AI Moonlights As A Casting Agent For Theoretical Live-Action Remakes Of Our Favorite Cartoons

By Ishita P January 28, 2024

This article was originally published on travelerdoor

In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, it’s no surprise that we now see AI-generated human images of our favorite cartoon characters. French artist Hidrėlėy Diao integrated his artistic skills with Photoshop and AI to bring popular animated characters to life. Unsurprisingly, these images are taking the internet by storm. They not only provide fans with a new way to experience their beloved characters but also showcase the impressive capabilities of artificial intelligence.

With lifelike features and accurate proportions, these images are truly stunning and a testimony to the power of technology. So, here we have collected the top 40 AI-generated human photos of cartoon characters by Hidrėlėy. Let’s explore the impact of this new form of representation on the world of animation.

All images in this article are courtesy of hidreley on Instagram.

Princess Fiona

Who better to start off a list of beloved cartoon characters than Princess Fiona herself? We might not have Fairy Godmothers, but AI worked its magic to show us what Fiona, specifically her ogre form, would look like as a human.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

We first met her as a human, but this is the real Fiona we know and love. She looks absolutely radiant! With such close similarities, you’ll swear she has just stepped out of the 2001 film. No doubt, this AI-generated image of Princess Fiona has perfectly captured her character’s charm and beauty.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon, the legendary defender of love and justice, has now been transformed into a stunning AI-generated human. The resemblance is amazing, entailing every intricate detail of her iconic look and personality. From the big, blue eyes to the classic pigtails, she looks as adorable as ever and yet so alive.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Moreover, her iconic red bow and moon-shaped tiara have been recreated with such precision that it looks like she has come straight out of the anime into reality. You can keep staring at this image for hours as Sailor Moon glares at you with her bold human eyes and sweet smile.

Wonder Woman

Here comes Wonder Woman, the symbol of strength and grace. With her fierce gaze and flowing hair, she embodies the power and beauty of the iconic character and invites us to a world where superheros fly in to save the day.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The alive, shimmering likeness of this human Wonder Woman is a marvel of technology and art. Everything is spot-on in this AI-generated image. We particularly love the blue tint in her hair; the AI did a great job of making it look so natural.

Sheriff Woody

Presenting the AI-generated human Sheriff Woody that will leave you in awe! With lifelike features, this depiction of the beloved Toy Story character is stunning. It translates the true essence of the character and brings him to life in a whole new way.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

If Sheriff Woody was real, he’d probably look like this. With his long plain face, big round eyes, Gatsby slick-back hairstyle, and charming smile, every detail is carefully crafted to perfection in this image. If they made a live action version of Woody’s Roundup, now we know what it would look like.

Tarzan’s Father

Obviously, everyone remembers Tarzan. The titular character of the 1999 Disney film was an animated heartthrob! Even though they only made a brief appearance and little is known about them, we can’t forget Tarzan’s human parents. Hidrėlėy used the magic of AI to give us a better look at Tarzan’s father.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

With his rugged appearance, well-groomed beard, and long sideburns, the realism of this image is truly out of this world. The way this image is crafted by AI to capture the bold and fearless spirit of Tarzan’s father, combined with his strong and confident gaze, is truly a sight to behold.

Snow White

We can’t talk about cartoon characters without mentioning the OG Disney princess, Snow White. With perfect expressions and intrinsic details, this image is a true masterpiece. The level of realism is astonishing, as if Snow White herself has turned up in this real human world.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

From the wide brown eyes, pink lips, and rosy cheeks to the snowy skin tone and black bobbed hair, every feature of this girl flawlessly resembles the character. Hidrėlėy did a fantastic job training the AI and curating this mesmerizing human image of the young princess.

Puss in Boots

Although he didn’t appear until the second Shrek film, Puss in Boots quickly made his way into peoples’ hearts. He’s got several spin-offs, but there’s one film we have yet to see: a live-action Puss in Boots. Thanks to AI, we can see just how handsome he’d be as a human.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The beautiful smile, sparkling eyes, and orange hair of this debonair AI-generated man portray the animated character fantastically. Although he does look like our beloved Puss in Boots, his sharp features and striking blue eyes bear a closer resemblance to Adam Lambert. Dreamworks, you know what to do!

