroom counters, instantly transforming the space into a stylish haven—no need to break the bank when you can create something unique with your own two hands.

Monogram For Party Decor

Who says DIY projects have to be time-consuming? Not this one! Brace yourself for a quick and fabulous handmade creation that adds a personal touch to your home decor. Introducing the DIY monogram—a simple yet highly functional project that works like magic.

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These DIY concrete wonders are incredibly easy to make and open to endless possibilities for embellishments. Let your imagination run wild and personalize them to match your unique style. And here’s a thrifty tip: You can even use cardboard to create your own molds, minimizing your investment to just the cost of concrete.

Colorful Concrete Coasters

These fantastic coasters, designed in a geometric form, use only a small amount of concrete. They’re simple to make but make beautiful presents. The coasters are made by molding little boxes of any size and then painting them with acrylics. The coaster’s insert, or “filler,” can be painted separately.

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Each item is handmade, creating unique pieces with natural characteristics, such as charming bubbles. To ensure durability, each coaster is hermetically sealed and features a scratch-resistant cork base. The cork also facilitates easy movement of the coasters. Embrace their individuality and enjoy their functional and decorative qualities.

Exquisite Cake Stand

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and use the extra concrete you have lying around to create a unique cake stand. This dashing piece doesn’t require a lot of concrete, and you can shape it with ordinary kitchen tools.

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Construct the top and base of the cake stand using a disposable plastic glass or a similar plastic material. This DIY project is quick and straightforward, yielding a gorgeous and durable cake stand that is perfect for showcasing your culinary creations.

Fun Concrete Stool

Prepare to be amazed by the simplicity and utility of this concrete stool. Believe it or not, you can create this gem for less than $5, making it a fantastic addition to any workshop. The preparation is straightforward, and the materials won’t break the bank. For this project, all you need is a trusty five-gallon bucket.

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Pour the concrete and attach the legs you’ve expertly fashioned from a single dowel. Once the concrete has hardened, the new stool can be easily removed. Here’s the exciting part: With just a single bag of concrete, you can create dozens of these fabulous stools.

Cute Star Magnets

We’re all about sprucing up the kitchen with creative decorations, especially when they make our appliances look fabulous. If the thought of crafting your own concrete magnets brings a smile to your face, then this DIY project is perfect for you.

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Shape the magnets in a silicone ice cube pan, which can be found in various sizes and shapes, and then place a magnet. Paint them if you like. During the chilly winter months, when it’s freezing to go outside, this activity is fun for kids to work on together.

Dashing Bracelets

Jewelry lovers, rejoice! These concrete bracelets are ideal for anyone who enjoys wearing lots of bling and are also looking for a present idea for someone else who does. These bracelets have a bangle design and are surprisingly light for their material.

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Once you’ve shaped the bracelets, let your creativity run wild as you paint them with vibrant acrylic colors. Take your time and allow the paint to dry before adding your personal touch. If you or someone you know appreciates eccentric or unique jewelry, these concrete bracelets make a perfect gift idea.

Gorgeous Concrete Bowl

Create a bowl that is both visually stunning and impressive in its weight using concrete and other elements. These beautiful bowls are only one example of the many things that can be made out of a single bag of concrete.

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Each bag of concrete has the potential to create multiple stunning bowls. You only need a rubber bucket to shape these bowls, which can be easily purchased for around $5. Simply mold the bowl in the bottom of the bucket, and voila! You have a unique and customizable concrete bowl ready to impress.

Minimalist Concrete Lamp Base

Get ready to brighten your space with this adorable lamp that is delightfully easy to create. To begin, fashion a small wooden box, customizing its dimensions according to your desired final size for the lamp and fill with concrete. Once the cement has dried, you can easily remove the box, revealing your beautifully crafted light.

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Then, plug in the lamp’s electrical components using either the electrical kit you took from an old lamp or a brand-new one you bought at your favorite hardware store. This is a wonderfully simple and one-of-a-kind lamp that can be used to brighten up any space.

