40+ Adorable Pets Caught In Peculiar Positions

By Phillipa G January 19, 2024

This article was originally published on funcatz

Animals are lovely, and they fill our lives with so much joy. Whether you have a loyal doggo or a feisty cat, your loving pet will improve your life. However, any pet owner will tell you that animals can get themselves into positions that you would never imagine they could get into.

The Instagram account @doggo_taxi has put together an album of the most adorable animals getting themselves into precarious situations. What makes these images even funnier is that no explanation or context is given for how the animal ended up in that position.

So, expect to be mildly bemused but entirely entertained as you sift through this list of 45 of the best pictures that @doggo_taxi has ever posted. They are sure to warm your heart and put a smile on your face.

Flying dog

This picture couldn’t be timed any better. Dogs love to run outside at the beach and also love to chase birds. Not only is it good fun for them, but it also lets them burn off all of the extra energy they have. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

This picture of a dog chasing a bird at the beach looks as if the dog has wings and is about to take flight! Even though it is just a trick of the camera, we wish this dog actually had wings. How cool would a flying dog be?

Max relax

This seal is having a great time and looks as relaxed as we all wish we could be. Although it doesn’t seem to be near water, its natural habitat, it looks incredibly content with its position – so much so that it’s having a little nap. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

The cool steps, coupled with the hot sun, make for a perfect place for a summer nap. This chilled-out seal can get some all-important Vitamin D, catch a tan and avoid overheating. We are so jealous of this little dude!

Two bodies

Cats aren’t often known for their affection, but you get some that have found their fellow feline soulmate every now and then. Take these two cats that look to be having a bit of a snuggle. They are so intertwined that it looks like one head with two bodies. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

Although we know it’s not some strange alien phenomenon, at first glance, it is easy to miss that they are two separate beings. The cats are almost identical in coloring, so if you don’t look properly, it is easy to be deceived. 

Balancing Act

This cat is in such a deep sleep that not even a cyclone could disturb him. His interesting sleeping position inspired some silly humans to play a fun game. The drowsy cat is so still that he can balance an egg on his paw. Quite the party trick!

Ig- doggo_taxi

It seems impossible to balance an egg on a cat’s paw because they are usually so small, but this kitty and his humans have defied the impossible. Hopefully, the cat didn’t jerk awake and smash the egg because that would not be very fun to clean up. 


We all get attached to our pets, but this owner has gone above and beyond and installed a window at the bottom of their truck door for their precious pup. They’ve even gotten “Co-pilot Max” put on the door to make it official. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

It’s absolutely adorable, and we are sure Max enjoys looking out at the world through his very own portal. It looks safer, too. Max can sit on the floor without any chance of accidentally opening the window. Stranger things have happened!

Extreme cat hair

Anyone who has a pet or has been around animals knows that they can shed, and when they do, you will find animal hairs in every crevice. Cats are the worst when it comes it shedding because their long hair falls out so easily. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

Given how much fur has attached itself to their clothing, this person knows it all too well. This cat’s white hair is all over this person’s hoodie and jeans! We bet they regretted wearing dark clothes that day, but it’s all worth it for the animal’s love. 

Little Love

People and animals can sometimes have unique and funny-shaped birthmarks, but this cat is truly unique. It was born with white fur but had two brown love hearts on the back of its front legs. Such an incredibly cute coincidence. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

The odds of getting one love heart birthmark must be low, let alone two right next to each other! Some may even say it is impossible, but clearly, the right set of genes can result in some pretty adorable magic.


Some land animals love to swim and are also really good at it. Dogs are one such animal – after all, the doggy paddle was named after them. However, they still get stuck in some interesting situations in the water. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

Take this guy, for example. He managed to swim to the very middle of the water but could not seem to get back. He is so stationary that he almost looks like a statue. Hopefully, it wasn’t too cold that day for whoever had to rescue him. 

Wild hair

Dogs notoriously love to stick their heads out of car windows. The image of their ears pinned back and flapping in the wind is familiar to all of us, but this image takes it to an extreme. Either the car was going fast, or the wind was strong. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

Either way, what we get is this super cute pic of this dog with its fur fully pushed back. Even better, the fur has been pushed up into a mohawk. If that wasn’t stylish enough, the dog is wearing designer! What a fashionista!

Hard day

Obviously, dogs have such difficult lives. They really need to relax and wind down sometimes. This dog is one such example. He is taking the time to properly rest after his stressful job, looking after his family, and doing some taxes.

Ig- doggo_taxi

He looks so done with life, but he has managed to prop his big body onto the tiny car mirror. It almost seems impossible, and yet he has managed it. Whoever is stressing this poor doggo needs to cut it out.

Just chilling

This cat is completely unphased by its environment. It has found a comfy spot and isn’t moving for anyone—even if that spot is in an unstable bike basket that is locked onto a street light. The owner of the bike will be perplexed when they get back.