Courage the Cowardly Dog

Cartoon Network had some weird shows in the ’90s, but few were as creepy as Courage the Cowardly Dog. But no matter how nightmarish the show got, we couldn’t help but love little Courage. Even though he was a dog, we always imagined him as a young boy.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

This AI-generated image shows us what that would really look like. With his purplish-pink t-shirt and faint blush, he looks just as lovable as he does in the cartoon. The nervous smile proves that this Courage is just as anxious as his cartoon counterpart.

King Harold

If you want to see King Harold in a live-action Shrek, your wish to see him alive has been granted. With his fierce eyes and regal features, you can almost feel the power radiating from his persona. And yet the softness tells us he’s just a big teddy bear.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Everything looks exactly the same as the King Harold character we know and love, from his intricate facial features to the details on his crown. In our opinion, his soft smile and charming expression look even better as a human than in the animated series.

Prince Charming

This AI-generated image of Prince Charming has taken Shrek fans by storm! With striking features and captivating charisma, this digital creation is eerily similar to the fairytale character we all know and love. From his wavy blonde hair to his blue eyes, every detail has been flawlessly captured here.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

As we delve deeper into digital art, seeing how far technology has come is incredible. With his suave and sophisticated demeanor, he is sure to leave anyone in awe. Hidrėlėy’s AI almost makes us forget just how narcissistic he is; we’d actually hate to meet him in real life.

Fred Flintstone

Have you ever seen a modern version of the iconic character Fred Flintstone? If not, take a look at this AI-generated image of prehistoric man—according to the 1960s. Hidrėlėy made sure to keep Fred’s home in the background and gave us a glimpse at his outfit.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The way AI captured Fred’s signature rough-and-tumble look in this photo is commendable. From the bushy eyebrows and short black hair to the chubby face and deep smile lines, everything is hilariously reminiscent of the character. It looks like the image was taken straight from a Flintstones episode.

Wilma Flintstone

Fred might be the face of The Flintstones, but Wilma deserves all the credit for the goofball’s success. As such, it wouldn’t be right to talk about a real-world version of The Flintsones without looking at Wilma’s human persona. And sure enough, Hidrėlėy delivered!

Image by hidreley on Instagram

From her iconic beehive hairdo to her stylish pearl jewelry set, the attention to detail is astonishing. Despite the lack of facial details in the cartoon, the AI managed to fill in the gaps flawlessly, and the realism in the image is incredible.

Woody Woodpecker

Puss in Boots isn’t the only animal character to get an AI-generated human persona. Though there was a “live-action” Woody Woodpecker film in 2017, we only got to see a cheap CGI version of the titular bird. So, how would his features translate to a human?

Image by hidreley on Instagram

What’s most surprising is the human-like emotion this AI-generated boy portrays. His green eyes hold a twinkle of mischief, and the wide grin tells us he’s already got something planned. It seems Woody was made for Hidrėlėy’s AI makeover series.


Most of the characters on this list have only appeared as cartoon characters, Superman has had dozens of live-action appearances. Casting agents often try to cast someone with the best acting skills who most closely resembles Kal-El, but only AI can show us what he’d really look like in the real world.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Sorry Henry Cavill, but you’ve got some competition with this charming hero. Every detail, from the exemplary coiffed hair to the intricately chiseled jawline, is so precise, as if AI has somehow channeled the true essence of the iconic superhero.


There’s a certain irony in using AI to generate lifelike versions of Toy Story characters. Pixar chose to produce a film about toys because CGI was “too plastic” back in 1995. Oh, how technology has advanced. Now computers can give us an uncannily human version of those same characters.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

From her red hair and red hat to her round green eyes and open-mouth smile, everything is minutely crafted here. Undoubtedly, Hidrėlėy made the best use of AI and his artistic skills to render a realistic version of the Woody’s Roundup co-star.


