Decluttering Delight: 30+ Hacks For An Organized Home

By Joyce S January 28, 2024

This article was originally published on healthandwellnesnews

When it comes to creating a charming home, it’s not just about the aesthetics or decor. The other essential ingredient is organization. We all know how frustrating it can be when our living spaces are not as orderly as we’d like them to be. A home filled with overwhelming clutter and mess can disrupt our sense of tranquility and hinder our ability to fully embrace our surroundings. 

Having foolproof methods to keep your humble abode in tip-top shape is a must. By incorporating these fabulous home organization hacks, such as embracing the wonders of multi-functional storage, assigning a sacred space for every item, and affixing clear labels, you have the power to transform your home into a haven of tranquility and serenity. 


Bedside caddies exude an understated charm. Their functionality and practicality are unparalleled. It is high time we let the secret out and shed light on these hidden gems. They can do wonders if you allow them to work their magic.

Image courtesy of Myle Aus / Etsy

They are an excellent choice for keeping things organized and easily accessible and maximizing your available space. You can use these handy caddies if space is scarce in your bedroom. Lightweight and inexpensive, every home needs one.

Rustic Jewelry Hanger

It’s crucial to use a unique storage system to keep your jewelry safe and free from tangles. Refrain from throwing all your bracelets, rings, necklaces, earrings, and other baubles into one big pile. This rustic jewelry hanger combines functionality and beauty.

Image courtesy of Curiographer / Etsy

Organizing your jewelry will make it easier to see and choose the pieces you want to wear instead of completely forgetting about them. This stunning piece of driftwood isn’t what most people expect when jewelry organization, but it does the job well.

An Indoor Mailbox

This is a simple way to showcase your mail and add a cozy rustic touch to your home decor. Tackle the paper clutter by mounting an organizer on the wall. It’s a great way to keep your mail sorted and organized.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Make identification easier by adding labels to each section. You can put this indoor mailbox near the door so you have somewhere to hang your keys once you enter your home; that way, you’ll never have to guess where your keys are.

Organizing The Remote Controls

We understand how frustrating it is to search for lost remote controls or have them accidentally slip off the couch arm right when it’s time for the Super Bowl Halftime Show. This awesome free-standing faux leather remote control holder might solve this pickle. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It’s perfect for the coffee table and can hold up to five remotes. No more turning the cushions and dropping on all fours looking underneath the sofa. This neat organizer is the perfect addition to any home. You’ll thank us later.

Tech Organizer

Today, technology is indispensable and part of our daily routines. The tech organizer is our ally in making things simpler. They come in various styles, from simple pouches to more intricate cases with numerous straps and pockets across multiple compartments. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Instead of cramming your laptop and phone chargers, adapters, and cables into your bag, keep them organized to prevent scratches and damage. These bags are explicitly designed to keep your tech accessories in order, making your life easier.

Organizing Office Drawers

One of the best ways to keep the workstation spotless is to organize your desk drawers by function. Categories to consider are papers/files, chargers, notebooks, stationery, cables, and other electronics. Let’s think about the order in which you’ll arrange them. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It makes good sense to put the most used things near the front of the drawer so you can quickly reach for them. A helpful tip is to use containers to create smaller compartments within the drawer. This way, you can easily organize items based on their function.

Wire and Cable Clips

Imagine that moment when you desperately need a charger for your laptop, only to find it tangled up with a bunch of other cords in your drawers while you’re working. Cable clips help keep charger cables and other wires nice and tidy. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

You can easily attach them to walls, desks, and your car dashboard. Remember to choose low-impact clips when hanging things on your walls and desk. This way, you can avoid damaging your paint and keep it looking fresh. 

Toddler-Friendly Storage Cubes

While kids may be small in stature, their stuff multiplies overnight. Ensuring their gear is easy to reach and well organized is the best way to keep toys out of your way. This storage system can be used everywhere kids love to hang out, like playrooms and bedrooms.

Image courtesy of Amazon

To ensure you’re always ready for the ever-changing needs of your children, keep the storage flexible. Leave some space vacant and fill the others with baskets and bins. That way, you can quickly adapt and rearrange things whenever needed.

