Fashionable Follies: 30+ Dress Designs That Defy Comfort And Common Sense

By Ruby M January 31, 2024

This article was originally published on befashionly

Keeping up with the latest fashion trends isn’t for everyone. Actually, the fact that everyone has their own unique sense of style is something to celebrate — it would be boring if we all looked the same. However, some people believe that in order to be fashionable, one must destroy all style norms to create something new and distinctively quirky. Sometimes they do a great job of it, combining styles, materials, and trends to create something unique. Unfortunately, this is not a list of the best looks out there, but some of the worst. So get ready to laugh because we have put together this list of 34 dresses that looked so bad, they deserve to be shamed on a popular Facebook group called You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress. And thanks to this group, these dresses have gone viral. Well, publicity is publicity — even when being publicly ridiculed, right?

So Many Hands, So Little Coverage

With so many hands, you’d think you’d get a little more coverage — but everything, including the gloves, is made with mesh. It’s no surprise the dress is still on a mannequin; we doubt anyone has had the will to wear it.

Image Credits: T Label/

The concept of gloves being used as a bralette can actually be done tastefully and look stunning. But this dress can only be described as a sad attempt at a unique creation based on current fashion trends. It looks like they were inspired by Manos: The Hands of Fate.

Sometimes Invisible is a Good Thing

Unfortunately for this woman, the dressmaker who put this mess together didn’t know that there’s such a thing as an invisible zipper. If you don’t know what that is, it’s a zipper that blends in with the fabric and is thin so that barely any of it shows.

Image Credits: ubaldejason/Reddit

Even novice seamstresses would see the problem here. There’s nothing wrong with using nude-colored fabric instead of a strapless dress, but it only works if everything blends in. Thankfully, it seems that they caught the mistake before buying a fashion failure.

Today, We’re Learning Shapes

Some dresses fit well, and others can make one look boxy. Well, somebody call the movers because we’ve got a box packed and ready to go! We have no idea what people try to combine shapes never meant for fashion with fashion — but there we go.

Image Credits: balenciaga/

We wonder if there’s an entire range of this colossal mess where the bodice of the dresses are circles, triangles — hey, maybe even rectangles! Well, that’s one way to teach the kids geometry; just get your teacher to dress up as the shape.

Look, Don’t Touch

We’re not sure where to start with this one. With the spikes all over, it’s hard to tell if they’re trying to look like a cactus or a bacterial cell with pili. Either way, it’s certainly a look…and not a normal one.

Image Credits:

We can’t ignore the head covering, either. It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose other than completing the look — it doesn’t look like it would do much against a sunny day. And, of course, the scarf strands have spikes, too. It must be a nightmare to wash.

Walk of Shame

With all the awesome ways to convert an old denim jacket into a piece of high fashion this…is not one of them. This sorry mess looks more like Pom Klementieff had a “late night” with a stranger and is walking the infamous walk of shame.

Image Credits: pom.klementieff/Instagram

And it looks like the bodice of the dress has directional sequins. We’ve seen them on children’s clothes, pillows, and purses, but never something like this. We can’t tell which side looks better…or worse. What do you think? Gold or black?

You’d Need a Neck Longer Than Her Nails to Pull This Off

Not quite sure what we’re looking at here, but it looks like a mannequin finally got its wish and became “a real boy”… or girl, whatever they identify as. The shocked expression on their face is also one for the books — most likely because of this mess of an outfit.

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

What’s really unfortunate is that the suit with the platform shoes could look great on someone with a neck as long as those nails — but we’re not sure someone like that exists. How on earth does this model/mannequin even manage in the bathroom?

When Not To Do Tassels

If you want to look like a throw pillow or perhaps even a rug, then this is the dress for you! Yeah… we hate it, too. We get that everyone has different tastes but who would honestly choose to wear this?

Image Credits: Foresight Magazine/Facebook

All those tassels must be such a nightmare to walk around with — every few minutes you’d end up getting stuck to something and eventually they would break and fray, leaving an even bigger mess than this dress started out as being!