We fall in love with main characters so much that we often forget about their best friends and sidekicks. Surely we’d never forget our bffs! Pocahontas is brave, if a bit naive, and she needs Nakoma to help keep her in check.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

From the hairstyle to the facial features, this image replicates the character in the true sense. Also, it portrays the spirit and strength of Nakoma astoundingly. Though, forgive us for saying this, but the short bangs and raised eyebrows remind us a bit of Spock.

Mr. Potato Head

With a franchise as big as Toy Story, there is no shortage of characters for Hidrėlėy to work with. Though his features are the least human-like, the AI did a great job with his makeover. Mr. Potato Head was a bit of a stick-in-the-mud, and we can imagine his human version being just as cynical.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Human Mr. Potato Head is twinning with his CGI counterpart. The AI managed to perfectly capture the character’s body shape using only his head. Add in the bald head, bushy mustache, and floppy ears, and you have the spitting image of the beloved toy.


Every anime fan had their “gateway” series, and for us, it was Naruto. After all, what’s not to love about the hyperative jinchuriki? It seems like Hidrėlėy is a fan, too, because he gave the titular character an AI makeover.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The AI took some creative liberties with this one. Instead of recreating those adorable whiskers, it made them appear more like scars on the human Naruto. And although we love his piercing blue eyes, the AI did a great job in toning it down to make him more realistic.


Few series are as iconic as Shrek. The 2001 film took the world by storm and has held a cult status ever since. And, even though Shrek 2 showed us what Shrek looks like as a human, Hidrėlėy worked his magic and gave us a human version of Shrek’s ogre form.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Despite the close resemblance to the character, there is still something undeniably comical about the image. Perhaps it’s the way the eyes bulge out like a cartoon character or the way the lips are pulled back into a grumpy snarl.


With the help of AI, Hidrėlėy gave Pinocchio a second chance to become a real boy, but this time with more realistic features. The similarity of this AI-generated human to the classic character is astounding. With a bright smile and cute face, this version of Pinocchio is sure to win many hearts.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Although not as long as one might expect, this little boy’s nose still upholds the essence of Pinocchio, reminding us of his mischievous nature and endless curiosity. Besides, his big, blue eyes add to the character’s charm. This AI transformation brings the character to life in a very heartwarming way.

Ralph Wiggum

Here’s a good news for all Simpsons fans out there! Your favorite goofball Ralph Wiggum has arrived in the real world. With striking similarities to the animated character, this human version of Ralph will leave you in disbelief that it isn’t a person’s actual photo.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

From his chubby face to his large round eyes, every detail together forms a realistic representation. The hair is the only difference between this AI-generated human and the original character. The latter has only a handful of thin hair strands, while the former has densely packed strands forming a clean bowl haircut.

Chief Powhatan

This AI-generated human image of Chief Powhatan, Pocahontas’ father, is unparalleled. It perfectly portrays the leader’s bold features, with his long mohawked hair flowing down the shoulders and his powerful masculine jawline. Besides, the intricate details of his wrinkled skin portray the wisdom that comes with age.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The brown eyes of this AI-created human are as piercing as the movie character. Full of knowledge, it reflects the chief’s wisdom and experience as a leader. Thus, this image is a true testament to the advancement of technology and a tribute to the enduring legacy of Chief Powhatan.

Captain America

When we think of Captain America, the first image that pops into our heads is Chris Evans. For over 10 years, he’s embodied rightousness and justice in the MCU. But with Hidrėlėy’s AI, we can see what the Avengers would look like with his comic book version on the team.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Surprisingly, the AI created a human Captain America that looks more like Chris Hemsworth, another MCU star. Perhaps it’s the blonde hair that reminds us of Hemsworth, but now we can’t help but wonder what the MCU would look like with the Chris’ roles reversed.

James Howlett

Speaking of Aussies and Marvel, Hidrėlėy used AI to whip up a human version of James Howlett (aka Logan aka Wolverine) as depicted in the comics. With a mutton chop-ducktail combination of hair and beard style and ambiguous smirk, we’re in awe of this AI image.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The intense gaze and chiseled jawline give off a sense of determination and power, while the scars reflect the character’s troubled past. No wonder it is a spectacular human transformation of one of the most fierce superheroes of the universe.


