40+ Freaky Photos That Are Perfect Fuel For Nightmares

By Ragini A

If you’re paranoid about freaky stuff in nature, chances are you’re more likely to notice something out of the ordinary, or if something is just plain weird. For instance, that crack on your friend’s wall looks like a witch’s nose to you, and that pattern on the marble floor looks like a crying animal. We’ve been there, and this kind of mindset can make you feel really terrified. We’ve compiled 45 photographs from around the world that are not exactly on the same level as your nightmares, but will definitely make you wonder about nature and our interaction with it. Hold onto the edge of your seat because some of these are unsettling, and we definitely would not want you to fall over! Natural symmetry, a coincidence, or the power of a specific natural force? Start guessing how some of these things even came into existence. 

Oh, nature

We’re 90% sure this is a natural creation, and is a loved species that lives underwater, but that 10% of doubt creeping up on us give us the chills. Is this a mermaid? A whale? Is it a big fish that swallowed a human whole?

Image courtesy of Reddit/Youriclinton

We might never know. Do you want to find out, because if any of our ridiculous allegations turn out to be even remotely true, we might sign off the grid for a few months to recover and come back to our senses. Look at that tail!

Sea animal

We have no idea what that is, and we really do not care. For all we know, it’s a lump of shrimp clutching this person’s hand as worms devour them. Exactly why is this human being holding onto this ball of yuck is beyond us.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Touchinbutt2butt

Would you hold this in your hand long enough to get a picture with it? Some of us might, if we’re paid a million dollars for it! But in hindsight, this looks more like a plant and its overgrown roots. 


You would think this photo was shot in a high end studio with a green screen to make this monster look horrifyingly massive? We’re here to tell you that you’re wrong! The incident is actually far simpler and stupider than any cinematographer’s dream. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/ThePhantom1994

A mosquito, yup, a literal tiny mosquito just got a little too close to the camera for comfort and ended up interrupting this camera person’s work. But, we think the outcome is actually amazing. Creepy and scary, but amazing. 


Depending on what you enjoy, you either look at this image and cuddle into your blanket as snuggly as possible, or you love it so much, that you wish to visit this location just to read a freaky book here. 

Image courtesy of Tumblr/Sweatyrando

If by any chance you guys fall in the latter category and are adventurers, please step away from us, because you’re living life on a completely different level, with no fear of forests, smoke, fog, and ghosts. Some of us here are scared. 


Consider the tightly-knit honey combs, where the queen of the whole tribe and her community give birth to baby bees for a minute. Most of us have never actually seen what new born bees look like. Well, here is your chance! 

Image courtesy of Reddit/STB011

How would you describe this freaky photo? We’ve got a few words for you. Cult? Army? Soldiers? Aliens? Dark eyes that look like they could bore a hole through the camera capturing this image of them? All of the above. 


What species of domesticated animals is this? Because if you guessed dogs right away, you’re either brilliantly smart or one of these photographs was taken by you. If you’re the owner of one of these, we just want to ask: Why?

Image courtesy of Facebook/redheadredditt

What could possibly make you take these photos, keep them with you, upload them onto the net for the world to see, and give everyone nightmares for free?? And if these are your dogs, can you pet them on our behalf? 


Nope, this is not a 3D machine printed model of a spider that fits into a round hole perfectly as designed by engineers. This is very much a real and alive insect that roams this earth. Just don’t mistake it for a really dark-looking coin!

Image courtesy of Imgur/JBVic

Interestingly, someone was able to photograph this insect, and continue to live to tell the tale! They’re either very brave or incredibly stupid, but we don’t think we have the right to decide which one. Nature is viciously beautiful. 

Uhuh right

Yeah we don’t think this innocent Twitter user realizes that they captured the first glimpse of an actual alien invasion. How do we break it to them that this is not, as they called it, a squid or jellyfish kite nor a fun little game?

Image courtesy of Reddit/Peen_Weinerstien

But, we gotta hand it to them, the sunset is a perfect background for an alien invasion, and if we could, we would love to see this live and in person. Maybe we would choose to keep it off the internet to avoid stirring panic though. 


Before you assume that these are snacks being air dried before being packaged and shipped off, take a closer look. Yup, this is a deep sea animal, not one that tries to interfere with human lives. But where is it seated?