Your Very Own Jewelry Tree

Whether you’ve just started collecting or are a seasoned collector, the possibilities for displaying your gems are endless. A clever and sleek way to store jewelry in a minimalist fashion is using a jewelry tree. The tray at the base provides a spot to stash your rings and other small accessories, 

Image courtesy of Amazon

You can hang your necklaces and earrings effortlessly. No more searching all over the place for that missing earring or misplaced ring. With this clever storage solution, everything will be right at your fingertips, making your daily routine a breeze.

Nail Polish Case

Whether you prefer the elegance of minimalism or the lively energy of vibrant designs, you should let your creativity shine when buying new nail polish. With this transparent suitcase, you can keep your precious lacquers safe, organized, and easy to reach for.

Image courtesy of Amazon

With enough space to hold dozens of your favorite nail polish bottles, it’s a dream come true for any nail polish enthusiast. And that’s not all – some versions even come with a separate compartment to neatly store all your other manicuring tools. 

Kitchen Drawer Organizer

It’s best to sort through the contents of your kitchen drawers before deciding how to arrange them. You can store your chefs’ knives in an in-drawer block along with the sharpener and smaller knives, saving valuable countertop space.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Kitchen drawer dividers are perfect for keeping your dish towels and cocktail napkins neatly stacked and easily accessible. They can be mix and match as needed. A great way to organize everything is by grouping and sorting similar items by size.

Labeled Laundry Cart

A collapsible container is a convenient and budget-friendly option to make the most out of your space. This laundry basket storage idea is perfect for sorting and moving clothes from the washing machine to the dryer and your closets. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

You can tuck it away in a closet, place it on a laundry room shelf, or slide it under the bed. Once you’ve removed the contents, you can collapse it and put it into the small space between the wall and the washing machine.

No More Messy Lids

Pot and pan lids have always been challenging to store, but not anymore. Before we dive into the process, consider the number of lids in your home that need storing and organization to determine how many organizers you need to buy.

Image courtesy of Amazon

This organizer has adjustable sections and various sizes, fitting perfectly in any space you need to sort out. It’ll help keep lids stacked and reusable silicone sandwich bags orderly without taking up real estate in your cabinet—no more cluttered cupboards.

Document Organizer

You can tackle countertop and inbox clutter by using simple solutions to organize your important documents, bills, and receipts. We have efficient strategies for sorting and storing to get things under control. Start by assigning a place for incoming mail. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Mount a friendly wall file pocket near the entryway, so mail doesn’t end up in a jumbled pile on the countertop. Ensure that your mail organizer is spacious enough to hold oversized and heavier items such as catalogs or magazines.

A Tidy Car Trunk

Even if you take pride in having a well-organized car, the trunk can be messy. A structured bin is a great way to keep your beach towels, grocery bags, and backpacks orderly and secure. It prevents them from sliding around and enables you to find things in a jiffy. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

The straps can be used to securely fasten the bin on an empty seat or in the trunk. Make sure to check your vehicle quickly after long trips or when transitioning between seasons. Consider restocking your essential items and removing what’s unnecessary.

Fridge Organizing Cubes

Enough space in the fridge drawer is valuable for staying organized, but unfortunately, not all fridges have that luxury. Thankfully, these stackable drawers are here to help with your needs. They gather up loose baggies or ingredients and neatly stack them. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It includes keepers perfect for storing cans, berries, greens, citrus, and veggies. The interior drain tray is designed to prevent ingredients from getting soggy, and the lid’s vent hole helps maintain the right amount of airflow. Remember to separate veggies and fruits, so they last longer. 

Purse Organizer

If you’ve ever panicked while searching through your purse for your keys, wallet, makeup, and other important items, a bag organizer can make a huge difference. Purse organizers are specially designed to fit perfectly inside your bag. They have extra slots, zippered pockets, and compartments.

Image courtesy of Amazon

They help keep your belongings systematic and prevent a jumbled mess. While many bags have some compartments where you can stash different items, a purse organizer can be a great addition for those that don’t. Invest in an organizer specifically made for your bag brand and model.