Who thought our dearest Scooby-Doo would look so good as a human? If we hadn’t seen Hidrėlėy’s work, we would’ve thought human-versons of animal characters would look bizarre and possibly disturbing. But, instead, we’ve learned that they’re actually pretty charming.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The similarities between this AI-produced human and the original character are uncanny. From brown, dense hair to bright, jovial eyes, every detail is so accurate that the image looks almost real. Maybe Hanna-Barbera Productions will make a version of Scooby-Doo with the Scooby Gang as animals but the Great Dane as a human.

Betty Rubble

Who could forget Wilma’s gal pal, Betty Rubble? The beloved character from The Flintstones has been brought to life in this stunning AI-generated human image. With a princess-like appearance and signature blue hair ribbon, this human photo looks even more realistic than the cartoon character.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The short hair, rounded face, and bright eyes of this virtual girl perfectly capture the character’s essence and are sure to leave fans in awe. Is it just us, or does she bear some resemblance to Selena Gomez? Maybe Hidrėlėy’s AI can help casting directors pick actors for live-action remakes.


Remember Diana, the brave acrobat from the animated series Dungeons & Dragon? Hidrėlėy fused his artistic skills and AI technology to revive this lost cartoon character. With a face that is both pretty and cute, this human version of Diana has now become the talk of the town.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Her adorable features, including her big brown eyes and affiliative smile, are an instant attraction to anyone who sees her. The was so focused on getting Diana right that it only gave a half-hearted attempt with the ruby gemstone on her tiara.

Peter Parker

We don’t care how many live-action remakes there are, we’re thrilled to see what one of the most famous comic book characters would look like in real life. And, apparently, Peter Parker would be a mix between Grant Gusin and Ryan Reynolds.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

In fact, it’s hard to believe this isn’t an actual photo of an actor’s headshot. Whether it’s his hazel eyes, thick eyebrows, sharp nose, or well-defined jawline, every attribute of this human version of Peter Parker is spot on. So, if you are an ardent fan of Spider-Man, you’ll surely love this transformation.


With so many big franchises, it’s easy to forget about the smaller series, like the 1983 animated hit, Dungeons & Dragons. We already met the Acrobat of the party, and now it’s time to see their Wizard, the teenage magician, Presto.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

This digital creation is not only a mere portrait but a masterpiece of technology and art combined. With lifelike features, this human Presto is a testament to the advancements in computer graphics. Due to his round glasses and oval-shaped face, many might mistake him for being the son of Harry Potter.

King Triton

King Triton, the mighty ruler of Atlantica, has come out of the water to grace us with his presence here on dry land. This older man with bushy grey eyebrows and a long white beard, truly a depiction of a god, is a sight to behold.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

His piercing blue eyes and majestic demeanor are eerily similar to the popular mythical character, blurring the line between human and myth even further. With wrinkled skin and widow’s peak hairline, this AI-generated human King Triton is an honest representation of the character.

Daphne Blake

With uncanny realism and attention to detail, this digital human-like representation of Daphne Blake is a phenomenal piece of art. From her reddish-orange hair to greenish-blue eyes, every aspect of this image attests to the power of AI and upholds the beauty of our beloved Scooby-Doo character.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

But what truly sets this image apart is its level of emotion and character. Daphne Blake has always been known for her friendly nature and knowledge, and this AI-generated image captured that spirit perfectly. From her dignified look to her determined attitude, this human Daphne Blake will leave you amazed and inspired.


This digital image of Donkey, one of the most liked characters from the Shrek films, ironically looks good as a human. AI has managed to capture the minutest details of the animal’s attributes and transposed them onto a human face, creating an image that looks not only natural but also incredibly humorous.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The similarity of a donkey to a real person to such an extent is simply unbelievable. Nevertheless, the facial expression of this AI-generated human version of Donkey is what truly sets it apart. The mischievous glint in those brown eyes combined with the toothy grin creates a comical yet endearing image.