Ran out of royal blue material? No worries, this designer has your back with some awfully cheap-looking gold material. If that’s not bad enough, look closer at the gold fabric — there are some even cheaper-looking buttons sewn onto it.

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

And what is with the puffy sleeves? Sure, without the tacky gold additions, the sleeves may have even complimented the dress, but right now this entire outfit is just disastrous. We hope she wasn’t wearing it to prom because she would have been voted prom jester of the evening.

Basically a Curtain

The skirt is magnificent. If you’re into over-the-top bubble skirts, that is. The bodice, if we can even call it that, looks like someone took a sports bra and attached it to a bubble skirt with a little bit of fabric.

Image Credits:

We’ll give the designer a pass with this one, though, because the dress is actually an engineering work of art. Do you see that splash of red? That’s actually the other side of the dress! The dress rotates and switches color!

Monsters Inc has a New Star

Okay, so…we’re kind of speechless with this one. And we are maybe going to be having nightmares about this woman’s back for the rest of our lives. To whoever made this catastrophe — thanks in advance for the nightmare series you’ve created.

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

This outfit looks like some parasitic monster in a sci-fi show, or maybe an extra from Monsters Inc. What is even going on? Are those feathers? We don’t even want to know what the designer of this was trying to accomplish.

The Fluffy Red Mermaid

Introducing one of the least terrible (but still not great) items on this list…this drab red attempt at a flattering gown. The shape is great, and we can deal with the patterns but come on — why the feathers at the bottom?

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

You can’t have so much detail in a dress just to drown it out with all that poof. We get that the mermaid shape is in, and you should totally rock that vibe girl, but we’d rate this look a 2/10 — and the 2 points are pushing it.

101 Fashion No-Nos

Is it just us, or does the scruffy white fluff on this dress remind you of the fur coat that the animated Cruella De Vil wore in 101 Dalmatians? It’s definitely too shabby-looking to be fur, though that doesn’t make it better.

Image Credits: mileycyrus/Instagram

As for the rest of the dress — we’re getting some serious lampshade vibes. Now, if it were up to us, we’d say that lampshade should never be the style on which to base a dress. On second thought, it looks more like tinsel glued to a dress.

Oh, To Be a Tree on Christmas

Have you ever wanted to be the Christmas tree? Yeah, we haven’t either, but that hasn’t stopped this store from stocking up on not one but two different versions of the same dress. If it weren’t for the price tags, we’d assume that this was a prank or odd store decoration.

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

Hey, on the bright side, for the low, low price of $149.99 (and yes, we are being completely sarcastic about that) you can purchase your next Halloween outfit. You can dress up as the ghost of Christmas tree past. We can’t help but think of The Nightmare Before Christmas with this one.

Couple Goals…Not

Would you be surprised if we told you that this couple’s outfit wasn’t just any couple’s outfit, but it was actually what they wore to their wedding? Yeah, we were surprised too when we found out. Our issue here isn’t with the venue, though. A bride should wear whatever she wants!

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

We weren’t surprised because it wasn’t white — so many people these days take their own style into account for their wedding and so they should. But this entire situation just looks awkward and unflattering — on both the bride and groom.

A Really Expensive Mistake

If you thought the $150 price tag on the dress was over-the-top, then this will blow your mind. These hideously put-together items are $4,000 each! Yes, you read that right; these baggy outfits are designer dresses that can be spotted on a red carpet.

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

We really don’t get why these huge fashion brands can literally slap their label on anything and make it sell but hey — that’s marketing for you. If it’s being sold by a huge brand, then it must be beautiful even if it’s, to be blunt, not!

We Hate to Say it, Butt…

The front looked okay — a little bit ostentatious and chandelier-like, but still, it was passable. Then, we saw the back. Now, even if you’re super confident in your body and like showing it off, this is a little bit much.

Image Credits:

Wearing this is basically telling the world that you don’t care who sees your buttocks in public. While celebrities might get away with such a look, it’s hard to imagine anyone being comfortable bumping into their boss while wearing this mess.