Shoe Hanging Organizer

A shoe organizer is an excellent idea because you’ll have all your kicks in one dedicated space. That way, you’ll wear them more and try to find them less. The most suitable will depend on your available space and the size of your collection.

Image courtesy of Amazon

A collapsible shoe organizer can neatly store and sort out 8 to 10 pairs of shoes. This is all done without using any additional floor space. Designed to be durable, using a strong and breathable fabric, most are stitched with reinforced seams to provide support. 

Meal Planner

Many of us are trying to make our lives easier, healthier, and more economical by cooking meals at home, cutting back on eating out, ordering delivery, and getting takeout. A meal prep planner can be beneficial in making your week easier. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It allows you to plan your meals and ensures you have all the ingredients needed. It’s a fun way to get excited about taking control of your nutrition instead of just winging it. If you combine your meal plan and shopping list, you’ll find that home cooking becomes easier and more enjoyable.

Under-Sink Slide-Out Baskets

Under-sink storage is perfect for keeping your cleaning supplies accessible. Putting together a handy basket or tray filled with all the cleaning essentials will keep your sink and countertop looking absolutely sparkling. Grab some spray cleaners, paper towels or microfiber cloths, disinfectant wipes, brushes, sponges, and any other must-haves. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

With this well-stocked basket, you’ll have everything you need for a super clean and shiny kitchen. To make the most of this space, consider adding a few handy accessories and clever containers to help you stay organized and make things more convenient. 

Adjustable Cubes For The Home Office

Finding the perfect spot for your home office storage is crucial. It can transform your space into a productive and inspiring environment. If you’re on the lookout for storage systems that can easily adapt to your changing needs, check out options with adjustable shelves. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

These shelves can be conveniently repositioned to accommodate different storage items. This fantastic feature helps you maximize your space and ensures that all your items have their places—no more wasted space. Now you can concentrate on your work instead of getting disturbed by the mess.

Monitor Stand With Drawers

Did you know that a monitor stand is a super handy accessory? It’s versatile because it can hold your laptop, monitor, tablet, or even your phone. It has a simple but modern design that looks great in any home or office. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Most have storage drawers, so you can easily keep all your accessories organized. It’s a fantastic way to save space. The one in the photo above is made of sturdy wood, so you won’t have to worry about it crumbling under the weight of your monitor.

Reading Journal

Book reading trackers are incredible for monitoring the books you’re reading, staying organized, and setting reading goals. If you’re a book lover looking for a new way to have some fun with reading, plenty of reading journal options are available. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

You can dive into detailed statistics about your reading habits and create an incredible catalog of your book collection—so many ways to get excited about reading. These super helpful tools are heaven-sent for book lovers. Get one for that beloved bookworm.

Compact Kitchen Utensil Magnetic Holder

This kitchenware is designed to save you space. It includes a variety of food preparation sets that you’re going to love. Each element can be stacked together, taking up the tiniest amount of real estate possible, no matter where you decide to store them. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

The design includes five essential kitchen tools and a separate storage stand. When you nest the tools together, they are held tightly in place by these cute little magnets in the handles. You won’t have to worry about messy drawers full of tangled items.

Shower Liner With Storage Space

Did you know that a liner for a bathtub or shower can do more than just its primary job? This solution is perfect for a small bathroom that needs more storage. It has many mesh compartments in different sizes, which is really handy. 

Image courtesy of

You can use it with the pockets facing inside for shampoo and other shower essentials, or turn it around to face outward for sink essentials. It’s so convenient with its reversible design. Having a spot to store your belongings neatly can make a difference in keeping a small bathroom tidy and organized. 

Bobby Pin Holder

Many of you with longer hair can relate to our love-hate relationship with bobby pins. We all know they are essential, but boy, they can be a challenge to organize. It’s as if they have a mind of their own and love to scatter themselves all over the house. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

This amazing solution for stray bobby pins is made to answer all your hairpin woes. It’s got a simple yet super effective design: a perfectly sized bowl to hold your hairpins, paired with a powerful magnet to keep them securely in place.