Image courtesy of Twitter/NeuroticNurse

That’s right, in museums, being skinned and dried is like an exhibit in some places. But worse than that, they look like taller and larger versions of the loud Mandrake plant from the Harry Potter film series. Gaping mouths and squinting eyes, bless them. 

Digesting corn

Nope, that is not a visual of what corn looks like in your stomach and intestines if you don’t chew it properly before swallowing. Pro tip, experts say you need to chew a bite of food 32 times. But who actually counts when chewing?

Image courtesy of Reddit/Midwest-md

That is not a cake, either. Or it might be, we’re not sure. This is a model that depicts the fat, skin, and nerves within the human body. Surely you’ve seen something similar in the biology lab at school? If not, here you go. 

Oh goodness gracious

That may look like fallen and rotten twigs and leaves from trees that didn’t want to remain alive anymore, but you’re only right if you guess that this is the result from a natural disaster. Because this is a web of trouble.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Memezzer

We couldn’t resist that pun above, but this is literally a swarm of spiders that has fallen down from a high tree branch and has now claimed these camping enthusiasts’ tents as their own living space. Mother nature at her finest. So fun!


What is the one thing all fitness experts tell you to do before starting any work out? What do teachers want you to do before you start speaking in their class? What is something you do for fun, oh wait, we think that’s just us.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Maybebaby23

Yup, you stretch as much as you can and raise your hands towards the sky to be recognized in a moderated classroom session. This tree was unfortunately struck by lightning, but was then turned into this beautiful piece of art.


Even if we were dying to relieve ourselves and had no other option, we would not choose to go to the bathroom here. This corridor is eerily long and messes with your eyes, and that window is suspiciously open, small, and high. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/mastodonte88

Having seen approximately 2 horror movies and a billion nightmares, we are certain that nothing pleasant can come out of that window or that toilet. Or even your dreams after using this bathroom. Avoid it if you can, please. Something might pull you in. 

Snake man

This is so terrifying that we would willingly give this person-snake-reptile-thing our car keys, house, bank account details, soul, and more if they came to our door to ask for candy on Halloween night. It actually looks like a human snake.

Image courtesy of Twitter/Master1718

We have some questions. Okay, more than some, SO many questions. What is this costume made out of? How is it so detailed? Why was it made? Can this kid not dress up as a simple ghost or a pirate? Can a snake walk on its tail? 

Death to your eyelids

While in many cultures across the world, the dead are buried directly into the ground or burned to ashes, some cultures allow a funeral viewing so people are able to see the deceased person one last time before they are buried. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Mali1321

Well, biology still stumps us, and to avoid the automatic opening of eyelids and to prevent a near ghostlike expression, these contacts are used to secure the lids. Not our cup of tea, and we don’t blame you if it isn’t yours either.


Children, marvelous beings aren’t they? Super creative, sensitive, and down right disgusting sometimes. The potential is limitless, really! Anything can interest them. If you thought these were Lego pieces or generic toys, you might want to think or look again.

Image courtesy of Reddit/m0llief*ckitch

Some of these are very real and very alive insects, while some are just the dried up skins of the same insects. Yup, this kid is building his own army of terrifying creatures and has succeeded. We would not want to get on their bad side. 

Carpet clown

Look, some of us here are incapable of sitting through a horror movie, let alone one as sinister as It, the one with the creepy clown. We just hope the grandchild that took this photo doesn’t love clowns, especially freaky ones, because that would just suck.

Image courtesy of Twitter/Korgscrew

Here’s hoping you know exactly what this creepy image refers to already, and if you don’t, we suggest you look up the title of that movie mentioned above. You might not be able to sleep for a few days, though. 


Yes, science has come a long way, so has technology. You’re able to read this post, view these images, and also figure out what kind of an infection you might have with a simple blood test. Back then, this was not an easy thing to do. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/KiWi_pEnCiL36

But, here is what we don’t like about science. Why is this necessary, and why did the doctor find it imperative to take a photo of their MRI screen? This is an MRI of a pregnant woman’s belly shortly before giving birth. 

