Mirror Images: Celebrity Look-Alikes Who Could Pass As The Real Deal

By Ekhama O January 28, 2024

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Although many people like to think of celebs as the creme of the crop in terms of attractiveness and appeal, many of us regular folks have the same features they do. Cillian Murphy’s eyes might be unique, but who’s to say someone else hasn’t got them? Will Poulter’s brows might strike you, but dozens can boast of the same thing. When it’s just a single physical trait anyone has in common with these stars, it’s nothing to write home about, but when the resemblance is uncanny that we have to stare at them to ensure they’re not the personality in disguise, they deserve an article. From Daniel Radcliffe to Leonardo DiCaprio, here are some of the most striking look-alikes we found online. 

Brendan Fraser

Many facial features aren’t unique to a particular gender; that’s why it can be super easy to picture the female or male version of stars and so many other people we know. If you’ve ever wondered what the female version of Brendan Fraser looked like, here’s a pic.

TikTok via lauralove1323

If someone had shown us this picture and told us that that was his kid, we’d have no reason to doubt them. The resemblance is so staggering it makes us wonder how often she gets mistaken for the Oscar-winning actor.

Steve Carell

Some of the celebrity doppelgangers we come across look so much like the celebrities we start to think they might actually be them. That’s the dilemma we had when we had one look at this Steve Carell look-alike who could pass as the actor.

Reddit via Satarn_27

If someone told us this picture was from a deleted scene in the popular mockumentary and sitcom The Office, where Michael gets a mustache, we’d have agreed because we’d have no reason to doubt them. The resemblance is truly uncanny.

Elton John

The legendary “Yellow Brick Road” singer, Elton John, probably has one of the most peculiar features ever. He also has a unique style that rings a bell in our heads whenever we encounter any other person who sports it.

Reddit via SomeAvocado

We don’t know if you see it too, but it’s all in the hairstyle, face structure, and those glasses, something Elton John is well known for. She doesn’t give off the friendly aura Elton does, though; with a face that serious, we’re not sure if she’s a line judge or a secret service agent. 

Daniel Radcliffe

Once you become a big-time celebrity and Hollywood star, your face automatically becomes recognizable to many. Even if they are still determining where they’ve seen you from, the fact that the face rings a bell is more than enough to make an impression.

Reddit via DanTheDollar

It’s much easier to recognize a face when you’ve seen it countless times, especially when you’ve been in one of the biggest franchises in recent memory. The guy above closely resembles Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe. With a wand and a coat on, they’d be indistinguishable.

Alan Rickman

Aging does a lot to people’s features and makes them look vastly different from how they did when they were much younger. However, if they were popular back then, people would still be able to identify them regardless.

Reddit via paulusblarticus

Although this may not have been precisely how Alan Rickman looked much later on, this airport staff is how we imagine the legendary actor in his younger years. His hair, clothing, and demeanor are similar to Alan’s when he played Professor Snape in Harry Potter.

Will and Ron

AI these days is getting out of hand. We see AI-generated photos, and we’re completely lost for words. Now, they can even combine faces to tell you what a mix of the two would look like. If we didn’t know better, we’d have thought this guy was one of those creations.

Reddit via throwawaymumm

Looking closely at him, he seems like a mix of the legendary comedian Will Ferrel and voice actor Ronald Pearlman. We can’t decide who he resembles more. We had to settle for a somewhat equal mix of the two stars.

Snoop Dogg

Although clothing and many other factors can help identify one person as a celeb look-alike, sometimes, it doesn’t matter. Despite huge differences such as skin tone, we’d still be able to point out the celebrity who people resemble.

Reddit via dbrady06

This guy above might have glasses and a suit on, no dreadlocks, and is Caucasian, but it doesn’t matter; he still looks very much like the legendary rapper and one of America’s national treasures, Snoop Dogg. Wonder if he’s friends with a black Martha Stewart.

David Schwimmer

Sometimes, we come across someone who does not look like the celebrity themselves but one of the characters they’ve played. A case in point is the previous entry on this list of a guy who looked like Professor Snape, and here’s another one.