Colored Pencil and Crayon Organizer

Summer vacation is here, and grown-ups must agree that there aren’t enough free-time activities for the little ones. This easy project may save the day for parents and kids. Excellent and adaptable, this concrete crayon holder is a must-have. If you don’t have a need for a crayon holder, you might use it for pencils.

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These versatile creations have many uses in the kitchen, from storing utensils to hosting a small plant. Assembling them is a breeze, making it an enjoyable craft for parents, kids, and friends during holidays. Once the concrete has dried, the real fun begins, as you can paint them in any way you desire.

Concrete Fire Pit

Imagine this scene: You’re hosting a gathering of great friends, sipping on refreshing drinks, and enjoying the outdoor ambiance. But wait, something is missing. Your patio needs a captivating focal point to elevate the atmosphere. Look no further than a DIY concrete fire pit! 

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Use the largest mixing bowls you can find to create a central fire bowl. You’ll find them in party supply shops. Since this is a huge undertaking, you must carry out the work safely. Use plastic to protect the area you’re working in, and do your work outside or somewhere with good airflow.

Lovely Easter Eggs

Getting ready for the holidays is always a moment of excitement for a lot of us, and even though Easter is far away, there’s no reason not to start getting ready now. A great way to plan for the next Easter Bunny visit is to make these adorable miniature concrete Easter eggs to decorate your home.

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You can easily mold them using plastic eggs, making the assembly a breeze. Once they have dried, it’s time to let your creativity shine as you paint and decorate them in any way you desire. The best part? These decorations are not only beautiful but also highly durable, ensuring they will last for years to come.

Incredible Hand Planter

There’s a good chance you’ve seen concrete hand planters before. They’re commonly sold but can be a bit pricey in stores, and that’s when a good DIY project comes in handy. These are a breeze to make, cost almost nothing, and look stunning when they’re done.

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Molding concrete is as simple as filling plastic gloves, allowing them to dry, and removing them. These stunning sculptures provide a beautiful and secure display of succulents and delicate garden plants. Embrace the artistry of concrete and create unique plant holders that showcase nature’s beauty boldly and captivatingly.

Lovely Concrete and Lace Bookend Planter

These concrete bookends are beautiful and straightforward to create, including a delicate lace wrap. The bookends are easy to make; pour some concrete into your chosen mold and attach some lace. The bookends are easy to make from an empty milk or juice carton and some lace.

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You’ll also have the advantage of planting a cactus, succulent, or any easy plant that fits the space. Here, the dark blue paint contrasts beautifully with the white lace, mixing the roughness of dark concrete with the soft touch of the lace.

Romantic Concrete and Lace Candle Holders

Lace can be used for more than just bookends. These delicate lace and concrete candle holders are easy to make, and you probably have all the necessary materials at home. With a touch of elegance, they add a charming ambiance to any space. Give your candles a stylish home with this simple and creative DIY project. 

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In addition to paper cups, lace, and some additional supplies, you will need just a tiny bag of concrete for several projects. You shape them in the paper cups and then use the lace to make a pretty imprint on the clay.

Decorative Garden Globes

Just a few flowers and planters placed around the garden area are enough to beautify the outdoor space. Still, the decoration possibilities go way beyond the essential but obvious greenery. Decorating a garden with concrete balls is simple, inexpensive, and incredibly eye-catching.

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They would look great in any landscape. They are formed in a spherical glass lampshade. Remember that you’ll need to crush the lamp cover to get the concrete balls out; your best bet is to pick them up at a garage sale or some other dirt-cheap location.

Garden Candle Holders

Imagine the enchantment of using spheres and mirror balls as stunning yard decor. These concrete globes are the perfect addition to any garden, regardless of its size. Crafted using spherical glass lampshades as molds, they bring a touch of elegance and intrigue to outdoor spaces.

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You’ll need to remove the lamp cover to repurpose the concrete balls, which can be easily accomplished by finding a suitable replacement at a garage sale or other budget-friendly locations. You can acquire these lamp covers for just a few dollars each by exploring secondhand venues.