Do it for the art

We can happily admit that we made the mistake of believing that this was an art piece displayed somewhere in a fancy and modern gallery or a museum before we registered reality. Now that it has sunk in, it’s kind of creepy. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/Jfrchen1207

We don’t want to experience this alone, so please observe this picture with us before we literally flip. It’s like the gloves are calling us, seeking us to join them in the chasm of darkness that they occupy. Ugh! 

Bees, lots of bees

Flying insects that roam and travel in swarms are always terrifying, but have you ever seen such a vast migration that covers every inch of open sky in specs of black? Neither have we! It is suspicious though. Wouldn’t want to be caught in that swarm.

Image courtesy of Instagram/JereNess

If you stare at this photo long enough, you might suspect that these black spots are actually on the glass of the car where the picture was taken, and not in the actual sky. However, continue to stare at it, and join us in our confusion and constant doubt. 

Apparently a bird

So, apparently this is an eagle, a literal bird, and not a human wearing a bird costume or playing around with photoshop. It’s completely real. We’re having a harder time believing this than anything else on the list. Its name is Harpy.

Image courtesy of Twitter/iNonEntity

This is supposed to be the largest eagle in the world, and a man is sitting next to it for good measure and comparison so we can really learn something new. “Big bird big brain” moment for us all, because we didn’t think this was possible.

Are those dogs?

Who doesn’t love fluffy, cute puppies! We don’t think we’ve ever met anyone who isn’t fond of puppers, and what is better than one puppy? Several new born puppies! You might have guessed by now what the image below is, then. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/Huckleberry-finn6

Yup, this is a scan of a pregnant dog’s belly, and those bone structures are her pups waiting to be born and cuddled by their mother. Animals are incredibly surprising, because this is a large number of children. Can you imagine giving birth to this many live creatures?

Bless you

It is one thing entirely that any word starting with ‘pan’ is now instantly worrisome because it reminds us of the COVID-19 pandemic that has shaken people and economies across the globe. It’s another thing when a panoramic shot goes wrong. 

Image courtesy of Twitter/Toxic_deadeye

Unless you’re an expert, don’t post your panoramic phone shots on social media please? You just might end up making a really beautiful girl look like she has two heads, and one of them belongs to the dark lord from Harry Potter

Oh No!

You probably know by now that we make many Harry Potter references in our memes and articles. While these figures may seem like a replica of an actual cult, we would rather have you think about them as death eaters. 

Image courtesy of Facebook/Guialbusbnbsfdsf

Or maybe death eaters who prefer to wear white because it looks cooler? We don’t know. Anyway, these are not death eaters, but simply umbrellas stuck in the ground, unopened, while the sea in front of them crashes and thunders violently.

Hotel shennanigans

Many hospitality centers and hotels are notorious when it comes to placing see-through mirrors, hidden cameras, and other invasive devices in guests’ rooms as a means for ‘security’. This is just an additional layer that has now been exposed. Who knows about this one?

Image courtesy of Reddit/gorbrom2

A tiny hidden camera placed strategically in the middle of a screw that could potentially be placed anywhere in the room. We believe this acts more as a breach of privacy than a security measure, because it’s so well-hidden. Always be alert! 

Slimy jelly

Yes, that is a lady bug sitting on a twig or stem of a plant. No, this beautiful red and black insect is not in a dome of Jello that you can take a bite out of. Yes, this insect is safe. Do you happen to know what she’s covered with?

Image courtesy of Pinterest/Goopacity

That’s right, they’re morning dew drops! This lady bug might have been in the right or the wrong moment during this fine day, we don’t know, because a bunch of dew drops fell on her and covered her like a blanket instead of simply splashing away. 

Holiday fun

If you’re trying to convince us that this is an ordinary tourist photograph from a beach on a beautiful island or something, you better check yourself, because you’re doing a terrible job right now. This is not a human being, is it? 

Image courtesy of Tumblr/Gaap321

If anything, this is another form of some alien that has landed on earth, and is surprisingly enjoying it enough to take a swim. No other reason can possibly explain the blurred image, the lanky figure, bright eyes, and cool tones.

Slender snow man

We don’t think we can ever innocently sing, “Do you want to build a snowman?” from the Frozen movie franchise ever again. Every time we do, we might be reminded of this terrifyingly frail snow man. The person who built it there did so for a reason.

