Terrific Transformations: 30+ Cosplayers Channeling Different Characters

By Jishnu B January 30, 2024

This article was originally published on gamerslifedaily

Many things differentiate humans from animals. We have complex thought processes and are capable of planning long-term. We have a knack for innovation and meaningless destruction (ask Oppenheimer). However, the ability to create and appreciate art makes us unique. Sadly, not all art forms are appreciated enough, and cosplaying is one of them. Cosplayers intricately imitate the clothing and makeup of a fictional character and make them come alive. A lot of effort goes into cosplaying since most props and costumes are custom-made and costly. Unfortunately, due to its bad reputation, this art form does not get the respect it deserves. We’re here to change your mind by showing you the remarkable works of cosplayers worldwide. After reading this, you might want to transform and channel your favorite character.

Buzz Lightyear

When Buzz Lightyear said “to infinity and beyond!” we did not assume they meant to impress us infinitely and surpass our expectations. This cosplay is astronomically good (no pun intended). We do not care what other profession this person has besides cosplaying. 

Image Credit: DansJungle/Reddit

All we know is that this person was born to play Buzz Lightyear. He even got Buzz’s signature square face and flat chin. This costume was 3D printed and took hundreds of hours to complete. That’s true dedication if you ask us.

Wednesday Addams

The Addams Family had always been a timeless icon. No other family can rock the color black like them. Gen Z learned this fact last year when Wednesday came out. The global reserve for black dye went down due to the Wednesday craze. 

Image Credit: norafawn/Reddit

Everyone was making their best impression of the black-loving girl while playing Lady Gaga’s Bloody Mary in the background. Jenna Ortega did an excellent job. However, Norafawn might replace her at this rate if they learn not to blink.


Wednesday was not the only show that stole our hearts last year. HBO’s The Last Of Us made us feel things we never thought we’d feel. This show deserves all the hype, and we must give credit to one of the protagonists, Ellie. 

Image Credit: norafawn/Reddit

This young girl tugged at our heartstrings. However, many are unaware that The Last Of Us was a video game. Ellie on the TV show looked quite different from what we expected. If there comes a time when HBO needs to hire a video game-accurate actress, they know where to go. 


Due to the recent emergence of Greta Grewig’s blockbuster hit Barbie (2023), many of us are rewatching the old classic movies from the franchise. Over the years, Barbie has been accused of many controversial things —- including portraying unrealistic beauty standards. 

Image Credit: nikitacosplay/Reddit

We also felt the accusations were true after seeing Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper in 2004. As a certified pauper, we can vouch that no one of our kind looks this devastatingly beautiful. Just look at this woman. Does she not look like an angel? 

Darth Maul

As a child, we feared many things, especially folks who didn’t look like regular humans. We were terrified when we first saw Darth Maul on screen as a youngster. We thought our cousin duped us into watching a horror movie.

Image Credit: nellynuttons/Reddit

However, growing up made us realize that Darth Maul is the best character in the entire franchise, deserving of his own movie. Even the ladies cannot resist his charm, which is why this person gave us the gender-bender version. 


Speaking of antagonists who have our attention, we must discuss Loki Laufeyson. This infuriatingly lovable god of mischief stole our heart and never gave it back to us (We don’t want it back. All we want is his hand in marriage). 

Image Credit: rei_norden/Reddit

Thank God for Tom Hiddleston’s craft and dedication in making Loki come alive. We are happy this gorgeous villain finally got his own TV show. It has been a long time coming. The cosplay community is equally joyful and can’t get enough of him. 

Alphonse Elric

We never thought we would try to adopt a seven-foot-tall chunk of metal as our son, yet here we are. If you have yet to see The Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, there’s no better time than now. Postpone your other plans.

Image Credit: ToniCosplay/Reddit

Do not look up any trailers or Wikipedia. Go in blind and see what great animes can do. We were a changed person after we were done with this. FMA will leave a lasting impression on every viewer. Even we want to have a cosplay show someday. 

Sleeping Beauty

Disney may have created some of the finest masterpieces known to men. However, they also unintentionally taught us a few gnarly things, despite trying to portray a wholesome image for the company. For example, smooching girls when they are napping is not cute. 

Image Credit: nikitacosplay/Reddit

It is especially not cool if they are strangers. If you do things like that, your name will be a permanent fixture on the sex offender registry. Sadly, one of the biggest culprits got away with their crime. Phillip never deserved Aurora. His only redeeming trait is he’s easy to cosplay.