What Even is This?

This is a good outfit…if you want to go out in public looking like you’re wearing pajamas that you bought at a vegan hippie market. We’re guessing that most of you don’t think that’s a great idea, yet…this still exists.

Image Credits: Paco Rabanne/

The jewel print only contributes to the tackiness of this dress. It could have passed for okay without that print — then again, the frills aren’t so great either. It looks more like an under-dress or petticoat rather than an actual outfit.

Leopards and Polkadots

This is what you get when you hire a really cheap dressmaker who doesn’t have enough of the same material, or even matching fabric, to make your dress. Leopard print at the top, roses and polka dots at the bottom — what is going on here?

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

On their own, the fabrics could have actually looked okay, if you’re into that sort of print — and a lot of people are. Together, however, the entire thing just looks like one huge mistake that should never leave the house.

Head In The Clouds

Actually, it might be more accurate to say that the head is the only part not in the clouds. We’re not even sure it’s supposed to be clouds, but that’s the only explanation we could think of for those white puffs.

Image Credits:

That model’s face is the reaction we had upon learning how much this dress goes for — some sites sell it for over $10,000! Is there gold lining the padding? Why does such a ridiculous dress, that does not look like it would be comfortable to sit in, cost that much?

Disaster in Blue

This is pretty much the red disaster we spoke about earlier on the list — but now it’s apparently available in blue, too! Because the designer thought, “why not bring the whole rainbow in and sell these abominations in every color”!

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

What makes this one slightly worse than the other awful dress is the fact that the wearer of this nightmare has roped in her boyfriend into wearing a sparkly jacket to match her over-the-top dress. We’re not sure if that’s considered couple goals or not…

Mediocre at Best

These denim dresses are not the worst items on this list. In fact, they’re probably one of the better ones. We’re not saying best, and we’ve seen way better use of denim in fashion, but these dresses are not terrible. At least, in comparison to the other items on this list.

Image Credits:

Now, we’re not saying we’d actually wear them — the fluff on the collars of the two dresses at the back is a little bit much. But, if we had to pick something from this entire list that isn’t too bad, this might just be it. Still, it made it to the list, so…

Double Tutu

Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with some flair at the end of a dress, but this one took it too far. A tutu with that much puff belongs more on a ballerina’s outfit or a dress-up costume, not on the runway.

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

As one user pointed out, it looks like the model put on two skirts instead of a skirt and a dress. And with the puff of tulle at the chest, it looks like it would be constantly scratchy on her inner arms. How is that comfortable?

Mother Nature’s… On a Bad Day

If you want to become one with mother nature and rock the moss look, then this dress is for you! Oh, what’s that? You think moss should stay in the woods and not all over a dress? We couldn’t agree more!

Image Credits: TokyoFashion/Twitter

Aside from the natural atrocities going on with this peculiar outfit, can we please discuss this positively awful neckline? It looks like this dress was made out of someone’s pants, and this is what came out of it. This dress took “go green” a little too far.

This Awkward Thing

This looks like Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” meets Juno. It’s not just us, right? The girl in the picture looks very much like she is pregnant — or perhaps that’s just the shape of the skirt. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with being pregnant, but it’s odd to have a dress that makes you look so.

Image Credits:

There are just way too many puffy elements going on here — from the skirt that makes this girl look simply misshapen to the sleeves of the shoulder-less short with an even more awkward bust and midriff part. And the way the skirt sits, it looks like pantaloons more than a skirt.

More Slit than Dress

It might look like this last half her dress at home with those slits riding higher than her bits but believe it or not, this look is intentional and surprisingly in right now. The strangeness of this revealing dress aside, there are some other noticeable oddities.

Image Credits:

The dress has long tassels at the back — and we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again — tassels just get stuck to things and eventually fray. They are not doing it for this dress at all. The only fashionable thing here, to us, is the shoes.