Jimmy De Santa

The French artist, Hidrėlėy, has tried to bring Jimmy De Santa from GTA 5 to life through this stunningly realistic AI-generated image. With remarkable similarities to the in-game character, this human version of Jimmy demonstrates the real power of technology in art.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Replicating his auburn hair and blue eyes, AI rightly exemplifies the character’s appearance in human form. Also, the precision in the photo is inspiring, right from the shadows and highlights, giving depth to the image to the lifelike texture of Jimmy’s clothes and skin, adding realism to the creation.

Barney Rubble

To round off the adult main characters from The Flintstones, Hidrėlėy used AI to generate a real-life version of Barney Rubble. We try not to think about it, but there was an actual live-action Flintstones film made in 1994. Too bad they couldn’t cast Hidrėlėy’s AI characters for the characters.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Although this AI-generated image has captured the trademark yellow hair and thick black eyebrows of Barney Rubble, there is something off about it. The human’s facial structure does not suit the character’s, and the result is a jarring contrast that is both surprising and funny.


We can expect nothing less than this for the human portrayal of Zeus, the King of Olympus. This old man with curly grey hair and a short white beard conspicuously resembles the God of lightning. The wrinkles on his face add to his character, portraying his wisdom and knowledge.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Besides, his thin eyebrows and strong jawline are a perfect match for the powerful deity. The similarities are truly captivating, and it’s hard not to be mesmerized by this image. So, as you glance at this human Zeus, you are sure to feel electricity crackling in the air.

Bionic Woman

This human version of Bionic Woman is a paradigm of the potential of AI technology in digital art. The Duchenne smile and blonde hair are so lifelike that you’d swear she is an actual human. The posture, facial expression, and overall feel of the image create an eerie sense of realism.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Moreover, the intrinsic details highlighted in this human Bionic Woman make her an ideal digital doppelganger of Lindsay Wagner, who played the character in the TV series. However, the real magic of this image lies in how it captures the character’s spirit.

Carl Johnson

CJ is one most beloved characters in the GTA series. Seeing him as a human is a dream for most GTA fans. So, here Hidrėlėy tried to fulfill your wish through art and technology. The resemblance between the human version and the original character of CJ is jaw-dropping.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

From his haircut and goatee to his rugged yet handsome facial features, every attribute of this AI-generated human CJ gives the character reasonable fidelity. It makes the fans feel like they are living in the virtual world they once only played in.


No Dungeons & Dragons party would be complete without a thief. This AI-generated lifelike version fo Sheila from the Dungeons & Dragons animated series shows us what a charming and disarming thief really looks like. Oddly enough, the AI didn’t do as good of a job with her recreation…

Image by hidreley on Instagram

The lack of freckles, wig-like hair quality, and green eyes make her seem like more of a cosplayer than the character herself. Still, we can’t deny that she does look human. It’s scary and fascinating how advanced AI has become.


Cassim surprised all of us by coming to life in this human form. From the wrinkles around his eyes to the subtle smile, he looks like a real person who has lived a full life. Although this image resembles the original character to a certain extent, it’s not very accurate.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Unlike the Cassim in Aladdin and the King of Thieves, this AI-generated human has a sparse beard and mustache. Also, his hair lacks distinct gray and black partitions. However, even with minimal likeness, the image could somehow manage to uphold the essence of the character’s story.

Stinky Pete

Today is probably the best day for Toy Story fans. Stinky Pete, one of the popular characters from Toy Story 2, is here to complete the Woody’s Roundup trio. And, true to the character, his picture only gives off a lovable grandpa vibe…not the villain he truly is.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

From the rugged, withered complexion to the scruffy beard, there is not a single aspect of this image that does not astound us. The result is a spectacular representation of the Stinky Pete character, one that will surely leave you speechless and full of wonder.

Lois Griffin

This list would not be complete without a representative from one of the most popular animated sitcoms of all time, Family Guy. Lois Griffin happens to be the main character, Peter Griffin’s wife and the mother to their two children.

Image by hidreley on Instagram

Please correct us if we are wrong, but we feel that this AI render of Lois seems to capture her personality much better than the animated version. Loise always comes off as emotionless and even evil sometimes and though its hard to see it in the show, you can’t miss it in her eyes here.