Reddit via Jeremy252

We would like to know if you could tell the guy in the picture above looks like David Schwimmer’s character, Ross Geller from the popular sitcom Friends. We also wonder if anyone has ever told the guy as much.

Jack Black

We love Jack Black; he’s the man! From starring in one of our all-time favorite animated movies, Kung Fu Panda, where he played Po, to being a fantastic comedian and musician, the man has done it all in the entertainment industry. 

TikTok via amybartoncotney

Since we adore him so much, it’s easy to spot one of Jack’s look-alikes whenever we see them. With black dye and some voice training, this guy might as well be him. But more realistically, though, all he’ll need is a fluffy red hat and suit, and we’ve got Santa!

A car full of stars

Spotting one person that looks like a celebrity is alright. In fact, it could happen to anyone at any time; it’s absolutely no big deal. Now, when you spot more than one, together at once, it makes you wonder if it indeed is them or if you’re hallucinating.

TikTok via tangoiceblastuk

That’s exactly how we felt when we saw this photo. We’ve got “Gordon Ramsey” in the driver’s seat, “Ed Sheeran” in the front passenger’s seat, “Cristiano Ronaldo” and “Simon Cowell” in the back. This is no coincidence, people; these guys are certainly up to something.

John Krasinski

John Krasinski is a famous actor known and loved worldwide, but very few realize his shot to fame came from acting in the show The Office. We do, and that’s why his character, Jim Halpert, is ingrained in our memory.

Reddit via bittzbittz22

If we could ever forget how he looked there, memes and gifs all over the internet remind us. That’s why drawing the link between Jim and the guy in the photo above is super easy. Do you think Emily Blunt would have fancied him if he looked like this when they met?

Robert Downey Jr.

Although he had been acting long before he became Iron Man and even received an Oscar nomination for his lead role in Chaplin, most people only recognize Robert Downey Jr. from Marvel Cinematic Universe’s blockbuster hits Infinity War and Endgame. Undoubtedly, those movies cemented RDJ as part of Hollywood royalty. 

Reddit via yaboiBradyC

That also means he’s got one of Hollywood’s most recognizable faces. No wonder people could quickly point out the similarities between him and the guy above. We suspect he copied the celebrity’s glasses, facial hair, and hairstyle. He must be one of RDJ’s fans.

Bradley Cooper

A Star Is Born was one of the biggest romance musicals of 2018 and one in which this guy, Bradley Cooper, starred alongside the talented Lady Gaga. Before that, the female audience recognized him for being utterly handsome, aside from his acting talent, of course.

Reddit via Transitionals

It’s safe to assume that if people consider him attractive, they would think the same of his look-alikes. This guy is a near mirror image of the star, and we’re almost certain he gets as much attention from the ladies as Brad would.

Adam and Dave

Everyone has unique features, and if you check really closely, most of those are a combination of many you’ve seen on different people. While we can’t precisely point them out for everyone we know, we sure can if they look like celebrities.

Reddit via WhizardKidSK

If Adam Driver and Dave Grohl were to mix genes, we’re almost entirely sure this is precisely what their outcome would look like. We’re not sure if you guys see it as we do, but if you look hard enough, you might get hints of Adam Sandler too!

Taylor Swift

Sometimes we must dig deeper than memes to find people who look like the stars we know and love. There are many people on television shows and other productions with the same qualities, and here’s the perfect example.

Reddit via bitchyswiftie

Without thinking twice, most people who know the pop star, Taylor Swift, will immediately draw a parallel between her and this lady who appears to be not very holy. We’re confident the comparison between Taylor and this lady is rife with conspiracies. 

Owen Wilson

We have never encountered a celebrity look-alike that left us as dumbfounded as this guy. We had to check sources and search the web endlessly to ensure this wasn’t a younger Rod Stewart like we initially thought. We’d hate to be wrong.

Reddit via TheBigMacGaul

Turns out, this Owen Wilson look-alike is not one of the best-selling music artists of all time but is instead a television presenter who’s apparently super popular in Spain! With a less finely structured nose and a pouty lip, he can work on set and be a double for the star.