Stand aside, people, because the best boy is in town. You guys thought that only Pixar Studios could make people cry. However, Disney also produced tear-jerkers many times. We doubt any of the recent releases will give you the same feeling. 

Image Credit: MattyTingles/Reddit

Up (2009) is a grim reminder that Disney generated diamonds like this before they focused on making overly woke live-action remakes of the old classics. What we want is a sequel to Up, where our sweet boy Russel is all grown up. 

White Power Ranger

Kids these days are too obsessed with shows like Stranger Things and Riverdale. They think the older generation is “cringe” for liking things such as Power Rangers. However, that’s because they have no idea what it is like to watch the same transformation repeatedly yet never get tired of it. 

Image Credit: aesiroth/Reddit

Sure, the way they posed may not have been the most fashionable. However, to us kids, it was the coolest thing ever. This cosplay feels like a walk down memory lane. We would have killed as a youngster to cosplay as a ranger during Halloween.


Before the Lord Of The Rings movies came out, readers used to read the books and were mesmerized by J. R. R. Tolkien’s description of Arwen. We all fell head over heels when the movies were released for Arwen, the half-elven maiden. 

Image Credit: tamimimiko_laCham6re/Reddit

She was the embodiment of ethereal. This explains why Aragorn was madly in love with her. We would have collapsed on our knees if we had ever met her in real life. The cosplayers cannot get enough of her, either. They dress up as her wherever they get the chance. 

Scarlet Witch

Speaking of women who will mesmerize you, let us introduce you to the Scarlet Witch, AKA Wanda Maximoff. Then again, chances are you know her by now since she is currently one of the most important characters in the MCU. 

Image Credit: arynthered/Reddit

This poor woman may be the most powerful character (arguably) in the MCU. However, all of this came at a cost. WandaVision completely changed her image, and yet we are still mesmerized. We would cosplay her, too, if we had the chance. 

Super Mario Group

What is even the point of having a big friend group if you cannot all cosplay as the characters from Super Mario together? Halloween is more fun if you and your friends have the same theme. Trick or treating is going to be unforgettable. 

Image Credit: CharCosplay/Reddit

All of the cosplayers look impeccable. However, the person cosplaying Waluigi looks the best. They even nailed Waluigi’s signature wild mustache. They could throw mushrooms instead of toilet paper and eggs at a house without chocolates. 


The devil works hard. However, the cosplayers work even harder. We do not know what will happen if this does not convince you that cosplaying is an art form. According to the man in the picture, this costume took 18 months to craft.

Image Credit: LeClubNerd/Reddit

You can conceive and birth a human child in 9 months. Yet this person took twice the time and made the perfect Reinhardt cosplay that weighs 20 kilos. If this is not dedication, we do not know what is.


God bless Netflix for hiring Henry Cavill to play Geralt of Rivia for The Witcher. Also, curse them for removing him from the cast for petty reasons. Liam Hemsworth is cool. However, he is far from Henry Cavill’s level. 

Image Credit: GraysonFin/Reddit

Most people claim to watch the show because they used to play the original game or found the show’s plot interesting. However, we can shamelessly admit that we went there for Cavill. For now, we will heal our wounded hearts by watching these terrific Geralt cosplays. 


You either love Sterling Archer or hate him with a burning passion. He is the sleazy, discount version of James Bond (you can clearly tell we are not his biggest fan). Lana Kane deserved better, but such is life.

Image Credit: DontMakeMeDoStuff/Reddit

Although hearing this would hurt Archer’s ego, this listicle is not about him. It is about the cosplayers who stun us with their artistry. No, this is not an edited image. This modern makeup technique uses lines to make real people look hand drawn. 


If you hire Roz, there is no need to purchase CCTV cameras for your establishment as she is “always watching” everything around her. This overly perceptive and stern slug lady was the bane of existence for the protagonists of Monsters, Inc. 

Image Credit: purpl3b3acon/Reddit

Even the viewers were not the biggest fans of her initially. However, we developed a soft spot for her after she showed she could also be compassionate. Kudos to this cosplayer for dressing up as Roz. The slug lady deserves more appreciation. 