Ig- doggo_taxi

The basket is the perfect size for the cat. It looks like the perfect cozy spot for him. It also looks like a nice sunny day, so the kitty will be able to catch some rays in his new home. We wouldn’t want to move either!


It’s no doubt that everybody loves a pamper session but do you ever check the credentials of your massage therapist? We are not sure that this cat has the correct kittyfications. Nevertheless, this person has entrusted the feline to give them a head massage.

Ig- doggo_taxi

Who knows, maybe the little claws would put pressure on all the right spots—like a massage and acupuncture all in one! The cat is even wearing a uniform, so at least that seems legit. The customer seems relaxed, so it can’t be that bad. 

Hover cat

This image is a bit of an optical illusion, depending on what angle you are viewing it from. From above, it looks like the tub that the cat is on is hovering in the air, kind of like a UFO. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

From a low angle, you can tell that there is just a dark patch next to the tub, which happens to line up perfectly with where a shadow would be cast if it were hovering. It’s a bit of a letdown. It would be awesome to see a hovering cat. 

Best friends

Everyone knows that dogs and cats don’t typically get on well with each other. However, these two prove that theory wrong. Their owners’ cars just so happened to pull up next to each other, and the animals were facing one another. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

The cat looks very excited and intrigued by the dog. The dog is also perched up on the window wanting to go and introduce themselves to their potential new friend. We hope that they eventually meet without the windows separating them.


This fluffy cat is super cute, but he doesn’t like the camera’s attention! It has fully covered its face with its big paws and snuggled its face right in. The kitty’s paws are the perfect size to cover its whole face, which makes this pic ten times cuter.

Ig- doggo_taxi

This picture also looks like what happens when someone turns on the lights way too early in the morning. Whatever the reason for the cat’s shyness, this picture is so adorable and perfectly timed by the person behind the camera. 

Exam support

Exams are stressful, and no one likes to do them. But having a little kitten on your desk might make it a bit more bearable and ease some of the anxiety. We just hope the cat isn’t feeding him answers!

Ig- doggo_taxi

The quiet conditions of the exam have helped the cat to have a little nap. He even has a little hammock made from a face mask—now that’s crafty! With this kind of support, the student must have smashed this test. 

Dental assistant 

Going to the dentist can suck. It’s painful, and you can’t speak. However, this loving pup makes it a bit more bearable for this patient. Think of it like a therapy animal but for dental appointments. It would work like a charm. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

The patient in the picture is clearly not in distress, so having the dog with her must have given her some comfort. Offering this service would encourage more people to go to the dentist just so they can cuddle with this loving doggo.


We all know that being given a nice bunch of flowers from friends, family, or a special someone is a great feeling. Imagine how it would feel to be given such a thoughtful gift by an animal. It would only be 10 times better. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

This bear has done just that and carefully held the flower in its mouth to keep it intact. It looks so cute, and we hope it got some love and affection from whomever it was lucky enough to earn this bear’s affection.

Bear Paws

Similar to the love heart birthmarks on the cat earlier in this list, this dog has an adorable paw shape. It was born with a bear-shaped paw print that really looks like the quintessential childhood teddy bear. It is unbearably cute.

Ig- doggo_taxi

This dog is one lucky animal to have such a wonderfully unique set of paws. However, if he ever does something naughty, it will be easy to point him out as the culprit. There is no mistaking who those paw prints belong to!

Messy cat

Pets love to make messes as soon as there are no eyes on them. Sometimes it is truly baffling to see the mess because you have no idea what they could have done to make it. Case in point; this cat.

Ig- doggo_taxi

Sprawled out on the table and surrounded by a green powder, it is impossible to figure out what it’s done to get into this position. All you can do is shake your head and go and get a broom to clean it up. 

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s a very good boy? The answer is you, doggo. Okay, so it’s evident that this isn’t a mirror but is just a reflection in the water, but this Labrador looks so intrigued by his reflection. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

It is always so cute to see animals try to figure out why they suddenly have a twin. We just hope that the dog didn’t throw itself into the water trying to catch the dog in the reflection that isn’t really there. 

Health care

It is never great to see an animal in need Animals are so helpless and can never really explain to us what is troubling them. This echidna, which is a native Australian animal, was taken to the vet for some medical attention. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

However, that didn’t stop the cutie from having fun. The spiky animal was still poking its long tongue out and blowing bubbles at the vet staff. At least it is making the best of an unfortunate experience and remaining positive!

Spa treatment

It is always important to treat yourself and engage in some self-care. This cat, however, has taken “self-care” to the next level. Fully sprawled out and taking over the whole bed, the cat is really making the most of this experience.