Ellen DeGeneres

She’s one of the most famous talk show hosts of the current era and probably amongst the top ten female hosts of all time. She has won over thirty Emmys, a Golden Globe, and has been nominated for a Grammy! She’s none other than the charismatic and entertaining Ellen DeGeneres.

YouTube via Colby Eubanks

Of course, our previous sentence is up for debate considering her latest scandal, but we said all that to affirm her popularity. We know this YouTuber always gets comments saying he resembles the star, and we can’t imagine how annoying that might be for him. 

Bryan Cranston

When spotting celebrity doppelgangers and observing them going about their day without a care, we always wonder if they know who they look like. Or if they don’t have the faintest clue that they’re a famous person’s dead ringer.

Reddit via Kiu16

Bryan Cranston played the antihero, Walter White, in by far one of the most well-made series ever, Breaking Bad, where he looked exactly like the man pictured above. Forget the haircut and facial hair; he’s even got the glasses too!

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone is an absolute icon in the action film series and a household name. The man has starred in some of the most memorable action movies, such as Cliffhanger, Rocky, Demolition Man, and Cop Land. His career has experienced a recent resurgence with The Expendables and Creed III.

Reddit via fndo84

An unsuspecting football fan had his picture taken and has now become an internet sensation because of how closely he resembles the Rambo star. He’s got quite the look, and we think he’d fit right into a season of Jersey Shore.

Jerry Seinfeld

It’s easy to point out the celebrity someone looks like, especially if they are indredibly famous. However, it can be challenging if the star is past their prime or no longer in the spotlight. Such was the case with this guy.

Reddit via Louisiana_sitar_club

It took us quite a while to figure out who he could pass for, but we finally did! He looks look like a variation of Jerry Seinfeld. The smile and the brows give it away, and he’d be perfectly cast for a younger Jerry.

Bruno Mars

It’s one thing to do a double take because someone reminds us of a celebrity, but it’s another to wonder if they genuinely are them or some distant relative. We felt both when we were looking at this picture.

Reddit via kylehanz

Say what you want, but we’re starting to believe that this is Bruno Mars undercover, working at what appears to be the boat docks somewhere. Not trying to be mean, but he’s not doing a very good job disguising himself.

Leonardo and Elon

Seeing most of these celeb look-alikes makes us wonder how many there are. The chances many people look even closer to the celebs we know is just mind-blowing, and one thing that gets us is that we might never get to see them.

Reddit via gyph3y

This guy wearing bears (no pun intended) has a striking resemblance to the Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio and tech giant Elon Musk. We’re sure many of these people were having their pictures innocently taken, but they ended up making the rounds on the internet.

Willem Dafoe

Of all the celebrities we’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, Willem Dafoe is one of the most peculiar looking. You wouldn’t call him handsome, but he’s got a distinct appearance. At least, that was what we thought until we saw this picture of this lady.

Reddit via AlisonPratt

We wonder if she knows she looks a lot like the star and what she’s like as a person. Since she’s the opposite gender, could she also be the opposite in character? And if so, could we call her Wilma Dafriend?

Jimmy Fallon

As a stand-up comedian and television host, Jimmy Fallon is one of today’s most recognized faces. Jimmy had his breakout in the industry by being a cast member of Saturday Night Live, and today, he’s known for hosting The Tonight Show.

Reddit via luckylegion

As avid watchers of the talk show, we’ve become acquainted with Jimmy’s gimmicks and looks. We think the guy in the picture above looks a lot like him, with slight hints of Jack Black. What do you guys say?

Jordan Peele

Jordan Peele is one of the most celebrated comedians and directors today. We first knew him as a sketch comedy actor, especially in Key and Peele, and later on, as the director for one of our favorite movies of 2017, Get Out.

Reddit via compassionateasshole

If we were the ones who came across the guy in this picture, our gut would have told us it was Jordan Peele doing some skit with hidden cameras everywhere. In reality, he’s a guy who works at the airport.

Scarlett Johansson

We’re not one for causing a commotion. Believe us when we say we don’t mean to start any dispute with these guys and the celebrities they closely resemble. Just putting this out there for fans who might get mean in the comments.