Slim Closet Organizer

Slim organizers are the ultimate solution for making the most of that extra space hiding under your bed, couch, or closet. They’re incredibly adaptable and can help you maximize your storage options. These bins are great for keeping winter clothes, kids’ toys, shoes, blankets, and more. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

They keep things nice and tidy, and the best part is their transparent top makes it incredibly easy to find what you’re looking for with a quick glance. The excellent containers have plastic structures on the sides and bases that can be popped in and out. 

Mesh Bag For Bath Toys

Kids have so much fun playing with bath toys. They make bath time more manageable for parents and enjoyable for children. However, they can be frustrating to store afterward. One friendly suggestion is to hang a mesh bag from sturdy suction cups attached to the bathtub wall. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

They work their magic on nonporous surfaces, such as porcelain tiles or glass tiles. Storing toys in a mesh bag lets the water quickly drain off the wet toys, and the airflow will help them dry between bath times. Easy-peasy!

Tea Bag Stand

Tea lovers, time for a change. Instead of keeping half-empty tea boxes taking up important shelf space, try this game-changing solution that keeps them well-sorted, fresh, and easily accessible. This tea bag stand is slim and fits anywhere.

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you have limited room but want to store a lot of tea, this vertical organizer can hold more than a hundred bags. You can see what teas you have on hand and get to them quickly, thanks to the clear bins that snap into the caddy’s two sides.

Cabinet Organizing Shelves

While everyone loves to spend time in the kitchen, it can be challenging to maintain its cleanliness. Even in the most exquisite kitchens, the spice collection is typically neglected, with jars of different shapes and sizes thrown together in a drawer or cupboard.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Look for a two-tiered spice rack that is both streamlined and beautiful and has the flexibility to grow to fill the space in your cabinet. This type has a non-slip base, allowing you to safely stack anything on top of it.

Library Set To Keep Track Of Your Books

It’s really disappointing when you lend a book and can’t remember which friend has your favorite novel. Well, there is a way to get out of that bind. The personal library kit is here. The kit includes coordinating check-out cards, self-adhesive pockets, a date stamp, a pencil, and an ink pad. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

You can check books in and out and know who you’ve lent them to and where they’ve been. So, if you’ve ever had that secret desire to be a librarian, this awesome personal library kit is what you need to make that dream come true. 

Create Sections Sticky Notes

Using color-coded sticky notes for tasks and ideas makes reading and learning more productive. It’s a fantastic way to organize your thoughts and plan things. Colored sticky notes are such a handy tool for quickly spotting important information. It helps you highlight the things that need your attention right away. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It’s handy because you can group things based on scheduling factors, priority, or subject categories. Organizing your tasks and keeping similar ones together can eliminate distractions and allows you to fully concentrate on one task at a time.

Colored Cutting Board Set

Using cutting boards of different colors helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination while you’re preparing food. It’s a super handy trick to keep your raw and cooked foods separate and ensure everything stays nice and safe. These are great for getting help with food allergies, too. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you know someone who’s gluten intolerant, it’s best to avoid using the same cutting board for their meal prep as you do for the rest of the food. You can use specific cutting boards to represent food groups. It’s a simple way to avoid any mix-ups. 

Sealed Bags

When organizing your closet, vacuum-seal bags are the go-to choice for most people these days. If you live in a small flat in a city with dramatic seasonal changes, investing in some vacuum-seal bags and learning to be resourceful with your belongings can be a great idea. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It’ll help you maximize your space and keep things orderly. Organize that boxful of T-shirts, party clothes, and Halloween costumes you’ve collected over the years. One advantage of these bags is they take up very little space, making it easy to store seldom-worn items.

Visual Timer

Visual timers are user-friendly and offer extra motivation compared to using a regular phone timer. You can use this timer in the kitchen while cooking something delicious or even when the kiddos need to do tasks since most need a better grasp of the concept of time. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

They’d have an idea of when they should be able to finish their breakfast instead of spending more than an hour at the table. This visual timer can help you focus on that boring report and any other task that needs undivided attention.