Ig- doggo_taxi

This regal kitty is surrounded by dozens of red roses and fancy decorations. The bed is even raised, putting itself on a literal pedestal. Who can blame it, though? We would all love this kind of fancy treatment now and again!

Bat wings

We all have bad hair days, but this dog’s fur has made it look especially Halloween-ready. It won’t need a costume this year! The coloring of its ears and the way the fur hangs makes it look like the doggo has his own set of bat wings.

Ig- doggo_taxi

This picture is made even cuter because the fur ball is just sitting in a flower pot. It looks like a perfect fit, so the dog must be comfy. Maybe he wants to tap into his nature-loving side and learn more about gardening!

Spitting image

Everybody loves potatoes, and carbs are by far the best food group. However, these versatile roots are even better when they look just like you! This lucky dog experienced such a phenomenal fluke when its owner was making a meal. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

After peeling some potatoes while cooking, the owner found a familiar image! The blemishes in the potatoes looked exactly like their pet dog. The potato would still be edible, but we aren’t sure if we could bring ourselves to eat it after that.


It can be awful to watch your beloved pet wear a protective cone after having a procedure at the vet. Everyone can empathize with how uncomfortable this device probably is. However, this owner has taken empathy to the next level. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

The owner has made a matching cone to the one their dog has and is wearing it in solidarity with the pet. We’re sure the dog would appreciate the sentiment and feel much less alone when seeing their owner wear the same accessory. 

Unlikely friends

Nature is a beautiful thing, and every once in a while, something astounding happens that no one would have ever expected. For example, take this beautiful moment between a lizard and a butterfly which became cute friends out in the wild. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

The butterfly has hitched a ride on top of the lizard’s head for a journey through the long grass and bushes. The lizard looks incredibly content with their new companion, and it is cute to see two animals that aren’t usually captured together. 


The benefits of meditation and mindfulness have been well documented in medical news, but recently, the practice has gained a lot of popularity. So, it is no surprise that loads of people all over the world are taking up the practice.

Ig- doggo_taxi

Even this dog has gotten involved, taking part in a meditation session with Tibetan monks! These monks are the original meditation practitioners and take it very seriously. The dog must be very well disciplined and clearly has the poses perfected!


Throughout this list, we have seen animals in some strange positions and places, but this one probably takes the cake. The plump dog has somehow gotten itself in a very tight spot as he sits upright in a bicycle basket.

Ig- doggo_taxi

This poor basket is about to burst apart at the seams. However, the adorable pup looks content in his too-small basket. You can even see his paw slightly poking out the top! We just wonder how he is going to get out of there.


We all know that animals can provide a form of therapy and ease anxiety symptoms. This person takes that to the next level, though, surrounding themselves with what seems to be about 15 animals while relaxing with a face mask on. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

We aspire to be this relaxed. The animals all look super comfy in the big bed too. Self-care days like this must work like a charm and would lower stress levels in an instant. We are so jealous of this setup!

Circle of life

These are four very affectionate cats, and they’ve somehow gotten themselves into a perfect circle. The only differently colored cat is right in the middle. It couldn’t have been planned more perfectly. This is such a great picture of affection. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

It is rare to see so many cats being so affectionate towards each other, so it really is beautiful that all four cats are seen cuddling each other. The coincidence of the circle shape and the matching coloring is just the cherry on top. 

Tickle tickle

Getting tickled on the stomach makes humans laugh and squirm. However, many kinds of animals love getting a good, long belly tickle. The touch is soothing for them, and they love having their humans’ full attention. Pets are cute, but they are definitely attention hogs!

Ig- doggo_taxi

This wild and furry animal is having a grand ole time getting pats and tickles from a human. It looks like it is absolutely loving it, having a giggle and fully baring its pointy teeth in a big wide smile. 

Joining them

If you can’t beat them, join them as they say. Despite the room having a perfectly good bed, this person has decided to join the many dogs and sleep on the floor. This doesn’t look very comfortable, but to each his own!

Ig- doggo_taxi

Perhaps it’s a good way to keep all of the dogs off the bed, but we’re not sure if it is worth the cost of sleeping on a wooden floor! One benefit is that you do not have to make the bed in the morning.  

Hide and seek

Animals sometimes love to go on adventures and play a one-sided game of hide and seek. You can find them behind chairs, in bushes, and digging around the backyard. This is made a bit more complicated with a protection cone, though. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

This poor dog has realized that it can’t fit into its hiding places with the giant cone on its head and doesn’t look too happy about it. Although it has managed to get into the comfy garden, it can’t go anywhere else with the massive cone on. 

Birthing story

Everyone knows that giving birth is incredibly painful and tiring. However, these two kids have decided to play doctor and put their father through a birth—but of their dog, not a baby human! They’ve even got a full setup like a hospital. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

They’ve put the blanket over the dad’s knees, and he’s really putting on a show for them with the facial expressions and acting. The poor dog looks like it’s been disturbed from a deep sleep, but it’s in the perfect position for this playtime. 