Captain Jack Sparrow

If you ever feel stupid, look at Disney Corporation; you will instantly feel better. They come to mind when we hear, ‘No one should flee at the first sign of trouble.’ During the initial stages of Johnny Depp’s divorce trial, Disney was the first to jump ship. 

Image Credit: geminiscruggs/Reddit

Depp proved his innocence, and Disney lost an irreplaceable man. Johnny Depp was the only person who could play Captain Jack Sparrow. Sadly, he will never play the role again, but we support his decision. For now, we will console ourselves with these wonderful Jack Sparrow cosplays. 


Jack Gyllenhaal thought he could casually post a selfie of him in Mysterio costume and thought that we would not notice. Mysterio is either your favorite antagonistic character, or you detest him with a burning passion —- there is no in-between. 

Image Credit: GraysonFin/Reddit

We are a fellow Mysterio apologist, so pardon us. We will admit, in the Spiderman movie, he had us completely fooled. His villain reveal is something we did not see coming. It’s a shame that he was killed off so soon. 


Speaking of MCU antagonists that deserved better, we must talk about Hela. This woman made us feel things we never felt before. We have no shame in admitting this; for a moment, we hoped Thor and Loki would lose so that we could watch more of Hela. 

Image Credit: CaptainKaycee/Reddit

We cannot help it. Watching Cate Blanchett was a sublime experience, and we are so mad that MCU gave us a small taste before robbing us once and for all. If Cate refuses to play the character again, MCU should hire this woman instead. Just give us back Hela somehow.

Iron Man

The Stark Industries want to know this cosplayer’s location. They replicated MCU’s Iron Man so accurately that the locals mistook them for the real thing. We cannot blame them. This cosplay is on another level. They better have won the first prize for this beauty. 

Image Credit: -The_coolgui/Reddit

The cosplayer, “the_coolgui,” spent about seven hundred dollars crafting this intricate iron suit. This project required extensive 3D printing and a lot of manual labor. We must say, they nailed it. Every penny and second was worth the effort. 


Whoever marketed Coraline (2009) as a children’s movie should be shackled immediately and thrown in solitary confinement in Alcatraz. We were children when we watched; that experience was unforgettable in a way we never imagined.

Image Credit: kawabarker/Reddit

Our mother fell for the deceptive marketing and watched with us. Later, we both walked out of the theater as two changed people. This cosplay is excellently done, and it brings back memories. They even added the button-eyed doppelganger. 

Doc Ock

See? We told you cosplaying was a cultured art form. Not even Post Malone and Samwell Tarly can resist cosplaying (Just kidding. This amazing cosplayer goes by the name Samhain133). If this does not impress you, we do not know what will. 

Image Credit: Samhain133/Reddit

Those actuators are what make this cosplay project so impressive. “A mix of welded steel parts and PVC” keeps them from flopping everywhere. He attached the part to a harness that secured and centralized the actuators. He understood the assignment.


Everybody and their mother thinks Black Panther is the first black superhero to have their own movie—shoutout to the late Chadwick Boseman for his outstanding performance. Many miss the beloved actor every day.

Image Credit: omegalite/Reddit

We want to break the misconception of Black Panther having the only black superhero and bring your attention to Spawn (1997), the first superhero movie to cast someone African American. This Spawn cosplay is mind-blowing, and we wonder if they also sold their soul for it.

Captain America

Speaking of African American superheroes, we must pay attention to Captain America. This is your last chance to look away because this portion will contain spoilers for Avengers: End Game (2019). The original Captain America, Steve Rogers, may have been white.

Image Credit: Heather848wsp/Reddit

However, before traveling to the past, he passed on his mantle to his trusted friend, the Falcon — a black man. Therefore, this cosplay makes sense. Please do not accuse this man of racial appropriation. He knows what he is doing. 


Spirited Away (2001) is one of the most celebrated works of animation, and it was superior to many of its contemporaries. If you have yet to watch it, gather all your friends and family ASAP, make sure you have yummy snacks, and immerse yourselves in the movie.

Image Credit: Mossyfoxx/Reddit

This movie is for everyone. Your heart will have an inexplicable sense of peace once you finish it. Even Yubaba, the old witch, will grow on you. Let’s not forget Haku, the handsome white dragon. Every kid had a crush on him. 

Wonder Woman

We looked at this cosplay for one second, and the Wonder Woman theme song started playing in our heads immediately because the lady nailed the character. If you have seen the movie, you know precisely which theme song we are talking about.