Bathroom Storage Tray

That fresh atmosphere is all about keeping things clean and hygienic, and having enough storage in the bathroom is vital in making that happen. Adding a stylish tray to your bathroom can be an amazing way to keep all your perfume bottles and sprays together while keeping them out of the way. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Consider investing in a long tray that you can arrange on the sink cabinet or next to the shower for oversized items like a leave-in conditioner and skin care products. It’s a great way to keep everything arranged and easily accessible.

Velvet Hangers

Velvet hangers are stylish, have a thin design, and are great for preserving your garments. These slim profiles are ideal because they help optimize storage space. If you have overflowing closets, they’re worth considering as an upgrade. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Consider getting yourself a set of velvet hangers to save some precious closet space. They’re durable and practical, making them a top choice. Aside from keeping clothes neatly arranged, these storage solutions won’t damage or alter their shape. 

A Useful Dishwasher Magnet

Having a dishwasher is supposed to make your life easier. The concept behind these magnets is simple and easy to understand. You can use it on your dishwasher to track whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty. Simply flip the magnet to the “clean” side when the dishes are clean.

Image courtesy of Amazon

And when the dishwasher is full, flip it to the “dirty” side. These magnets are handy and come with an adhesive metal plate. With this nifty addition, you can say goodbye to forgetting to clean the dirty dishes from last night’s party.

T-Shirt Folding Board

With this folding board, you’ll breeze through the task in no time. It’s a fantastic tool that simplifies your life and keeps your clothes orderly. With three to four simple steps, you can effortlessly fold your clothes like a pro, be it T-shirts, pants, or nightgowns. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

It’s compact and versatile, making your life a whole lot easier. It’s durable, and super easy to fold and store when not in use. Give it a try, and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. You can thank us later.

Minimalist Storage Shelf

It might be time for an upgrade when you’re tired of constantly picking up coats from the floor, dealing with unreliable wall hooks, or throwing guests’ coats on the bed. If you last saw your staircase newel post months ago, that’s also a sign. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Coat hangers in the entryway are still a popular choice for sleek home interiors; something is enchanting about pairing them with the cozy charm of a wood bench. How about adding a rattan basket on the boot rack? It’s a quick and easy solution for keeping the house clean on rainy days.

Drawer Divider

Before you dive into cleaning out those dresser drawers, take a moment to think about what you need to organize. If you’re looking to declutter, give your clothes some extra TLC, or find a way to close those jam-packed dresser drawers, setting a goal is critical. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

Ensure your go-to items are easy to reach. That way, you won’t have to dig around for your favorite pair of socks. Put less essential things in harder-to-reach spots, such as the bottom drawer of your dresser, or the back corner of a drawer.

Transparent Dividers For Your Closet Shelves

Clear shelf dividers are a phenomenal way to add storage to your place without using up any precious floor or countertop space. They let you create your personalized storage system. All you need to do is sort them by season and place them between shelf dividers. 

Image courtesy of Amazon

The shelf divider is transparent, so it can easily complement any style, and this clever feature lets you see everything with crystal clarity. It’s perfect for any closet and will make your space look pristine. Now, you won’t have to rummage through everything to find that perfect blouse.

A Daily Planner

Planners are amazing. They help you get your life on track and stay organized. Life can get quite hectic sometimes. With all the things we’ve got on our plates, it’s totally understandable to forget stuff or accidentally overbook ourselves.

Image courtesy of Amazon

Writing things down really helps us remember them better. If you’re considering using a planner, why not go for a cute one? It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to be more organized or need help with your to-do list, a cute planner is all you need.

A Full-Body Workout Routine Card Set

Working out can get boring at times. You must keep things interesting when getting your heart rate up, and burning those calories. A deck of workout cards is an enjoyable way to get ripped, shed those extra pounds, and have a blast.

Image courtesy of Amazon

You never know what exercise or rep count you’ll get next, which makes it exciting and challenging. Each suit in the deck corresponds to a specific activity, and the number on the card tells you how many reps you need to do.