VIP area

Traveling with animals can be difficult, so you often need to make special arrangements to make sure they are comfortable and able to travel long distances, especially in an RV/camper van. This cat, however, has taken this to an extreme. 

Ig- doggo_taxi

The owners of this cat have put a full bedroom on the side of the vehicle. The sides are clear so the cat can lie in comfort and look out at the sights. It looks so comfortable and relaxing that we’re googling how we can make something like this for ourselves.

Hiding place

As we have already seen on this list, animals love to get into funny areas and hide from their owners. Cats are particularly frequent offenders of this, and these cats are proof. However, this hiding spot is a little bit dangerous.

Ig- doggo_taxi

They have hidden under the motor of the car. Hopefully, no one will turn it on! Since the cats have almost all black fur, they blend into the car. It would be difficult to spot them if you weren’t looking for them. 


Everyone has seen images of religious figures with a halo of light around their head. This cat looks downright divine after climbing to the top of a couch and putting its head right in front of the lightbulb, making it look like a halo.

Ig- doggo_taxi

Obviously, the cat isn’t actually holy, but the picture could be hung in any religious building. The similarities to actual religious images are uncanny. The cat looks very regal in the picture too, so it is fully stepping into this level of authority.


Sometimes pets don’t recognize that they are different from their human family and like to join in activities that are not suited to animals. This dog is no different. He has jumped on the play equipment at a local park.

Ig- doggo_taxi

Even though the dog cannot use the equipment, he is just happy to be there. Just look at his huge smile. His carer has gotten involved, too, getting on the play equipment and playing with the dog. This doggo must have been having the best time.

Rain, Rain, Go Away

Cats are notorious for not liking water on their bodies, whether that be a bath, the rain, or walking through a puddle. Stray cats must have a really hard time when it starts to rain, but this cat has the perfect solution to this problem.

Ig- doggo_taxi

An umbrella! It almost seems too easy of an idea given how frequently we humans use them, but this cat looks perfectly content. It is getting some fresh air but also staying dry—all while looking incredibly elegant. We all need to learn from this kitty.

Sugar rush

Fruits have very high naturally occurring sugar content. So, when you eat too much in a short amount of time, you can get a sugar rush. It seems this dog is in the midst of a sugar rush after accompanying its owner to pick wild berries.

Ig- doggo_taxi

The dog is loving life, sitting comfortably in the bucket and probably getting a few extra treats to eat along the way. The fresh air and quality time on a trip with its human would be exciting enough without all the sugar too!


When it starts to get colder and darker, we all start to miss the summer. We miss when it is warm, when the weather is better and when we have time off school and work. This bear seems to be missing it the most, however. It looks so sad and melancholy in this picture.

Ig- doggo_taxi

The bear is sitting in a little row boat on dry land, seemingly feeling nostalgic and reminiscing on the summer. We can’t blame the bear; the summer is much better than winter, and who doesn’t love a daytime boat trip in the sun?


We saw above that dogs sometimes love to join in on human activities without realizing that the activities aren’t made for them. This is what has happened here. Unfortunately for the little girl, this means that her rocking horse is no longer hers alone.

Ig- doggo_taxi

The dog is having a great time playing on the toy, but the child is clearly distraught over the fact that she can’t play on her rocking horse. It is so cute that the dog is so oblivious, but you can’t help but feel bad for the little kid.

My time to shine

Pets love attention, so they can often insert themselves into something they think is exciting when they do not feel included. This dog is no different. He saw the camera come out and put his head right in the frame.

Ig- doggo_taxi

The dog’s head has completely covered the driver’s face, fully taking the spotlight. This dog is anything but camera-shy. Fortunately, he is also super photogenic. We wouldn’t mind looking at a thousand more pictures of this steely-eyed stunner. Just look at that face!

Am I okay here?

Traveling with pets can be an interesting journey. You must always make sure they are okay while also paying attention to the road. However, usually, only domesticated pets like cats and dogs have the pleasure of riding in a car.

Ig- doggo_taxi

This seal had a different idea. He hitched a ride in this car and is chilling right on top of the driver’s dash. This is obviously a massive safety hazard because the driver won’t be able to see out of the windscreen!

Gotta catch a snooze

If this had been a cat, we wouldn’t have been that surprised because, as you know, those guys can nod off anywhere and in the most peculiar postures and positions. However, it seems pooches have decided to take a leaf from that book, as evidenced by this photo.

Twitter- contextdogs

How this little guy can look so blissfully asleep in the middle of a busy street is beyond us. Judging by the number of motorcycles held up in the traffic, there must be lots of hooting. But our little pup couldn’t be bothered!