Image courtesy of Twitter/Fudgebringer

Why does he look like that! Where is his chair? Why does he look like Slenderman, waiting to walk up on people and spook them? Can you ensure the creator of this snowman never gets to exhibit their art? Thank you very much. 

Costume design fun

We are fairly certain that this is either a prank, a person wearing a bulky kangaroo costume, or a legit kangaroo that was so bored with his life that he decided to torment people by stalking them like this. We would rather faint than have to confront this. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Financial-Grand

Why is his ear torn though? Maybe someone or something tried to fight it. And how did this reporter figure out the exact weight of this kangaroo? Did they ask it to stand on a scale, and he politely obliged? We highly doubt it! 

Empty space

Look at this calm, vast, suburban area with little to no noise or traffic. Loads of pretty clouds in a blue and bright sky. Similar looking houses with neighbors that keep to themselves and don’t stick their nose into your business. 

Image courtesy of Reddit/Financial-Grand

What could go wrong? Oh, we don’t know, maybe the eerily calm roads, not a person in sight, uncaring neighbors, too perfect of a sky, us screaming, “Is this a simulation?” If you live here, get out of here now because this is just too safe to be safe enough. 

My precious

A smile is precious, and so are the teeth that form it. We know that, you know that, and this dentist for sure took this idea a step further by making sure that the message sticks with his younger patients. What a friendly reminder, right?

Image courtesy of Tumblr/Fallinaditch

If you haven’t seen or read the Lord of the Rings series, you must read and watch them now so you know who and what we are talking about here. Not only are they amazing, you will definitely remember this meme every single time this character is on the screen. 

Praying Mant…my heart away!!

You can bend and bow and pray all you want, this praying mantis queen and her nest of little babies are not going to leave your hair anytime soon. You might as well accept that while we laugh at you for your circumstances.

Image courtesy of Reddit/Emoats83

If this is your image, we hope they’ve left you alone, and if you did anything, tell us what it was! Considering this is something that apparently happens within homes, or outside of them, we need to have useful hacks ready so we are prepared. 

Frogs, lots of frogs

A symmetrical and organized baby frog army was formed on these roads after a little rain, and if this is not a sign that another reality with their own rituals exists, then take a closer look at the photo below. We don’t know what is. 

Image courtesy of Tumblr/Effideau

This could be a procession, a parade, a celebration, a funeral, a prayer, or a flash mob. You never know, and frogs are known to be creatures of surprise with their ability to rapidly move when they want. We don’t know what to say about this ritual, but here’s hoping it was positive. 

Natural occurrence

If you keep potatoes in your home for too long, this is what will most definitely happen to them. They are meant to be eaten rather quickly, and there are several skin benefits that potatoes are known for, such as rubbing them on the skin.

Image courtesy of Instagram/Dr_Oste

But, that doesn’t mean you wait for a rainy day to use them, because if you wait too long, their roots will grow into big arm-like tentacles, coming to grab you and your loved ones. This would be way scarier in the dark. 

Spy blossoms

The question that needs to be asked here is this: Do birds know what certain flowers look like so they can imitate them too? Or is this a one sided gift given to plants only? What a wonderful spy system if you ask us! 

Image courtesy of Instagram/Decaying_Hero

But, like this lovely online user asks, how exactly do these flowers know what birds look like, and why do they look so stunningly pompous? Where are their nests, got any idea? If we saw this in real life, we would be totally fooled. 

Fruit for days

If the fruit in your farm, garden, or backyard looks exactly like a bunch of eyeballs that are subtly covered by eyelids, please get rid of them regardless of how cool or tasty you think they are. This is terrifying, and also very gooey looking. 

IMge courtesy of Reddit/cinzalunar

These ‘things’ look sticky enough from a distance, and we don’t think we’d eat them even if they were served in the fanciest of restaurants. We imagine this would taste worse than caviar, and if you haven’t been subjected to that, consider yourself lucky. 

Final photo

If anyone of us delivered work like this to our customers, we would be sacked the very same day. Luckily enough for this photographer, this family sure knows how to take a joke, but why did she even bother retouching them?