Image Credit: hatboyzero/Reddit

If Gal Gadot ever chooses to leave or gets fired from the movies, DC knows where to find a new Wonder Woman. This lady was destined to cosplay the femme fatale. She resembles the gorgeous Gal Gadot, and the costume makes her look like a true Amazonian. 

Mojo Jojo

Everyone with access to television and a dish cable watched The Powerpuff Girls. Do not believe the people claiming they are too good for Blossom and her gang. Lies. Every kid, regardless of their gender, admired these three gals.

Image Credit: TheJedibugs/Reddit

In that case, you should also recognize Mojo Jojo at first glance. He is, after all, one of the most unforgettable villains in cartoon history. Sadly, this mutated green monkey does not often get the appreciation he deserves. We’re glad to see someone cosplaying him.


This is just incredible (no pun intended). Some people are meant to portray certain characters. This gal was destined to cosplay Violet Parr one day. The physique and face structure — everything screams Violet, the eldest of the Parr children.

Image Credit: olkaaklo/Reddit

She is an introverted and anxiety-riddled girl with a pessimistic outlook. However, do not let this issue distract you from the fact that she is arguably the family’s most powerful member. We are glad to see her being appreciated. 


We are not too keen on having children right now. We can barely prepare meals or clean up. How can we take care of another human being? However, images like this make us rethink our outlook. One child may not be that bad after all. 

Image Credit: highheat099/Reddit

Look at this adorable father-and-daughter pair. This cosplay is so sweet that we fear it might give us diabetes or cavities. If we can cosplay like this with our child, we would happily raise six kids without complaining. 

Alfredo Linguini

See? This is why we keep claiming that cosplay is an art form. Accurately portraying a fictional character is difficult, especially if they are from Pixar. The studio art style is very distinct. They give their characters exaggerated features. 

Image Credit: ManuelDAndrea/Reddit

Cosplaying such characters is more complex than others. However, nothing is a setback to a dedicated cosplay artist. They will even make a prosthetic nose to perfectly copy a character, and we respect this. Alfredo Linguini may be a sidekick to a sewer rat in the movie. However, here, he is the main character. 

Prince Charming

This is why we will always love the Sherk franchise. They parodied and critiqued the stupidity of fairy tale tropes seamlessly, making the movies so timeless. They managed to make an ogre more appealing than a handsome prince. 

Image Credit: GraysonFin/Reddit

Prince Charming from Shrek displayed reality despite being set in a fantasy world. The prince was a cowardly, arrogant man who let an ogre do his dirty work. However, we must appreciate the efforts of this cosplayer. They nailed the hair and the stance.

Doctor Strange

We are so glad that people are finally giving Doctor Strange the attention it deserves. If you don’t like the movies, there must be something wrong with you (apologies for the pun. We could not miss this chance). 

Image Credit: jonathanbelle/Reddit

The formerly renowned neurosurgeon may be arrogant, stubborn, and ambitious, but the Master of Mystic Art protects Earth against magical threats. He takes his role seriously, and we are glad his influence in the MCU is stronger than ever. 


God bless the casting director of Deadpool for choosing Ryan Reynolds. Deadpool is a fantastic character; however, he would not be so popular without the contribution of Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds as Deadpool is like Gosling as Ken in Barbie (2023).

Image Credit: enter_the_nerd/Reddit

You’ll never find a better movie to watch with your friends. The only downside is that you might pass out from laughing too much. Deadpool is likely the most cosplayed character in the last decade. Folks can’t help it; dressing up as the anti-hero is fun! 


The second we saw this photo, a cry of “My precioussss!” rang through our heads. Most fans of The Lord of the Rings might feel the same. After all, Gollum is one of the most recognizable characters from the franchise. 

Image Credit: enter_the_nerd/Reddit

Aside from his distinct look, Gollum is also interesting because of his dilemma about the ring. He loved it with all his being yet detested it with a burning passion. Kudos to this cosplayer for being committed to the part.


Sometimes you know it’s good cosplay without even knowing the character they are playing. Certain cosplayers radiate professionalism. For example, we do not know much about the Kim Possible franchise. However, we trust cosplayers like Olkaaklo to do an incredible job. 