Reddit via SacredSilenceNSleep

There’s no way you couldn’t see how these people look like the stars we mentioned. We’re saying this because there’s a lot of debate over this lady in the Scrubs ad and whether she looks like Scarlett. We say heck yeah, but others need more convincing.

Freddie Mercury

Unless the celebrity in question is a film or television star of a viral production, few people will likely recognize them. When it comes to musicians and band members, it’s much harder to know a look-alike when we see one if we’re not used to them.

Reddit via Chillax420x

Although we weren’t around to witness Freddie Mercury in his prime filling stadiums, as hardcore rock fans, we can easily spot the man (or his look-alike) whenever we see one, just like the kind-looking baker above. Yes, Freddie has gone incognito.

Tom Holland

Some people refuse to believe a regular person could look like a heartthrob. They think the stars they adore are unique. Once they see folks walking on the street who closely resemble their idols, they experience an existential crisis.

Reddit via FlandralEdits

If that’s you and you admire Tom Holland, then you should look away from this photo to keep your sanity. Beyond the hair and eyes, there’s something about the jawline and those lips that couldn’t possibly be more Tom Holland.

Jason Momoa

For celebrities with more unique features, it would take a lot of work to find their look-alikes. That might be true, but c’mon, this is the internet we’re talking about; everything is on there. Whatever it is, you bet your bottom dollar we’ll find it.

Reddit via Scott_Salmon

One actor who’s often recognized for his looks is Jason Momoa. He’s one of the easiest celebs to identify, from his brows to hair and skin tone to facial characteristics. That’s why his resemblance to this guy is remarkable.

Justin Bieber

Most of the celebrity doppelgangers we’ve seen on this list can be easily identified, such as the car full of ‘famous stars.’ However, others take some time and effort to recognize. This next entry belongs in the latter category.

Reddit via rocklou

Sure, this young lady bears a lot of resemblance to the pop sensation Justin Bieber, but it’s mainly because of the hair. Throw on any other hairstyle on her, and she might as well be Jodie Foster or even Nicole Kidman.

Jack Black (again, yes)

Technology has brought a lot of us together. We’re meeting so many folks and knowing about people and things we would otherwise not have information about. There are many avenues for discovering things, from the internet to cable TV.


This nice guy named Austin was a contestant on a game show and a look-alike of Jack Black. Without tech, we wouldn’t know Jack Black, much less his doppelganger whose photo was shared on the internet, most likely without his knowledge.

Chevy and Larry

Although we’re mostly spelling it out for you guys, we’d love it if you’d skip the headings, head to each picture, and guess who the person looks like before reading. We’d be curious about your opinions on some of these doppelgangers, just like the guy below.

Reddit via Graini

He resembles a healthy mix of the former Seinfeld producer and co-creator, Larry David, and SNL veteran, Chevy Chase. That doesn’t say much, seeing as both men have similar features, but we wonder if that’s what you’d have guessed too.

Gerard Depardieu

When you’re the lead actor in over two hundred movies, it’s more or less likely that your face will be easily recognized worldwide. Gerard Depardieu is such an actor. Some of his most memorable films are Cyrano de Bergerac, The Last Metro, and Danton.

Reddit via AvalancheMaster

As he was in front of the screen almost every day of his life during his prime, we would have assumed this was an old photo of him in a foreign movie. However, it’s not, and the guy in the picture is just a close look-alike.

Mark Zuckerberg

Sometimes, we find more than just people who resemble someone famous. We also encounter inanimate objects that remind us of someone famous. This might not be a living, breathing human being, but it reminds us of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Reddit via heygoatholdit

The face shape, the hairline, the eyes? It’s almost as if whoever made this was given a photo and was asked to make it look exactly like him, with one little detail: that it should look more alive and human than he does.

Post Malone

Out of all the rap artists that have emerged in recent years, we must say Post Malone is one of our favorites. We’re always on the lookout for what he’s cooking up next and if he has doppelgangers worldwide.