Animal patterns is nothing new in the fashion industry; so are faces or depictions of animals themselves. With just the main part of the dress and sleeves, we’d consider this as a cosplay of a cavewoman. What gets us is the sleeve…

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

First off, the attached sleeve looks uncomfortable and inconvenient. Furthermore, adding the cheetah’s face to it just looks weird. It’s hard to tell from the image if the pattern is on the other side, but it must look odd when her arm is down.

Pretty (Ugly) In Pink

Barbie had a sleepover with this model, and it looks like she left her pillow at home. This was a cause for celebration, apparently, because it meant that a new dress could be made out of the fabric she left behind.

Image Credits:

This dress looks more like a throw cushion tied together with a bow, but her — at least the hot pink matches the model’s skin tone. Still, there are much nicer dresses out there that don’t require the destruction of a perfectly nice cushion.

No. Just, no.

What gets us the most is that her facial expression tells us that even she doesn’t know what she’s wearing and she can’t wait for this fashion-less show to end so that she can change into something a little bit more stylish.

Image Credits: GCDS/

The breastplates are tasteless, and so is that excruciatingly low neckline that only emphasizes the petite model’s chest as being…well, petite. It looks more like she’s wearing a skirt and long sleeve blouse and forgot to wear an under top!


This is what you get when you ask a cowgirl who is a little bit too proud of her roots to go to the dance with you. Sure, she’ll wear the dress you made your mom buy for her with money she was saving for your college fund…

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

But you’d best be prepared for the fact that she won’t be taking off her denim jeans or her belt with the over-sized buckle on it. We can’t actually tell if this is a half of a dress or a shirt with a cape.

Birds Of A Feather

We already saw a weird combination of clothes and mother nature, but this one might be a winner. Where do we start with this one? The feathered dress is odd enough, looking like a fashionista’s attempt at making a dress while stuck in the wilds.

Image Credits: gulsahsaracoglu/Instagram

The green shoulder pads are actually not built in, but that doesn’t make it any better. Are they supposed to resemble a tree canopy? And, we can’t ignore the excessive rhinestones, tying it all together — literally. Sorry to the model, but this one has too much going on in one dress.

Kim’s Knickers

It wouldn’t be a true fashion fail list if a Kardashian didn’t make it to the party. A few years ago, Kimmie took a trip to Miami and wore this neon outfit. Her crop top exposed her tanned belly, but her matching wrap-around skirt revealed a little bit more.

Image Credits: MEGA/

With the slit from the wrap reaching high up passed her knickers — which we can see are bright green — Kimmie almost showed the entire world everything underneath. We know she already made a sex tape, but that doesn’t mean her crotch should be a free-for-all to see.


Remember the dress that was half leopard print and half polkadots? This one takes the cake with weird design combinations. Stripes, checks, leopard and zebra all in one dress is way too busy. And we can’t help but notice that the lines aren’t even, with the stripes below the checks, too.

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

As with Pom’s dress, they included the sequin style. We’re not sure if it’s the kind that flips over for a new pattern, but it doesn’t really matter with a dress with so much going on. To be honest, even one of those patterns alone with the sequins would be too much.

A Night Out In Paris

People love showing skin, especially when pictures are being taken of you. But this epic failure at making a dress look seductive and sexy looks more like the seamstress full-on forgot to add the back pockets to this odd dress. 

Image Credits: anitta/Instagram

The gold embellishments look almost last-minute, as if the missing pockets needed something in their place. What’s even sadder is that this is a dress made by a popular clothing brand — who are supposed to know what they’re doing.

The Wonders of Female Anatomy

To end off our list, we have this dress that looks like it should be used in a play to teach kids about the wonders of a woman’s time of the month. With the dress showing what happens when you don’t use sanitary products — we will leave the rest up to your imagination.

Image Credits: You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress/Facebook

The cut is also really unflattering; the dress has basically no shape, and that, combined with our above statement, is one of the winners of this category. There are simply some outfits that should never have been made — but at least we can all have a good laugh.