A Wall Hook or Door Nob

Who would have imagined that a simple light bulb could serve as more than just a light source? Instead of discarding a burnt-out bulb, repurpose it into a  stylish wall hanger. This DIY project is not only cool but also easy to accomplish. Give your home decor a creative twist with this fantastic upcycling idea.

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Concrete can be molded around a light bulb, which can be easily removed once it dries. Instead of discarding the light bulb, repurpose it into a practical and unique coat hanger. These concrete light bulb hangers can also be used in children’s rooms to keep backpacks neatly organized and out of the way.

Delicate Concrete Necklaces

Concrete isn’t just for construction; it can also create stunning jewelry pieces. This exquisite necklace was crafted using quick-drying cement, allowing for a swift creation process. Despite its appearance, the necklace is incredibly lightweight, making it comfortable. With fast-drying cement, you can whip up this accessory in no time.

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If you can’t find the correct design in a premade mold, you can mold it in any silicone cast you like or make any number of shapes from plastic or cardboard. You may add your chain and some finishing touches when it’s dry.

Unique Picture Frame

Out of context, these concrete picture frames might look strange to add as house decoration, but they’re more than what meets the eye and easy to get done. An empty cereal box (or another box of a similar size) serves as the mold for these simple image frames.

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The next step is to pour the concrete into the mold you’ve made and let it dry. Hang it with some twine, ribbon, or burlap, or adhere a picture-hanging hook to the back. On top of that, you can make them in any size you like by only modifying your mold.

Concrete Wall Shelf

Having ample closet or shelf space is always a plus. This versatile modern concrete wall shelf can be used indoors and outdoors, serving various functions and providing a delightful assembly experience. One of the most enjoyable aspects of this project is exploring different shapes, and Pinterest offers a vast array of references to inspire your design.

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This delicate little thing has a cute boho shape that doubles as decoration, and it’s just the right size to hold up the shelf and whatever you put on it. It’s the ideal decor piece for sprucing up any room in the house – from the living room to the bathroom.

Monogram As Picture Holder

The fact that the concrete used to make the picture frames can be shaped into letters means that you may give each one a special designation. You may easily make monogram photo holders for everyone on your list because they do not call for a large quantity of concrete.

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This project is sure to be loved by everyone who gets it as a gift. Everybody on your list would love to receive this. Any personalized message you may imagine can be made. They’re easy to make and a great pleasure to pass out to friends and strangers alike. 

What A Fantastic Concrete Tray

The addition of gold handles enhances the aesthetic appeal of this concrete dish tray, making it perfect for outdoor gatherings and parties. These originally white plastic handles were spray-painted gold before being incorporated into the rectangular plastic container during molding.

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If you want to showcase your beautiful tea set or display your favorite plants, this option might be cheaper than alternatives. However, it’s important to note that we do not recommend using it as a serving piece due to its significant weight.

Chic Wood and Concrete Coffee Table

Concrete does pretty well in making one-of-a-kind furniture for your home or outdoor space, like a stylish coffee table. And, let’s face it, coffee tables should be sturdy and good-looking. Forming the top of the table is the first stage. Find wood that’s suitable for the base of your coffee table.

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Creating a rectangular mold, sealing, and waxing it are crucial steps that can be done quickly. Once prepared, pour the concrete into the mold, and then finish the top and sides with the remaining concrete. The result is a stunning and elegant table that adds vibrancy and charm to your patio, enhancing its overall beauty.

Concrete Dog Bowl

Having high-quality dog bowls is beneficial for several reasons. While you can purchase a dog dish, making your own is much simpler. These durable concrete bowls are ideal for feeding your pets, especially dogs, and they are built to last for a long time. Trust us; they will serve you well for years to come.

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Due to their heavy concrete construction, these dog bowls are not easily movable, ensuring that your four-legged friends won’t be able to toss them around. The main advantage of building your dog bowl is the ability to customize it to suit your dog’s specific needs, and you can even personalize it by printing their name on it.