Image courtesy of Instagram/beastmodekyler

This is far more of an erase and re-draw job than a retouch, and quite frankly, we would demand half of our money back. Wouldn’t you? And God forbid people actually looked like this, because we would scream. We’re hoping you don’t know these people. 


Are you sick of hearing Harry Potter references? Yes. Are we tired of making them? Not really. Doesn’t this old potato look like what Voldemort was like before he came back in a physical form? I mean, here he is in the flesh, ya’ll!

Image courtesy of Reddit/Arcanophile

Anyway, even if you don’t see it, we bet you see the small eyes and the brief little grin on this old and dried up face of this potato. It reminds us of our grandparents without their teeth when they’re getting ready to sleep. 

Herd of sheep

You’ve heard of deer in front of headlights, and have probably seen photos and real life examples too. Now take a look at this new phenomena of sheep in the dark! If we saw those glistening eyes in the dark staring at us, oh dear. 

Image courtesy of Tumblr/antscannabis

However, we imagine that these cute little sheep would be more scared of us than we would be of them. We would be alarmed at best, but imagine realizing that you might be stripped for wool and cut for food in the middle of the night? No fun.

Indiana Jones

This makes us want to strap on our gear and go on an adventure with Nicholas Cage and his crew! We might not find a treasure, but we might come back with some lost people that the system has claimed missing for years. 

Image courtesy of Reddit /Akephalos_Agares

As the image suggests, the two maps are correlated in terms of disappearances and the existence of caves. Do you think there’s an actual underground mafia or party being thrown to which we weren’t invited? Ouch.  Honestly though, this is super weird.

Octopus lemons

Oh wait, not an octopus? Okay, so then? You’re telling us this is a lemon? Just one lemon or a few? The main characteristic of a lemon is that it is small, round, and singular. Why is this an entire mass? Did it grow on an actual tree?

Image courtesy of Tumblr/Adeilen

This looks like it could potentially be a hybrid plant between a lemon and a mushroom, and maybe even a banana. It was even born with a soul to take over the world. Too dramatic? Well, we can’t scratch any of these scenarios off our list. 


Oh astrology, witchcraft, and general crystal lovers, please gather around this next image! This photo is destined to find you because your mercury is in retrograde or something like that. No offense, because this rock is genuinely pretty!

Image courtesy of Twitter/A_single_crouton

But wait, what is that! Spiders or leaves? Can’t tell? Zoom in and tell us what you think. And, for better measure, ask your friends to tell you what they think too. At this point, we’re leaning towards spiders. But they also look like tiny sea urchins.

Fly like the wind

If we had the magical ability, the body, and the wings to fly across the sky and feel the wind in our faces, we would never walk again. But these birds, for some reason seem to be jealous of our limited abilities!

Image courtesy of Reddit/_Empy

Ever seen a bird run? If you just said no, look at the pictures above again, please, because these birds are running and stomping about on their claws so aggressively. One might be pacing about in their work space right now too, trying to figure out how to get the next meal! 


If you haven’t watched The Grinch, one of Jim Carrey’s most popular films of all time and a Christmas classic, then you might want to skip the image below, because it is far creepier than the entire film and then some.

Image courtesy of Twitter/SupCJ

Imagine having this much control over your facial muscles that you can look like Mr. Grinch without any of the CGI, make-up, technology, or photoshop. That’s why he is considered an amazing actor. We wouldn’t be able to do this without cramping up. Wow! 


We don’t know what you’ve heard and seen, but the average man is not this tall. So our question now is, what exactly is this! Is this a sick joke where someone planted a sculpture very strategically? Or is there a mummy in there?

Image courtesy of Reddit/WhyIsLife

Being very frank with you, we really don’t want to know more about the history of this creation. One glance was more than enough for us to squeeze our eyes shut because we were worried about nightmares. No sir, thank you very much! 


Either this is a man in a bear costume who has shaved off the front fur to look cool, or this creature is an actual bear that does not care at all about who’s looking at him while he’s standing like a human. However, the whole walking on two limbs freaks us out.

Image courtesy of Reddit/WhyIsLife

Either way, the color coordination in this is astronomically high, and so are the nails! This bear is absolutely slaying us with the good looks! Hopefully, we don’t have to see this in the middle of the night during a camping trip because then it might be literal slaying.