Image Credit: olkaaklo/Reddit

After looking up Shego from Kim Possible, we can happily say that our intuition was correct. She did justice to the character with the costume and small details, such as Shego’s dark upper lip. It’s people like her that make the cosplay community a better place. 

Stanley Ipkiss

God bless Jim Carrey’s parents for bringing him into this world. Without them, we might not have phenomenal movies like The Mask (1991). This movie is a cult classic for a good reason, even though it’s been decades since its release.

Image Credit: kanstelar/Reddit

We highly recommend you watch the movie with your friends and family. The film was also Cameron Diaz’s first, and she was unforgettable in her role. Once you are done with it, we assure you that you’ll try dressing as Stanley Ipkiss the next Halloween. 

Prince Peach

Princess Peach is the classic damsel in distress. She is probably the most famous “damsel in distress” syndrome case in video games. Her role is to get abducted or fall over every instant, and Mario has to rescue her. 

Image Credit: Dondae/Reddit

The overdone and old fashion troupe of Princess Peach may not be suitable for today’s climate. However, we cannot deny that she is a fashion icon and looks mesmerizing in her pink gown. Everyone is inspired by her, even men. 


It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but gender-bending cosplay is some of our favorites. This is the ultimate display of creativity; we hope others appreciate it as much as we do. Women can cosplay as men and vice versa.

Image Credit: HJCosplay/Reddit

So what if the canon Geralt of Rivia is a buff dude? Girls can also admire him and get in on the action. They might also want to incorporate his aura and looks in their fashion, and we don’t see anything wrong with that. It’s 2023, after all.


Yes, we had a crush on Link as a kid (we might still have it). No, we are not ashamed of it. Before you judge us, please look up Link from The Legend of Zelda. You’ll understand why ten-year-old us looked up fanfictions for him. 

Image Credit: gremerey/Reddit

Link is handsome, and we refuse to be convinced otherwise by amateurs with no taste in men. Still, don’t believe us? This picture should change your mind. How could little ol’ us from twenty years back resist this face? 

Harley Quinns

We should have titled this segment “Prepare for trouble and make it double.” You not only get one Harley Quinn; you get two of them. Joker who? Two of these gorgeous maniacs are enough to topple over Gotham City. 

Image Credit: Ithileryn/Reddit

She is undeniably one of the most recognizable faces in comic history. Harley Quinn doesn’t even need the help of Joker anymore. She is enough by herself. This is why comic cons are almost always flooded with Harley Quinn cosplays. 


Now, this certainly brings back a lot of memories. We have too many instances of finding our sister reading “Luka Couffaine X Reader” fanfiction. As much as we judge her, we understand why. As teenagers, we would have fallen head over heels for Viperion. 

Image Credit: gremerey/Reddit

Marinette, you idiot. We get it — Noir is cute. However, she did our boy Luka dirty. We demand Method Animation and Toei Animation give Luka his own spin-off series. He deserves it. Also, kudos to this cosplayer for nailing the image of Viperion. 

Nora Protector

The fact that many people do not know about Horizon Zero Dawn kills us every day. Sadly, the multi-award-winning RPG is highly underrated, even though it has terrific visuals, great features, and an excellent storyline. It has everything you could ask for.

Image Credit: IsuForge/Reddit

As someone who played this game, we can vouch for it. The only downside is that you might get addicted, so proceed with caution. We hope to see more of this cosplayer in the future because she’s got doing a fantastic job dressing up as someone.

Wonder Woman

Yes, we are including Wonder Woman again. Don’t blame us; it’s not our fault. People can’t seem to get enough of this lovely warrior lady that they dress up as her every chance they get. Something about this Amazonian woman makes sense to cosplayers.

Image Credit: Dragu_nova/Reddit

The downside to her popularity is that it’s inevitable to meet countless ladies dressed up as Wonder Woman on the streets during Halloween. Conversely, you can easily find her costumes in stores or online because she is in demand.

Jibaro Siren

We saved the best for the last. We do not have to explain why this one is the best. You can clearly see the amount of work that went into replicating each detail. Seeing the siren from Love, Death & Robots was nothing less than an out-of-body experience. 

Image Credit: ShapeshiftaerCos/Reddit

Usually, sirens are portrayed like mermaids who flop fish and sink ships. However, the show created a new and better interpretation of the siren. This bejeweled beauty stole our breath just like she did to thousands of soldiers. This cosplayer hand-sewed everything to look the part,