Reddit via yomarceline

The young man to his right in the picture above looks a lot like him before the tattoos and the fame. If we didn’t know better, we’d probably have thought this was some throwback. But assuming it was, could we have called him Pre Malone?

Ryan and Rob

You’re probably still reeling from that fantastic joke we made there, but try and pull yourself together for the rest of this article. Sometime in 2022, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElheney teamed up for the series Welcome to Wrexham.

Courtesy of BBC World News

It’s safe to say the show is their lovechild, but assuming they actually did decide to bear one -which is impossible but try to stay with us here- the kid would probably look like this courageous BBC reporter named Hugo Bachega above.

Richard Gere

Many things can’t possibly be unseen once we’ve laid eyes on them. For us, it was this dog that closely resembled one of our most beloved celebrities of the late 20th century. Of course, we’re talking about none other than Richard Gere.

Reddit via der_lst

This canine bears an odd resemblance to the actor and one we immediately spotted when we saw the picture. The eyes and the mouth sell it for us, and that’s quite impressive, considering this isn’t even human.

Bryan Cranston (again)

With Breaking Bad‘s popularity, many people could quickly spot any of the characters’ look-alikes with a glance. This is the reason why so many Walter Whites are floating all over the internet. We can no longer count them with one hand.

Reddit via froggyslug

This guy was on a game show as a contestant, and he looks like he’s quite the winner. He’s got more grey hair and eye wrinkles than Walt does, but nonetheless, he’s the spitting image of the show’s main character. 

Sandra and Michael

It’s no secret that most of the stars on the big screen have undergone one or two procedures to enhance their looks. Sometimes, those augmentations don’t go as well as expected (*cough* Donatella Versace *cough*), leaving them vastly different.

Reddit via TurnedEvilAfterBan

If not for the surgeries the King of Pop had undergone, we’d have never compared him to the person in this picture above. They also remind us of Sandra Bullock; that’s why we just had to include her here. Don’t hate us.

Bryan Cranston (for the last time, we promise)

This is an example we’ve seen so many times, and it makes a lot of sense why. Walter White in Breaking Bad had just one look throughout 99% of the series, and that look could be achieved by just about anyone who fits his description.

Reddit via AlisonPratt

Just get any regular-looking, somewhat middle-aged Caucasian who’s willing to participate, have all his head shaven off and trim his facial hair so he has a mustache and a goatee, and we’ve got ourselves another Walter White clone. 

Anthony Hopkins

It’s one thing to be an on-screen performer, it’s another to be an on-stage artiste, but you’re on a much different level when you’ve mastered both. Anthony Hopkins is one of the UK’s most beloved film stars for that reason and any more.

Reddit via Tronkfool

The guy in the above picture looks a lot like the legend, especially with the smile. We’re not precisely sure Anthony would be caught in a store sporting such clothes, but even without the outfit, he is a dead ringer for the actor.

Keanu and Taika

It’s even more enthralling to us when we get to see people who look like a mix of two stars instead of just one. It makes us feel some accomplishment that we were able to pick out their celeb look-alikes.

Reddit via Available-Target7654

We’re unsure what you guys or others think, but when we look at the picture above, we see a lot of the Academy Award-winning director, Taika Waititi with hints of the beloved action movie star, Keanu Reeves. Do you think we’re too far off? 

Leonardo DiCaprio

Many times, it’s a prominent feature or two that sets these celebs aside from the regular folk that look like them. It can be anything from the space between the eyes, nose shape, and gender to even body size, like the guy we’ve got here.

Reddit via kermisson

Of course, people might say he’s trying too hard with the haircut, suit, and pose, but his eyes and most of his facial features are mirror images of Leonardo DiCaprio’s. Besides that, he seems like a nice guy, so we raise our glasses to him in solidarity.

Elijah Wood

For lovers of the fantasy genre, the name Elijah Woods should be more than noteworthy. He’s best known for starring in one of the best trilogies of today, The Lord Of The Rings, and for his other career ventures.

Reddit via stinkybumper

Let’s forget the hair and head shape for a second and focus on those eyes. Elijah has very striking blue ones, but if you look closely, he and this guy have the same ones in terms of shape. Do you agree?